Last game you finished

  • Dragon's Crown

    The first Vanillaware game I've played, and I thought it was pretty tedious. It's about 3 hours of game that it wants to stretch out to over 8. It wants to ask things of its player in its story and sidequests and the like, but they all amount to running back and forth in town or going back to the same handful of levels and playing them again. Its beat-em-up combat is ok, but I wish the enemies were more of a challenge and asked for more than just being stunlocked. I guess the art (which is neatly stylized, but only really impressive with screen-filling enemies) comes at a price---there are only so many assets that can be made. Hard to tell if the amount of artwork couldn't fit the ambitions, or they just really wanted to pad the thing out. Pretty lame.

  • @ringedwithtile yeah I tried at least twice to push through that game but just couldn't.

  • Eternal Darkness

    I like the first half of this game, which plays like a survival horror Timesplitters, with all the protags getting smoked by evil gods, but it begins to repeat its environments and throw legions of slow, boring enemies at the player---a player with entirely too much ammunition and spells. The sanity effects that everyone hypes up aren't that impressive and shouldn't be happening in the back three quarters of the game, as the player gets a spell to replenish sanity fairly quickly. There's no genuine psychological dimension, a story that starts off promising and then goes nowhere, and weak, overused combat.

    A shame, because I like the setup and the multiple time periods and settings.

  • Celeste

    So this is a pretty rigid game. It's responsive, but so much of it plays like a manicured execution test rather than a process of navigation that allows for a player to really stretch and improvise. All that I heard about this game before I played it was about the storytelling, and I think that facet is really bad. Just bad cutscenes and annoying characters and some of the most heavy-handed metaphor use I've seen in a game. Did people like it because it was encouraging? Because stroking the player's ego is one of my least favourite things a game can do.

    Still, it's nicely put together and well segmented. I played it all, even if I didn't feel good about it afterwards.

  • Death Stranding
    Really enjoyed my time with it. Sure it's slow-paced most of the time that it can be boring but I am really thankful that a game like this exist.
    It emotionally touched me.

  • I finished RE2(2019). I never got the chance to finish it before and it is the first time I've ever finished a RE game. It was really nice. Besides some complains like emotional scenes could be more powerful, ending could be more smooth and final boss could be less annoying; I don't have much problem about it. I played Leon's story, I will play Claire's too sometime in the near future I hope. While playing it I was already excited for the 3rd game's remake. I can't wait for the inevitable announcement! Also it is probably just a pipe dream but I wish Capcom would just remake 1st and 4th game too. Especially the 4th game. I'm sure after the 3rd game's remake, I will want to play 4th game.

    Also, I'm curious about Ada's fate too.

    It is currently my GOTY.


  • Just finished Jedi Fallen Order last night, that last 5-10 minutes was fucking awesome.

  • @dmcmaster said in Last game you finished:

    Jedi Fallen Order

    I'm about to begin it tonight.

  • Mischief Makers

    Pretty cool. I was surprised by its structure, with very short levels and a fair amount of ones with unique objectives and design. As always with Treasure, the boss fights are fun and the game controls well, though its strangeness doesn't always work in its favor. For one, I think it's a little ugly---I don't like that a good number of the levels are made up of these blocks with faces on them, I would have rather seen them try to craft unique environments. Some of its experiments don't quite pay off, but I like that it's trying things.

    Still fun though. Not top-tier Treasure, but in the better half of their games imo.

  • Trails of Cold Steel 3 the best Cold Steel game shouldnt be played without the others however

  • Shenmue III
    It was fun even if you could see the shortcomings in many areas.
    If only there were throws in the game and been implemented well to the combat, I would have been very happy with the game.
    Also QTEs are slightly too fast or do not register inputs at times made it a bit annoying.
    The vibe was great though. Felt really good to play it.
    7/10 because of the atmosphere

  • Assassin's Creed 2. Got the Ezio Collection in a sale, thought I'd finally get around to playing these as I've never finished an AC game & heard these were the best. I enjoyed it, but them controls are a fucking nightmare. I'm surprised they didn't get more criticism at the time. Not sure I can put myself though another 2 games of them. Saying that I'm curious to see where the rest of the trilogy goes.

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Combat was boring, I didn't get en enjoyment at all. I escaped my way out everytime I find the chance. It is not just because of souls combat, it is because of how weak the ''kill'' is. You know Huber's famous line 'feel the kill'' and I've never felt any kill in this game. Sekiro had great ''kill feel'' when comparing it. Platform part is fun but animations are not smooth, for example the game it took inspiration(Uncharted) is so smooth. Set-piece moments' have good intentions but they are not exciting as much as developers hoped. There are bugs and FPS problems that you can't just ignore, they are not rare unfortunately. Graphics are usually fine, nothing exceptional but okay except that some specific story parts of the game; those sections looks like they are from old gen. Also, map design is terrible, I had hard time to figure out the way for things sometimes.

    Cal is a good protagonist even though not a great one. Main theme is nice. Side characters are fine and the main antagonist is cool. BD-1 is so cute. Story was good except the weird and sudden ending, I expected more for the grand finale(of course, my dissapointments' one part is coming from wrong expectation because of a picture I saw). Force powers are also fun but I expect more from the sequel, actually I can say that for a lot of things.

    Please take much more time to develop the sequel, fix the problems and gameplay parts that this game has and EA, please give much more money for the sequel. It is not a bad starting point for Respawn's first 3rd person action game but not a great one for sure.


  • Finished Concrete Genie. This game is just very positive and heartwarming at its core, and I love it. The way everything came together at the end is not unpredictable, but still makes me feel fuzzy inside.

    I said it before, but I really like how this game looks. The satisfaction from painting mostly comes from how beautiful the painting effects are. I wish we got more of the 2D drawing scenes, they look gorgeous. Mechanically it's quite simple, and it's very much fine the way it is. I also like when the game turned... an InFamous-lite action platformer to change things up a bit near the end.

    Overall, I'm very glad that I got to play this now. It's another one to consider for the neighboring 2019 GOTY thread (8.5/10)

  • I have finished World War Z like a week ago and I loved it!

  • My husband and I finished Lego Marvel Superheroes 2.
    It was a fun enough game we could play together, though as always we kept having problems with puzzles intended for kids....
    But Lego games are always fun diversions, and I got to stomp around as Devil Dinosaur and teleport as Lockjaw.... so it's a 10.
    Really though I'd say it's a solid 7.

  • Klonoa

    Pretty good! I like it more than a lot of other early 2.5D platformers, there's a real clarity to its design and moveset. It's a bit on the short and easy side, but it's a very pleasant playthrough. Funny that I played this not long after Mischief Makers, another semi-polygonal grabby-throwy 2.5D platformer from 1997. Hard to say which one's better, but I might go with MM because it tries to be more things, even if it isn't as refined.

  • Finally finished Tetris Effect's Journey Mode. It took me a while because I really suck at Tetris. On the plus side, I got to listen to the songs more so its not too bad.

    The songs are overall great, with a variety of well executed influences from all over the world (Prayer Circles Gamelan hype!), but man there's some that really stand out (to name a few: The Deep, Dolphin Surf, Downtown Jazz). Even the ones that felt more like intermissions aren't half bad. I especially like the vocal songs, which mostly show up on the last leg of the journey.

    The visual effects are pretty trippy. I didn't get to really focus on them since I was at the edge of my seat most of time trying to survive the onslaught of blocks, but there's definitely some that stand out (Starfall's galactic rave comes to mind).

    All I need right now is the actual OST to release...

  • Fatal Frame

    Legitimately spooky. Really great environmental, visual, and sound design. I also like the setting and the lore; that it's something that's culturally specific and feels like exploring a deepening urban legend. The central gameplay loop is pretty good too! It takes some cues from preexisting survival horror, but it's effective. What I'm not sure works is some of the gamier aspects (like upgrading the camera and special abilities---kinda dumb), and the overall pacing of the game. The first half is so mysterious and scary, and the back half develops in such a predictable and safe way I found myself a bit disappointed. There are hardly any new environments in the 3rd and final chapters as well; it gives the sense that you've already experienced the best the game has to offer at the halfway point.

    Still, it's a really good game and I look forward to playing the sequel, which I hear is even better.

  • I love all the Fatal Frame games. I have to say though, for goodness sake, if you ever hear about an old ritual that involves both shrine maidens and the after life, just leave it the hell alone...