Last game you finished

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    Marvel's Avengers

    I honestly enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. I was hoping for basically Destiny with Marvel characters but actually got a pretty solid and cinematic singleplayer experience. Kamala Khan is perhaps one of the most endearing characters I've encountered in a game recently, and my penchant for capeshit helped me look past some of the game's other faults.


  • New Pokemon Snap

    Managing to successfully satiate nostalgia and revitalize one of Nintendo 64's most pleasurable videogame experiences, New Pokemon Snap is a breezy and relaxing on-rails photography game, managing to capitalize on what the original did so well, making discovering new Pokemon a joy and a revelation, constantly prodding you to find the best moments and capture them in snapshots. It's a little discouraging that you can't make the Pokemon evolve as you could do in the original game, and the star rating system is needless, but what truly matters is that New Pokemon Snap embraces the heart of its twenty-two year-old predecessor and successfully brings it to the modern day on the Switch in a serene and mostly impressive way.


  • Chrono Trigger

    Wow, what a game. I played it a long tike ago on PS1 but never finished it. This is what I want from an RPG. Not 1000 hours long, no cringey over the top sappiness or endless monologues, simple systems and cool effects. Probably a hit light for some but was just enough of everything for me. 2/10

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Is your scoring right?

  • Alice Madness Returns

    I'm surprised by how much I've enjoyed this. As a 3D platformer is quite precise, the level design is dense full of secrets and there's a lot of puzzle elements to breakdown level progression. Nothing complex but just enough to make you think. Unfortunately the art direction is not great and it's a shame. In a way they managed to get the mood right with its surreal approach but it is dull and uninspired for the most part. Same with character design, it never feels quite right. Horrible colour palette too.

    The combat is satisfying, there's not much variation but the game does an ok job at mixing enemy types. Melee fells better than distance but unfortunately you end up getting a long distance gun that becomes overpowered making everything else redundant.

    Story is really dark and interesting to follow and music is pretty awesome.


    Now I need a 2020s Alice game. Such a rich universe to explore.

  • Had to write these way before but I will still share them to get them of my chest(brain?).

    God of War(PS Vita)Great

    Still plays great most of the time with awesome combos, varied levels and enemies, beatiful soundtrack and intriguing mythological story. While playing it again in the Vita I became even more sure about 2018 has nothing compare to original trilogy in anyway.

    Spider-Man: Miles Morales(PS5)Good

    Spider-Man is my favourite fictional character ever so 2018 game was a real treat for a person like me. It was a really good game too thankfully. MM is still good and has the same fun gameplay from the original which is not surprising because of its standalone DLC nature but it also added, changed some minor points which is good to have like Miles' really cool swinging animations, updated bios with new events etc. Miles' venom powers and neon lights of the Tinkerer's crew make incredible scenes with RT on and also game is 60 fps too if you choose that.

    I liked the main story, it's not on par with 2018 game but still nice even though it should had 1-2 more missions; still don't agree that game is ''too short''. You can guess some of the twists but they sometimes still affect you. I have problems about some moments in the story but at the end I was touched by it. I finished the main story in 6-7 hours and played it near 17-18 hours while doing everything on the map. Side missions show progression after the critics about 2018's side activities and some of them are fun while game still has some bland ones but they are not annoying because traversal mechanics are still so much fun to use. Another thing is I liked Miles better here, in 2018 game he was not sympathetic enough for me to care about him.

    To wrap it up: This is a good launch game for a new console and I'm glad I had to chance to play it and can't wait to see a real sequel which is completely tailored for PS5 alone. I don't know if it's fair to compare but I still prefer Into the Spiderverse to this story when we look at popular works where Miles is the main player in recent years.

    I didn't want Phin to die, it would be nice to see her again in the future. Also Prowler's writing and implementing here was really weak comparing to Into the Spiderverse, especially the reveal of him to Miles as his uncle was so rushed and awkward.

    Crash Bandicoot(PS5 via backwards compatibility)Average

    Really annoying remake for a PS1 game and the only thing it improved over original is graphics. They didn't touch anything; not horrible and clunky jumping, not terrible hitbox of Crash and definitely not the disgusting camera angles in a game about PLATFORMING! Don't think I will try the sequels anytime soon, also can't get my head around why people like this series so much; the only reason I can think of is there were not many platformes in its time I guess.

    Resident Evil 2(2019)[Leon 1st Run](PS5 via backwards compatibility)Awesome

    Yeah, nearly one year after I finished it; I returned the remake and played it again in the same route which is Leon 1st, Claire 2nd. Shooting and feeling the kill is soooo good in this game that I can't get enough of it. Story is nice but my main gripe about

    it is it's not parallel stories going together and instead two stories together doesn't make sense for some parts because they clash on each other! Why didn't you work more on it so it could be really parallel stories instead of the current ones, I really don't understand this.

    Mr. X is annoying as usual.

    And I don't have a real problem about it but even though it's a survival-horror game, on Normal difficulty you usually have enough ammo most of the time, some people might not like this.

    I also tried The Ghost Survivors mode this time too, it is lazy and hard but I guess you can't expect much from a free content most of the time.

    Astro's Playroom(PS5)Great

    A love letter to PS history. PS5 is still a great point to get in the PS wagon, this game made me felt this way. Beatiful looking platform leves, great use of gamepad features, countless references to PS history and overall an interactive museum for previous gens. PS has a really special place in my heart and this game really touched that part and I was smiling ear to ear all the time with my time with it.

    Really liked how they made a game around the main purpose instead of just showing them in more boring ways. It will be a little bit ironic but my favourite levels were the ones in the vein of a classic 3D platformer and didn't like the levels about DualSense features a lot.

    If anyone caught all of the references about games let me know, there were ones I couldn't figure out.

  • Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (PS2)

    At first I thought it was alright, got a lot of nostalgia vibes for the first Ratchet out of it but the difficulty becomes insanely broken by the second half of the game. Your weapons barely do any demage even if they are fully upgraded. You need to waste all your ammo from one weapon just to kill a basic enemy and enemies take atleast one third of your health away when you get hit. Some attacks from the final boss killed me in 1 hit. I really can't understand why they balanced it so poorly, it makes the game horrible. Otherwise it would have been a fine game.

  • I've been bad about keeping up with the forums lately! Today I Finally finished up

    Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy (PS4)

    It's one I remember playing a demo for over and over on Xbox when my buddy and I used to get monthly magazines with them included, and I was always stoked to play it someday. I've got to say that the port is a little poor; text doesn't scroll at all for mission or ability information, the widescreen is forced and is basically just a zoomed in 4:3 image so some guns are cut off, and camera sensitivity needed to be changed in a couple levels or the game would break. But overall, despite those things, I still really enjoyed playing it. It has its share of dumb bad missions, but they're circumvented by the fact that it's so much fun to fill out a blank slate Jedi as you see fit. Lightsaber combat doesn't really hold up in my opinion for the most part. It was difficult to tell whether I was doing poorly because I wasn't skilled enough or if the game just didn't handle close combat well. I had to constantly keep a save every minute or two in case I got hit once in the wrong place and died. It's really tough for me to tell if that's an issue with the remaster though, or the game being dated in general.

    All gripes aside though, I still feel positive about the game. There are a cool and wide variety of missions to encourage different play styles. My favorite had a dude take your lightsaber away and try to hunt you down "Most Dangerous Game" style while you sneak around a base picking up equipment as you go. The best missions really shine and the worst ones just really stink. But it also makes me want another game with this concept of making your own Jedi the way you want in a non-Bioware style game. I'd absolutely dig a modern sequel or a Deus-Ex style sort of thing with a lot of the ideas this game brought up. I recommend it, but it's probably just better to play it on OG consoles or if you grab it on Steam.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern You forgot a digit. You meant to say 20/10.

  • @ozymandsss Only a joke. The more I think about it, the more it blows my mind that this is a SNES game. I've always felt that there was a big jump in JRPGs from 16 to 32-bit but this game, beyond no cutscenes of course, could easily be mistaken for a PS1 game. 20/10 indeed.

  • Finished Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception for the first time in a decade a few days ago. I know Uncharted 3 is possibly the most polarizing game in the series but I think it's fantastic. Weapons really sound thunderous if you put some headphones on-I'm afraid of waking people up when I play it at night. Hard mode isn't too tough if you don't get careless which is surprising to me because I didn't think I'd be able to beat it on that difficulty. I could try beating all the Uncharted games on veteran but I don't feel like losing my sanity.

  • @jdincinerator said in Last game you finished:

    I could try beating all the Uncharted games on veteran but I don't feel like losing my sanity.

    as someone who did that for all the platinums, please don't do that, lol

  • @bam541 Good advice.

  • @jdincinerator

    The first Uncharted that I've ever played. There is still no set-piece as gorgeous as

    the plane

    one; the most ''I'm playing a movie'' scene of all time.

  • @scotty That bit reminds me of the Uncharted 3 Subway commercial.

  • Psychonauts

    My first time playing it. I can see why so many people have this game as one of their all time favourites. Of course being a 3D platformer from 2005 there's issues, overall it controls well enough but I do feel that when it relies too much on the platforming is less enjoyable then when is more of an action/adventure game.

    Really enjoyed the classic adventure roots with the use of item based puzzles, on the other hand, for all the praise it gets I think the writing is not the best work from Tim Schaefer, far from it.

    In all honesty I'll take the psvr Psychonauts over this, mostly for the writing, but this was still a cool experience and got me hyped for Psychonauts 2.


  • @phbz

    Definitely one of my favorites in the way that it switches up what you do in different levels in a really old school Lucas Arts sort of Adventure game way, but I also recognize it is probably pretty dated in a lot of ways.

    What did you play it on out of curiosity? Certain platforms performed way better than others so I was curious if that may be why the platforming was less fun in your case (or if it was just a personal enjoyment factor)

  • @happygaming Played it on the SeriesX.

    It's just not a very precise platformer and feels like more play testing was needed to smooth the level design. But this is a 15yo game so I don't want to be too judgemental. I does hold up well but it lacks some polish for modern standards.

    The writing on the other hand was disappointing considering Tim's previous works.

    The game had a bit of trouble during development and I think it shows. Still I can see how someone at the right age playing it in 2005 could be mindblown by it since no doubt there's a lot of fresh ideas and creativity here.

  • RiME

    I think if you're a fan of Journey, Abzu, The Last Guardian and that kind of game you can't go wrong with this one. One of my favourite titles from last gen and I decided to replay it just to check if my feelings towards it still hold... I really really love this game!

    First of all I adore the atmosphere. The world is so peaceful and relaxing, particularly initially, it gives strong Mediterranean summer vibes. Then you have the ruins and temples very reminiscent of classical and ancient Roman architecture. Reminds me of childhood holidays.

    I think it's nearly perfectly paced. Although you have absolutely no hud, the game establishes a simple language that guides the player effortlessly through the game and puzzle difficulty is on point too. They're accessible, but not "put the eagle medallion in the eagle statue" easy, with just the right amount of challenge to make you pause for a while, read the environment and reach a solution quickly. And when the solution isn't immediately obvious usually the level design will take you where you need to be. Imo this type of design is a must for this kind of game, prioritising fluidity over difficulty to assure a smooth progression, while maintaining some level of challenge.

    Music is done by the same guy who did Hellblade and Arise, David Garcia Diaz. This was my first contact with his work and I immediately became a fan. Great composer and sound designer.

    Unfortunately even now in the SeriesX it's a game that suffers from performance issues, with some sections where the frame rate drops hard.


    Shout out to Damiani's review which I agree with 99%. Except regarding the visual glitches he reported on PC which I had none on console.

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