Last game you finished

  • I have finished World War Z like a week ago and I loved it!

  • My husband and I finished Lego Marvel Superheroes 2.
    It was a fun enough game we could play together, though as always we kept having problems with puzzles intended for kids....
    But Lego games are always fun diversions, and I got to stomp around as Devil Dinosaur and teleport as Lockjaw.... so it's a 10.
    Really though I'd say it's a solid 7.

  • Klonoa

    Pretty good! I like it more than a lot of other early 2.5D platformers, there's a real clarity to its design and moveset. It's a bit on the short and easy side, but it's a very pleasant playthrough. Funny that I played this not long after Mischief Makers, another semi-polygonal grabby-throwy 2.5D platformer from 1997. Hard to say which one's better, but I might go with MM because it tries to be more things, even if it isn't as refined.

  • Finally finished Tetris Effect's Journey Mode. It took me a while because I really suck at Tetris. On the plus side, I got to listen to the songs more so its not too bad.

    The songs are overall great, with a variety of well executed influences from all over the world (Prayer Circles Gamelan hype!), but man there's some that really stand out (to name a few: The Deep, Dolphin Surf, Downtown Jazz). Even the ones that felt more like intermissions aren't half bad. I especially like the vocal songs, which mostly show up on the last leg of the journey.

    The visual effects are pretty trippy. I didn't get to really focus on them since I was at the edge of my seat most of time trying to survive the onslaught of blocks, but there's definitely some that stand out (Starfall's galactic rave comes to mind).

    All I need right now is the actual OST to release...

  • Fatal Frame

    Legitimately spooky. Really great environmental, visual, and sound design. I also like the setting and the lore; that it's something that's culturally specific and feels like exploring a deepening urban legend. The central gameplay loop is pretty good too! It takes some cues from preexisting survival horror, but it's effective. What I'm not sure works is some of the gamier aspects (like upgrading the camera and special abilities---kinda dumb), and the overall pacing of the game. The first half is so mysterious and scary, and the back half develops in such a predictable and safe way I found myself a bit disappointed. There are hardly any new environments in the 3rd and final chapters as well; it gives the sense that you've already experienced the best the game has to offer at the halfway point.

    Still, it's a really good game and I look forward to playing the sequel, which I hear is even better.

  • I love all the Fatal Frame games. I have to say though, for goodness sake, if you ever hear about an old ritual that involves both shrine maidens and the after life, just leave it the hell alone...

  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

    Nice soundtrack, specific platform mechanics(even though they are not so fun or so good) and handpainted sceneries. Story didn't touch me that much, most of the time I looked at the screen with a straight face but it was not bad of course. Enemy variety and combat were weak. Some of the arenas were fine but 1-2 of them bored me, for example one of them is Naru's environment which is added with Definitive Edition. Finally, I don't think it needs a sequel at all. It is not an average game but it is not awesome as much as I expect either.


  • Gravity Rush

    There are appreciable elements for sure: it looks great, moving long distances is fun, as are the races. Reminded me a bit of the underrated Resonance of Fate in terms of how it looks and sounds. The rest is substandard; chunky. The story, with its amnesia and secret mystics is entirely uninvolving. Everything in the game is segmented, nothing flows naturally from one thing to the next. Missions are awkwardly broken up with unimaginative dialogue or manga panes, usually transitioning with puzzling fade-to-blacks. Even movement itself requires start-and-stop; motions rarely transitioning smoothly from one to the other, whether a fault of control layout, camera control, or animation (there is entirely too much recovery time on landing and attacks). Perhaps this is all due to it being a handheld game initially---to break the game into small, easily achieved tasks? Not sure, but its inorganic and tiresome.

  • Resident Evil 2(2019)

    I finished it again. As Second Run with Claire this time around. It was a little bit boring until the middle parts this time but after that I find similar fun near to my first playthrough. ''Real'' ending is not something that you ''must'' see I think also Claire's campaign is weaker than Leon's, so I'm glad that I finished the game with Leon first. Also, GM 79 and MQ 11 were life savers; after I got them I never had a real difficulty. Leon's weapons comparing to these two felt weaker when I was playing with him.

    Now that I can move on something different, RE is going to sleep until early April. But even Mr. X stress me this much, I don't how I'm going feel about fricking Nemesis.

  • @faaip I've been starting several games recently and then just losing interest or running out of steam.
    That said, I can't remember the last game I ACTUALLY finished... it was probably something on Nintendo Switch... glancing at my Steam profile just now it looks like the last game I finished on there was 'Wolfenstein: The Old Blood' which was back on Sep. 26th of last year.

    Nope, nevermind, I just checked my XBOX profile and I got 2 of my last 4 achievements for RE2 back in the beginning of October.

  • @joejohn I've been in a bit of a gaming slump as well.. I've bought like 10 games in the past few months and played about an hour of each lol.

    I am really enjoying Fallen Order though so hopefully that helps get me back on track

  • @faaip That's good, man. That game looks great. Not my cup of tea though. Not a big fan of Star Wars over here. That said, I have indeed seen all the movies.

    This past fall I was playing a TON of DbD on Steam with friends from all around the world, partly because I had injured myself and couldn't really move around on my feet easily. That said, after 825 hrs later of playing DbD (spanning back to when the game was first released) and after recovering from my mishap, I think I'm finally permanently done with that game.

    I'll continue casually gaming on my Switch over the next couple months (Hollow Knight, Binding of Isaac, FF8, etc.), but what I'm really excited about is RE3 in April (as you probably could have probably guessed from my last post).

  • Disco Elysium: great writing, point and click adventure style may not be for everybody - but there's keyboard shortcuts to highlight all interactable objects and such, so it can be easier. Map is perfect size, quests will often have you running from one end to the other - just takes a couple minutes. The options on how your character interacts with the NPCs is pretty insane.

  • Doom 3 BFG Edition
    I'll probably echo a majority of the stuff I've said in the "What are you playing?" thread as the game essentially does not change from start to end.

    Doom 3 is easily my least favorite of the "og" trilogy. A few hours in and I was just waiting for it to end but holding out on the basis that something cool might eventually happen.
    Dreary environments that do not change

    except for the 30 minutes you spend in Hell

    , the same 5 enemy types repeated everywhere, extremely forgiving with ammo and health supplies, and

    lame Cyberdemon final boss.

    The most heinous crime of all though is the feel of the weapons, especially the shotgun. Such a downgrade from Doom 1 and 2.

    I will admit I did like the PDA's and hearing the audio logs/reading emails.

    Anyways, can't wait to finally dive into Doom 2016!

  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    Fun to have something "different" to play. Flight Combat Sims that infuse story elements in a single player campaign like this used to have way more market share, and have fallen out of favor in recent years. When's the last time there was a Red Baron, Wings of Glory, or even a space combat flight sim like Wing Commander or X-Wing vs Tie Fighter or Rogue Squadron? I grew up playing these kinds of games.

    Ace Combat 7's strengths seem to be good and varied mission structures, soundtrack, and a solid control scheme. Some games where flight or space combat is a major component scream out for you to invest in a HOTAS system. I don't feel like (at least during the campaign, multiplayer might be different) the game pushes you that way. The control scheme and difficulty setting on Normal seemed about right to me. The "named" aces that sometimes appear when you're doing really well in a mission are a nice touch. The final mission's set piece is great even though I thought the end of the campaign itself was a bit underwhelming.

    Where I think it falls a little short:
    I think the story in campaign isn't really paced very well. And it may be because it's an ongoing series with lore that I'm unaware of, but a thing happens late game that was not referenced or alluded to at all in the game up until that point - and I think it's supposed to be a major plot twist - but not being familiar with the thing, it ended up maybe not having the biggest impact on me? I dunno. The last few story missions have people's motivations and allegiances seemingly very fluid and/or unclear. Is the guy who's basically been the mad scientist supplying the "enemy" with tech the whole game just suddenly on our side now after a change of heart? I don't feel like that was earned. I don't think the late game enemies are all that interesting. The last mission's enemies seemed... too easy?

    Overall, had fun playing it. Was a good length. Really made me want a good story based single-player Wing Commander reboot tho. Have not tried VR mode, have not touched online multiplayer dogfights. I unlocked roughly half the available initial planes.

  • Finished the PS2 version of Quantum of Solace. It's mostly pretty fun, after getting used to the controls. The non QTE boss fights are the only challenging parts (annoyingly so), the rest is easier but not too easy. The design of the game is pretty standard, showing moments from the movie (and Casino Royale) and shoving enemy shootouts whenever possible. There's also very simple stealth sections, which is enough to make things more varied. I finished it in 4 hours. This is a prime swimming in 6s game.

    Also, playing this reminds me that subtitles isn't really common in older games, which sucks. Next game: Kill Switch.

  • Blasphemous. Metrovania style game with some clear Dark Souls influences in the mix.

    I'll start with the bad first. I played it on the Switch, it stutters occasionally in docked mode while handheld seems to be much better. It is also a bit buggy, nothing that's so bad to the point of detracting from the experience but I got a freeze that forced me to restart the game (although I was purposely trying to see if I could break it by doing a very specific thing... I did.) And there are also some deaths that make the game nearly break but it ends up sorting things out by it self. Still annoying. What I really don't like about Blasphemous is that hit detection at times is very flawed and in general the game is far from being pixel perfect. Voice acting is not that good either, just competent with some characters worse than others.

    But I really enjoyed it despite it's flaws. Animation work is nice and detailed. Makes great use of religious iconography and the art direction suits the theme perfectly. Characters and narrative center around penitence and guilt. Me, being from a catholic country, it really made me appreciate their approach on the subject. Brutal, visceral and blasphemous in a way that's only possible on the indie space. While story isn't that great, the narrative is well structured enough to carry me through the game and item lore is interesting to read.

    Level design is not amazing but still good, and it does a great job at offering variety. Item interaction, be it with the player, other characters or the world, is rewarding enough to encourage exploration and experimentation. At least with me made me spend way more hours with the game then what was strictly needed to beat it.

    Soundtrack feels very metal without ever really being metal. Often it resembles something you would find in the intro or interlude of a Black Metal album. I really love it. Suits perfectly the theme but I wish they were a bit more daring with it.

    As for difficulty, it's on the easy side. I'm fine with that but I wish boss fights were more challenging because there's definitely a disconnect between how menacing they look and the actual challenge.

    I feel that after Hollow Knight I'm always expecting the next unexpected GOAT material game to come out of nowhere. Blasphemous is definitely not that, but maybe because of its iconography I would still recommend it.

  • Finally beat Outer Wilds, and damn, that game is beautiful. It manages to be incredibly cozy yet sinister at times, difficult yet fair, and tragic yet optimistic. I wish I had beat it prior to the forum's Best Games of 2019 list, because I'm pretty confident this would have taken my number 1 spot. The ending brought me to tears, and my only regret is that I won't be able to experience it for the first time again.

  • Finished Kentucky Route Zero, pretty sure it will finish the year in my top 3. Very narrative focused, surreal, wonderfully written, emotional and funny. Some really magical moments there.

  • Just finished Yakuza 5. So now that I've officially completed all the mainline games outside of 7, my personal ranking is 0, 4, kiwami2 (Y2), 6, 5, 3, kiwami (Y1).

    I liked:
    Shinada's batting minigames being totally different than everyone else's.

    5 cities! And some smaller areas like the hunting village. I immediately knew my way around Sapporo, having been there IRL before, but I got lost in Nagoya... lol

    Surprisingly, I liked the rhythm game Haruka dance mechanics a lot. I'd buy a Yakuza dancing all night.

    73 hours and 16 min