Last game you finished

  • @bard91 As someone who absolutely adores that game, I feel like that final boss was a super hype twist. You mind adding a spoiler tag to that?

  • Just finished The Outer Worlds. It's admirable that it managed to be so exciting and fun to play, despite the many rough edges it has. The writing was well done and entertaining the whole way through, which certainly helped. I got a very satisfying ending too. (9/10)

  • Doshin the Giant

    Nearly great. Conceptually and aesthetically its a success. It has a beautiful island atmosphere and helping villagers to grow their townships and sculpting the landscape are rewarding. I love all the animals pattering about, the Yellow Giant's theme is fantastic, and I think that it supplies some interesting frustrations that seem like a natural consequence of playing as a god character as opposed to design oversight. The problem is that it just doesn't quite feel complete. I wish villagers were capable of a little more, maybe of resistance or war. The setup is so strong, I wish it was taken to the next natural step rather than it staying in a comfortable state. The ending is disappointing as well.

  • Just finished Yakuza 0. Pretty good stuff, excited to play Kiwami next. I don't know when though. (7.5/10)

  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019)
    I played the DX version last summer and went into it not expecting much honestly. Beat it and was rightfully taken aback by how good it was. It made me appreciate GB/GBC games.

    Anyways, I preloaded the remake but never got the chance to play it till now and I'm so glad it's just as good as the original. I was a bit on the fence with the art style when it was first announced but it grew on me super quick as I was walking around Mabe village.

    I don't have much to say really. I guess I just wish they added a bit more? I managed to 100% it fairly quickly, even with the added heart containers and secret seashells.

    It's a fun classic Zelda game with a gorgeous soundtrack and that's all you need really.

    Now remake OoT, you cowards!

  • @bam541 said in Last game you finished:

    Just finished Yakuza 0. Pretty good stuff, excited to play Kiwami next. I don't know when though. (7.5/10)

    Zero is fantastic but Yakuza 1 and 2 are even better. A good thing to take into consideration though is that both Kiwami titles are a sensible length, unlike Zero.

  • @sheria Sensible length, you say? That sounds great, I don't mind 0's length too much because it kinda justifies it, but anything shorter would be better for me these days.

  • @sheria said in Last game you finished:

    @bam541 said in Last game you finished:

    Just finished Yakuza 0. Pretty good stuff, excited to play Kiwami next. I don't know when though. (7.5/10)

    Zero is fantastic but Yakuza 1 and 2 are even better. A good thing to take into consideration though is that both Kiwami titles are a sensible length, unlike Zero.

    Gotta disagree, Yakuza Kiwami might be my least favourite in the series that I've played. Not that its bad but I got tired of battling Majima and it felt too samey as Y0. Kiwami 2 will be a huge jump after K1.

  • Megaman Legends

    It's difficult not to be drawn in by its confident art style, breezy atmosphere, and precise sound design. Its compact open world is really beautiful too. There's a lot to get out of wandering about. But nothing erases the fact that it's cumbersome to play. Its dungeons are bland, its boss encounters are tiresome, and its level design captures none of what made previous Megaman games so compelling. And as much as I like its world (and I really do), I wish it went further in developing characters and side-quests.

    It's still good---in some ways exceptional, but I think I liked it more as a sort of digital object than I did as a game.

  • Dusk Diver is a janky and low budget Persona/Yakuza match up and I love it 7.5/10 because it has enough problems that I can't go higher, but I had so much fun with it.

    When I say it is a mix of those two things I think it is fairly apt comparisson, the world is free roam like Kamurocho and has some various events you can do which are never as good as Yakuzas, and it simply has a vibe that is too reminiscent of Persona, and that I think it does a good job with it.

    Onto the combat I found it to be pretty entertaining, specially compared to Yakuza games where the combat is boring at best and usually tedious, this one is still kinda basic but it can make for some pretty entertainting beatdowns, I think the main complaint on this side would be the repetition and lack of enemies, but even then on that aspect I found the game to be enjoyable.

    If it looks like something appealing give it a shot, it has it's fair share of shortcomings but if you can get past that there's fun to be had with it.

  • Air Combat (PS1). Despite only using simple Dpad controls, controlling the airplanes still feels fun and somewhat "accurate". The game is not difficult at all at Normal, especially after getting better airplanes. I like the limited amount of airplanes that can be bought at a time, and the fact that you lose the one you're using if you die. It does create some tension, until you realize save scumming exists. I also like that you can choose to tackle missions more freely, instead of a linear mission path. The missions are mostly pretty simple stuff, nothing exciting. OST is pretty great, as I mentioned in another thread. Overall, this is a pretty decent game. The only thing I actually hate is the damn livery (see image below) that gets plastered on every plane I buy, it's so ugly! (6.5/10)

    alt text

  • Finished Persona 3.

    What I like:
    -Menu design
    -The characters' costumes

    What I didn't like:
    -The dungeon crawling
    -Social links
    -Characters who weren't Junpei
    -How long it was


  • @ringedwithtile You know, I've played every numbered Persona and for as god tier as the music and style are in the modern ones (3-5), I think I said "finally" after I finished all 3. For games that expect to be played multiple times, they are all way too long and way too heavy on story cutscenes for me to dive back in.

  • Ace Combat 2
    Man, now this is what you call a good sequel. First of all, the graphics look way better, everything looks more exciting and "real". The aircrafts dont look like they're made out of paper anymore, plus that ugly livery from the last game is gone. The mission types and environments are more varied, and there's branching paths too, which adds replayablitity. The main addition in the gameplay is the expert controls that is typical of the modern Ace Combat games. The soundtrack is better too, it's not just rock n'roll all the way, there's some extra influences that I appreciate (for example, the song Night and Day has bossanova-esque vibes that I really like).

    It seems that this game is actually the main template for all future Ace Combat games, a lot of the formula ingredients first appears here: the briefing map, being able to keep aircrafts forever even if you die in a mission, the story driven progression structure (even though this game is still very light on story), and so on.

    Overall, this is a big improvement over the first game, and it still holds up very well (8/10). Playing through this just makes me yearn for a remaster/remake of all the AC games, I would buy that in a heartbeat.


    P.S. I forgot to mention the fact It's so cool seeing some of the environments here repeated in future AC games. AC's Strangereal universe is one of the coolest thing about the series. Also, the wingman AI fucking sucks.

  • @bam541 I've sorta been going through my backlog a year at a time, and I'm checking out stuff from 1997 right now. I'm really looking forward to playing AC2. I thought the arcade game and AC1 were a little barebones, and I've heard so much good stuff about the series. Hyped to check this one out if it's the prototypical entry for the rest of the games.

  • @ringedwithtile said in Last game you finished:

    I've sorta been going through my backlog a year at a time

    Oh, dude, that is such a smart way of going about it. I usually do it by series, but going by years is a clever way of not getting burnt out on a particular series or genre.

  • Parodius: Fantastic Journey (Saturn)

    It's a decent Parodius game but I prefer Parodius Da!
    It's a shorter game and doesn't really offer much new but it's still just as fun.

    I don't like that you can not customize your controls in this versions and are forced to have "shot" and "missile" on different buttons, it's weird because in the Gradius Deluxe Pack for the Saturn you can change the controls.

  • I just finished Half Life: Alyx! Have to collect my thought, but – it’s the best VR game I have ever played. Graphics are so good, and gameplay is really solid. Didn’t found it that scary but save scumming might have helped. Now waiting for the level editor, just to play more of it and maybe some mods…

  • Played through Bulk Slash

    It's a fast, arcadey mecha game that lets you transform between a jet and a walker mode. Some big open battlefields, and it has a high-colour, low-poly style that I like in games from its era. It's short and the draw distance isn't the best, but I had fun with it. Solid 7.

  • Gears 5: Was free for 5 days or so on Steam. I played through the campaign in 16hours. Awesome graphics and lighting, HDR and Dolby Atmos support is great. Gameplay was all Gears, and I think it didn’t aged that good. “A”-Button has way to many functions, so I often did stuff I didn’t want do. Game could have done without open world elements and ability upgrades.