Last game you finished

  • Played Virginia and absolutely loved it!

  • @Lotias I'm currently replaying dishonored. I started that game like 4 times before it clicked and now I love it. The level design is absolutely amazing. So many paths to get to your objective and tons of side missions along the way. Every nook and cranny feels thoughtfully placed and believable. So much less of that "HERES A VENT! THIS IS THE STEALTH OPTION!" design that permeates other games that claim to have lots of gamepay choice. You'll really love the DLC, some of the best missions in the game are there. Things dive a little deeper into the supernatural side of dishonored too, which I find really intriguing.

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    @crustef Yeah same here! I have played up to the point I mentioned a few times, but never finished it until now. The level design are one of the games strongest parts. It never feels like you say that the game tells you to go a certain way for playing one way, you kinda just find the way yourself and it doesnt judge you. I just heard good stuff about the DLCs so Im hoping to sink my teeth into them during the next coming weeks! then go back to the main story and play it with high chaos and see how it plays out (and get the trophys).

  • @Lotias the level design in the DLC is a step down from the main game imo, but the actual combat/stealth is greatly improved thanks to a much better toolset

  • Since both Final Fantasy XV and the Last Guardian got pushed back, I recently delved into my library to play some titles I hadn't touched in some time. I started playing Secret of Mana last week and just couldn't stop. It was my backdoor pilot into the JRPG genre--where my favorite franchise would eventually come from. It's one of those game that anyone who has played it is intimately fond of but, unfortunately, I feel like its existence has been lost to many.

    It's a shame that games such as FFVI or EarthBound are constantly remarked on and manage to stay relevant, but Secret of Mana is swept under the rug. And not just by the audience of the industry today. The series still survives but mostly on handheld or mobile platforms. I would give anything to see this game get a proper remake; if for no other reason than to give it the exposure it has lost.

  • @Caleb_Aranda You and me both! Secret of Mana is one of my favorite games ever (spoiler for the Top 100 Videogames Ever list!).

    Its real-time, action-oriented combat was very original at the time for an RPG, the graphics were colorful, the sprites detailed, everything was leagues above Link to the Past for example. The soundtrack still gives me chills, ranging from jolly to dark to epic to emotional.

    I'm so bummed that Square Enix never went back to this series with a proper successor (none of the GBA/DS games had the same charm and quality), and now like you said, it's getting even worse with shitty mobile games.

    I recently read a very thorough article on Seiken Densetsu 3 (which would have been Secret of Mana 2 had it ever released in the West), and it made me so nostalgic for it. I'd take a Virtual Console release of that game over Mother 3 any day!

  • @Caleb_Aranda Ah, thanks for the reminder! I downloaded that to my Wii years ago, but never played it and forgot it was on there! Guess I should check it out.

  • Finished Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers, the last 10 or so stages are amazing, some huge plot twists, unexpected actions, secret characters and really tough battles with ridiculously overpowered bosses

    I'm kinda tempted to immediately start my second playthrough

  • Finished Gone Home during my lunch break yesterday.

    It had been sitting on my PS4 HDD for too long so I figured it was about time I played it. I am very impressed! It's a great example of environmental storytelling done right, even if there is a lot of game type logic applied to it. (Objects of interest are dotted around the house rather than being clustered together as they would be in a real home) I found the various narrative threads you slowly unpick very interesting and heartwarming to a certain extent. It explores young love in an interesting way and also goes a long way to highlight parents needing to be more involved in their kids interests and wants. Also that every family has its secrets and that letting them build up can be destructive. I can understand why this generated as much buzz as it did when it was first released.

    It's a great little game with something important to say.

  • I just finished Far Cry 4. I've had it quite some time.

  • @Sheria said in Last game you finished:

    I just finished Far Cry 4. I've had it quite some time.

    I couldnot bother to finish FC4. it was so damn boring. FC3 was much better actually.

  • @Black-Cell The original Far Cry is my personal favourite but yeah, I'd agree than 3 was better than 4.

  • @Sheria said in Last game you finished:

    @Black-Cell The original Far Cry is my personal favourite but yeah, I'd agree than 3 was better than 4.

    original far cry was amazing game untill second half is so bad it cant replace the greatness of first half

    Crysis was much better

  • I finished Megadimension Neptunia VII, another great game in the Nep Nep series that is very dear to me and gets imo better with every new entry. I like all new characters from Uzume to Gold Third, of course plenty of game references, improved battle system and Big Nep.

    Only negative point: No Plutia/Lady Iris Heart, but I will meet her again soon in Superdimension Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls.

    I accidentally got the true ending, that wasn't really planned for my 1st playthrough, I just did the requirements for it without knowing it, but I will do a NG+ anyway, aiming for the normal ending this time, I read you can speedrun this game in NG+ in like 2 hours, not sure if I will plat it though.

    9/10 would Nep again.

  • Finally made time for Journey yesterday, it was pretty cool, but maybe my expectations were a bit high, since I wasn't really blown away by it. The companion mechanic was really cool, and I was completely fooled at first, thinking that it was an AI character, and I find it hard to believe that after so much time I actually found 8 other players.

  • I'm adding Dragon Quest I for GBC :P and i'm currently playing the 2nd.

  • Finished my 2nd playthrough of Megadimension Neptunia VII with the normal ending, not gonna Platinum this though, one trophy requires you to collect 30+ Cards that you get by consuming Chips (health item you can't buy), after 2 hours of trying without much success with this RNG bullshit I quit my trophy hunt, everything else is doable but fuck this one.

  • @Musou-Tensei You're a stronger person than I am... My OCD tendencies wouldn't let me move past a single trophy separating me from my platinum, even if it was no fun at all to obtain.

  • @Billy I do sometimes, and I tried but this is just dumb RNG based crap and I'm missing a bunch of rare and the rarest card. Also the maximum amount you can have at a time is 30.

  • Just finished trails of cold steel im gonna leave a little review here for anyone interested in the game to help make your decision .

    Story The games story does a really good job of getting you acquainted with all the characters and does a good job of making you care. There are some points i didnt like this game went to the school of kojima as in every character know whats going on but your group and theyll use u to get what they want. however it did a great job of setting up the rest of the trilogy and introduced you to all the important character. However the twist at the end of the game can be seen coming a mile away i dont know if it was just me or if it was meant to be obvious.

    Gameplay this game plays like a ps2 rpg from the mid 2000's theirs a central hub(the school) and many semi linear areas you go on field trips to. while having puzzle elements the dungeons are pretty linear. You also have quest in eact town to do for extra items and information. the character growth and ability system are a lot like final fantasy 7 with quartz being almost exactly like materia you equip them they give you buffs/abilities/stats ect . Each character has their own weapon type except the mages and Armour is equip-able by all except there are men/women exclusives on each side. the battle system is a mix of tales atelier and persona and works well just nothing new.

    Presentation the game looks okay nothing revolutionary you can tell its a ported vita game. the voice acting while great is not present all the time one line might be voiced while the next may not even in the same conversation.also some cut scenes get kojima level long especially in the latter half of the game.

    Music the musics is good but nothing to write home about some character themes are great but nobouo uematsue it is not.

    the game was great was a fun 60 hours (more if you want to get everything) and ill be picking up the second game when i get some money