Last game you finished

  • New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, not including the challenges, that is, kinda got bored near the end, but it's pretty fun, I haven't played a 2D Mario game since Mario 3 after all.

  • @shadowoftheninja Wait, do you mean you were around when Mario 3 came out, played it and then never played Super Mario World? If so, I'm not sure whether to feel sad or impressed.

  • Octodad with it's two side missions. I won't lie - I was not really that happy with the game. The bad controls were funny for the first two levels and then it just got irritating. Plus the wife in the game is the definition of a horrible spouse. I worked my ass off to provide onto her all these cute stuffies and the first thing she does is throw them aside then order me to fix a broken aquarium? AFTER she PURPOSEFULLY dragged me to the Aquarium despite knowing my Octodad fears them and hates them?!


  • @e_zed_eh_intern I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the FC, so yea, I hope they put those SFC games into the switch online service.

  • Just finished Sonic Mania. This game is so damn good, holy shit! The controls feel spot on (although I always get confused regarding which direction to push when you're going on loops and such), and i really appreciate that each level has something new to offer. This causes a inconsistency in the quality and fun factor of the levels, but at the very least the worst ones can still surprise me as much as the best ones. Difficulty wise it's pretty well done, it starts off in a pretty comfortable place and ends with a very climactic set of obstacles, although along the way there's some annoying moments that made it seem more difficult than it should. Studiopolis, Press Garden and Titanic Monarch are my favorite zones here. Absolute favorite is Press Garden, I just love how the level looks, the environment switch up in Act 2 is sublime. There's also very minimal annoyances there.

    The things I said about the levels are also applicable to the bosses. Very varied, lots of highs but good amounts of lows too. While i hated the water zone, the boss in Act 2 of that zone is pretty awesome.

    The soundtrack is a bit different though. It's a 10/10 from front to back, no holds barred, no fillers, absolutely spotless. No complaints here. I'm typing this while listening to the save menu song, real jolly.

    I'll be keeping this game on my drive since I can see myself replaying it, and that's the highest compliment I could give any game. (9/10)

  • Luigi's Mansion (3DS)

    Meh, very average game.

    It's pretty much over before it gets started, is very repetitive, has frustrating and clunky controls, sends you on mindless back-and-forths throughout the tiny mansion (probably because it would be half as long if it didn't). The Boos are very annoying to catch, constantly fleeing to another room, sometimes immediately after you've entered. It feels like a proof-of-concept and not much more.

    Dark Moon was a lot better, so I still have hopes that Luigi's Mansion 3 can be interesting, but I don't understant people who prefer the original to its sequel.

  • Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. I used to be a huge lover of Gametrailers and their forum so I'm glad I found my way here.

    Anyways, the last game I finished was Devil May Cry 5 just a few moments ago actually. Since KH3 I've had an itch for another action game and this hit the spot big time. It's sort bizarre to see such a ps2 era series brought into the current gen with such lavish visuals and production. Despite the improved visuals, DMC makes no sacrifices to it's tight and responsive combat and was a blast from start to finish.

  • I finally finished MGSV, a game that really is unnecessarily padded out, I think it was a good 55 hours before I actually saw "the truth" and even then I'm only on 44% completion. I'm just going to finish the Quiet Arc as I love the character, but then I'm done for good. There's a lot to like here actually, but also a lot of problems bringing it down. The worst thing is that the game really is a bit of a mess, especially in the unnecessary second chapter. It's clear Kojima had even more intended from this game, but was rushed to get the thing out already. Konami are still assholes, but I think Kojima was also at blame here, he was far too ambitious with this game, god knows what it would have cost fully realised.

  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    I originally bought this on sale a few years back, played it for an hour, and dropped it. My girlfriend wanted to play something light and breezy together so we decided on this and had a blast together. Her knowledge on Marvel properties is pretty minimal so it was an added treat to have her discover characters for the first time and even spurred us to start catching up on some of the Marvel films she's missed. The biggest takeaway I have from this game is how much the open world really adds to the experience. While the missions feel like most of the other Lego games, being able to drive (and fly!) around the city and discover all sorts of secrets was really the best part. I'm casually pushing for 100% completion because of how much I enjoy the open world, so I'm sure we'll keep slowly chipping away until that platinum pops.

  • Undertale (Switch)

    I'm really late to the party here but this is a great game. I only realized there are three playthroughs of this game when I checked out a boss guide for the end. That means I'll get to those playthroughs with my roommate eventually.

    What's not to like? This game is like a rollercoaster. You're just sort of on the rails for this journey and everything the game throws at you. I love how it breaks gaming conventions and parodies them in creative ways. I could articulate this all better but I don't quite have the time.

    Undertale... one of the greats!