Last game you finished

  • Syndicate (2012)

    In case you guys don't remember, this is the FPS "reboot" of the Syndicate series by EA. After being disappointed with Stranglehold, I thought this one's also gonna be a bust, but it surprisingly held up pretty well. I still like how this game looks for the most part, really like the contrast in lighting and the bloom effects (although they can be too much at times) and the overall future aesthetic. The gunplay is pretty good, with a good variety of weapons and some standouts (the laser rifle and the homing bullets rifle). The encounters and level designs are pretty simplistic, but it's fun enough and it did have a decent amount enemy variety. The middle act of the game was a bit hard and annoying to get through because the weapons that you have werent enough to comfortably tackle each encounter, and it's only by the end that the game gave you the best weapons. The game also threw all the best encounters at the final act, and by the end I was satisfied with replaying this. (7.5/10)

  • Cloudpunk

    Damn, I really enjoyed this. I've always wanted a open world game with a rideable flying car, and this pretty much fits the bill, and some more. For starters, controlling the flying car feels very, very good. And you can upgrade them too! It's very fun to drive and weave around this city.

    I think the best thing about this game is that it keeps getting bigger in small ways, and it always surprises me went it does so. Like when I found out that I can buy clothes and wear them. It's not much on it's own, but it's very appreciated.

    The story is very scattered, and while it doesn't really have a big thing to tie it all together, it does lead to a variety of great moments with a bunch of characters, and it's this variety that makes the game so engaging for me. From talking with random people on the city (my favorite one has to be these android gang members that are terrorizing the corporate overlords by making kids playgrounds in unused land), to the characters in the main missions, it is all interesting and it keeps you on your toes. Having a great main character here is a big bonus, especially since her witty personality matches so well in dealing with strangers.

    They also nailed the atmosphere and feel of this city. Now with the latest PS4 patch, there are no more graphical glitches in the rain effect, and boy the city looks so good. The music helps a lot as well, it's a bunch of really good synthwave tunes.

    The things that annoyed me were the annoying repeated quest glitch, and the map that can be unhelpful at times. I definitely would revisit this game again, especially if the PS4 version gets the cockpit view update. For now, I'm just gonna call it off for the night, it's been a long one.


  • Killzone 2

    Replayed this and finished it in one sitting. I'm actually kinda blown away by how well the game held up mechanically. Aiming feels as heavy as ever, and the enemy feedback when you hit/fry/electrocute them is amazing. The way they shake when the get shot, the way the blood splatters all over the place, it's really satisfying. Seeing them blown up by grenades and such, the way they fly away because of the blast is so awesome. Not to mention their horrible screams when they get burned alive with a flamethrower, it's insane. There's a decent selection of weapons with some standouts (the boltgun is so fun to use, it hits them like a big ass bee stinger), and the game did okay at escalating the difficulty, although the last level got almost too annoying.

    The story is the easily worst part here, especially because of how dumb Rico is as a character. He's such an idiot, and he's the main reason for a lot of the fuck ups in the story (aside from the antagonists, of course). I would definitely put him as one of the worst characters in games.

    Still, I'm pretty happy with what I played. The gunplay is brutal as heck, and it's awesome. The art design nailed the grimy and unfriendly feeling of Helghan, and the enemies are more than threatening enough to help bolster that feeling. It's a solid way to spend 5 hours of my time. (7.5/10)

  • 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
    The gameplay itself isn't anything worth writing about but the writing is amazing. In a way it could have just been solely a visual novel but that isn't Vanillaware way I think. Art is also very nice to look at. Anyway, story starts up slowly and don't let prologue judge how the game will eventually play out because it picks up and have so many twists and nods to pop culture that you would think you are watching 10 seasons of a tv series.
    It would have been an easy 10 were it for the gameplay part that I wasn't really into(the tactical battle thingy) but it's not such a big issue since you can change the settings for it whether you want challenge or just plow through and just focus on a story.
    It's a GOTY contender for sure and everyone should play it. It's worth your time and the game needs all the support it can get. Also our VN specialist recommends it too.[9/10]

  • @tearju-engi I disagree on regards to the gameplay, on relation to the combat, it didn't click immediately, but when it did I found the combat to be extremely engaging and entertaining, and on the hardest difficulty it posed a decent challenge.

    Ignoring P5R this is my goty for sure so far, and aside from that it is very high up there in my personal list of games, like top 10 of all time.

  • Super Mario Sunshine (Switch)

    It's somehow worse than I remember. I really like the vibes of this game but I don't know, there are barely any levels in the game that are actually "fun".

  • @bard91 said in Last game you finished:

    @tearju-engi I disagree on regards to the gameplay, on relation to the combat, it didn't click immediately, but when it did I found the combat to be extremely engaging and entertaining, and on the hardest difficulty it posed a decent challenge.

    Ignoring P5R this is my goty for sure so far, and aside from that it is very high up there in my personal list of games, like top 10 of all time.

    for me personally it was uninteresting and I didn't change the difficulity because that would mean more grinding (which I will eventually do to plat it). Only time I thought it was challenging was final mission because you get so overwhelmed by enemies in that(think I was at around 17% and healed the terminal once).
    I don't hate it but it didn't elevate the game for me any way whatsoever.

    PS. Currently playing P5R. Had a break from it late Spring but intend to finish it within a week since I'm on vacation and then jump to Yakuza 7 :)

  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

    First time playing it. Enjoyed it, the art style doesn't translate as well as I remember it but is still nice. At times has a way to deal with difficulty just by becoming annoying, the crying of baby Mario doesn't help but in a any I can appreciate how effective it is as a dissuasive from abusing how easy it is. It's one of those games I always wanted to play but never had the chance too and I'm glad I did.

  • Paratopic


    This is a very short game. Completely surreal, feverish, PSX type graphics with a great dark ambient sound track. Feels like a game a developer did to have fun and experiment with some concepts. It isn't amazing but it is immersive and intriguing with good replay value.

    Bought it on the Switch, really cheap. It's also available on Steam.

  • Katana Zero

    Wow, this game is remarkably underrated. For those unaware, it's a 2-D hack n' slash where you have to restart the room you're in every time you die. While clearly drawing influence from Hotline Miami, its unique gameplay puts it in a lane of its own. It's fast-paced, frenetic, and oftentimes difficult, with a story that -- while not perfect -- does some genuinely interesting things. I had a blast.

    It's obviously not perfect. A game like this is reliant on precision, but for some reason enemy pathing seems to change slightly every time you die, which makes it harder to learn the level. I frankly don't know why they did that, as it makes some rooms almost solely reliant on rng. That said, the game is generous with room size so it's not an issue that persists too much. I also think the story is perhaps a bit too ambiguous for its own good, but ultimately it works.

    The game is free on Game Pass, so please give it a shot. It only took me like five hours to beat it, but it has good replay value of that's what you're looking for.

  • North

    alt text

    Another very short 1h game. This one unlike Paratopic I'm not quite as pleased with it. Very simple in terms of presentation and game design, at times it does get visually evocative but is mostly boring and over simplistic. It focuses on what the experience of being a refugee means while dealing with identity and perceived stereotypes, and here again it's very simplistic in its approach but the writing does a really good job at conveying its ideas. it's just that the experience in itself is somewhat lacking.

    I do appreciate some of the more experimental stuff, writing and music. Also it's ultra cheap.

  • @capnbobamous Hell yes! Finally some love for this game.
    I played it a few months back on the Switch. It plays so nice and looks incredible.
    Also, apparently, there is a DLC on the way.

    And the speedruns for it are so much fun.

  • @phbz I played this a few months back, but never finished it. I got stuck running around the underground passage, and when I thought that might not be the place I was supposed to go yet, I couldn't find the next spot to go. It was clunky and I payed a dollar for it, so I figured it had its chance and I got what enjoyment I could out of it. I agree, it can be evocative when it wants to be, but it's pretty clunky for every other part of it

  • Tetris Effect Connected - Maybe because I love Tetris too much I find the solo mode in this game to be obnoxious. I went for this game with no reservations, thinking a trippy tetris could do no wrong, but all the sparks and flashes are little more than visual pollution and aesthetically is kind of unappealing. Music is OK, some cool tracks no doubt but some corny stuff here too and it is challenging although not always for the best reasons. On the other hand the online modes are freaking awesome and I can't get enough of it. Specially the cooperative mode where you fight an AI along with 2 other humans. 7.5/10

    Doom Eternal - 2016 Doom was great but never made me feel quite like Eternal did. Eternal is exhilarating, frenetically paced, relentless and in my opinion superior to 2016 in every way. The game does falter a bit towards the end by being a bit too long and resorting too much on just throwing shit at you, or maybe it was me that got too addicted to it and burned my self out, but I definitely got an endorphin kick out of it every time I got through a seemingly unsurpassable section. Really a brilliant game and a huge surprise. I remember Ben saying that was kinda surprised by people not giving enough attention to Eternal and me thinking it was probably just more Doom, but damn for the most part this game is absolutely brilliant. Some really cool and atmospheric locations, 10/10 combat puzzle and the soundtrack works much better than on 2016 IMO. 9/10

  • River City Girls

    Man, this was kinda weird. It's a fun game for sure, but I just feel like it doesn't quite hit enough high notes yet to really satisfy me.

    I really had fun with the combat. Beating thugs up feels great here, and I really like the personality of the girls that are being shown through their moves. The combat is pretty challenging in the regular fights since the enemies can swarm me pretty easily, but the boss fights are disappointingly easy, which is probably the biggest flaw of this game for me. The flashy personality of each bosses certainly made them more entertaining to fight, and the charming writing and VO helps, but I still want more out of them. I also want more out of the progression system, more new moves would help.

    Meanwhile, the music is kinda all over the place. The tracks with vocals are great, but many of the other tracks can feel really samey and flat. This is worsened by the fact that the tracks often switch when you're going to different areas, and more often than not, a track that I like changes to something worse. Not to mention, the ending is super meh at best... the normal ending, at least. I don't care enough to try to get the alternate ending, unfortunately.

    All in all, it's a potentially great game held back by some flaws in it's most important aspects. (7/10)

  • Jedi Fallen Order

    I believe this game came out around one year ago, can't imagine the state it was but I imagine not great. I can picture the developer team being quite proud of what they were producing and at certain point some executive saying to wrap things up, "that is good enough".

    This is one unpolished game! In a way that I don't quite remember playing anything like this. It's not a broken game but there's plenty of sections that feel almost just as place holders or at the very best something barely functional needing a lot of design tweaks. Then the animation work, kinda clunky, kinda glitchy. To the point where on some occasions, usually while descending obstacles, you can even trigger some missing animation frames where the character model goes to the default "crucifix" stance.

    On the other hand there's some really high quality stuff here. Texture work is great, so is the art direction with a great use of scale and some glorious skyboxes. Soundtrack is also pretty fantastic. There's a couple of cool locations with good environmental puzzles too.

    But mostly it's an ok game, level design is ambitious but not really rewarding and same could be said of the combat. Also story and characters, they don't hurt the game but don't elevate it in anyway either. Although the narrative can be frustrating in how story-beats always feel underwhelming, unable to materialize the competent build up.


  • Sea of Solitude

    This is a cool short game. I like how it executes its ideas and how its metaphors materialize through game design. Gets very real and depressing despite of the writing being way too literal and obvious and the voice acting being poor. Which is a testament to the game's core that still manages to have impact. Great soundtrack too.


  • Just uploaded my review of Crash Bandicoot 4.

    I really enjoyed my time with it. It's a really fun game with lots of stuff to do and come back to. Sloppy mechanics added up to a sort of experience that made the difficulty feel a little more cumbersome than what it would have been had the game been tightened up a bit more before release.

    Youtube Video

  • Dead Space 3

    Hum... Very inconsistent game. Frankly was expecting it to be worse but there are issues, no doubt. The whole microtransactions thing I remember hearing at the time does feel scummy but the weapon customisation system is a pretty cool idea. There's also a focus more geared towards action than horror which I could be OK with but it makes for a duller experience as it becomes super predictable.

    Story is cool with some unnecessary corny moments. Same for characters.

    The variety of locations is a welcomed change to the series.

    Sound design took a quality hit in this game. Which is a shame since 2 was absolutely top notch. On the other hand 2 had an awful final boss and this one is pretty dope, presentation wise. Ends the series on a high note.


  • Five Dates (PC)

    It's a short 2 hours game about dating(duh!). It felt good to play in this quarantine times. Saffron is my girl, you can choose from the rest of them. :P