Last game you finished

  • @phbz pachinko and leaf raft poison water after riding Yoshi all the way to the island on the dumb boat?

  • The two latest things I've finished were:

    Mass Effect 2 - 7.5/10

    I've written my ever changing thoughts on this game a few times around these forums. I'm not really excited for the remaster. The game is fine as-is. Graphics can be updated a bit, but the game design itself falls pretty flat by today's standards. A straight up remaster is going to show it's age more than anything. It's fun, I'm glad I finished it, but I don't think I'll go through ME3. The plot got way too batshit near the end with the Reapers. I still look forward to future sequels because there is a lot here working for the series, but I'm totally O U T on this Reaper swallowing up all lifeform nonsense.

    My main takeaway was that bite-sized quests are so underappreciated and not every quest needs to be a saga spanning the length of a small game.

    The Outer Worlds - 9/10

    I wrote some thoughts down in the official discussion thread. I think this game doesn't get enough credit and I hope they make a sequel. One thing that is funny is that this game is really similar to some of Mass Effect 2's design with loyalty missions and a two companions in a party. The main difference would be that in Mass Effect your loyalty missions for your Normany crew feel like one off expository side tasks whereas you really get to know your companions in TOW. There are also less which definitely helps.

  • Super Mario Galaxy

    Replaying it right after Sunshine I saw this game in a complete different way and love it even more. I imagine Nintendo might have had some concerns after Sunshine and really wanted to make sure they got Galaxy right. Sunshine's frustrating awkward designed and unpolished levels are nowhere to be seen. Such a (near) perfect game.

    Unpopular opinion. I enjoy the motion controls, particularly shaking the control to get launched by a star feel soooooo satisfying. I'll never get the hate people have for them. Even for this Switch version I've seen complaints about it, they work fine. Objectively, levels where motion controls are needed to move Mario I finished them easily, at no point I lost due to bad implementation.

    Anyways, more than happy to have purchased this money grab from Nintendo. Payed €50, would have given €40 for this version of Galaxy alone. Still, feels scummy.

  • This is the Police 2

    This is the Police is a story driven strategy/management game where you play the character of Jack Boyd, a corrupt policeman, and control the day to day of a sheriff's department. This sequel is a direct continuation of the original game, which means I cannot recommend it unless you've played it.

    Overall I feel disappointed, I've really enjoyed the first one. Gameplay was straight forward enough to guide you along the twists and turns of the story but here the developers seem to have wanted to add a bit of a challenge and failed doing so. Small mistakes can snowball into situations where you never truly comeback from and I feel this would be fine if you were punished but instead the game just drags you along. Specially frustrating when those mistakes are forced errors, like when a bug makes it impossible to choose a full team for the next day, which happened at least 3 times. Then you have some annoying crashes which might make you repeat a whole day.

    Still most of the qualities that made me enjoy the original are still here. A nice story and characters to follow, stellar jazzy soundtrack, great atmosphere, great voice acting and for the most part day to day management is still engaging. The introduction of some Xcom style missions is a nice addition, they're not too deep but deep enough to make it interesting.

    Pacing and balance issues along with some technical stumbles prevent it to being as enjoyable as the original. 6/10

    (I still recommend the original and then maybe 2 is you want to keep following the story.)

  • I just completed my first run of Hades. Not sure how many total runs it will take to get the real ending, but I think I'm gonna go back to FF7 Remake for now.

    Hades is def one of the best roguelikes I've played in a while though. There is so much content to uncover in Hades and somehow it doesn't feel overwhelming.

  • @crepe It takes 10 completions to see the "true ending" which is worth it just for the ending song (if you haven't spoiled it by listening to the OST). The game sortof continues open ended from there as there is plenty more character development and interactions to be had even after you have seen the true ending. Also, I will say that the first completion is the hardest. I found it got much much easier to run through and take down Hades subsequently on the standard difficulty levels. Once you see the true ending, its worth taking on the contracts to increase the challenge per your liking.

  • @crepe How many runs did it take you to finish it the first time? I've done 15 runs so far and consistently reach the third "world" but its boss always kicks my ass.

  • @axel My first finish was run 32. If you read around the internet, most people beat it somewhere between run 30-40.

  • Off track and topic, but would anyone recommend Hades for someone who considers roguelike to be a turn off more often than not? If a game looks interesting and turns out to have a lot of roguelike elements, or that's the main selling point, I'm typically not sold (or who's being sold to).

    I love the art and styling of most of Supergiant's games, but outside of Pyre, I've had a hard time actually getting into their games. Not that I feel they're bad or anything.

  • @happygaming That's exactly me, I also avoid roguelikes like the plague because I hate the feeling of having "wasted my time" after dying, but Hades absolutely solves that problem by providing all sorts of permanent unlocks and enhancements, meaning all of your runs, no matter how short-lived, contribute to your progression. To the point where sometimes I'm almost looking forward to dying so I can respawn and unlock some new upgrades.

    So short answer, if it appeals to you, go for it, I'm loving it!

  • Finished Yakuza 4 Remastered. Meh, getting a bit tired of the formula if I'm honest. The combat gameplay is just plain bad in those games, I found myself rushing through everything just to enjoy the story. I wanted to play all the games in order but honestly I would have been better off watching the 3-4-5 trilogy on YouTube and skipping straight to Yakuza 6. The end boss was one the most poorly designed encounters I've ever had to suffer through in a game.

    Same gameplay, same world, samey side stories too. The minigames were super fun in 0 or Kiwami, but those in 3 and 4 are just poor, I hated the hostess minigame or fighter maker for example, what a drag. The charm of the series is wearing off.

    Also the plot in this one was among the most convoluted, and it's hard to take it seriously when the main characters are always so dumb/naive (how many times has the "Defeat the bad guy but leave him unattended right next to a gun, what's the worst that could happen" trope been used in the series already?)

    I did enjoy the new playable characters though, I'll give it that, and some of the story moments were original and engaging. I think it's safe to assume some of them will return in 5, so I'm at least looking forward to that. And from what I heard, 5 is definitely a step above 3 and 4, so I'll give it a proper shot, but I might do it on Easy, because what's the point.

    Starting to think there's a simple reason why the series only got popular with Yakuza 0: it just was never great until then. The story and characters are always enjoyable, it's such a joy to explore Japan this way, but the gameplay is just subpar, there's no way around it. The new turn-based system of 7 is probably the best thing that could happen to the series.

  • @axel It took me between 30-40 runs to beat it the first time. Funny enough my first beat was with my least favorite weapon, but my damage output was absurd. I think the third world in general is the most difficult.

    You'll probably die in the fourth one, but it's easier to understand what's going on than the third world IMO.

  • Youtube Video

    Just finished cutting my review for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. Given that it was a visual novel and I didn't want to show footage from the last couple chapters to avoid spoilers, the footage wasn't quite as conducive for a video review as I would have liked. I'm still really happy with the script and mostly satisfied with how the final product turned out. Hope everyone enjoys!

  • Super Mario 64 (Switch)

    For sure I wish they would have done more with 3D All-Stars, it's really does not live up to Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES as those were remakes but I'm quite happy with this version of the game. It looks nice (besides the awfully filtered text) and not having to play this game with an N64 controller is already a great improvement over the original. I also like that it's the Japan only rumble edition of the game, it's not good for speed runners but it's interesting to play this game with rumble.
    It's still a very flawed game, a remake would have been welcome but this version is alright.

    The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall (PC)

    Speaking about flawed games...
    I can see why this is a classic, it's very impressive for 1996 but it's buggy and completely lacks any interesting content. Plus you have to do a lot of waiting around and grinding to finish the main quest. Some of the dungeon design is pretty decent though which makes this game still somewhat enjoyable.