Last game you finished

  • Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (PS4 port)

    This game is great too! I kinda know what to expect since my friend raved about it, but it still exceeds many of my expectations. Since it's an older game the less tight controls are to be expected, the lock-on feature's reluctance to switch to the targets i want is the most annoying problem. It's also harder and easier to die here (playing on Normal) at the same time, i know that weird to say. For some reason it's easier to hit friendly and enemy planes directly and die, and dodging missiles here feels weird to me. You can also issue orders to your squad, and it works... kinda. It's mildly effective at best in my experience.

    The progression system is classic AC, buying and selling planes directly. AC7 has a huge lead for me on that front, along with the customization. But that's very understandable since it is an older title, so it's not too big of a problem for me. This game also has the feature of you being in control of your squad mates' plane sortie, which is cool.

    Story wise it's pretty good, it not about being an epic crazy story like AC7, and more on slowly building up the action right until the one climactic finish at the end (AC7 has like three or four climactic moments, not joking). It also has a more focused direction since it doesn't have multiple characters from different squadrons, rather a set amount from start to end. I still like AC7's story more, but there's one thing that this game absolutely does better, and that's conversations during gameplay. It's much easier to follow here (probably because the missions are way less hectic and crazy), and there's also lots of entertaining chatter from your allies, not just from your squadron, but also other allies (there's one dude who congratulates his friend for finally having a child after a battle ended, that's quite endearing). Being able to pick yes or no responses to questions during gameplay is also awesome, would love to see that in future AC games.

    The missions' climactic-ness (?) follows the story's slower pace along, as many of the missions are pretty simple skirmishes. There's some randomized mission picks, as in you can go to one of two missions but the game picks it for you. It's pretty decent variety-wise, and there's some really great ones here. The main strength of the best missions here are how competent they are at keeping the stakes and tensions high. There's one mission where the enemy are attacking an civilian airport, and the radio chatter from the airport is quite panic-inducing for me, which made the dogfights more hectic because it felt like the airport is going to implode on itself along with every innocent people there if i don't stop the enemies fast enough.

    If there's one thing i'm disappointed in, is that the rival aces squadron are pretty underwhelming. They are not much tougher over the regular planes (AI problems) and their dialogs and buildup are weak. They have nothing great, or even good, to say. What a bunch of dorky chumps. There's also the problem of your allies' AI. They are always quite incompetent (in every AC game i played), but here it's exacerbated by the fact that it's not just you that is being hailed as the feared aces; it's also your squad mates, and it's really annoying me. It's a nitpick, for sure.

    Overall i really liked it, fantastic pre-order bonus. (8/10)

  • @bam541

    Noooo play BtS!

    My roommate saw me playing BtS and got sucked into the series having no prior knowledge of it before. On a game play level, it lacks compared to everything that makes LiS great, but on a strictly melodrama, story and decision making level - this game is JUICY.

    It also ADDS to the story of LiS by showing just how important Rachel Amber was in Chloe's life and how much Max's absence hurt her. Play it!

  • @dipset Alright alright ya got me lol, gonna pick it up next time i see it on sales. I'm already in the mood for another story game anyway.

  • Onimusha: Warlords

    Good! Combining RE-style fixed camera and pre-rendered backdrops with combat based around spacing and punishing turned out better than I would have thought. Like many RE titles, it's a sometimes contrived but rigorous investigation of a space rather than a journey covering many different locales. I love all the dead soldiers littering the halls of the castle, and it helps to build a foreboding atmosphere. I wish that sense of mystery was carried forward a little better with the tone of the combat, maybe with more imposing enemies (the tall, grabbing guys were the only common enemy that required an approach that wasn't 'get in there and slash'). The storytelling is straight camp---and may have been more enjoyable if it pushed it further with wilder logic and visual design.

    I was lucky that the first was rereleased, as a friend of mine lent me all 4 PS2 titles a few months ago but the first one didn't work. I'll probably jump into the second in a couple months.

  • Resident Evil HD Remaster

    I wanted to play through it before starting the RE2 remake. It has always been one of all time favorite video game and it still is just as good as it ever was.

    Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

    This is the first time for me playing a Tenchu game and I'm quite impressed. Both the combat and stealth feels very satisfying for a PS1 game.
    It has a pretty good difficulty level except for the final stage. It's about an half hour long and if you die at the end you need to redo everything as well as watch all the unskippable cutscenes.

  • Homefront: The Revolution
    Blasted through this in about 10 hours, it's pretty fun. It's not a polished game by any stretch, but it has cool ideas and it executes them well enough.

    • I like where the story goes, and the main story missions are quite varied and engaging.
    • The side missions and activities are decent, i like that you don't have to do all of them to progress.
    • I really like that this game is just a straight up shooter, no unnecessary RPG mechanics like leveling up or too much crafting. Too bad the gunplay is a bit clunky.
    • The music is... not good.
    • I wish it's less generic looking. if someone switches the UI to be like in Killzone 2, I would have thought that this is some prototype next-gen Killzone game (i swear, the LMG + Holographic sight reminds me so much of the ISA assault rifle from Killzone).
    • Speaking of guns, the customization mechanic is pretty cool, very Crysis 1. Pulling out the assault rifle receiver and turning the rifle into a LMG is epic.
    • There's a fun easter egg in the game, you can play the first 2 levels of Timesplitters 2, which I thoroughly enjoy.

    Overall it's decent, especially for the low price i got it for. The developer's message at the end is a nice touch, i wish them well in their future endeavors. (6.5/10)

  • Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

    Mediocre. I played it on the 3DS because creator's intent, I don't know if the HD versions improved on it. I found the controls very sluggish and unresponsive (coming after Hollow Knight, it was painful). Combat is boring and uninteresting, a very pale copy of the 3D Arkham games. Exploration is fun at first (it's a Metroidvania), but near the end when the game requires you to backtrack it becomes a drag, since there's no fast travel and the map is very unconvenient, stacking up multiple levels of depth and height onto a single top-down view, making it almost unusable. There's also several inexcusable glitches, platforms that can't be targeted by the batclaw (after exiting and re-entering the room they worked), the camera sometimes loses track of you and gets stuck in a part of the room where you're not, and the controls are disabled so you're forced to restart.

    Very hard to recommend, unless you're in desperate need of a Batman fix and have finished all the proper Arkham games.

  • Rick Dangerous 2

    Put a lot on hold to finally finish this. It took me long enough to beat the original, but this one just went by unfinished for over two decades. There's so much trial and error here, but I never attribute that to poor game design, it's fun to learn from your mistakes in this way and truly master a game.

    I can put the Atari St away for a bit.

  • Beyond Good & Evil

    Interesting in that it is not excellent in any one particular way. It does a lot of things, but it is more impressive in the ways in which it implements these many elements, which is always thoughtfully, connecting back to the story and world. It is a very unified, well-modulated experience, with a really enjoyable sense of place and flavour. It makes me a little anxious for the sequel, which looks to be much bigger. Scope is important to this first game as well, but I'm skeptical that a game shooting to be as big as the second will be as precise as the first.

  • Tokyo Xanadu idk like 5.5/10

    It's bad, nothing else about it, even if there are parts of it that are kinda enjoyable I've never been as pissed at game for just dragging on and on. If by any reason anyone is interested in this game, just don't, play any other Falcom instead, they are all so much better than this.

  • @bard91 I think if you're craving for a Persona-esque game, then it's okay, I tried it only for that reason. Other than that, I agree.

  • @bard91 said in Last game you finished:

    Tokyo Xanadu idk like 5.5/10

    If by any reason anyone is interested in this game, just don't play any other Falcom instead

    Oki Dokie :)

  • @hidz I wouldn't even say that, Persona is my favorite series so I'm always down for something like that, but this was just a bad attempt at it, Trails of Cold Steel does an infinitely better job at it.

  • @bard91 Fair enough. I still need to play Cold Steel, I'm going to play 1 and 2 when they're coming out on PS4.

  • So,

    Not long ago in the 2018 Desire Index thread, I explained how Resident Evil 2 was at the bottom of it because I had absolutely no taste for Survival Horror. I've never liked scary things and I'd tried them multiple times but never "gotten" it.

    Then RE2 comes out and it looks like an incredible game, something that I'd actually enjoying playing.

    So, IGN guide open, Trainer at the ready if required, I started playing Resident Evil HD Remaster. And after a 6 hour stint tonight, I just completed it. You bet I read every single line of that guide, and you bet that having the Trainer running made my anxiety a little less high, and you bet I played on Very Easy, but I didn't actually activate a cheat once, I got REALLY into the story (Lisa :(), and I got the true ending.

    Like, the first time I dodged a Zombie in a hallway and let him live for the entire game, dodging again and again... Goosebumbs.

    I'm really proud of myself, like you wouldn't believe, as I never considered myself getting a taste for the genre, but I really see the appeal now, especially of Resident Evil. In fact, I can now see that a lot of the stuff I liked about Dead Rising 1 were directly taken from Resident Evil.

    I'm definitely going to skip RE2 and 3 for now as they are (or will be) the newest in the series, might read the a story synopsis. Definitely going to play a less anxiety driven game next (AC: Unity) but I do reckon that 2019 is going to be the year I work my way through the Resident Evil series, starting with the other "Great" Resident Evil game. Resident Evil 4.

  • The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince
    Nice little fairy tale game that I beat in 4 hours. Gameplay was pretty simple but it was actually more puzzle game I thought it would be.
    Cost 20€ and I was interested when I saw the trailer so it was an easy dip. Go with low expectations because gameplay or puzzle aren't that great. Might be good to play with a kid or young relative if they are into watching it. It's a 6.5/10. Simple but not bad.

  • Doki Doki Literature Club

    This is actually my second time beating it, and it is without a doubt the most emotionally and psychologically distressing game that I have ever played. I don't like horror games, but for some reason this one just drags you in, and keeps you there until you complete it. There were moments when I would leave the room in order to collect myself, only to be too anxious to re-enter the room.

    The story itself is excellent as well, with all of the characters feeling legitimately fleshed out. The feels are intense and the scares are brutal, which is I guess all I could ask for in a game like this.

    Extreme Anxiety/10

  • RDR2 in the books.

  • Mortal Kombat X story mode. Good times. But those cut scenes - WOW. They clearly blew their budget on those guest characters.

  • Silent Hill 2

    I think it's a bit weak. The shifting, corrupted environments of the first game are now pretty straightforward: a maze of full broken locks and slow, shambling enemies with just as many packs of ammunition to nonchalantly put them down. It was a pretty monotonous, mopey game with few surprises and annoying characters. Yes it looks good (I like that the game stuck with the lo-fi look that was a necessity in the first game), and the last half hour or so, which is (apart from the final boss fight) excellent, makes up for some of the game's shortcomings. Those things and a row boat aren't enough for me to agree with the consensus on this one.