Last game you finished

  • @dipset Not sure because time flies with this game. Maybe around 5 hours using a lot the fastest fast forward.

  • I tried the "Maiden" demo for Resident Evil VIIage and I'm impressed. Game looks good. If it's any indication about upcoming PS5 based games' graphic quality then we are in for a treat!

    Even that short demo was fun and I wanted to play more! Capcom is doing great since the VII with remakes from there and now this. Please bring every RE game with this engine and similar mechanics, interfaces etc.

  • @scotty I completely forgot about that demo, thanks for the reminder, downloading it now!

  • Finally finished Monster Boy & the Cursed Kingdom after a whopping 20 hours that's with about 3/4 of secrets found. It's now up there with my favourite Metroidvanias. It's actually quite challenging as well without being cheap. The Graphics, soundtrack, level design & boss fights are all top tier. A must for any Sega fan boys.

  • Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (PS5)

    On Sunday evening, I finally finished this blockbuster from 2018. It also placed really highly in our Games of the Decade thread, but I had actually played this game very briefly back in 2019 so I had some expectations going in. I quit it due to the introduction of a disgusting amount of radio tower and base clearing missions. I just wasn't in the mood for it and the story didn't reel me in in any way whatsoever up to that point. So I claimed my time and quit.

    Well, my PS5 came with Spider-Man Miles Morales which includes a downloadable copy of the original game remastered, so I figured "what the hey" and you know what, I like it! Yay!


    I have a lot of problems with this game. I can safely say that if my childhood affinity for Spider-Man didn't exist, I probably would've quit this game again. I think the game is confident in some areas, but insecure about itself in other areas. It's in the hands of one of the best studios in all of gaming so I feel like they should've taken more risks on the game design front. Ultimately, much of the game design boils down to fighting the exact same types of enemies but they belong to different factions in the world of Spider-Man. They never really switch it up much except for some solid boss battles at the very end. I never really felt like I was growing very much as Spider-Man, and I definitely didn't feel especially attached to Manhattan or the greater universe here.


    I appreciate the layers to the plot here in that all of the different storylines end up feeding in on themselves into one straightforward conflict and motivation for everyone involved. It's a pretty fantastic final 30-40% of the story where things really start to focus more. But the first 50-60% of the plot has such a jarring and disjunt storytelling method that almost comes off as confusing. For example, you start the game fighting Kingpin and locking him up, then it introduces you to a ton of mundane gameplay and story moments like helping prep Aunt May's retirement party at the F.E.A.S.T Shelter, then next thing you know you're doing mundane mini-games in the laboratory with Dr. Octavius. Then suddenly you switch to a stealth mission with Mary Jane.

    The early story telling just doesn't flow together well and you aren't sure why you are doing anything you are doing. I get that the conflict hasn't started yet, but that's the problem. It goes on for way too long with no obvious goal in mind for the storytelling. It's almost like the game is more interested in introducing these little mini-games like Mary Jane's photojournalism, than actually focusing in on something. It's like really bad at the beginning here.

    But then once all of the villain's are in play, Peter starts having his own internal conflict, and the stakes are heightened, the storytelling actually becomes really great. Like I said, the plot sort of begins to feed in on itself and all of these little separated relationships from earlier actually matter in an intertwined way. Like most comicbook conflicts, there are such massive absolutes of evil, revenge and the like, but I really think it's done quite tastefully here where I kinda understand why the villain's are so upset and want to stop anybody in their path.

    The way they reeled it in was great, but I think this is a case of a movie being 2 hours and 10 minutes when a lean hour and a half would've sufficed.


    This is where my biggest gripes with the game come from. I just think everything about this game is played far too safely. The game boils down to unlocking the map of each neighbourhood in Manhattan, then doing repetitive side missions to clear each section of the city which gets you XP and tokens to rank up skills and gadget abilities. You do some main story missions, then knock some side stuff out, rinse and repeat. And repeat you will. These tasks are mindless enough to be a simple distraction for 20-30 mins, but also engaging enough in the core combat mechanics to keep you amused enough to keep going.

    And that's the thing with this game. It just edges through in it's basic repetitive game design to be "amusing enough", but that isn't necessarily something I'd stride for as a product. In fact, the side activities are purely boring at first until you really start to upgrade your combat skills to feel more powerful and give you more tools in these base clearing missions. On the note of combat—it's fine—but it definitely is missing the weight of the Arkham games and the controls are needlessly complicated.

    Likewise, combat itself can be hit or miss with a lot of awkward lulls due to a few design decisions. Spidey doesn't just snap to enemies like Batman does in Arkham, so you are forced to press TRIANGE to zip towards enemies who are spread way too far around these sometimes massive combat arenas. This makes for really awkward moments in many combat encounters. You can be max rank, with fully upgraded stats, and there will still just be random enemies alive somewhere like 200 meters away, maybe hidden behind an object, or perhaps he fell off the building but didn't die so he's on the streets. One thing that happened to me often was using my web bomb to tie foes up, then my force blaster to launch groups of people off the roof. Normally, that would either stick them to a wall deeming them incapacitated, or they are just so far out of the combat area that they are "taken out" so to speak. But the game will sometimes let one person live because somehow he hit another random rooftop pretty far away, and didn't fall far enough to die, nor hit any objects to stick to. So once I finish everyone else, I have to circle back to once again finish him and that will involve trying to figure out where the heck he might be because he's nowhere in the combat area.

    Once Spidey is fully upgraded, I think there is a good variety of tools which gives the combat some options but there aren't many enemy types, and most of them can be taken out with the exact same methods. So again, it's engaging enough to keep you going, but bland enough for you to want more. I think there is a prototype in Arkham and in a world where God of War and DMC5 exist, it leaves the combat here sort of mundane.


    In terms of other gameplay elements like Spidey's stealth combat, Miles missions, and Mary Jane missions. Well... they are fine. Nothing to write home about, but it generally works with simplicity. I think Miles and MJ have some really good missions at the end which tie into the story wonderfully, but we could've done with maybe ONE of those instead of the amount we get.

    The QTE's are extremely disappointing however. In a world where Uncharted 4 lets you sprint out of a crumbling pirate ruin and do the last second jump yourself, why is Spider-Man of all things getting to have all the fun in cutscenes and QTE's. The final boss fight was a prime example of letting the play control a setpiece moment, and I don't know why they weren't confident enough to let the player just play throughout the game.


    I'm glad I finished this game, but I wanted more. I actually did go through everything and accidentally got the Platinum which was nice. It's also good that it's pretty lean for an open world game in this new era of 100 hour games, so that is something I appreciate. I think the way the story unfolded while simultaniously dangling a sequel carrot helped me fully finish an open world game which is no small task for me. I'm officially in on Marvel's Spider-Man.


  • @dipset That's awesome to hear!

    Not sure if you played them yet but but the DLC leads directly into Miles Morales, especially the last one. They're not super long to crit path, but the only relevant stuff is a cutscene and some phone calls here and there, so you can also go straight into Miles Morales if you really want.

  • @hazz3r

    I was actually pretty eager to just get to Miles Morales so I jumped in for about 30 minutes this morning and I felt right at home having not played the DLC.

    I gotta say, right off the rip Miles Morales just shoots you in quick and dirty and that's what I think the first game needed. Also, that mission with Rhino was amazing and it low key does more than the majority of the boss battles did in the original game. I'm pretty excited for this one. It's already doing more than I expected it to and I'm just 30 mins in.

    Sometimes, just say "yes" and you learn something new. I guess I can graduate onto other open world games now like Ghost of Tsushima, but that one specifically must have a PS5 version coming down the pipe so maybe I'll wait.

  • Doom 3

    As much as I loved Eternal I would kill for a more horror focused approach on the next one. This was my first time with Doom 3 and it completely surpassed my expectations, specially considering it's a 2004 game.

    Well paced and just the right length, really nails the balance between more quiet moments and action and it does a good job delivering it's silly narrative and lore.

    My biggest complain is how bad the guns sound.


  • Banned

    @dipset Ghost is Tsushima probably won't get a PS5 specific version, but it does have PS5 enhancements like 4k/60.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I thought it might get the same treatment as Spider-Man Remastered but I guess that was a 2018 game after all.

    Ghosts is on my radar but I'll wait until a sale and who knows, maybe they will re-release it.

  • Gato Roboto

    Was on the move today so took my Switch and replayed Gato Roboto. It's a OK metroidvania with a really lo-fi retro art style and a weird dissonant soundtrack that you can beat in one sitting. Far from being amazing but the atmosphere and short length made me want to replay it.

    You control a cat on a mech suit, you can't go wrong with that.


  • Just replaying Wolfenstein The New Order. That game is better than I remember. After enjoying wolf 2 but being somewhat disappointed. New Order as a game is far superior. Its goes along half-life & Metro in my enjoyment. If its not quite as good as them in my book.

  • @paulmci27 New Order is the most solid Wolfenstein game, for sure. I personally like Wolf II way more but it's a much more messier game in pretty much every aspect. Even though they stumbled pretty hard with Youngblood, those Wolf games make me respect Machine Games so much.

  • Prey

    I always say that good science-fiction is more about the relationship between the character and the universe than the drama between characters, because the latest is just regular fiction with flying cars. Prey thematically just nails its sci-fi setting, it's a pleasure to deep dive in its lore and concepts, as it is to unwrap its narrative. Love that there's absolutely no emotional exploitation, which became so prevalent in modern storytelling.

    I was watching the No Clip doc with Arcane, during their conversation someone droped the concept that "a game is a place", I just love that idea, specially with Immersive Sims this is so true and part of the reason why I love this genre so much.

    On my first playthrough I didn't used any alien powers, now I went full on the alien stuff dramatically changing the game. Also cool how now knowing its ending a lot of things gain a second meaning.

    Prey is basically someone asking me what's my favourite game genre and what setting I would like for that game.

    Also, auto HDR, 60fps and much faster loading times. Excellent job by the back-compat team on MS, feels like a remaster. Unfortunately, while the sound design in concept is superb, it still has some implementation issues, and I got a couple of broken quests.


  • Genesis Noir

    I often think video games being called "games" is like a curse in how it limits the discourse around the medium and those creating them. This is one of those cases. What a fantastic piece of interactive art, beautiful and surreal, so creative! Fantastic mix of jazz and synth based ambient music too to go along with the great animation work.

    Reminds me of Kentucky Route Zero in how it embraces its creative potential without restrictions and very much like Kentucky it can get me emotional due to how brilliant it can get and how that's such a rare thing in videogames.

    Can't really explain it. A musical point n click adventure where you try to stop the creation of the universe to save your lovers life?

    It doesn't quite reach the level of KRZ but I recommend it to anyone who's open to something different. For sure it will end up in my top10 for 2020 and in a special place in my heart. God damnit videogames!


  • Shining Force CD (Mega CD)

    Decent game but not as good as Shining Force 1 and 2. It feels very stripper down.

    System Shock 2 (PC)

    Finally played this classic. It is worthy of all the praise it gets. Among the best Pc games I've ever played. Though I actually like System Shock 1 a just tiny bit more.

  • Tomb Raider
    Playing through this game was such a struggle. I love Uncharted games even if there are some annoyances at times but this game was filled with mostly cast I didn't care for, the dialogue and the script itself were horrendous especially Lara herself was probably the worst protagonist I have ever encountered.

    I saw Ruben Langdon was an action cordinator and I can see some DMC in it but in a bad way. The game was like Uncharted times two plus DMC minus good stuff.
    I was laughing in disbelief alot on how cringey the whole game was. Also shotgun was such a weak weapon even if upgraded like other weapons. It was either headshot or melee counters that were the best tactic. Also end credits pretty much explains my thoughts on the game itself.
    A friend told me the other two are way better and that this game was skippable but I won't be jumping into a sequel any time soon. That is how much I disliked it.

    Overcooked piece of a mess with too much salt and spices

  • @tearju-engi said in Last game you finished:

    A friend told me the other two are way better and that this game was skippable

    I have never seen this comment about the new trilogy ever! Every comment I saw says the opposite "It went downhill after first one".

  • Just finished It Takes Two. It deserves GOTY nominations at the very least. It’s currently my favourite release of the year and it’s going to be tough to beat.

  • Evil Within

    Excellent game, maybe two chapters longer than it needed to be, and the last chapter is kind of a disaster. Which is a shame because until then I was really feeling it.

    Love how unpredictable it is, always dragging you to new crazy situations and mixing things up. Died 102 times 😁 which is funny because I thought the difficulty was quite balanced but maybe 20 of those was trying to pass one of the last sections with minimum ammo available.

    The direction, sound design and cinematography is really impressive. So creative, damn! Image quality is horrible through.

    8/10 but it's special enough to order a physical copy for my collection. Such a shame the last chapter!