Last game you finished

  • Just finished CoD MW2 Remastered in two sittings on Veteran, which is a masochistic endevour that I can't resist. The best thing I can say about this remaster job is that it looks and feels just like how my brain remembered it to be. It felt very polished as well. As for the campaign itself, it's definitely a step down from it's prequel. It's more straightforward, bombastic, and over the top, but it's also less impactful overall. Despite the Washington DC levels being some of the most intense and atmospheric levels in the whole series, most of the other levels just cant keep up with them. It's still pretty fun though. (7/10)

    Also, Hyper Scape keeps crashing on me, and I keep getting connection issues when I actually got good matches, so I think I'm gonna uninstall this because I can't take it no more, lol.

  • Florence 7.5/10

    This is fine for what it is, but that is about as high as I would go with it, and I had heard some extremely high praise for this that seems unwarranted, a Katana Zero or Papers, Please this is not, not by a long shot.

    It has the benefit of being so short that it has few ways to fail, but the experience and it's story is endearing and fine, but it is nothing that remarkable, still glad to see games like this having a place.

  • Finished Crash Bandicoot Warped, this is definitely the best one out of the original trilogy. The levels are overall way less annoying than the earlier ones, which has been my main complaint with the previous games. I really enjoy the gimmicky non-platformer levels, except for the tiger riding ones (the tiger is super cute though). The motorcycle races would have been my favorite one had the second level wasn't so goddamn annoying, so that award goes to the jetski levels. I like the abilities that you get for beating each boss, although I wish the levels took advantage of them a bit more. I also like that the bonus level sections are designed to be less of a super-hard skill testing levels and a bit more like puzzles. (8/10)

  • Damn! Just finished Wasteland 3. Some games are a polished turd, Wasteland is an unpolished diamond.

    For the most part it's a pretty chill RPG that took me around 60h to beat and never have I felt bored or wanting to rush to be done with it. I got so immersed in this world, how it unveils it self. It's a rough and brutal world, full of nasty and nastier people and also a world where every character you come across has motivations and every faction a contextualised lore. As thing ramp up you have to make some though decisions and last night I went to bed and couldn't fall asleep right away thinking about the brutal consequences of my choices and how it affected characters I cared for. Would love to go more deep into semi spoiler territory but I won't, because it's a game worth playing knowing little.

    Technically is rough, oh boy. Lots of small bugs, nothing game breaking but a lot of inconveniences that turns a 9.5 game to an 8.

    Very cool soundtrack
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  • Just finished Titanfall 2. Generally first-person shooters aren't my cup of tea, but I had a pretty good time with this one. I think that it really does a great job of constantly mixing up what you're doing, so if you dislike a level, there's a good chance you're never going to do that same thing again. There are some awesome, fun levels in the game! As much as I had a fun time shooting things though and running on walls, I had very little interest in the story. Villains are introduced and then killed almost immediately, so I never got attached to them or their motives. Same with your crewmates, who are just a talking hear in the corner 90% of the game. I actually dug hanging out with BT though.

    My other complaint is generally the guns don't have a lot to differentiate them. There are like four guns I liked, and the rest felt sort of samey. But the guns that are good are super fun to play with! It's also great to have the different Titan loadouts trickled out over the course of the game, and being able to switch between them in a pinch is super handy.

    Overall I'd give it a solid 8/10. Had a fun time, but probably won't come back to it or get into the multi-player at all.

  • Finished Neversong a couple weeks ago but due to some technical issues with the files it's taken longer to edit my review than I anticipated. Finally got the review up today though for those interested!

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  • Super Mario Sunshine

    I think it speaks volumes of how strong are 3D Mario fundamentals that despite all my issues with this game I can still say I had a good time with it . There's really no other series that nails 3D movement while providing a wide range of movements to fully conquer that space quite like Mario.

    Having said that... If I was going to make a top10 worst Mario levels Sunshine would probably feature in 10/10. Hell, if I was going to make a top10 worst levels ever Sunshine might get two spots. There's levels that I have to believe no one playtest them because they are basically broken.

    But not all is terrible, there's good stuff too and occasionally you will get that Mario high. And contrary to what seems to be general opinion about the levels without FLUDD most of them I loved. Some are challenging in the best of ways from a pure platformer stand point... Problem is that how the game is structured once you get a game over screen it just becomes frustrating going through all the steps until you get to the point you were.

    Sunshine is frustrating but you can see a lot of seed ideas for both Galaxy and Odyssey which makes me appreciate those games even more. But at the same time reveals a weakness in its structure where you understand why Mario can't accommodate challenge as a main focus without reworking the whole formula from ground up.

    About this edition. I'm really fine with no major visual changes, it's a testament to the original version how well it holds. Shame it's not 60fps. There's also a bit of input lag which I don't know if it was in the original game, it sucks but I got used to it fairly quickly.


  • Resident Evil Revelations

    Thought I'd start out the Halloween month with a little bit of Resident Evil I hadn't played, and got the first and second Revelations for under $20 on PSN. The first one was alright, but was a pretty big slog through a good portion.

    The whole game takes place on a big abandoned cruise ship and has you backtracking through it for several chapters. This would be fine, although there's nothing interesting to see or do on the ship. You oftentimes spend a few minutes going from one end to the other and there are sometimes not even enemies or puzzles to give you trouble in between. Ammo and health are given out liberally. I can name the amounts of time I was concerned about running out of ammo on one hand, and the other times were boss fights where the enemy is basically a huge, spoiled bullet sponge.

    This takes place in that weird Resident Evil period I wasn't fond of where everyone became a super soldier. I was never concerned for Jill, or anyone in the story. You always have a partner backing you up which can really bring the tension down too, if it didn't already with the amount of ammo and the arsenal you have and accumulate. I also never really got into or understood what was going on with the plot. It's all convoluted jargon with too many acronyms like BSAA or UAV, etc, sometimes turning conversations into puzzling encounters.

    There are times when the game is good though. There's a cool addition of gun modifications, so when you're going down corridors shooting dudes, it makes you more personally invested in your guns. You attach a number of different things that increase damage, stagger, ammo, etc, onto your guns, and it really makes you attached to the inventory you choose to use.

    No matter how much I got used to the fact that this was more of an action shooter than a horror game though, it still continued to frustrate me when I was stuck in a chapter fighting waves of enemies while a timer went down. There are two side-characters I don't remember the name of where this was really commonplace; one, who I swear was voiced by Rob Paulsen, would say something like "I hope that computer has a fast CPU, that'd be tits!" and I'd wonder why we care about them as you're put into a room with some ammo and wait for waves of wolves and Hunters to swarm you. The Hunters especially suck. I never felt like my deaths were on me, but were on poor shooting and forcing the game to do something it wasn't good at. It feels like it wanted to feel like the shooting of RE4, but the action of RE5, and just feels clunky, probably because it was originally designed to be played with the option of no second thumbstick on the 3DS.

    I don't want to be too hard on it, but I think that Resident Evil can really do better. Even when you're going down the same empty corridors to a single place, over and over again, the map is never clear where you're at or communicating the information on how to get from point A to B. You just run straight, hope it's the right way, and try to have fun shooting goo monsters while you're walking.

    Also, one character wears this getup and it had me scratching my head on the practicality of it... I actually laughed out loud when she came out wearing this and gave an audible "what the fuck?"


    The game is just like this outfit. It doesn't know what it's trying to do, but really thinks it's the coolest thing anyways.

    Final Score: 5/10

  • @happygaming I feel Revelations should've stayed on 3DS instead of being ported and maximised for console.

  • @phbz pachinko and leaf raft poison water after riding Yoshi all the way to the island on the dumb boat?

  • The two latest things I've finished were:

    Mass Effect 2 - 7.5/10

    I've written my ever changing thoughts on this game a few times around these forums. I'm not really excited for the remaster. The game is fine as-is. Graphics can be updated a bit, but the game design itself falls pretty flat by today's standards. A straight up remaster is going to show it's age more than anything. It's fun, I'm glad I finished it, but I don't think I'll go through ME3. The plot got way too batshit near the end with the Reapers. I still look forward to future sequels because there is a lot here working for the series, but I'm totally O U T on this Reaper swallowing up all lifeform nonsense.

    My main takeaway was that bite-sized quests are so underappreciated and not every quest needs to be a saga spanning the length of a small game.

    The Outer Worlds - 9/10

    I wrote some thoughts down in the official discussion thread. I think this game doesn't get enough credit and I hope they make a sequel. One thing that is funny is that this game is really similar to some of Mass Effect 2's design with loyalty missions and a two companions in a party. The main difference would be that in Mass Effect your loyalty missions for your Normany crew feel like one off expository side tasks whereas you really get to know your companions in TOW. There are also less which definitely helps.

  • Super Mario Galaxy

    Replaying it right after Sunshine I saw this game in a complete different way and love it even more. I imagine Nintendo might have had some concerns after Sunshine and really wanted to make sure they got Galaxy right. Sunshine's frustrating awkward designed and unpolished levels are nowhere to be seen. Such a (near) perfect game.

    Unpopular opinion. I enjoy the motion controls, particularly shaking the control to get launched by a star feel soooooo satisfying. I'll never get the hate people have for them. Even for this Switch version I've seen complaints about it, they work fine. Objectively, levels where motion controls are needed to move Mario I finished them easily, at no point I lost due to bad implementation.

    Anyways, more than happy to have purchased this money grab from Nintendo. Payed €50, would have given €40 for this version of Galaxy alone. Still, feels scummy.

  • This is the Police 2

    This is the Police is a story driven strategy/management game where you play the character of Jack Boyd, a corrupt policeman, and control the day to day of a sheriff's department. This sequel is a direct continuation of the original game, which means I cannot recommend it unless you've played it.

    Overall I feel disappointed, I've really enjoyed the first one. Gameplay was straight forward enough to guide you along the twists and turns of the story but here the developers seem to have wanted to add a bit of a challenge and failed doing so. Small mistakes can snowball into situations where you never truly comeback from and I feel this would be fine if you were punished but instead the game just drags you along. Specially frustrating when those mistakes are forced errors, like when a bug makes it impossible to choose a full team for the next day, which happened at least 3 times. Then you have some annoying crashes which might make you repeat a whole day.

    Still most of the qualities that made me enjoy the original are still here. A nice story and characters to follow, stellar jazzy soundtrack, great atmosphere, great voice acting and for the most part day to day management is still engaging. The introduction of some Xcom style missions is a nice addition, they're not too deep but deep enough to make it interesting.

    Pacing and balance issues along with some technical stumbles prevent it to being as enjoyable as the original. 6/10

    (I still recommend the original and then maybe 2 is you want to keep following the story.)

  • I just completed my first run of Hades. Not sure how many total runs it will take to get the real ending, but I think I'm gonna go back to FF7 Remake for now.

    Hades is def one of the best roguelikes I've played in a while though. There is so much content to uncover in Hades and somehow it doesn't feel overwhelming.

  • @crepe It takes 10 completions to see the "true ending" which is worth it just for the ending song (if you haven't spoiled it by listening to the OST). The game sortof continues open ended from there as there is plenty more character development and interactions to be had even after you have seen the true ending. Also, I will say that the first completion is the hardest. I found it got much much easier to run through and take down Hades subsequently on the standard difficulty levels. Once you see the true ending, its worth taking on the contracts to increase the challenge per your liking.

  • @crepe How many runs did it take you to finish it the first time? I've done 15 runs so far and consistently reach the third "world" but its boss always kicks my ass.

  • @axel My first finish was run 32. If you read around the internet, most people beat it somewhere between run 30-40.

  • Off track and topic, but would anyone recommend Hades for someone who considers roguelike to be a turn off more often than not? If a game looks interesting and turns out to have a lot of roguelike elements, or that's the main selling point, I'm typically not sold (or who's being sold to).

    I love the art and styling of most of Supergiant's games, but outside of Pyre, I've had a hard time actually getting into their games. Not that I feel they're bad or anything.

  • @happygaming That's exactly me, I also avoid roguelikes like the plague because I hate the feeling of having "wasted my time" after dying, but Hades absolutely solves that problem by providing all sorts of permanent unlocks and enhancements, meaning all of your runs, no matter how short-lived, contribute to your progression. To the point where sometimes I'm almost looking forward to dying so I can respawn and unlock some new upgrades.

    So short answer, if it appeals to you, go for it, I'm loving it!

  • Finished Yakuza 4 Remastered. Meh, getting a bit tired of the formula if I'm honest. The combat gameplay is just plain bad in those games, I found myself rushing through everything just to enjoy the story. I wanted to play all the games in order but honestly I would have been better off watching the 3-4-5 trilogy on YouTube and skipping straight to Yakuza 6. The end boss was one the most poorly designed encounters I've ever had to suffer through in a game.

    Same gameplay, same world, samey side stories too. The minigames were super fun in 0 or Kiwami, but those in 3 and 4 are just poor, I hated the hostess minigame or fighter maker for example, what a drag. The charm of the series is wearing off.

    Also the plot in this one was among the most convoluted, and it's hard to take it seriously when the main characters are always so dumb/naive (how many times has the "Defeat the bad guy but leave him unattended right next to a gun, what's the worst that could happen" trope been used in the series already?)

    I did enjoy the new playable characters though, I'll give it that, and some of the story moments were original and engaging. I think it's safe to assume some of them will return in 5, so I'm at least looking forward to that. And from what I heard, 5 is definitely a step above 3 and 4, so I'll give it a proper shot, but I might do it on Easy, because what's the point.

    Starting to think there's a simple reason why the series only got popular with Yakuza 0: it just was never great until then. The story and characters are always enjoyable, it's such a joy to explore Japan this way, but the gameplay is just subpar, there's no way around it. The new turn-based system of 7 is probably the best thing that could happen to the series.