Last game you finished

  • Halo ODST. Another game I didn't play on the 360.

    Was on another forum where people were debating which was their favourite Halo and ODST came up several times as an odd one. It certainly is an odd one. A noir Halo game, highly atmospheric, experimental even, was not expecting it at all. Cool narrative structure and music but overall it feels underdeveloped. It does gets better towards the end but by then it's just traditional Halo territory. I wish more care (and money?) was put into the first two thirds of the game. But it's certainly welcomed this more experimental approach to a big franchise.

    Ah almost forgot to mention. The horrible facial animations while trying to deliver some emotional acting is 10/10. :D

  • I just finished OG Persona 5, after restarting a playthrough I had first started in March last year.

    Holy shit what a video game. Long as hell and more penis monsters than you can shake a stick at, but my god is it worth it.

    I'm almost certainly going to be listening to the Soundtrack just to get over this Post Persona Depression that I knew would be a thing. I'm part of the Harry Potter generation for crying out loud. That's the worst it's ever going to feel.

    I'm so damn tempted to get the Platinum or buy Royal and do it all over again but I need to finish the newest XCOM before The Last of Us and Ghosts of Tsushima roll around over the next couple of months.

  • Final Fantasy VII: Remake

    I don't usually play new games, but a friend really wanted me to play it so they lent me it. It's a mixed bag. Some things are very good---great even, and others are really flawed.

    Mostly, I'm just impressed that combat works as well as it does. Its fundamentals are strong, and there are a good handful of boss fights that are creative and very fun. Some boss fights stink, but if you're 50/50 in an RPG that's a pretty good ratio. I'm interested to see how it develops in the next game; I'm hoping for assists and tag-ins! I also like the game's emphasis on characterization; the cast is all pretty likable and are well-realized in terms of first act progression. You get the sense that every character still has a lot ahead of them, and even if they didn't have a lot to do in this title (like Tifa), they'll step up to the plate further on in the story.

    Most of my problems come from story structure and concept. It hits all the beats of a 5 hour or so stretch of the first game, but stretched to near 40. Some parts really drag, and things that were enjoyable for their brevity or in passing in the original are drawn out or built up in ways that I found unsatisfying. Some ideas, like the mission with just Cloud and the secondary members of AVALANCHE was interesting---even if I found the act of playing it a little dull. More sequences like that, which show the player more of Midgar, or build characterization in cast members in unexpected ways, would have been appreciated rather than just inflating what was already there.

    And there are other more divisive aspects related to the ending and some... mysterious story aspects. Both come across as a bit lazy to me. The mysterious stuff could have been, and frankly already partially is, internalized in its characters. That last hour is just Nomura going all Nomura, and I thought it was horseshit. Still, despite my misgivings, I'm going to take a look at hard mode and I'm looking forward to the next game, which seems to me the real question mark in this whole remake project. It's hard for me to say if this remake was worthwhile at the moment, but it's definitely doing some things.

  • There's a neat little puzzle game that came out recently on steam called Helltaker that I just got done playing. It's not very long. I spent about a bit over an hour and a half on it, but I'm terrible at these kinda things so if you're decent at them it probably won't even be half that for you. That said it also only costs $free so I'm hard pressed to complain about its length. Don't really have a lot to say about it, just that it's pretty neat and if you're down for that kinda gameplay it's worth giving it a look.

  • Just finished ff7 remake took me 40 hours a solid 9/10 didnt blow me away it was exactly what i expected squares best game in a long time

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps (XB1)

    I loved it. I think it's even a bit better than the original. I was afraid in the beginning it would be a bit more combat focused but it still has a lot of excellent and challenging platforming sections. I also like the way it is structured and paced, how it open ended it gets halfway through the game. The visuals and soundtrack are just as amazing as the first Ori.

  • Minecraft Dungeons. Children's Diablo, nothing wrong with that. What's wrong is how exploration isn't rewarding at all, in fact often it just leads you to dead ends.

    The class system is chaotic, and I'm ok with it as it encourages experimentation. You can be a wizard with a lama as companion while carrying an heavy sword.

    Sound design and lighting are high quality and further accentuate the underdeveloped exploration. Often you'll be off the main path really feeling the mood only for nothing of relevance to happen, or just nothing at all Last two levels overall quality improves.

    Lack of ability to design you own dungeons, or even whole adventures is a missed opportunity.

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Xbox One)

    I wasn't feeling this game at first, but it grew on me a lot with each play session.
    I recently replayed the first game on Switch in preparation for this.
    I wasn't sure how to feel on the much heavier RPG elements with Will of the Wisps compared to Blind Forest. The more I played it, though, the more I loved it. Every NPC is so much fun to talk to and do side quests for. It's definitely a welcome change from the first game.
    Almost everything gameplay-wise is an improvement from the first game. Although, I will say that it is unfortunate having so many abilities and not being able to really make use of them all.
    Also, thank fuck for auto-save. The manual saving in Blind Forest cost me so much time cause I just forgot to save.

    All in all, it's a great sequel with a bunch of welcome additions.
    Would love to see a new IP from Moon Studios.

  • Bloodborne. Horrible game 10/10

  • Yokus Island Express. Wow, that game is just FUN. Very cute too. Didn't know I would like a beetle so much.

    8 cute bugs out of 10

  • Killer 7 8.5/10

    I liked this game a lot, I didn't understand what the fuck was happening, and I'm not sure that you are supposed to fully do so, but in any case a great game and very enjoyable to playthrough.

  • Deliver us the moon. Entertaining enough with a satisfying lonely space feel. Plus you get to launch a rocket 9/10

  • Just finished the PS4 MediEvil remake, and I gotta say I like it way more than I thought I would have. I thought I would blast through this game at first, but I can't resist taking my time since this game properly motivates you to do so, since the progression (getting better weapons) is tied to thoroughly exploring each level. The levels themselves are great overall, with most of them having their own unique vibe and objectives. Obviously there are standouts (the Ghost Ship is my favorite one). I also like how the difficulty progresses, if you follow the right path and be a bit mindful with how you approach the combat, then it won't be too hard. The art style is lovely, and the soundtrack is pretty great as well. My biggest complain is that it's being held back by the absolutely subpar framerates, it can be so bad at times.

    The game has new collectibles called "Lost Souls" which basically makes you replay all the levels and complete certain tasks in each one. The best thing about this is the reward for completing all of them: you unlock PS1 version of the game! It's straight up the PS1 version, complete in it's 4:3 glory. They also included the PS1 boot screen, which alone makes this Lost Souls thing worth the effort. Playing this version for a bit makes me appreciate the remake more, it's so faithful to the original. They did change the feel of the control, but I don't know if it's for better or for worse yet.

    Despite my enjoyment of this, I find it kinda hard to recommend to most people, mostly because of the lackluster framerate and the fact that it controls like a PS1 game. Still, it's such a unique game (especially compared to modern games) and I think it's very much worth it to fight through the annoyances in this game to experience the full package. (7.5/10)

    I would love to see a new game in this series or a remake of the second game, with much more budget and effort put into it of course. I feel like the worldbuilding of this series is so fun and I love the vibes of it so much. I got the comic book (which is apparently a sequel to the second game) that is included in the deluxe version, and it's pretty entertaining.

    Also, I'm pretty close to the platinum trophy but I'll save it for another time...

  • Persona 5 Royal: 154:03

    In almost every way better than the original game, which is great. New characters are great. Didn't drag as much through the back half of the game.

    Took about 25 more hours than Vanilla for me.

  • Hitman 2. Aside from Hawke's Bay, there's 1 mediocre level, 1 good one, 2 fantastic ones, and 1 perfect level. There's also 2 great levels from the DLC. What more could I ask for? Well, that's for Hitman 3 to decide. (8.5/10)

  • @bam541 Miami?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I count that as fantastic.

  • @bam541 Wow. May I ask what one was perfect?

  • I picked up the Megaman 30th Anniversary set that has all the Legacy collection games and 11. Was hoping to maybe do a podcast episode on Megaman in the near future, and most recently finished Megaman X2

    I've mostly been focusing on the X games for the last week. The other night I finished up the second one and have just moved on to X3. I never got to play the second or third one growing up, and only had the first one on the Super Nintendo, but I really enjoyed the Ps1 set of X4-X6 as they were coming out, even though I know they're not as fondly remembered by a lot of people.

    X2 makes a lot of mechanical improvements to the first game. Charging your gun is faster, you get sliding right from the start, and moving around generally feels more solid. I also really like a lot of the boss enemies they made this time around, with a crocodile dude being a highlight for me. They also added three optional boss enemies that move around to different stages randomly that you fight midway through a level. It's a good way to encourage you to go out of your way to try and beat different levels you may have been stuck on.

    Personal gripes; secret armor upgrades are too obtuse to seek out this time around. They aren't as hinted at or signposted, and are often just behind random walls or floors you aren't shown you can break. I don't mind looking for upgrades in a level, but if they're hidden in an area that's too obscure, it doesn't feel like a victory to find it to me. There was also another frustration where if you beat too many of the bosses before beating all the optional bosses, the optional bosses will disappear and you'll by default get the bad ending. I had to use a password generator to go back on my progress just to fix this.

    Overall though, I had a really good time with the second part of the Super Nintendo X Trilogy. I still like the first game a bit better, maybe due to some nostalgic feelings, but I do feel like they tried a lot of new things with the sequel that makes it stand out and feel fresh. Gripes aside, I'll give it 8.6/10

  • @e_zed_eh_intern the Castle level. I think it's immensely fun to explore, looks beautiful and more challenging than the other levels.