Last game you finished

  • Finally finished my playthrough of FFIV the other day. Was gonna do a longer write up about it, but ultimately don't feel it's worth it. This game is unfortunately not as good as I remember it being, which is a real bummer. The difficulty curve really hampers pace set up in the first act of the game, and as time goes on the story becomes increasingly nonsensical in a way that nullifies the stakes of the world that had been previously established and makes plot developments center around convenience and last-second reveals as opposed to character growth. That said, the first third/half of the game is really excellent and is almost worth the replay in and of itself. I also think that the final boss is almost the appropriate difficulty (if you remember what it counters) given what came before - although I think the final dungeon is terrible and artificially extends the game due to its steep difficulty spike. Ultimately, I think when people look back on this game with fond memories, they're really remembering the beginning, which is completely fair. I was just personally disappointed by it, and I think this playthrough has officially taken FFIV out of my top 3 final fantasy games.

    As an aside, this was my first time playing in Japanese, and I still have no clue where they got "You spoony bard" from. There's nothing that could be translated that way from what I could tell. Was low key bummed about that.

  • Demon's Souls (2020 Remake)

    I've never played the original Demon's Souls, so some parts felt a little clumsier than Dark Souls in terms of level design. And much like the other Souls games, the story is not one that will stick with me for very long. Those nitpicks aside, I have to say that playing this game was an awesome experience.

    Demon’s Souls is tough but rewarding, and I had fun putting in the extra effort to get better, while also soaking in the world. This game made me jump up and raise my fists in celebration every time I defeated one of it's many challenging bosses. Not every boss fight in Demon's Souls is a winner but most are seriously great, and some are now among my favorite boss battles of all-time.

    As far as performance goes, it's great with stunning high resolution visuals, locked 60fps and basically instant loading times. It makes me excited to play more PS5 games in the future. This remake of Demon's Souls is a prime example of what developers can accomplish with the added power of the new consoles, and I'm curious to see what developer Bluepoint Games decides to do next.

  • @brawlman said in Last game you finished:

    Spider-Man Miles Morales. Finished it 2 weeks ago and did all of the side quests. The best superhero game and best Spider-Man game for me right now!

    In what way is it better than the first one?

  • @phbz said in Last game you finished:

    Full Spectrum Warrior

    When this game came out in 2004 I played it for a while but at that moment in my life gaming was not at the top of my priorities. But it did stick with me since then as something I would like to comeback to. Well it's 2020 and part of GWG so I went for it. What better use could I have to my brand new XSX than playing an original Xbox title? 😁

    FSW is a 3rd person real-time strategy cover shooter game (yes I think that covers it) where you are in control of two fireteams in the streets of an imaginary country, that's basically Iraq.

    Ignoring the latent American imperialism, this is actually an excellent strategy game, with a satisfying combat puzzle as you make your way through the streets, solving combat situations as they come along.

    Apart from the satisfying gameplay loop I have to credit the atmosphere. Graphics are old but still do a good job along with the sound design. The city's warm tones and the feeling of abandonment accentuated by the sound design make this game a "cool" moody experience.

    Glad that I finally had the opportunity to properly play it.

    Still a 9/10 for me. Glad you tried and enjoyed it.

  • @naltmank Was it the DS remake in 3D? That's the only version I played, and I remember enjoying it a lot until I reached

    the moon

    and that's where there was indeed an insane difficulty spike, and I never finished it because of that. I kinda wish I stuck with it til the end, I hate leaving games unfinished.

  • @axel Yeah that was sort of when I realized I was just moving forward for the sake of finishing things. I remember thinking that moment was dumb the first time I played it. Make no mistake: it's still dumb, and also much harder than I remember it being. I think I just was able to enjoy grinding more back in the day. I still like it, but not to this extent. Here, even random battles could lead to total party wipes, which is just not fun after a while, especially if you're only trying to grind.

  • @naltmank Haha yeah that's exactly what I remember, I thought I could just grind for a bit, but if I was unlucky enough to get... I think a dragon or something as a random battle, it was insta-death 90% of the time, so if I hadn't saved it meant losing my last half-hour of grind. That happened one too many times and I rage-quit :)

  • @naltmank I really remember enjoying it on the PSP release, but again, I do remember the last parts being especially grindy. Probably as a result of the time, which I still enjoy, but definitely not a game in the genre I feel I can recommend over others today unless they're comfortable knowing what they're getting into.

  • Unto the End

    Holly smokes! What better time for a game like this to drop out of nowhere than while dealing with a major AAA catastrophy like Cyberpunk?

    The most simple way to define this would be to call it a mix of Limbo and Dark Souls. It carries the same puzzle approach as Limbo, with its environmental traps. The Dark Souls part is less earned, it has its own deep and punishing combat system, very parry oriented with a bit of puzzle solving in the mix. Man, I don't recall a single game where each single combat feels like truly fighting for survival. It's visceral, brutal, rewarding! Finishing an enemy and falling to your knees deeply wounded and bleeding, trying to heal before dying, it's some of my top 2020 gaming experiences.

    Then exploration it's also superb. Going through dark caves, at times only with your torch as a light source, with what might be the best sound design of the year... I know, this won't be a game for everyone but it's like a game made specifically for me, hiting all the right spots.

    Unto the End doesn't hold your hand. It's merciless but it can be equally charming and at times genuinely funny with its deliberate clumsiness.


  • @sheria Better pacing and no bullshit filler or puzzles. Miles play so much different from Peter and I am glad! No forced stealth sections where it's instant game over.

  • Morkredd

    Mechanically very similar to Brothers, where you control two characters at the same time, Morkredd is a cool little game, designed around light and darkness puzzles, that never runs out of ideas but as it approaches its end it does runs out of good ones. Or, more accurately, their implementation is far from flawless unlike it's first half or so. Still recommended. 7/10

  • Fractured Minds

    Yeah I know this game is made by a young developer and it's about mental health and... Well it's a turd. Jebus, what a broken ugly experience.


  • Got this right after the Nintendo indie showcase, been waiting for it to release on consoles. It's a wonderful game. I actually didn't expect it to make me feel emotional, but it did. The minimalistic approach to the story really helped make the whole thing more engaging. Other than that, the art style is beautiful, and the puzzles are pretty solid. Can't ask more out of a 8 dollar game, tbh. (8/10)

  • Gears Hivebusters DLC

    This is the kind of thing I wish to see more on Gamepass. High quality content short in duration. This story DLC goes into the formation of team Scorpio, already introduced as an online mode in Gears 5 and now get its origin story as single player dlc.

    It's Gears... it won't make anyone a new fan but for those who already like the series it's a nice extra. Looks gorgeous, well written and for the most part is a really well paced, mixing pure action with more curated moments of exposition. Certainly a story line I would like to see expanded. 7.8/10

  • Fable
    This took me the longest time to finish. Started it several times during the years never could push myself to play it too long. 2020 was the right year. It's really full of cool ideas but ultimately everything feels disjointed. An amalgamation of good ideas not fully developed.

    Really wonderful music and incredibly the visuals at 4k and HDR look great. It's done!


  • Yakuza 5 Remastered

    Enjoyed it more than 4 and 3, it was cool to see some of the characters returning (Akiyama is quickly becoming my favorite). It's a looooong game, and the pacing is all over the place, which makes the main story a bit tricky to follow. Hard to remember so many names and faces when you've got 10-hour interludes of hunting or dancing. But it deserves praise for being much more ambitious than the previous games, with so many cities, mini-games, side activities... Probably the most expansive game in the series?

    I loved playing as Haruka, it felt like an entirely separate game but it was refreshing and I'm really happy to see her finally being developed as a character after so many games. Can't wait to see where they go from here in 6.

    Taxi driving/racing was also a really fun and original side-activity, but I didn't care much for hunting or baseball. These chapters both seemed to arrive at a moment when I wanted the main story to continue, so I was reluctant to invest too much time into a separate storyline which I knew would ultimately have very little bearing on the big picture. I can't complain though, since it's totally optional and you can blaze through the main objectives if that's all you care about.

    After playing 4 I was a bit down on the series but 5 rekindled the flame. I'll take a break before finally diving into 6, which promises to be an epic finale.

  • @axel

    so question: I'm concerned that I'll be disappointed playing the third game with its simpler upscale after playing Kiwami 2 on that new pretty engine. Should this be a concern? I know I can technically play them out of order, but I'm a stickler for playing things in order...

  • @happygaming It's a bit of a shock going from Kiwami 2 to 3, visually you'll definitely feel it. The combat system will also feel a bit archaic and limited compared to the recent titles.

    What saved it for me was the new setting and characters, which I found refreshing (having visited the real place less than a year ago, I found it even more endearing). From what I've read online, this is the least essential to the overall storyline, although there's definitely callbacks to it in later games. If you're as intent as I was to play the entire series in order, I'd say it's absolutely worth it, especially since it's relatively short.

    It also depends how long it's been since you beat Kiwami 2, as it's easy to get burned out on the Yakuza formula if you play them all in a row. If it's been a while and you're feeling the itch for more, then go for it, it's still a good game.

  • Blasted through Watch Dogs, and I enjoyed it. It's an competent and relatively safe open world game. Since I played WD2 first, it's certainly hard to shake off the feeling that I downgraded to a worse experience, but I think it's still a decent game.

    The story had a few good moments, and beating the villain does feel satisfying since the game did well to make me hate him, but it's a flatline for most of it. Which is a shame, since I kinda like the hardboiled edgy vibe of it, although it's gets too melodramatic at times.

    The main story missions are fun enough to make me want to blast through all of it, but they are noticeably lacking in objective variety. It does end with a really good mission, but there's not many standout missions gameplay-wise. There's some pretty cool ones setting-wise though, like the sex trafficking one.

    I think what this game lacks the most is the little details. You know, the kind of detail that you would notice and made you think that real people worked on this game. Little touches of personality here and there, the game really has little of that. Chicago can feel like a soulless city at times, even when I'm having fun with the side activities and such. There's just not enough flavor to it all. I think the game needs more of things like Bedbug, he's like this young wholesome gangsta dude that really ended in the wrong place, and his interactions with Aiden is a highlight for me. There's only a few good characters in this game, and he is certainly the most likeable for me.

    Another thing I really don't like is the negative tendencies of the side stories. Why are there so many conversations and texts about vulgar sex stuff? Some of it are even domestic violence stuff. It's kinda disturbing tbh. It made me actively avoid hacking into conversations and such... Which I guess is a good thing to teach to people, so at least there's that.

    While this game didn't really impress me at times, at least this game will make me appreciate WD2 more, and I think it's worth playing through because of it. (6/10)

    Now it's time for me to replay WD2! Really excited to see how well it holds up.

  • Super Bomberman R

    Picked it up on sale for 7€, and it's not worth much more. The campaign is barely alright, there's some very poor enemy and level design in there, which is pretty incredible for a formula as old and basic as Bomberman. So much more could be done with it, I'm pretty sure the old Super NES games were better than this. At least it's a fun party game to have in my Switch library.