Last game you finished

  • @capnbobamous Hell yes! Finally some love for this game.
    I played it a few months back on the Switch. It plays so nice and looks incredible.
    Also, apparently, there is a DLC on the way.

    And the speedruns for it are so much fun.

  • @phbz I played this a few months back, but never finished it. I got stuck running around the underground passage, and when I thought that might not be the place I was supposed to go yet, I couldn't find the next spot to go. It was clunky and I payed a dollar for it, so I figured it had its chance and I got what enjoyment I could out of it. I agree, it can be evocative when it wants to be, but it's pretty clunky for every other part of it

  • Tetris Effect Connected - Maybe because I love Tetris too much I find the solo mode in this game to be obnoxious. I went for this game with no reservations, thinking a trippy tetris could do no wrong, but all the sparks and flashes are little more than visual pollution and aesthetically is kind of unappealing. Music is OK, some cool tracks no doubt but some corny stuff here too and it is challenging although not always for the best reasons. On the other hand the online modes are freaking awesome and I can't get enough of it. Specially the cooperative mode where you fight an AI along with 2 other humans. 7.5/10

    Doom Eternal - 2016 Doom was great but never made me feel quite like Eternal did. Eternal is exhilarating, frenetically paced, relentless and in my opinion superior to 2016 in every way. The game does falter a bit towards the end by being a bit too long and resorting too much on just throwing shit at you, or maybe it was me that got too addicted to it and burned my self out, but I definitely got an endorphin kick out of it every time I got through a seemingly unsurpassable section. Really a brilliant game and a huge surprise. I remember Ben saying that was kinda surprised by people not giving enough attention to Eternal and me thinking it was probably just more Doom, but damn for the most part this game is absolutely brilliant. Some really cool and atmospheric locations, 10/10 combat puzzle and the soundtrack works much better than on 2016 IMO. 9/10

  • River City Girls

    Man, this was kinda weird. It's a fun game for sure, but I just feel like it doesn't quite hit enough high notes yet to really satisfy me.

    I really had fun with the combat. Beating thugs up feels great here, and I really like the personality of the girls that are being shown through their moves. The combat is pretty challenging in the regular fights since the enemies can swarm me pretty easily, but the boss fights are disappointingly easy, which is probably the biggest flaw of this game for me. The flashy personality of each bosses certainly made them more entertaining to fight, and the charming writing and VO helps, but I still want more out of them. I also want more out of the progression system, more new moves would help.

    Meanwhile, the music is kinda all over the place. The tracks with vocals are great, but many of the other tracks can feel really samey and flat. This is worsened by the fact that the tracks often switch when you're going to different areas, and more often than not, a track that I like changes to something worse. Not to mention, the ending is super meh at best... the normal ending, at least. I don't care enough to try to get the alternate ending, unfortunately.

    All in all, it's a potentially great game held back by some flaws in it's most important aspects. (7/10)

  • Jedi Fallen Order

    I believe this game came out around one year ago, can't imagine the state it was but I imagine not great. I can picture the developer team being quite proud of what they were producing and at certain point some executive saying to wrap things up, "that is good enough".

    This is one unpolished game! In a way that I don't quite remember playing anything like this. It's not a broken game but there's plenty of sections that feel almost just as place holders or at the very best something barely functional needing a lot of design tweaks. Then the animation work, kinda clunky, kinda glitchy. To the point where on some occasions, usually while descending obstacles, you can even trigger some missing animation frames where the character model goes to the default "crucifix" stance.

    On the other hand there's some really high quality stuff here. Texture work is great, so is the art direction with a great use of scale and some glorious skyboxes. Soundtrack is also pretty fantastic. There's a couple of cool locations with good environmental puzzles too.

    But mostly it's an ok game, level design is ambitious but not really rewarding and same could be said of the combat. Also story and characters, they don't hurt the game but don't elevate it in anyway either. Although the narrative can be frustrating in how story-beats always feel underwhelming, unable to materialize the competent build up.


  • Sea of Solitude

    This is a cool short game. I like how it executes its ideas and how its metaphors materialize through game design. Gets very real and depressing despite of the writing being way too literal and obvious and the voice acting being poor. Which is a testament to the game's core that still manages to have impact. Great soundtrack too.


  • Just uploaded my review of Crash Bandicoot 4.

    I really enjoyed my time with it. It's a really fun game with lots of stuff to do and come back to. Sloppy mechanics added up to a sort of experience that made the difficulty feel a little more cumbersome than what it would have been had the game been tightened up a bit more before release.

    Youtube Video

  • Dead Space 3

    Hum... Very inconsistent game. Frankly was expecting it to be worse but there are issues, no doubt. The whole microtransactions thing I remember hearing at the time does feel scummy but the weapon customisation system is a pretty cool idea. There's also a focus more geared towards action than horror which I could be OK with but it makes for a duller experience as it becomes super predictable.

    Story is cool with some unnecessary corny moments. Same for characters.

    The variety of locations is a welcomed change to the series.

    Sound design took a quality hit in this game. Which is a shame since 2 was absolutely top notch. On the other hand 2 had an awful final boss and this one is pretty dope, presentation wise. Ends the series on a high note.


  • Five Dates (PC)

    It's a short 2 hours game about dating(duh!). It felt good to play in this quarantine times. Saffron is my girl, you can choose from the rest of them. :P

  • Spider-Man Miles Morales. Finished it 2 weeks ago and did all of the side quests. The best superhero game and best Spider-Man game for me right now!

  • Finished Bugsnax after spending the day with it-the story that is. Can't say there's been a game since Pokemon Snap that has fascinated me through discovery.

  • @brawlman

    Can't wait to play it myself. Damn Sony and their Goddamn stock issues!

  • @scotty It's on PS4. I got that version.

  • @brawlman

    Yeah, I know. I assumed you played on PS5. I don't have neither at the moment unfortunately.

  • After more than a year of sitting in my PS4 backlog folder, I got around to playing What Remains of Edith Finch. It's an unique game, for sure. I enjoyed exploring the colorfully designed Finch House, and the game really went out it's way to present the family members' stories in a engaging fashion. I don't think I like it as much as many people out there, but I definitely appreciate the very palpable and real sense of creativity that is overflowing from this game, which I hope explains the high score I'm giving it. (9/10)

  • Full Spectrum Warrior

    When this game came out in 2004 I played it for a while but at that moment in my life gaming was not at the top of my priorities. But it did stick with me since then as something I would like to comeback to. Well it's 2020 and part of GWG so I went for it. What better use could I have to my brand new XSX than playing an original Xbox title? 😁

    FSW is a 3rd person real-time strategy cover shooter game (yes I think that covers it) where you are in control of two fireteams in the streets of an imaginary country, that's basically Iraq.

    Ignoring the latent American imperialism, this is actually an excellent strategy game, with a satisfying combat puzzle as you make your way through the streets, solving combat situations as they come along.

    Apart from the satisfying gameplay loop I have to credit the atmosphere. Graphics are old but still do a good job along with the sound design. The city's warm tones and the feeling of abandonment accentuated by the sound design make this game a "cool" moody experience.

    Glad that I finally had the opportunity to properly play it.

  • @phbz I remember that game, never played it but it was a relatively big deal on Xbox. I vaguely remember it was developed with consultation from the US army, or in conjuction with some kind of army programme?

  • @axel Yes the US army was involved, I think they wanted to use it as a training platform.

  • I've recently finished Bugsnax, Spider-Man: Miles and Twin Mirror in swift succession. Bugsnax is just brilliantly refreshing and quirky-just want Playstation needed to depart from the gritty serious games we tend to get. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is impressive in how awesome it manages to be as a condensed open-world game. Twin Mirror unfortunately can't shake being mediocre and it manages to convey the worst aspects of Dontnod games without their upswing of decent characters and an emotionally compelling story.

  • @happygaming

    Hey I knew you did reviews but this is the first one I watched. I just want to say this is really great and informative. I subbed.