Last game you finished

  • @Musou-Tensei im in chapter 4 how much more do i have to go

  • @FF7Cloud There are 7 in total so you have 3 more to go.

  • I managed to finish off both Gungrave and its sequel, Gungrave: Overdose. Two games which have sat on my shelf unfinished for too long. I also just polished off Call of Duty: Ghosts this morning. Ghosts was ... ok, but forgettable. I quite enjoyed the Gungrave games though.

  • Metro: Last light, and I quite enjoyed it.

  • Just finished Zero Time Dilemma - enjoyed it a lot, but it is the weakest of the three.

    Now i am playing the first Danganronpa...

  • Finished Dragon Quest VI. It's ok.

    After the wonderful narrative conceits of IV and V, this one tries to do something profound with alternate realities and it feels really muddled. The central characters aren't that interesting, but every time I was thinking of putting it down, I'd come across a village with a neat subplot. Anyways, it's definitely at the lower end of the series.

  • Completed the campaign in Xcom Enemy Unknown Plus on Vita.

    Really enjoyed it. I was seriously struggling through a lot of it until I realised how important a few items/upgrades were. Once I'd seen the errors I'd made, I cruised to the end of the game.

    Perfect portable game, pity it is a bit of a mess on vita. Pretty slow, lots of audio skipped and plenty of crashes and bugs.

  • not a game but just watched kingsglaive not sure why its getting shit on so much i rather enjoyed it

  • @FF7Cloud I enjoyed Kingsglaive too.

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, what an amazing game it is!

  • Finally finished Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. The art was crisp and clean, but the gameplay itself and the sequencing annoyed me the whole way through. I ended up not really enjoying it and just forcing myself through it. Three of the secrets were only findable through run smashing into random walls in the game with nothing hinting you to do so, and after scouring areas without knowing this I eventually gave up and looked it up, frustrated to find out where they were and how impossibly obscure that is. Even though it makes thematic sense, the game's areas are also sectioned off into islands, which is a huge step back from Shantae: Risky's Revenge where the whole world was interconnected in cool layer ways, and that was a mobile game! Honestly, Risky's Revenge is better in every way possible except less crisp art since it was a mobile game. The Director's Cut is on Steam, and I easily recommend that game over Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.

    Half-Genie Hero should be coming out soon, real soon, so here's to hoping it's a return to form for the franchise.

  • @holy_angel_mx yes! It took me a long time to get into this game because it's pretty slow in the beginning and I wasn't too eager to dive into a Capcom Zelda game. The other Capcom developed ones were really good but lacked something to be considered masterpieces, IMO. But after everything is established and you get full control it's a very charming game with some fresh ideas that helps set it apart from other Zelda games.

  • @matt absolutly! the pace of the game is very nice, not too long, dungeons are the necesary and the extras are wow, the only thing that i didn't do was the figurines, that sucks, ergo i didn't have all the hearts, but i defeated Vaati with only 2 1/2 hearts all the battle :P

    now i really need to buy a 3ds to play the other zelda games and several games on the console.

  • Just completed Lords of the Fallen. While I like Dark Souls (much) better, it has some unique ideas that set it apart, complemented by a satisfying weight behind smashing a foe with a giant hammer. Everything had a level of heaviness beyond what you see in Souls, which made every move strategic, but also left it feeling a bit clunky. Still an enjoyable jaunt!

  • Just beat Quantum break. it used to be terrible when lauch with windows store. now steam version is really good.

    best story in games in a while. very unnderrated game

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    Finally finished Dishonored for real for the first time. Before I have played it up to like the third to last level and stoped there. Now I finally got through all the game and must say that those last levels were really good! Now I want to play through it on high chaos and use all the tools rather than sneak and choak! Then I also got all the DLCs to try as they are recommended by people.

  • Played Virginia and absolutely loved it!

  • @Lotias I'm currently replaying dishonored. I started that game like 4 times before it clicked and now I love it. The level design is absolutely amazing. So many paths to get to your objective and tons of side missions along the way. Every nook and cranny feels thoughtfully placed and believable. So much less of that "HERES A VENT! THIS IS THE STEALTH OPTION!" design that permeates other games that claim to have lots of gamepay choice. You'll really love the DLC, some of the best missions in the game are there. Things dive a little deeper into the supernatural side of dishonored too, which I find really intriguing.

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    @crustef Yeah same here! I have played up to the point I mentioned a few times, but never finished it until now. The level design are one of the games strongest parts. It never feels like you say that the game tells you to go a certain way for playing one way, you kinda just find the way yourself and it doesnt judge you. I just heard good stuff about the DLCs so Im hoping to sink my teeth into them during the next coming weeks! then go back to the main story and play it with high chaos and see how it plays out (and get the trophys).

  • @Lotias the level design in the DLC is a step down from the main game imo, but the actual combat/stealth is greatly improved thanks to a much better toolset