Last game you finished

  • @phbz

    While playing the demo I had hard time to look at the screen, art direction was tiring for my eyes.

  • @scotty I love it, there's only on section in the red area that was a bit too overwhelming, with the amount of flashing lights and objects moving horizontally on the screen. Just that, but I know some people more photosensitive are having issues with it.

  • @phbz

    Which is ironic because I usually don't have that kind of problems about visual media.

  • @scotty Me neither but in that section I was sweating, light-headed and nauseated. And I kept dying and having to repeat it from the beginning.

  • Apparently it's been a while since I've been on the forums! Been pretty busy over here.

    Anyways, just finished up Shenmue for the second time to cut a review and thought I'd share. If you're down to check out the full version, here's the link. Even as a person who has never been a fan of open-world games, Shenmue still feels like nothing else I've played, and I love it to death!

    Youtube Video

  • The last game I beat was Shovel Knight (a couple months ago). Just Shovel Knight's Path, not anyone else.

  • Just finished and platinumed Little Nightmares II- An absolute treat and a really solid improvement over the first game.

  • Outriders

    Went for this game expecting it to try it for a bit and give up, just like with Destiny, Division 2 and even Borderlands. To my surprise I loved the combat so much that I had to beat the campaign. It helps that it has a competent story and cast of characters and also that the world keeps getting more and more interesting as you progress.

    Played most of it solo but did some missions co-op and the already great combat becomes even better with the synergies between players. Great freedom in how you build you character, and it lets you reset you ability tree any time.

    Lots of glitches and bugs, specially in cut-scenes. I feel this could have been even better if given more time.


    Funny thing in how I play a looter shooter. The game gives you a ton of inventory space, plus a chest to keep your favourite gear. I ended the game with one pistol, one rifle, one machine gun and one shotgun. Same for clothing. That's actually the most annoying thing about it, I don't care at all about the constant loot.

  • This is kinda cheating because I'm way off from actually finishing it, but I think I have reached a point where I had enough of TLOZ: Breath of The Wild (not too far in, sadly). I'm happy that I finally got to try this game out, but also kinda disappointed because I didn't enjoy it as much as I would like to. It's just a matter of preferences really. I respect a lot of the design decisions in this game, but all of them are coalescing into a type of open world game that I'm not really into. I find the shrines to be an unsatisfying case of quantity over quality, there's just not enough things in the story to keep me excited for the main quests, and the exploration can be a hassle at times, which regularly defeats any satisfaction from finding secrets and such. Regardless, I'm excited to jump into Skyward Sword later in the year, and also Link's Awakening Remake whenever I can afford it.

  • Rain on Your Parade

    In this game you are a cloud that has to rain on stuff through a sequence of small stages. It has some cool ideas but it's always so simple and uninteresting for the most part. You'll get powers but they never explore the mechanics to their potential.

    It's a collection of underdeveloped ideas, maybe cool for a small child, but at the same time it has a stage that's a Metal Gear parody, so I'm not sure who's their target audience.

    The art style is fine, same for music. It runs well and didn't encountered a single bug but it's just too shallow. I feel that if they had gone with a sandbox Goat Simulator style game they could have something special here, dividing it in small stages was a bad decision.

    If you enjoyed Donut County you might enjoy it.


  • Just finished ICO (PS3 remaster)... and I can't believe how good this game is! There's no better example of a game's quality being more than the sum of its parts.

    First of all, Bluepoint must have done something with the controls and such, because I think this controls way better than TLG and the SOTC remake. I can't believe that the OG version would control like this. I never got really annoyed during the platforming parts, and while "controlling" Yorda around can be a bit finicky, it never gets worse than slowing me down for a few seconds. Same thing for the camera. I was surprised about the fixed cameras at first, but it turned out great for me. It made the game look way more cinematic without bothering the gameplay too much.

    The castle's atmosphere is top notch. It feels empty/deserted, but in this sinister kind of way. It would have been so uncomfortable for me to explore on my own. It's also backed up by very effective ambiance and a handful of creepy tracks. The design of the castle is also pretty great, especially considering that all of castle's sections feels like they're actually connected and existing in a real world.

    Story wise, it's definitely Ueda-san's most minimalist work. I really like that Yorda's personality is mostly shown through her mannerisms, like shaking her head frantically when I keep bugging her to follow me up a path she can't take. I also love that I can see the main character and Yorda asleep on the couch whenever I return to the game after loading a save file, it's super cute.

    I think this is a unpopular opinion, but Ico is easily Ueda-san's finest game for me. I have no noteworthy complaints about it. Absolute masterpiece. (10/10)

  • For some reason I thought that Rain/Lost in the Rain is going to be a 2D platformer, but coming off Ico, this turned out to be a very familiar territory. First of all, this game looks quite amazing. The art style holds up quite well, and the rain effects (reflections especially) look incredible. The style of the UI and menus are eye catchingly minimalistic. I also like the children storybook-esque feel of the presentation, although I don't really like the narrative texts that kept appearing. The game also felt longer than it should, mostly because of the levels in the middle act of the game that felt complacent and flat. It had a great start and end though. The game controls well, never really had a problem with the platforming. It's quite the neat game, definitely worth a try despite it being a bit lacking in the level design department. Also, big points for using "Clair de Lune" very well, I really like that the game keeps teasing it right till the end.


  • Eastshade

    Imagine Skyrim but instead of killing stuff you are a painter visiting an island with the objective of fulfilling your dead mother's wish of painting her favourite spots. It's much shorter than Skyrim too, 10ish hours.

    Really, really chill game, nails exploration and the feel of getting to know a new place, people and culture. Great world design and although the graphics aren't ground breaking the art style is pretty solid. It has no waypoints but overall mission structure is smart enough to keep you focused, also it doesn't overwhelm the player with a billion quests.

    Beautiful soundtrack and environmental sound design. Does a great job in making the world feel like a real place.

    A bit buggy and technically very limited with an abundance of small annoyances. Pretty much like Skyrim. You don't get to ride a horse but you get a bicycle that feels awesome.

    Despite the technical limitations a special game.


  • Resident Evil 7

    I think the first half of the game is reasonable with the good level design, atmosphere and environments. Though I don't think gameplay is anything to write home about. Weapons feel and sound quite bad and movement is way too limited. Not just limited in how sluggish it feels but the lack of options, like not being able to peak at corners or you having a table that you could easily go under but the game treats it like an unsurpassable object.

    It also lacks ambition when it comes to problem solving during combat where it doesn't gives you tools to play around with the AI, so that leaves you with really mediocre combat and no worthy stealth mechanics.

    But still, the exploration during the first half makes up for the bad parts but then after you leave the house it's when the game runs completely out of ideas and turns into a very uninteresting and mundane experience where the only thing going for it is being named Resident Evil and it keeps getting worse and worse until an abysmal final boss.

    Kudos for the narrative, which makes very little sense but somehow manages to tie up everything in a satisfying way.


  • Resident Evil 6

    Been awhile since I played this so it was time to do it. Fresh save on PS4(145h on PS3) and splitting it between campaigns and playing solo/AI partner because it's way better than in RE5 and came through 95% of the time. AI died 3-4 times throughout all campaigns and only one was 100% their fault. Also I died 43 times(half intentionally because of getting max health after it) and some BS deaths. Also one part where I usually die didn't happen because of it. Also AI partner healing when I'm downed saved me from probably 100 deaths(best skill on solo). Anyway let's get into it.


    I hate this campaign. It's all over the place and have "smart" zombies. I did mention how bad enemies react to shots and it's just awful. You go down so much that you wonder if the univercity is located in the sky because it feels like forever going down and down and down. 1st location is just stupid and has stupid parts to it where you help civilians but they die immidiately next scene.Getting crushed by an ambulance is nice but I knew about it before so avoided it totally. The whole crypt part is probably the worst RE location in my opinion.
    Enter China. Plane crashed? No problem. What I like about this game is you encountering people from other campaigns but they are doing same stuff so basically you beat the same part twice multiple times going through all scenarios.
    Then we get to Simmons whom I hate with passion. This is the part where the virus doesn't make sense. It's like what can we make him turn into that looks cool. This petty guy who has confusing dialogue and has a huge hard-on on Ada which is basically the main plot(besides president's confession which didn't happen because he was taken out). The game just becomes a mess that just is there to throw in all action scenes they can think of. Also you can't run for the first 30 minutes or so which is even worse since I didn't include tutorial in it.
    Fighting Simmons is just a chore to go through and fighting him was never fun.


    This campaign is basically just a shooter. It's at least consistent on that part so you won't get annoying WTF moments because it's pretty straightforward. Of course enemy count gets annoying at times but it's nothing I couldn't handle. Also since I played as Chris, I didn't need to do the worst part mostly like the driving and losing your target. Also AI did good in final boss so it was a breeze.
    I hate snipers so much. You're overwhelmed by them on couple of parts but man leaving bad parts for Piers was just fun.
    Favorite enemies:

    This game has couple of really good ones. Also ending was probably best one but the bar is pretty low on that.
    Haoh was a non-issue even on the escape part since I have played it enough to know what to do in that part.
    Piers dying during escape at the harbor was 100% on AI. Guess that's because of his name. Also 4 character part was good where they are on roofs and others are on the ground is what I want other similar ones be and not just the same part.

    Ada/HUNK wannabe

    Looks like playing offline makes me play without one they patched in later. Her campaign is the worst but has some good stuff working at the background and supporting or watching other people. Carla was just as shallow as Simmons and both having the same frigging line "You got me, well played" just riled me up how bad it was. And Carla's final part was super annoying even normal. Probably the worst boss in the whole franchise.
    Also Deborah fight blows since I don't have a knife just to finish her.

    Jake/ Sherry

    While Jake has a cool dash and combo(he is Wesker's son after all) I didn't want to do the beginning of China part with him because it sucks(also Sherry in that outfit). Good thing is Sherry is carrying good weapons with her. Thoughout the game this campaign was the only time I had plenty of ammo all way through(Sadly I was hogging them that I didn't end up using most of it). Driving part is even worse on this one and I dided like 3 times on snowmobile at the same part which sucked. Thankfully Jake did all the driving part on bike in China.
    Before China though there was a part where I wanted to get a treasure and Jake died twice because AI somehow wanted to go in front of Ustanak or whatever it's called.
    This campaign was so cheesy and final part is cheesy to the max that I laughed. Love it.


    I might sound negative throughout the game but I still enjoy playing it. It has lots of problems and annoyances. The game took me 22 hours to beat and I wasn't rushing but it clearly was just too big for its own good. A Jack of All Trades - Master of None.
    It has solid controls and mechanisms that unfortunately doesn't work on many enemies and some have insane tracking onto you. The secret maneuvers you can do but is never explained is cool and you can probably find it on the internet like dash-quickturn-aim and other stuff(Lost Planet 2 with transforming mechs that combine!). Surroundings and locked camera angles can be tricky at times too since you can trip(whose dumb idea was it?) or collide against the wall.
    Animation and voice acting is top notch though script is abysmall at times.
    I think I liked it less this time around because while playing co-op is more struggle and all, it's still enjoyable since you can laugh at stuffs and playing together always feels good(unless you're playing as Sheva in RE5 final boss)


  • Full Throttle

    It's not my favourite point n click adventure but it's the one I would recommend to anyone who wants to try out a classic 90s title. It's very cinematic, solid fun writing and the puzzles are pretty straight forward. It's a game that you can finish in one sitting and that works really well with its presentation and writing.

    At the time this felt like an attempt to make the genre more accessible, and that's what kept it from being really a top tier adventure, but at the same time I can appreciate what they did building such a cool cinematic experience.

    (re)Played the remastered version, great job in updating the sound and visuals. You can also opt for developer commentary which makes a replay very worth it. Tim Schaefer is super funny and the insight into production is priceless.


  • Needed a change of pace and a smaller game so started


    Delightful game. Was a bit more emotional because of cold and a headache on couple of parts. You can clearly compare it to that other game but both has their own strenght in certain parts and glad it can be done in one sitting. Couple of things I wasn't fan off but not a big deal.


  • Demon's Souls (PS5)

    Very interesting playing the first "souls" game again after all these years. I think it's still one of my favorite From games. I really love the level design in Demon's Souls, more so than any Souls game, with the Tower of Latria being a real standout.

    I critize newer From games (Sekiro, Bloodborne and Dark Souls III) for being too difficult, especially the bosses in those games. But coming back to Demon's Souls after playing those games i think the demon's Souls bosses are now way too easy. I didn't even come close to dying on any of the bosses. I do like how varied they are here but some of the bosses that are meant to be agressive, like Maneater and Flamelurker, feel so dull and weak in comparison to newer From games. While I remember them giving me a lot of trouble back in the day.

  • The Wolf Among Us

    In the abundance of "free" games we are showered nowadays it's not unusual to find out that I already own a game without remembering it. I found out I had twau and decided to give it a go, now I can't wait for the second season.

    Really stellar cast of characters and universe, it nails the dark gritty atmosphere with its music, colour palette and themes. The first episode is near flawless. The following four never reach that same high but their still great. Some crashes on the last two episodes.

    It's not as emotionally impactful as the first Walking Dead but I feel the writing is much more thought provoking, mostly because its themes are so grounded, real and relatable. Made me want to check the books.


  • Just finished Mirror's Edge Catalyst, and it's pretty fun. I messed around quite a bit during the first few hours, but it became quickly clear to me that the main story missions offer much more exciting levels and environments than most of the side activities. Not to mention progressing through the story unlocks new areas to explore, which also get progressively more beautiful and harder to tackle. There's an okay story too. it's nothing special but it's engaging enough.

    At their best, the main traversal mechanics feels fluid, responsive, and satisfying to pull off. There's also gadgets that Faith unlocks after certain missions, which helps spice things up by introducing extra abilities such as swinging and zipping to the mix. Unfortunately the controls can get a bit finicky, and I end up dying by accidentally jumping off to my death quite often. Thankfully the respawn time is pretty quick, so for the most part it's not too bad. There's also the runner vision, which basically guides me to the waypoints by showing a red arrow passing through the environment. It works okay for the most part, but sometimes it just takes a while for the marker to show up (and it can even disappear suddenly!), which can be quite annoying.

    The open world structure felt unambitious, and it's because of the lack of variety and reward in the side activities. Most of them are just time trials, and there's too many of them. I didn't even feel the need to do most of them, because the rewards are only XPs, and the leveling system in this game is quite lacking since most of the best upgrades are the early ones. It ends up being a cycle of unsatisfaction. There are a few side stuff that I liked, like the ones where I had to climb big towers to unlock safe houses, and they're great because the level design gets quite challenging.

    Hopefully there's another Mirror's Edge game coming some day. There's no need to make it super big budget, and they certainly didn't need to make it open world if they can't make the most of it.