Last game you finished

  • COD4 4/10

    Garbage, played it since it was free and I knew the campaign was short, expecting it to be somewhat decent, but it really was a horrible campaign that did an excellent job at showcasing many of the poor design decisions of some modern games, if I didn't knew it was so short I would have dropped it after the third mission and I wouldn't have missed anything if I had, simply a very boring experience.

    No interest on the mp so no comment on that, first and last CoD I play since the PS2 ones and it will remain that way.

  • @sabotagethetruth I've been interested in that one, did you play Her Story? It seems pretty similar conceptually and I really liked it, so it is a big part of why I'm curious about it.

  • @bard91 Defo a game I'd like to check out at some point but I can't say I have any experience with it.

  • Resident Evil 2 (PS4)
    I loved it. I haven't enjoyed a Resident Evil game this much since RE4.
    I'm not that interested in an RE3 remake but I do hope future RE games will build upon this.

    Drakengard (PS2)
    I wanted to play this before tackling the Nier games.
    The story is weird but cool. The areal levels are fun but the Musou-esque levels are really boring.
    Overall, I still enjoyed my time with the game.

  • @bard91

    Wow. I'm surprised you hate it so much. I think its a classic. Don't get me wrong, I hear exactly everything you are saying AND I don't even disagree with you - COD4 is overrated and has some terrible design choices.

    For one, it completely disregards the innovative and dynamic direction the FPS games went with Half Life 2 and just replaced it with target shooting. Enemy pops up as a target, you ADS and shoot. Enemies spawn at specific times and there is nothing dynamic to the gunplay other than aim and shoot.

    Two - The hyper aggressive AI who just bombards you with bullets from all directions is annoying to say the least. Not to mention that they will keep coming infinitely unless you push forward. May as well kill yourself if you wanna play this game on Hardened or Veteran.

    WITH ALL THAT SAID, the context for everything is what I love about it. I don't think there had ever been a cinematic FPS game before and a lot of the storytelling was done very simply and all within the gameplay of the level. It has a ton of fun moments because you are playing and not watching. I think COD4 was very innovative in that way. One level you are sprinting out of a sinking ship, another you are flying an AC-130, another you are sniping in Chernobyl and hiding from enemies who are 2 feet away from you. It was unique in that regard but immediately got old by the next game. At the time I think it was cool and in a world of its own.

  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (Netflix)

    Under no circumstances is this an actual video game. It is exactly what it says it is, an interactive film - but with that said, there is a lot lifted directly from video games new and old, such as retaining information and inputting it later. Not only that, but the entire crux of the film is around an old school computer adventure game absolutely consuming the creator into madness. The themes are nothing new to gamers: do our decisions in-game and in real life even matter? Is there free will when the outcome is the same in the end? There are very overt parallels between the themes of the film, and the actual input/output viewer choice here.

    From a gamer perspective, this is nothing we haven't been seeing in games a lot lately. This is basically like Doki Doki Literature Club in film form. There is player choice that goes off the rails into a predetermined outcome that embraces a meta-narrative about the media you're physically using to consume this entertainment.

    The story intentionally keeps showing the same scenes again and again in fast motion as you re-do old decisions but unravel new elements to the plot. Its fun and interesting, but even if you only see the same scene for less than a minute, it starts to drag a bit at the end when it should be picking up more.

    A solid 7.5/10 and I hope for more.

  • Finished Mortal Kombat X's story, so I'm all ready for MK11 now. Warm take: MKX isn't really that good. Everything's kind of gray, both visually and figuratively speaking. Luckily 11 looks much better again practically every way possible. I think I'll leave X be now and concentrate completely on 11 then in a few weeks.

  • Crash Nitro Kart (PS2)

    It is much better than I expected. It's a pretty decent follow up to CTR. I would have played it a lot if I had this game as a kid, it's much better than the PS2 Crash I did own back in the day.

    Yoshi's Crafted World (Switch)

    It's another great Yoshi game, it's about as good as Woolly World. It looks awesome and the levels are very varied.
    For me a Yoshi game is only as good as its level design and one-off ideas and gimmicks. I thought the earlier levels are a bit boring but later in the game there are some really inventive levels. Some of those late game levels rank amongst my favorite in the series.

    The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (GBC)

    It's a fantastic Zelda game. I played Oracle of Ages years ago and I liked it but not that much. The dungeons are all really great and it has one of coolest items I've seen in a Zelda game: the magnetic glove. Why has this never appeared again?
    It's mostly very similar to the other Game Boy Zelda games, both good and bad. It has a ton of charm, the soundtrack is awesome and you'll be doing lots and lots of item switching.

  • The Powerpuff Girls relish rampage. I may want to like this game more and I actually do. I very much enjoy the flight mechanic of the game, the girls are able to pick up speed and leave a trail behind much in the vain of okami. The combat is frustrating, clunky and has no real impact even when using the girls eye Lazer beams. I very much felt the style and aesthetic of the show remained consistent throughout the game.

    Toe Jam and Earl: Back in the Groove. I felt just that while playing this game from the sound track to the visual aesthetic the game is very pick up and play. Much to my delight and Surprise upon completion I found myself realizing Toe Jam and Earl could have been a precursor to games like don't starve and maybe Crashlands.........very groovy!

  • Tales of Vesperia. Post-game, collected all fell arms, got into a new dungeon but done for now since I put 100 hours in.

  • Gorogoa

    From the Monument Valley school of aesthetic poke around, this is a bland and completely frivolous game. A puzzle game where the pieces are slowly sifted out by tapping around and the actual solutions feel weakly clever at their best and blatantly obvious at their worst. Also, can we stop having these wannabe austere, mysticism meets desolation, just-an-arrangement-of-symbols games? They're almost always lame.

    At least it was short.

  • Ace Attourney
    Love the series and replaying it on PS4 just feels good. I do miss old DS or GBA sprites if you want to say it that way.

  • Guardian Heroes

    It's good, but I think Treasure is better than this. Did two playthroughs with different characters and builds trying out different story options, but I was a little disappointed how similar in structure they were. Story logic really points you in one direction, it was only for the sake of gameplay variety that I said 'alright, clearly evil wizard man, what you're saying sounds OK', and then I didn't get that much variety anyways. Mechanics are a bit of a mixed bag too. It's neat to see how much a jump-in block can change things, but I'm not sure how I feel about the layered battle fields. There's little reason to use other layers other to get out of the corner, and the back layer can get pixelated and blocked by the environment. It's an alright beat em up, but the levels are uninteresting and there's so much hitlag and stunlocking and/or being stunlocked, the whole thing just felt chunky to me.

  • Panzer Dragoon Zwei

    Great! Where the first game felt a bit scattered an unspecific, this one feels artful. Strong music, a simple and effective story, refined level design, boss design, and enemy placement. There are moments that are just terrific, like the first moment of flight, or taking down that final cruiser's wings near the end of the game. I played partway through a second time to check some of the other routes, and they're pretty different, which is really nice. Definitely one of my favourites on the Saturn.

    Resident Evil (Remake)

    I don't like that this has effectively usurped the original's spot in the canon, mostly because I think the original is more impressive for when it came out, but also because I like the original more. I don't think that the additions are all that meaningful. Lisa and the crimson heads didn't do anything for me, and the elaborated and added environments just made it feel padded. I like the economy, the briskness, the weird colour design, the innovation, the reliable headshots of the original. This one felt like the 6th game in a series, because it was.

  • Just finished Castlevania 1 (Anniversary Collection). I've only played the first few levels of this game on various Chinese bootleg consoles, so it's good to finally play it in a legal manner. This game is badass, I just love how it controls and feels. It gets annoyingly tough later on (like other games in its era), but it's still fun. 8/10 with save states, lol

  • Abzû was a beautiful game, a piece of art in a way. Water is a wonderful element especially when presented like this. So many fishes, all shapes and sizes. Lots of colours. And a magical soundtrack that made the whole experience work as well as it did. Oboe was perhaps the brightest star of the instruments, and also the choir sang literally like some angels from Heaven. Elements and memories from Journey and Flower were present throughout the two and a half hours. The game's only 4,95 € at Store at the moment.

    And look at my trophy card, how I can ever play anything else now? That's just too pretty.

  • Cuphead was awesome. The fact I never got angry at it despite dying over and over again is testament to its fair and clear design, all the bosses' patterns are recognizable given a few attempts, and every mistake you make will come solely from a lack of attention.

    Each boss's visual design is delightful too, full of personality. There's tons of creativity and a strong identity here, which shines bright even when reaching the final area of the game, which offers

    almost as many new (mini-)bosses as the entire game combined!

    Yes, it's hard, but not impossible at all with enough patience and observation. It was great to play on Switch too, as I could sneak in 10 minutes here and there over lunch breaks and train rides.

    Strongly recommended!

  • Huh@sentinel-beach said in Last game you finished:

    And look at my trophy card, how I can ever play anything else now? That's just too pretty.

    Looks like it could be a Finding Nemo game.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Lego City Undercover

    I've heard this touted as the best Lego game ever made and while I enjoyed it, I had a much better time with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. There's a few cute moments in here but they really try to hammer home some characters and storylines that just fall flat on every level, while I really appreciate some of the sight gags older Lego games have used much more. It's still fun exploring the open world with another person but some of the tasks added into the world feel so menial - for instance, there's around 20 cups of coffee you need to drink to gain gold bricks. I also just really missed flying around as Iron Man.