Last game you finished

  • RDR2 in the books.

  • Mortal Kombat X story mode. Good times. But those cut scenes - WOW. They clearly blew their budget on those guest characters.

  • Silent Hill 2

    I think it's a bit weak. The shifting, corrupted environments of the first game are now pretty straightforward: a maze of full broken locks and slow, shambling enemies with just as many packs of ammunition to nonchalantly put them down. It was a pretty monotonous, mopey game with few surprises and annoying characters. Yes it looks good (I like that the game stuck with the lo-fi look that was a necessity in the first game), and the last half hour or so, which is (apart from the final boss fight) excellent, makes up for some of the game's shortcomings. Those things and a row boat aren't enough for me to agree with the consensus on this one.

  • I didn't 100% it (because the Sick goals are extremely hard), but after clocking up 70 hours, I'm finally done with Tony Hawk's Project 8, which was the last (and biggest) of the classic mainline Hawks that I had left to play.

    I managed to get all the goals - 70% on Pro, 30% on Sick - plus a large majority of the gaps.

  • Yakuza Kiwami 2

    I did not complete this game in 2018. I played enough to know that I loved it, but it felt like a bit of a hangover from Yakuza 6 considering they released in North America the same year. I think if Yakuza 6 didn't give me a taste of the high budget polish a Yakuza game can be, then I'd feel differently about Kiwami 2 and I probably wouldn't notice the corners it cuts from time to time.

    Kiwami 2 has limited animation at times (i.e. pantomime animation in sub-stories, or unnatural movement in cinematics), repetitive story missions (i.e. back-to-back chapters with building raids), combat that feels like a step backwards (i.e. unlimited weapons and kiwami finishers), and very quick - and pointless sub-stories that are not fully voiced. It sounds like a lot of complaining but the game does most things correctly. I still enjoy the story, but not its pace or convenient plot devices.

    Again, everything that is amazing in Yakuza 6 is present here. You walk into buildings with no loading. There is a cell phone camera to take photos. NPCs will react to your photos. You can take Haruka out for a walk. It's insanely detailed and fun, just lacking compared to Y6.

  • Titanfall 2


    I truly wonder this after finishing Titanfall 2. It feels like this game is a natural evolution of not only the Half Life series, but also military shooters like Call of Duty that struggle to feel fresh, even when they make a futuristic setting like Black Ops does.

    The biggest thing that makes this game one of the best all time SP FPS games is because of its approach to game design. It takes note from Half Life so well. On one hand it uses the somewhat simple but not entirely obvious platforming from Half Life 1 and 2. On the other hand, it mostly uses the formula where it introduces a fresh new idea in one level, then completely abandons it the next. Some might argue that they want to see more of that idea expanded on throughout the game, but I'd argue that it makes the roughly 40-60min you spend in a level feel very very special and unique.

    These new ideas it throws at you involve interesting platforming, some new weapons and gadgets, and unlikely locations for a "military" game to take place in. The weapons on a surface level are like Call of Duty style rifles, but once you use them, you'll see they have a unique flare not unlike Halo, Resistance, or Half Life.

    The only complaint I have is that the game is short. You can beat it in 6 hours no problemo. I would have liked it if they threw in ONE more level and ONE more interesting idea but I can only imagine how amazing Titanfall 3 will be next generation.

  • @dipset Preach it, more people need to play that campaign. One of the reasons i loved the campaign so much was it's short length, it allowed absolutely no filler moments and it's all so damn good.

  • I really enjoyed Titan Fall 2 but I'd never compare it with Half-Life.

  • @sheria

    You wouldn't compare it on an overall quality level? Or you wouldn't compare it based on how it plays?

    I think between the two games there are a lot of obvious comparisons in terms of game design. I can see what you mean if you wouldn't compare it on a "quality" level. I'd argue Half Life is better, longer, revolutionary, and carries a legacy that Titanfall 2 never will but I think TiF2 is one of the great SP FPS games all time. All killer no filler.

  • Just finished Metro Exodus. One the best games I've played in a long time (sorry RE 2 I still love you)

  • Banned

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Switch. Last boss took me two days. Played almost the whole game in portable mode with headphones. It was great! I didn't think when I bought my Switch in late September that I would enjoy it so much more than my PS4. Sony's strategy is boring me.

  • Finished 3 game yesterday:

    Valkyria Chronicles II (PSP)

    At first the game seemed very restrictive to me with very small maps that you need to keep revisiting again and again completing various repetitive missions but I ended up really liking. The core gameplay didn't suffer with the transition to the PSP and I really like the new classes and the ability to upgrade your class. The story was entertaining but nothing to write home about.

    Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles (PSP)

    It's a remake of my favorite Castlevania game but it's pretty disappointing. The graphics are quite ugly and the soundtrack isn't nearly as good as the original. The best thing about it is that the original Rondo of Blood as well as Symphony of the Night are unlockable but they do have some smoothing filters you can not turn off.

    Red Dead Redemption II (PS4)

    I really liked it! The story and characters are fantastic. The gameplay can get repetitive but I think the main problem is the length of the game. There too much filler. Chapter 2 and 6 could have been much shorter and while chapter 5 is pretty memorable, it really adds nothing to the game and could have been cut completely.
    The other big problem are the controls, they are a complete mess. Controls in Rockstar Games have always been terrible but this is the absolute worst they have ever been. It's unexcusable.

  • The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker

    For an FMV "game" this is pretty great, but as just a game, it's decent. You're not really given many opportunities to shape the story yourself and while you are able to type in questions, a lot of them don't register properly. I found myself moreso just using the preset questions instead of typing in my own, so I didn't have to deal with the slew of "I don't know what you mean" responses. Conceptually though, I do like what they went for here and most of the actors do a solid job of convincing you they have issues and making you question whether or not they're telling the truth all the time. Since the murderer is random though, I feel like the accusation bit lacks the bite it needs to make it a memorable experience.

  • It had been quite some time since I've been able to say so, but I hit credits on KHIII and it felt so good.

  • Okami HD

    What a great game, now I know why it's a classic!

    I took me a few hours to get into it, but it grew on me more and more as it went on.

    Took me about 32 hours, and I never died once, so it's fair to say it's not a hard game, but it's still very stimulating due its super clever paintbrush mechanic which you use to solve puzzles, alter the environment, fight enemies and dig up secrets. It's all very intuitive and logical (water douses fire, wind moves objects, sun or moon change the time of day, and so on).

    The lore is great, steeped in Japanese mythology, and the writing is pretty enjoyable, there's a great dynamic between Ammy and Issun, and most of the secondary characters are fun in their own way. It's also a pretty vast world, yet without filler: this is no modern-day open-world and it feels very refreshing, no time is wasted and there's a secret or collectible around every corner.

    It does indeed feel like a 3D Zelda, but it's way more unique than any of those.

    It's not perfect, the paintbrush techniques can sometimes fail to register, and you shouldn't expect enemies to push back much, but it's enjoyable from beginning to end!

  • Trails in the Sky SC 9/10

    A great sequel to a first great game, I would ike to give it a better score, but there were more than a few aspects that were not great and that I do feel took down the game a notch for me, still overall a fantastic game for most of the 60 hours of playtime.

    I do feel that the story has some of the same problems which made me like Cold Steel 2 less than 1, but it is not something that ruins the game, just aspects that could make for a better experience.

    And boy, having played three Falcom games in a row now, I feel I'm really seeing the wordiness in them.

    Also who the hell thought it would be a good idea to have the final fight inside a freaking kaleidoscoipe, that was just horribly designed.

    I'll likelyu start the third chapter in may after I come back from a month long vacation, and then on to Zero and AO, hopefully before CS 3 comes out.

  • New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, not including the challenges, that is, kinda got bored near the end, but it's pretty fun, I haven't played a 2D Mario game since Mario 3 after all.

  • @shadowoftheninja Wait, do you mean you were around when Mario 3 came out, played it and then never played Super Mario World? If so, I'm not sure whether to feel sad or impressed.

  • Octodad with it's two side missions. I won't lie - I was not really that happy with the game. The bad controls were funny for the first two levels and then it just got irritating. Plus the wife in the game is the definition of a horrible spouse. I worked my ass off to provide onto her all these cute stuffies and the first thing she does is throw them aside then order me to fix a broken aquarium? AFTER she PURPOSEFULLY dragged me to the Aquarium despite knowing my Octodad fears them and hates them?!


  • @e_zed_eh_intern I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the FC, so yea, I hope they put those SFC games into the switch online service.