Last game you finished

  • Gato Roboto

    Was on the move today so took my Switch and replayed Gato Roboto. It's a OK metroidvania with a really lo-fi retro art style and a weird dissonant soundtrack that you can beat in one sitting. Far from being amazing but the atmosphere and short length made me want to replay it.

    You control a cat on a mech suit, you can't go wrong with that.


  • Just replaying Wolfenstein The New Order. That game is better than I remember. After enjoying wolf 2 but being somewhat disappointed. New Order as a game is far superior. Its goes along half-life & Metro in my enjoyment. If its not quite as good as them in my book.

  • @paulmci27 New Order is the most solid Wolfenstein game, for sure. I personally like Wolf II way more but it's a much more messier game in pretty much every aspect. Even though they stumbled pretty hard with Youngblood, those Wolf games make me respect Machine Games so much.

  • Prey

    I always say that good science-fiction is more about the relationship between the character and the universe than the drama between characters, because the latest is just regular fiction with flying cars. Prey thematically just nails its sci-fi setting, it's a pleasure to deep dive in its lore and concepts, as it is to unwrap its narrative. Love that there's absolutely no emotional exploitation, which became so prevalent in modern storytelling.

    I was watching the No Clip doc with Arcane, during their conversation someone droped the concept that "a game is a place", I just love that idea, specially with Immersive Sims this is so true and part of the reason why I love this genre so much.

    On my first playthrough I didn't used any alien powers, now I went full on the alien stuff dramatically changing the game. Also cool how now knowing its ending a lot of things gain a second meaning.

    Prey is basically someone asking me what's my favourite game genre and what setting I would like for that game.

    Also, auto HDR, 60fps and much faster loading times. Excellent job by the back-compat team on MS, feels like a remaster. Unfortunately, while the sound design in concept is superb, it still has some implementation issues, and I got a couple of broken quests.


  • Genesis Noir

    I often think video games being called "games" is like a curse in how it limits the discourse around the medium and those creating them. This is one of those cases. What a fantastic piece of interactive art, beautiful and surreal, so creative! Fantastic mix of jazz and synth based ambient music too to go along with the great animation work.

    Reminds me of Kentucky Route Zero in how it embraces its creative potential without restrictions and very much like Kentucky it can get me emotional due to how brilliant it can get and how that's such a rare thing in videogames.

    Can't really explain it. A musical point n click adventure where you try to stop the creation of the universe to save your lovers life?

    It doesn't quite reach the level of KRZ but I recommend it to anyone who's open to something different. For sure it will end up in my top10 for 2020 and in a special place in my heart. God damnit videogames!


  • Shining Force CD (Mega CD)

    Decent game but not as good as Shining Force 1 and 2. It feels very stripper down.

    System Shock 2 (PC)

    Finally played this classic. It is worthy of all the praise it gets. Among the best Pc games I've ever played. Though I actually like System Shock 1 a just tiny bit more.

  • Tomb Raider
    Playing through this game was such a struggle. I love Uncharted games even if there are some annoyances at times but this game was filled with mostly cast I didn't care for, the dialogue and the script itself were horrendous especially Lara herself was probably the worst protagonist I have ever encountered.

    I saw Ruben Langdon was an action cordinator and I can see some DMC in it but in a bad way. The game was like Uncharted times two plus DMC minus good stuff.
    I was laughing in disbelief alot on how cringey the whole game was. Also shotgun was such a weak weapon even if upgraded like other weapons. It was either headshot or melee counters that were the best tactic. Also end credits pretty much explains my thoughts on the game itself.
    A friend told me the other two are way better and that this game was skippable but I won't be jumping into a sequel any time soon. That is how much I disliked it.

    Overcooked piece of a mess with too much salt and spices

  • @tearju-engi said in Last game you finished:

    A friend told me the other two are way better and that this game was skippable

    I have never seen this comment about the new trilogy ever! Every comment I saw says the opposite "It went downhill after first one".

  • Just finished It Takes Two. It deserves GOTY nominations at the very least. It’s currently my favourite release of the year and it’s going to be tough to beat.

  • Evil Within

    Excellent game, maybe two chapters longer than it needed to be, and the last chapter is kind of a disaster. Which is a shame because until then I was really feeling it.

    Love how unpredictable it is, always dragging you to new crazy situations and mixing things up. Died 102 times 😁 which is funny because I thought the difficulty was quite balanced but maybe 20 of those was trying to pass one of the last sections with minimum ammo available.

    The direction, sound design and cinematography is really impressive. So creative, damn! Image quality is horrible through.

    8/10 but it's special enough to order a physical copy for my collection. Such a shame the last chapter!

  • Narita Boy

    Cool action platformer thankfully more action than platformer, because the combat is fun but everything about the movement feels slightly off. Nothing catastrophic as the level design understands its own limitations.

    What really shines here is the art direction. Fantastic environments and character design, everything hand drawn, from world, animations and special effects. Nice synthwave soundtrack. The composition isn't great but the lush synth patches used sound great.


  • @phbz

    While playing the demo I had hard time to look at the screen, art direction was tiring for my eyes.

  • @scotty I love it, there's only on section in the red area that was a bit too overwhelming, with the amount of flashing lights and objects moving horizontally on the screen. Just that, but I know some people more photosensitive are having issues with it.

  • @phbz

    Which is ironic because I usually don't have that kind of problems about visual media.

  • @scotty Me neither but in that section I was sweating, light-headed and nauseated. And I kept dying and having to repeat it from the beginning.

  • Apparently it's been a while since I've been on the forums! Been pretty busy over here.

    Anyways, just finished up Shenmue for the second time to cut a review and thought I'd share. If you're down to check out the full version, here's the link. Even as a person who has never been a fan of open-world games, Shenmue still feels like nothing else I've played, and I love it to death!

    Youtube Video

  • The last game I beat was Shovel Knight (a couple months ago). Just Shovel Knight's Path, not anyone else.

  • Just finished and platinumed Little Nightmares II- An absolute treat and a really solid improvement over the first game.

  • Outriders

    Went for this game expecting it to try it for a bit and give up, just like with Destiny, Division 2 and even Borderlands. To my surprise I loved the combat so much that I had to beat the campaign. It helps that it has a competent story and cast of characters and also that the world keeps getting more and more interesting as you progress.

    Played most of it solo but did some missions co-op and the already great combat becomes even better with the synergies between players. Great freedom in how you build you character, and it lets you reset you ability tree any time.

    Lots of glitches and bugs, specially in cut-scenes. I feel this could have been even better if given more time.


    Funny thing in how I play a looter shooter. The game gives you a ton of inventory space, plus a chest to keep your favourite gear. I ended the game with one pistol, one rifle, one machine gun and one shotgun. Same for clothing. That's actually the most annoying thing about it, I don't care at all about the constant loot.

  • This is kinda cheating because I'm way off from actually finishing it, but I think I have reached a point where I had enough of TLOZ: Breath of The Wild (not too far in, sadly). I'm happy that I finally got to try this game out, but also kinda disappointed because I didn't enjoy it as much as I would like to. It's just a matter of preferences really. I respect a lot of the design decisions in this game, but all of them are coalescing into a type of open world game that I'm not really into. I find the shrines to be an unsatisfying case of quantity over quality, there's just not enough things in the story to keep me excited for the main quests, and the exploration can be a hassle at times, which regularly defeats any satisfaction from finding secrets and such. Regardless, I'm excited to jump into Skyward Sword later in the year, and also Link's Awakening Remake whenever I can afford it.