Last game you finished

  • Same to you pal. I'm over in the UK so we're just less than 3 hours until 2021. Wherever you are stay safe and have a wonderful new year.

  • Finished Bastion. This game has been in my to-play list for a long time, glad I finally crossed it off. It's quite good. Combat is fun, although the weapon impact feedback could certainly be better across the board. I really like the simple core of it's gameplay, and how much the game allows me to shape it to fit my liking. It took me a while to find the weapons and skills I'm most comfortable with, and once I got it, it feels satisfying to invest upgrades to them as I progress through the game. I also like how the story is presented. They really leaned into Logan Cunningham's pleasant voice, which is a great choice. The story itself is pretty simplistic, but I like how it fleshes out a bit of the world every now and then. Also, I'm loving the western and middle eastern influences in the music. My biggest complaints are that the enemies in the middle part of the game (the Wild) are mostly not very fun to fight, and the final act of the game felt a bit rushed. I'm looking forward to continue to Transistor one day, since I already have it on my Switch as well. (8/10)

  • @bam541

    With the praise of Hades and me getting a PS Vita last month, I also decided to play Bastion finally this year hopefully. Then I'll continue with Transistor which I have on Epic(they gave it for free).

  • Just finished up Ikenfell and published my review! If anyone is interested in watching it pre-Community-Showcase, here it is!

    Youtube Video

  • @happygaming I've been hearing a lot of good things about this, and your review pretty much sold me on it! Definitely gonna try it someday.

  • Monument Valley 2(Android)

    Starting the year with this kind of light and soothing game was nice. They improved nearly everything from the first game which is what a sequel must do of course. Some of the level desings are just incredible, I can't help but think how they build it from the ground. Art is gorgeous as always too.


  • Metal Arms: Gitch in the System

    One of the most 6th gen games I've ever played. Very derivative. It's taking primarily from Halo, with medium to large sized areas and vehicles that shoot laser beams and fragile infantry that throw their arms in the air and run away screaming if you hit them a few times. It's also probably taking a bit from Ratchet and Clank, with its third person camera, cart-wheeling double jump, and irreverent, cartoony presentation, but there's only a year separating these games, so perhaps not.

    In execution, it's pretty shaky. character movement can be cumbersome and shooting feels weightless. While enemies can have their limbs/weapons damaged and blown off, there's little strategic value in doing it, and even if you wanted to, none of the guns feel accurate enough to do so. Enemies are bullet sponges, and it's just a better idea to shoot center-mass with whatever powerful weapon you have ammo for.

    There's some variety (driving sequences, espionage, etc.), but it only seems to be there to elongate the experience, and the game doesn't feel very confident straying from arena and vehicle combat. If it played better and was more concise, it could be a cult classic worth embracing.

  • Just played through Mega Man 8 to detox in between playing something for review

    Personally, this has always been one of my favorites in the series, probably because I really like the early CD-hardware graphics and sounds. Even the campy, bad English voice acting plays into an overall enjoyment I get from this being from a certain moment in time. Sprites are large and expressive. There's always something happening in the background, or on screen somewhere to make the world feel alive.

    There are some really creative and fun bosses this time around too. I especially like Tengu Man and Sword Man (who's Australian for some reason). If you've been through Mega Man 1-7 you pretty much know what to expect going through. There's not a ton that the game adds other than the fresh coat of paint from the PS1 era and voices. There is a little bit of experimentation that can be done with the store where you can buy different upgrades and buster parts that replace your standard charge beam. There's a long laser beam you can get, or one that scatters out after it hits someone to hit things behind them. The store system actually ended up making it into the next two games as well (haven't played 11 yet)

    Overall though, it is more Mega Man, and that's not a bad thing. At its worst, there are two points in the Wily stages that require a special jump you weren't taught to progress, and it never comes up anywhere but there. Other than those frustrations, this is a jolly time. It's a little easier than some of the previous entries. Jumping specifically is a lot less of a challenge from 7, which I appreciated. Throughout the whole thing though, I had a huge smile on my face. If you're not itching for a knuckle biting difficulty, this is a really smooth and fun ride throughout!


  • Days Gone

    I skipped Days Gone when it released because of the performance issues. I was pleased that I had no performance issues playing it on PS5 and no crashes, which I really appreciate after recently playing Cyberpunk 2077. The overall gameplay of Days Gone was satisfying, also the story and performances are exceptional. It's definitely a tier bellow games like The Last of Us Part 2 and Read Dead Redemption 2, but it does enough good things that it's more than just a swimmin' in 7's.

  • Finished Cyberpunk 2077.
    Pros: Great writing, looks amazing on pc (from streams I seen),
    Cons: Constant crashes on PS5 (total 19), characters are one sided at times

  • Final Fantasy 7 6.5/10

    I think this game is fun enough at the end of day, that's why it gets a decent score, cause looking at it today it certainly isn't a good game and definitively not worthy of being on the top lists of games ever outside of nostalgia, being outdone by FF6 easily and others not long after it as far as I'm concerned.

    The Good:

    It has some really good moments, I wouldn't take that away from it and the characters do have their charm and their personalities manage to come through pretty well at times, but with one exception I they never really managed to make me care a lot for them, music is also very good as is to be expected.

    Red XIII, I love that dog thing or whatever it is, every time I saw it's blocky face on screen it made me smile and it is the one thing I'll say that I love about this game.

    The Bad:

    I knew I wouldn't like the combat, ATB systems have never been good in my opinion but in here it feels very bad and makes the combat feel very shallow, and the materia system didn't help, which I understand people like because of its flexibility but I never grew to like it and it just felt like more of a burden, the story is fine, in the sense that it is one of those jrpg stories that doesn't make any sense and you just kinda have to go with it, and at least it moves at a fine pace for the most part, though I can't say I see the story as a positive at the end of the day.

    I've never liked FF and similar overworlds, and this case wasn't the exception, and while I grew to tolerate the visuals, the prerendered backgrounds really don't work imo.

    At the end of the day, I understand this is a 24 year old game, and I understand it may have been amazing back in the day, but seeing it today it feels like nothing special in anyway, but it does still manage to be an enjoyable experience.

  • @bard91 To each their own! I was recently playing Remake and found myself missing the blocky graphics, prerendered backgrounds and the ATB combat system from the original (not to say Remake doesn't rock in those and other ways), but growing up, those sorts of games have always been my jam. I adore turn based battles and retro PS1 aesthetics and sounds. It's sort of like pixel art to me, where there's just a different era of retro that has a different appeal to it.

    All that being said though, I agree about the story. I like individual beats with characters, but the overall plot just never clicked or made sense in the same way 6 blows it out of the park. That one has character stories and a full plot to boot.

  • @happygaming yeah the style and combat I can understand if it just doesn't jive with me, on the plot and characters side is where I find it harder to understand the praise, cause it just feels really unremarkable, even for the time.

  • Super Meat Boy Forever(PC)

    Well, this was fun even though sometimes really frustrating. Autorunner gameplay is what changed the gameplay the most obviously. At first it's a little bit hard to get use to but after a while you just go with the flow and that's great actually. Game was just smooth and fluid if it makes sense.

    Story was a nice touch too. Comparing the first one animations and graphics were step up. It has randomly generated levels except he boss fights so you can play the game again and again after you finish it for the first time. You can also collect pacifiers and some buggy voids to gain point for unlocking some new levels I guess? I didn't care those a lot because game was hard enough for me to just focus on it and trying to find those extra thing would just make it boring for me, maybe once in a while I can try to get them for challenge.

    Btw, I still don't think the game is harder than the first game. With that said the last two boss fights really got on my nerves. :DDD To wrap it all up: I like this kind of hard games(this, 1st game, Celeste, Cuphead etc.) much more than soulslike hard games. I also want to say that this game is muuuch better and more enjoyable than boring Cuphead but I got a feeling that it will just be forgotten unlike the 1st game unfortunately. Maybe the release for the PS5/XSX can resurface it again.

    Note: Nugget is too cute.

    Note2: I hate to see this in the game reviews on PC but it will probably be more comfortable if you play the game with a controller. Especially in the boss fights. I didn't and my forefinger was sore during some of the boss battles.


  • Finished my replay of Watch Dogs 2, and I can safely say that it is better than I remembered. Playing this right after WD1 is pretty eye opening, the jump in quality is like Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2. WD1 felt undercooked in many aspects, and WD2 fleshed these aspects out to make a truly great game.

    There are way more options in hacking now, and I think you can actually get through the game without using guns, provided you have unlocked all the necessary skills to hack the combat scenarios into your favor. My favorite hacks include accelerating a vehicle remotely to hit an enemy, and hacking a robot to make them hit everyone around them head on. I used the stun gun almost exclusively, it just feels wrong to make Marcus shoot people... although I did "accidentally" kill a lot of enemies with exploding transformers and such. Shoutout to the combat/stealth arenas, I keep thinking of the recent Hitman games when I'm sneaking around in them and looking for hacking opportunities to progress through.

    San Francisco is a pretty lively and colorful place, and there's a lot of fun things to check out. The game incorporated more of the hacking mechanics into exploration and progression, with hiding upgrade points and other fun collectible in hard to reach areas, which makes exploring overall feels more exciting and rewarding. I had to skip quite a few of the collectibles that I stumbled upon, only because I can't figure out how to get them.

    The story feels very loose, and I think that's fine since the characters and the interactions between them are the fun part of the story. The writing can feel quite naive and one dimensional at times, but honestly it's just too fun to kick the big bad companies in the butt, especially considering events in recent years. The main quests are quite fun, and there's a lot of special one-time gimmicks that makes them standout. The side quests can be interesting, and many of them has quite satisfying story moments, but objective-wise they leave a lot to be desired.

    I'm glad that I decided to play this again. I don't know if I ever get to play Legion, but whatever happens, I still have this game to cherish the series, so it's all good. (8.5/10)

  • Cyberpunk 2077 (played on the XSX) Already wrote a lot about it. The (im)perfect intersection of Deus Ex, Skyrim and GTA. Loved the world, characters, story and side content. The end made me genuinely sad and eager to start a new game right away.

    In my heart, filtering all the issues, this is a masterpiece. Unfortunately there's issues in literally every aspect of the game. Constant glitches, structurally broken quests, half implemented systems, generally unpolished main quests and yet I still love it.

    7/10 One up from my intended 6 because the last chapter really had an impact on me. Could easily go up to a 9 in the next two updates.

  • Return of the Obra Dinn

    Finally got round to playing this one, it was very cool! The art style put me off but it grew on me eventually, still not a fan but I imagine a more detailed style would have possibly made some of the puzzles too easy.

    The concept is super fun and original, and the execution is mostly great, although it does become a bit repetitive after a while. You're tasked with identifying every member of the crew through flashbacks of the moment of their death, as well as who's responsible and how it happened.

    At first you rely on obvious cues, like someone calling another's name or rank, but it quickly becomes much harder to identify people and you need to pay attention to the most seemingly insignificant things to make the correct guess. You've got a journal which automatically updates with every clue you learn, and where you must fill in the blanks.

    In order to prevent brute-forcing, you must have a set of 3 correct answers at once for them to be confirmed by the game. Given the amount of possible combinations, it mostly makes it impossible to make completely random guesses. But in some cases I still resorted to it, because I had no idea how else to progress. "I know this guy is one of the 4 Chinese topmen, but literally no way to know which one exactly" As I advanced and locked in more and more identities, the remaining ones became easier to guess by process of elimination, which made it engrossing.

    Some of the fates are sometimes too unclear and the game compensates this by making multiple solutions acceptable in these cases, but it's still a bit frustrating when the manner of death looks like one thing but is considered another.

    Not a perfect game, but there's nothing else like it. If you enjoy puzzles and whodunits, go for it.

  • Gears Of War: Judgement
    Well, my Gears marathon is now finished. I've played all (console) Gears titles and I'm happy I did.

    Judgement ends it on a low note. When I was reading the Disaster Artist book I've noticed the author was the writter of Judgement, kinda got my hopes up, and indeed the narrative structure of this game is good. You're being judged and gameplay is you telling your version of the events. Then on top of that you have modifiers for each mission that are the "classified" version. Problem? Well, gameplay wise it goes nowhere, very little variation. Some sections better than others but overall underwhelming. Then there's an extra 7th chapter more akin to classic gears, with more world building and pace variations but nothing great about it. I can see why people were not happy about it when it released. 6.5/10

    Now having played all games I wish MS did an open world Gears. Such a fascinating world that in every single title made me wish to lose myself exploring it. And gameplay wise definitely explore more of its moody horror side.

  • @phbz

    It really frusturates me that they are still not bringing this, 2nd and 3rd game to PC. Either have it all on PC or don't bring any of that to PC. Now the situation is play the first game, can't play 2nd-3rd andJudgement then continue with 4th after missing 3 games. Ridiculous!

  • @scotty That's really surprising, had no idea. Hopefully they'll eventually make a Gears Collection soon. Microsoft makes the weirdest business decisions, never crossed my mind that at least 2 and 3 weren't available on PC.