Last game you finished

  • Another World

    My favourite game of all time, deeply flawed and arguably not that great but hugely influential. You wouldn't have games like Limbo and Inside but even Kojima was influenced by it.

    It blew my mind at the time, nowadays it's mostly for the nostalgia but I still can appreciate all the storytelling elements and art direction. Plenty of interesting design decisions too.

    Pretty standard puzzle platformer with a big emphasis on story. A cool adventure that took me and my brother a long time to beat and nowadays 30 years after it takes me under 30 minutes.


    Cool 15m documentary about the game.
    Youtube Video

  • @phbz I bought it on PS4 a while ago, haven't got past the first 30 minutes but it's really cool so far. I should get back on it tbh

  • Just finished Resident Evil 8 and here are some likes and gripes with my personal overall score:
    -Weapons really pack a crunch
    -Some really good boss encounters
    -The Lady D section
    -Good sound design
    -Lycans might make your skin crawl
    -Gets a bit too trigger happy later on
    -Serves up too many reminders of previous Resi games
    -Lady D kinda feels like the only character in the game with intrigue
    -In spite of losing his daughter-Ethan is a real dullard and states the obvious
    -Not as gripping or memorable as RE7

    Although it doesn't do a lot to move Resident Evil beyond the established framework and doesn't match or surpass the excellent of RE7, Resident Evil 8 is still a delicious slice of survival horror.

  • Resident Evil 7(PS5 via backward compatibility)

    Heard a lot of praises for this one.

    ''Welcome to family son.''

    was everywhere after it came out. And finally -after finishing my first RE ever with RE2 remake- I decided to see this one because vampire mommy is coming. So here we go:



    is AWESOME and one of the most intense gaming experiences for me, just like the

    Police Station part of RE2 remake, this one's house parts are really nice even though suspense decrease after first part with Jack.

    +Story is intriguing and I really like this universe, keep exploring more about it is just great.
    +Main antagonists are interesting
    +Combat is satisfying enough
    +First person camera angel really helps the game's atmosphere. I'm surprised that I liked it this much since I am a sucker for Third Person camera angel.
    +Puzzles are fun and not annoying, add some variety to the game(just like other REs)

    Eveline twist is nice

    -After the first


    game just lose nearly all of its charm and starts to becoma a chore that you keep thinking ''Finish already''. They really dropped the ball with

    Mia sections, especially that long ass flashback. And mine sections are just bland.

    -Boss fights are not smooth and clunky. Other than

    Jack's final form

    -While it's good to have explanations for

    creatures, Eveline and Baker family
    it still feels forced and they are just throwing fantasy elements in this.

    -While combat is satisfying enough it's still not great and some weapons feels unnecessary or nerfed.

    (grenade launcher for example)

    -Creatures in this are so lazy from design point. Feels like they didn't even try.
    -Ethan is not an interesting character even though I don't despise him.
    -Don't know this should count as con but

    I am starting to get annoyed by unkillable stalkers in these games. Let me play the game Goddammit!

    I want to try DLCs for this one, especially End of Zoe because I am curious about how it connects to main game.


    If they could keep the momentum from the parts I really liked, we could have something really special but it's still very nice for a first in the series with it's camera angel.

    Edit: Please bring a different kind of spoiler feature in this site because using the corrent from cause posts like these instead of more compact ones for example like in discord.

  • Finished Control and now that's three big games completed in a week-as for Control's likes and gripes:
    -Telekinetic powers are awesome
    -Gaining new abilities throughout the story gives you something new to play with
    -Decent destructibility
    -Gunplay is executed brilliantly
    -The TV show appeal is invigorating
    -Accessibility options are commendable
    -The map is really annoying to navigate
    -Characters are dull
    -The metallic and red colours get old and makes exploring uninviting

    Empowerment is what makes Control a highly enjoyable experience even if the game's map and characters leave a bit to be desired.

  • Dark Anthology: Man of Medan

    I'm all for a horror series of games and I can even tolerate not being great, I mean more b movie less hereditary, for the fun of it. But this is rough, except for the visual presentation there's little going for it. Controls terribly and the interactions are really basic, so as a game isn't great but also 90% of the horror here are jump scares and most of them unearned.

    I'll play more of the anthology eventually, hoping for improvements, because as I've said initially I appreciate the concept but both writing and gameplay need big a improvement.


  • I finished Resident Evil 4 after a long time. I hadn't propably played this since PS2 when it was absolutely one of my favourite games ever. And of course it still holds up. A really tight game! Had to finish Separate Ways with Ada as well, for sure.

    My body is ready if there's ever a remake actually coming. Though I'm not sure if I'd actually dare to play it with the modernizations in everything, including the horror elements! :P I've seen how terrificly frightening the other remakes have been.

  • I finished Ghost of Tsushima on Sunday-should've completed it last year but I think holding off and getting through it on my PS5 was a good idea-anyway here are the likes and gripes:
    -Visually one of if not the best looking games to grace a Playstation console
    -Combat encounters are really slick and awesome
    -An inspired and meticulous samurai videogame
    -The different stances really help to shake up otherwise rudimentary battles
    -Makes you feel like a badass
    -Probably a bit too serious
    -Doesn't do anything new to the overfamiliar open-world format
    -The ending is a bit stupid
    One of the coolest and interesting Playstation exclusives held back somewhat by its familiar open-world trappings and overly-serious tone.

  • Speed Limit

    Finished this in like 40 mins, It's a really short, cheap, and challenging game. You play as a regular looking dude with a really, really powerful handgun for most of the game. The game changes it's gameplay style in each big section, from a sidescroller to a OutRun-esque 3D motorcycle section, and each section keeps getting harder as more obstacles are introduced. The last two big sections were a bit too long and almost gets annoying, but it is completely forgiven with a fun and quite challenging final boss. (8/10)

  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)

    Wanted to play this before starting the FFVII remake.

    I really liked it. I thought the story was really good. I liked it more than most Final Fantasy stories. It tells a more personal tale. It also looks pretty good for a PSP game, to my surprise. The combat is very simplistic but enjoyable for the most part.

    I hate how you level up in this game, it is so random. Fighting random encounters is so unrewarding because you don't earn any XP. I had an unfortunate event where I leveled up 3 times during a boss fight but then the game crashed and next time I tried I didn't level up at all. I really hate this slot machine system for leveling. Thankfully Crisis Core is a super easy game.

  • Mad Max

    Really like this game although it has a lot of flaws and compromised design decisions.

    Played it on the X with the 60fps update and auto HDR, considering this is an early gen Xbox One game it looks really good. How it looks and sounds is a big part of why I like it so much, the beautiful sky boxes, post processing effects, gorgeous desert landscapes along with the sound design simultaneously very in your face and atmospheric.

    The combat is just ok but I love how brutal it feels. Exploration isn't amazing but I do like the diversity of the locations and how real they feel within the world, level design in the main enemy locations it's interesting just done right so as it's rewarding to clear a base.

    Then there's the car stuff which really pushes the game, pretty much the best car combat I can think of, and just driving in this huge desert landscapes is a joy. The use of smoke columns to mark locations is a nice navigation trick.


  • I've completed Rift Apart and I have to say it's my current GOTY for 2021 so far-so here are the likes and gripes:
    -An absolutely ferociously fantastic sense of scale and bombast
    -Tremendously vibrant and does much to wow
    -Rivet is a wonderful new character
    -Action is constantly frenetic and satisfying
    -Weapons are amazingly diverse and quirky
    -A total showpiece for the PS5
    -The finale is a bit too drawn out and predictable
    -Perhaps too short
    -Qwark's voice and lack of appearances
    -Clank sections are rather shallow
    A fantastic adventure that never stops thrilling, Rift Apart is the showpiece that the PS5 has been waiting for.

  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5)

    It's an amazing shodwpiece for the PS5 and quite a decent game. It is way too cinematic for my taste however. There's a lot of story and I don't particular enjoy the direction enjoy the themes and tone of the stories for Ratchet post the PS2 era.

    It's the fifth best Ratchet game for me, after the PS2 trilogy and A Crack in Time.

    Guilty Gear -STRIVE- (PS5)

    Another fantastic Guilty Gear game. It looks incredible, plays incredible, sounds incredible,... Guilty Gear is just such a consistantly great series.
    I like some of the quality of life improvements, escpecially showing you a clip of the move in the command list. It's something I was every fighter to do from now on.

  • Metro Exodus

    Sweet next gen update. I guess the ray traced global illumination is nice but the 60 fps is really the transformative improvement. I enjoyed the game the first time I played it but the 30fps and high input lag got in the way of my enjoyment.

    I like the balance of the average sized open world sections and the tense "dungeons", except for the forest area I think they did a great job with level/world design and atmosphere. Particularly in the more atmospheric moments it's one of those games that reminds me why I prefer 1st person to 3rd.

    Great HUD design, how it integrates and animates in game adds a lot to the immersion. Deals with loot really well too, not giving you junk and being clear enough so that you don't end up all the game searching in every corner for stuff.

    Love the train journey across Russia, it was a really cool idea and well executed. Story is fine, the writing isn't great but the relationship with Anna is well built.

    Mixed texture work holds back the visuals. AI is not great but functional. The forest world is a low point but still has its moments. The last 30 minutes could be more polished.


  • Just got through finishing Days Gone after about 50 and it's one of the most conflicting games I've played in a long time-as in there are many positives and many negatives that it's really tough for either side to cancel the other out. Here are the likes and gripes:
    -The biker aesthetic is really cool and gives the open-world a real zest
    -The story does sink its hooks in very convincingly
    -Melee weapons feel meaty and exacting to use
    -Witnessing Hordes rush towards you is an adrenaline-high
    -The soundtrack is quite good
    -Some wonderful natural sights to behold
    -Deacon is a yes-man gun for hire who is docile and lacks conviction
    -Needing to fuel your bike constantly straight-up sucks
    -Though the hordes are great they are a pain in the posterior to actually take on
    -Dialogue is really terrible
    -Annoying bugs and oddities
    -The finale is meh
    A post-apocalyptic open-world that has as many highs as it does lows, Days Gone is fantastic when it's focused on story and offering you a gratifying freaker-slaying experience, but a myriad of bugbears hold it down and bites a chunk out of its flesh.

  • @jdincinerator

    Would you say that story could benefit from a more compact and shorter length?

  • @scotty Absolutely in my opinion but I have read that the length is justified because it's meant to be a long journey and it's not always going to be stuffed with entertaining moments. I also think a 7 might be too generous as well but I do acknowledge the qualities that I found in Days Gone even though it's honestly one of the most peculiar and conflicting games I've ever played.

  • Super Metroid, which I have never beaten before (odd, considering how long I've owned it.

  • Evil Within 2

    Interesting to compare it with the 1st one, although very different I enjoyed it about the same, maybe a bit less.

    It never gets as bad as the original gets at some points but it never reaches the moments of absolute brilliance either. It's a more cohesive game with a more chill mood but I did miss the thrills and stress of the original. I think I died 100 in the first game, here 20.

    Story is better although the last hour or so drags way too much but this is videogames 101. Like the saying goes a good 20h game is a great 10h game, something that affects both Evil Within games equally.

    But overall I really enjoyed taking more of a stealth approach and having now played the original the story kept me engaged.

    The hub world here is a huge step down from the original.


  • Planet Alpha

    This is one of those games I'm really happy to have played, even with all its problems.

    It's a Puzzle platformer but with the twist that for the most part keeps you on the move instead of stoping you section by section to solve a puzzle. It does this quite successfully and has a really nice flow to it. And it does this while you witness in the backgrounds the events that take place in this world.

    Its conceptually extremely interesting but unfortunately it has some deep issues. They go for a very eccentric art style that for the most part doesn't feel quite right with an awful use of colour. I had to switch off the
    HDR because it was like a bad trip. Really messy visuals and to make it worse the frame rate at 30 FPS, with occasional stuttering, makes it close to a disaster. Specially because the game wants you to be on the run, the fluidity of 60 fps was needed, more so with the busy visuals.

    From a gameplay perspective it's competent but I'll say a more solid platformer than your regular puzzle platformer. There's moments when everything comes together and you can see what could have been.

    It's not too long, I recommend it to fans of the genre but it's very flawed. But damn it really has the heart in the right place. I honestly think that this whole concept executed at the level of an Limbo/ Inside could make for a truly legendary title.