Last game you finished

  • Uncanny Valley

    Forgive me for immediately saying it, this game sucks. With an art style similar to Home (which I loooooved) and a game that I received with PS Plus, I figured it would be a good time to boot it up, due to all the spooks I need in my life. It's just a mess of bad game design decisions, stiff dialogue, and a main character that gets tired from literally two seconds of running, yet is somehow hired as a security guard. I got a trophy for someone falling in love with me by opening a door. Your character will tell you he needs sleep and if you don't make it to your bed in time, he just falls asleep while in the middle of an activity, then has a nightmare, and then wakes back up in bed. What. Even.

    The game recommended I play through it multiple times to understand the full scope of the story. Unfortunately, I couldn't listen to its advice since I hit the uninstall button so fast at those credits.

  • Resident Evil 7

    Finally played and completed Resident Evil 7. It's a very scary game and the way it stayed true to Resident Evil 1 felt amazing, but it definately lost a lot of steam and had a pretty non-existent story. The movement speed or lack thereof made the boss battles a serious headache.

    A solid 7.5-8/10 and an instant recommendation to any horror fans or people who want to get into the Halloween spirit.

  • Secret of Mana (PS4)

    Been playing it on and off for months with a friend whenever I went to his place, and we finally finished the fight last night.

    It's definitely not a great remake, the art style is cheap and looks worse than the original sprites in my opinion, and they did nothing to fix the flaws of the original game, add quality-of-life features, or rebalance the game to make it more interesting (the go-to strategy for every boss fight is still to just spam whichever magic they're weak to, zero strategy or challenge). The bad story and writing are now highlighted by unconvincing voice acting to make matters even worse.

    The original game is one of my all-time favourite games and fondest childhood memories, but all the remake did was a shine a light on all its flaws. It's still great mindless fun and the soundtrack is god-tier, but the game didn't age as gracefully as some of its contemporaries like Chrono Trigger.

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    A game that placed in a recent EZA top 10 and I've finally finished what a lot of people consider to be one of the scariest games of all time. Is it really that frightening? Yes... and no.

    Let me start off by saying this game oozes atmosphere. The castle is inherently dark, the sound design is fantastic, and due to the sanity meter, your screen is going to distort, twist, and blur in all sorts of disorientating ways. Due to the vibes this game produced, I admittedly started playing it during the day just so I could finish the dang thing. Some of the scariest moments for me came when there were no enemies around, it was just paranoia caused by the game.

    The reason it lost a little bit of fear juice for me is the same reasons people were critical of Frictional's next release after Amnesia - SOMA. The enemies are dumb, easily exploitable, and can seemingly vanish in thin air. In SOMA, these problems didn't bother me since it didn't feel like a strictly horror game, but here? It does take away some stakes. I'd also say the ending is kinda lackluster. No matter which of the three endings you choose, all of them just feel abrupt and meh. I remember staying up until 5 in the morning finishing SOMA, staring dumbfounded at the credits as I tried to process everything that had happened.

    I'd say if you like horror and tense atmospheres, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is an easy recommendation, you'll have a good time. If you're more concerned about storytelling though, the team improved immensely with the far superior SOMA. I really can't wait until Frictional announces the two secret projects they've been working on.

  • I've completed Dark Cloud, Wild Arms 4 and Chaos;Child so far this month. Slowly getting through Sniper Elite 4 at the moment.

  • Tales of Berseria 6.5/10

    This was a very mediocre game, that happened to get much better towards the end, but still it was never able to become great in my eyes even if the story did have a satisfying end, dissapointing after having only played Vesperia and this would likely keep me from paying too much mind to future Tales games.

    Magilou is just the best though.

  • @bard91 Try xillia if u can get it cheap its the best tales game imo

  • Amnesia: Justine

    While initially released as an expansion or DLC for The Dark Descent, the Amnesia Collection lists it as a separate game... so I'm going with that. Under an hour, absolutely no checkpoints or saves, one hit kills, and pretty easy puzzles, this feels immensely watered down. It's ultimately a morality test to see if you're willing to save the three victims in the game (I wasn't) but other than that, pretty much no reason to play this one. Skip it.

  • Marvel's Spider-Man

    What can i say about it, awesome game, maybe my GOTY, it's quick, funny, amazing! i don't think i ever finished a game so fast, playing it all weekend and get the platinum 2 days later.

    Let's get that DLC!!

    Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

    What a game! i truly cannot stopped playing it! i wanted to know more about the story, keep forging, keep fighting, gambling, oh man, i had so much joy with the characters. I love the style of Akira Toriyama.

    Many people have complained about the music, but i really liked it, hearing now the orchastated version it sounds weird to me.

    I could get the platinum trophy and it felt so good.

    i want to play DQVIII if they do the port to PS4.

  • 7 Years From Now

    Visual novel, but less visual than most. No character portraits, chunky 3D pixelated look, zero gameplay apart from walking from one spot to the next. Almost all dialogue. Dying kids, amnesia, time travel, medical conspiracy; a convoluted plot that has an epilogue to the epilogue and tries to drop some twist at the end of every one of its 50+ chapters.

    I don't know why I kept playing this. But I did and now its over. Thank god.

  • Mega Man 11 (PS4)

    I loved it, one of the best games in the franchise. The level design, difficulty, bosses, weapons, graphics,... is all fantastic. I guess the downside is the music. It's alright, just not up to the series standard.

  • SMT: Digital Devil Saga 2

    Interesting in that it has different strengths and weaknesses than the first game. I got messed up by the story, particularly in party arrangement. Every time I was building a character, they left---and I sort of liked how mean that was, how I was forced to make do without a proper healer or someone proficient in a certain element. Looking back, there's definitely an optimal party, but my shit luck made the game more of a skin-of-the-teeth experience which I like. It's shorter than the first, which is great, and the character work is stronger than the first game.

    Yet there isn't much in the way of environmental diversity and the dungeons are pretty weak; just a series of hallways and locked doors. DDS1 and Nocturne were definitely more imaginative in that department. Also the endgame is pretty balls; again, weak dungeon design but also man the bosses, yuck. I had an interesting time with the last boss, who I had a real fuck-tussle with on the first go, making it to its last form completely unprepared. Then after reloading, I reset my skills with everything I needed and proceeded to get slammed by crits and status effects in the first couple forms. Ended up taking me like 10 tries. Sometimes those dice rolls don't go your way, but I swear the game hated me.

    Overall I liked it better than the first, though not top-shelf SMT.

    edit: The Neverhood is great though!

    I like point and clicks, but I especially like ones with great art and a sense of humor. Only left mouseclick too!---no finicky action commands or inventory. Some of the backtracking and puzzles can be a bit of a pain in the ass (the mouse puzzle, geez), but the world and the presentation are excellent.

  • Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

    I swear I don't do this purposely but I find myself fighting against mainstream opinion of the Amnesia series, mainly that I enjoyed A Machine for Pigs much more than I did The Dark Descent. That's not to say I didn't like The Dark Descent, it still has one of the most oppressive atmospheres I've ever experienced in a game and there's a constant sense of dread that permeates the whole thing. However, my favorite part of The Dark Descent was exploring the environment - but a lot of the mechanics are at odds with that favorite part. Your lantern constant runs out of oil, you're always being chased by things, and quite a few of the areas look fairly similar. A Machine for Pigs "solves" this problem by having a lantern that never dies, very few enemy encounters, and pretty varied locales, ranging from a mansion, to a factory, to the city streets of London. The story also goes way more off the rails than The Dark Descent does but I'd still say all of the Amnesia games aren't quite excellent at telling a coherent story - the series isn't at a Silent Hill level and that's okay.

    Now that I've completed all of the Amnesia games, I'm truly wondering if one of the two secret projects from Frictional is a sequel. I imagine it would have to be due to the clout the series has obtained, but I personally wish they'd branch out more like they did with SOMA. Hell, I'd even be interested if they tried an entirely new genre.

  • Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    Whew, okay, where to start with this one? I remember playing the original Diablo on PS1 waaaay back in the day and falling madly in love with it. I never really had a chance to play Diablo II and I've always heard mixed things about Diablo III. I actually started this game last year but finally got around to finishing it today and... it's okay? The story is utter trash, the amount of loot you receive is ludicrous and severely diminishes the feeling of items being 'special', and it's usually a case of "press one or two buttons and win" but.... somehow it is fun, seeing those numbers go up and eventually getting to points where you're killing hundreds of enemies at a time.

    This game has been successful in making me want to go back and play Diablo II, so that seems to be a good thing.

  • Part Time UFO

    This is by HAL Laboratory for phones, and it's absolutely of the quality of presentation you'd expect. There's great art, lots of costumes, and levels are short with fun optional objectives. The problem is that the central gameplay is really simple: you fly a UFO with a grab-crane and manipulate physical objects in 2D space. You transfer and stack and try to keep things from toppling over. It does a lot with that premise, but it's a thin premise, and the game never really breaks out of it.

    It's cute, but it's not a whole lot more than that.

  • Got a bit of a list to go through :D

    • Into the Breach - I've had a few but this may be my favourite commute type game. It's a strategic game where you get 3 units and you see exactly what the enemy will do and from there, decide what you need to do. That may sound easy but it adds so much in deciding what is the best approach and once you've decided on an attack, you only have one opportunity to reverse that decision per game so you have to be sure.
      The game only takes about an hour to beat if you complete all the islands and last level but it's just checking out all the different mechs and pilot you can use that make it so fun to keep on playing after you've beaten it. On top of that I love the kind of lore the game has with these pilots going into new timelines all the time. It's awesome.
    • Super Mario Bros 3 - Okay, this is not the first time I've finished this game but it was the first time I finished the NES version. I grew up on the SNES All Stars version and loved that. A friend visited with the Switch online service and I always say this is better than world but he'd disagree. So we decided to playthrough it and in the end he enjoyed watching me play it more than him playing it and respected the game a lot more. :D As for me, I love this game and playing this version was interesting, my nostalgia glasses much prefers the SNES version but this is obviously still fantastic. I had forgotten about the little scenes before getting each wand back, absolutely adorable.
    • Donut County - I'd heard a decent bit of buzz about Donut County and ti was on sale recently so I decided to pick it up. The main thing I'd say is that it has it's style and humour and those are the things I probably enjoyed most about the game. It has some genuinely funny moments and everything looks great.
      Now the gameplay loop is that you control this hole and the more things you put into that hole, the bigger it gets. Think Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack except your just a hole in this case. Now this is pretty entertaining to watch and they add one or two puzzle elements to it but in the end I never felt like the game really escalates beyond that. It is a good game to just not really think about I guess but if you're looking for something to challenge you back, this probably isn't the game for you. (Mutant Blobs Attack is great btw)

  • Secret of Mana (SNES)

    Finally played this classic. I really liked it, the graphics are still charming and the music is excellent. The gameplay is fun and I like the way the world gradually opens up and the game becomes less linear.
    The difficulty isn't balanced very well though. There's a big difficulty spike about a third into the game and after that the game just becomes easier and easier.

    WarioWare Inc. (GBA)

    Always wanted to try this out and it is fantastic. Don't know what else to say about other then I'm very eager to play the rest of the series.

    Just Cause (X360)
    Nobody ever seems to talk about the first Just Cause but I quite liked it. Eventhough there are a lot of differences it reminded me of the PS2 GTAs and that's only a good thing in my opinion.

  • **Mafia 3 **

    While not a patch on 2, and especially 1, this was still a really fun ride. I enjoyed gradually taking over the city and appreciated the strategy involved with allocation of turf effecting your overall perks, even if it was imbalanced in Vito's favour.

  • Return of the Obra Dinn

    Very, very good. Love the use of tableaux and the art style. Like Papers Please, Pope is able to fit emotion and character between the lines, in spite of fatalism and the administrative paperwork that acts the game's catalyst. It is a straightforward doomed seafaring tale, but the non-linear execution that asks the player to consider every soul on board naturally leads into investigating what each person knows, when they know it, and why they act the way they do, which is where the real drama lies.

    Also it's just really, really cool. A game where you play as an insurance adjuster shouldn't be this cool.

  • Weird Dreams

    A very tricky game but it has so many unique moments. I finally beat it, but it took so many tries.