Last game you finished

  • Super Metroid, which I have never beaten before (odd, considering how long I've owned it.

  • Evil Within 2

    Interesting to compare it with the 1st one, although very different I enjoyed it about the same, maybe a bit less.

    It never gets as bad as the original gets at some points but it never reaches the moments of absolute brilliance either. It's a more cohesive game with a more chill mood but I did miss the thrills and stress of the original. I think I died 100 in the first game, here 20.

    Story is better although the last hour or so drags way too much but this is videogames 101. Like the saying goes a good 20h game is a great 10h game, something that affects both Evil Within games equally.

    But overall I really enjoyed taking more of a stealth approach and having now played the original the story kept me engaged.

    The hub world here is a huge step down from the original.


  • Planet Alpha

    This is one of those games I'm really happy to have played, even with all its problems.

    It's a Puzzle platformer but with the twist that for the most part keeps you on the move instead of stoping you section by section to solve a puzzle. It does this quite successfully and has a really nice flow to it. And it does this while you witness in the backgrounds the events that take place in this world.

    Its conceptually extremely interesting but unfortunately it has some deep issues. They go for a very eccentric art style that for the most part doesn't feel quite right with an awful use of colour. I had to switch off the
    HDR because it was like a bad trip. Really messy visuals and to make it worse the frame rate at 30 FPS, with occasional stuttering, makes it close to a disaster. Specially because the game wants you to be on the run, the fluidity of 60 fps was needed, more so with the busy visuals.

    From a gameplay perspective it's competent but I'll say a more solid platformer than your regular puzzle platformer. There's moments when everything comes together and you can see what could have been.

    It's not too long, I recommend it to fans of the genre but it's very flawed. But damn it really has the heart in the right place. I honestly think that this whole concept executed at the level of an Limbo/ Inside could make for a truly legendary title.


  • Just finished replaying Medal of Honor (2010), and I was expecting it to not hold up at all, but it's actually not bad. I'm strictly talking about the singleplayer here.

    It's quite short (less than 4 hours), but it didn't really have the variety and quality story to justify longer playtime anyways. The gunplay is pretty solid, and I had a good time playing the whole thing without aim assists. Using the shotgun is especially fun. The story is, y'know, typical American war story stuff, although it's nowhere near as bombastic as many of its peers, which I do kinda appreciate. The atmosphere in some levels are pretty nice, althouth the level design is pretty average.

    In a way, this game does have a bit of that heroic spirit that MoH games have. I think it tried its best to be a proper modern MoH game, but it certainly doesn't have the charm of the old games. It's nothing bad though, it's just barely above average.


  • Dishonored -Death of the Outsider

    Big fan of Arkane but not much of a DLC guy. But this clocking at around +10h was a big miss on my part.

    The first missions are not that thrilling but as the game progresses pretty much everything gets more interesting. Story, world building and level design are really great but gameplay doesn't quite reach the same heights of Dishonored 1 & 2. Still great and a joy to mess around with. I honestly love the design philosophy of Arkane Studios (and I'm genuinely concerned over Deathloop and Redfall).

    There's something that I never saw mentioned about this is that it connects the universes of Prey and Dishonored. There's a mission where you find a bank safe with the name Morgan Yu (main protagonist of Prey) but also towards the end you get to go to the Void and there's creatures there that resemble a lot the Typhon


    Also, the Void is a "place" where there's no time and I remember reading a document in Prey about the Typhon being able to move to a dimension that allowed them to bypass time. Super interesting lore craft going on here.


  • UFC 4

    By finishing the game I mean achieving GOAT status on the career mode.

    I didn't know exactly what to expect. Right in the beginning as you make your character you are presented with the amazing opportunity of microtransactions if you really want those cool shorts...

    The career mode starts with you as the typical nobody, it's perfectly functional with no side emotional BS and I appreciate the focus. There's a social media and hype side to it, with beef between rival and stuff like that. Sadly it's very shallow and after a few fights it's completely gone.

    Combat is fun with a lot of depth - at least for a newbie like me- but the fights tend to end fairly quickly and then you have to go through the loop of getting in shape, managing hype, studying your rivals and learning new moves for several weeks until the new fight day, which when it ends up after a KO at 30 seconds of the first round can bring some frustration. But I guess that's a "faithful" recreation of combat sports.

    All in all I really enjoyed the combat but I wish the stuff around it had more depth.


  • @phbz UFC 4 is pretty good when it comes to gameplay but there are so many small details that are missing and EA haven't implemented since their first effort with the UFC videogame license in 2014. I thought the roster was disappointingly hollow when it came out in August last year, but since then there have been some neat free updates with fighters who should've been in the game all along-and there are still a bunch that should be in the game that currently aren't. Still no Marcin Tybura, Sergey Spivak, Geoff Neal, Ian Heinisch, Sean Brady, Brandon Royval, Amanda Ribas, Irene Aldana, Yana Kunitsaya, Islam Makhachev, Thiago Moises, Magomed Ankalaev, Paul Craig and so on and so on and so on. Maybe there are too many fighters for EA to put into the game, but the omissions tend are so obvious to avid UFC fans.

  • Sea of Thieves - A Pirate's Life

    SoT is one of the most frustrating games I've ever played. I love everything about it - the incredible sea simulation, lighting, sound design and sense of freedom and adventure - except having to interact with humans in this world. And this is something shared with other people, they love the game but hate the people, and for sometime there's been a call for a chill solo experience without all the grieving.

    I was honestly hoping A Pirate's Life was going to be that experience aimed at solo players, but not quite really. It does a fairly good job in giving you a taste of SoT but is way too linear and too preoccupied in telling a story. And when you objectively look at what's present here, an adventure based on environmental puzzles mixed with platforming and combat, for the most part it's too underdeveloped and more aimed at being a fun co-op than a solid single player.

    I think this is aimed at people that already play the game as an opportunity to bring people on the fence to play the game with them but for those who were expecting this to be a solo translation of the multiplayer experience this is not it.

    So yeah, for the SoT player or people fan of co-op in general this might be a cool thing but it's absolutely not what I want. Still it has some really cool moments.


  • Katana Zero

    Holly shit, this is one of the most impressive 2D side scroller I've ever played. Very unconventional all around, the main gameplay loop takes you from set to set in situations where you usually have to kill every one on the screen within a time limit and you get killed with one hit. A very puzzle like approach to combat situations with space to be creative. You'll probably fail a lot but the game gets you back in action almost immediately and clearing a level never stops being satisfying.

    When you're not fighting you have the story sequences that mainly consist of you in your therapy sessions or on you decrepit apartment. These sections are interactive and the writing is really good.

    Great pixel art, superb music... seriously the music in this game is too good. And overall one of the best directed, cohesive, games I've played. Surprisingly subversive and inspired, totally not what I was expecting (which was a Shinobi style game, but it's so much more).

    As a negative, but not that serious, is that as difficulty ramps up some sections can get a bit less enjoyable.


  • @phbz When Replaced showed up at E3, I thought we were finally getting the Katana Zero DLC.

  • @demonpirate Oh damn, I saw now that in 2021 some free DLC is supposed to come out.

  • @phbz Yeah, it was announced a while back and it has grown to half the size of the original game now.

  • Carto

    Very charming wholesome puzzle adventure. Core mechanic is interesting, as you travel the world your map works like a puzzle which allows you to manipulate the "real" world as you progress. For the most part is very intuitive and accessible, except for one of the final areas where it gets a bit clumsy but nothing that ruins the game.

    It's a really chill game, without violence and full of charming characters you get to know along your travels.

    The art style is ok, cool watercolor style but nothing amazing. Same for music, functional but melodically, harmonically and rhythmically very bland. It fits the chill atmosphere but it deserved more to push it to the next level.


  • I also just finished Carto! I started this like 1-2 months ago, which might sound weird considering it's just 5-6 hours in length. This is one of those games that needs a specific kind of mood to enjoy for me, and honestly there's a part of me that wants this game to not end yet because it's just so goddamn lovely. I'm very, very impressed by how this good this game turned out to be.

    The game is very reliant on it's main mechanic, which is connecting a bunch of map tiles in certain ways to be able to progress. It could have very easily ran out of steam early one, but it just keeps adding interesting twists in each new level, which is enough to keep the game far away from being boring.

    An aspect of the game that really surprised me is the story and world lore. The game sets up a cohesive and charismatic world filled with neat and memorable characters, and each time the game presents each new bits of the story as the adventure goes, it feels so exciting to me. There's a good variety of biomes to explore, and each new area has it's own community with it's own culture and stuff. By the end of the game, I actually got attached to many of the characters, despite most of them not having a significant amount of development, since y'know, it's such a short game. There's also some very touching moments in the story, and I think I almost cried at one point.

    There's also a particularly cool aspect in the story that not only adds an interesting layer to the way I view this world, but also supplements all the side story arcs in the game in a satisfying way. I don't want to mention it by name to avoid spoiling it.

    Lastly, the chill and jolly vibes of this game is very palpable. From seeing various events that happen in the story, and the way they're presented, it's clear to me that the devs intended this game to feel uplifting. The way the many of the characters talk to each other, the art style, the music; everything in this game is just built to make me smile and it's very lovely.

    If I got to play this before our 2020 GOTYs vote, this would definitely make top 4. I love this game so much! It's a 9/10 for me, and the only reason I won't give it a higher score is because I know they can do so much more with this world and gameplay concept. I feel like they're holding back at times, but it still turned out to be great.

  • @phbz best video game character from 2020, don't @ me

  • @bam541 I couldn't stop hugging him <3

  • @phbz lol same, the game gave a lot of chances to hug him too.

  • Bloodroots- Ended up really enjoying this one even though my controller nearly went through the TV in anger a few times. Even got an achievement for dying 100 times in one encounter. Saying that the game is a fair challenging without being cheap. Gameplay is so satisfying & doesn't outsay its welcome. Only 1.30% completion rate on Xbox doesn't look like many people stick with it.

  • Death's Door

    For €20 this is almost mandatory. Clearly inspired by Zelda and Dark Souls but with its own character. Accessible while presenting some challenge, great focus on exploration, elevated by excellent level design and a ton of secrets to discover. Controls like a dream.

    The graphics and art style are great with some nice details. Really can't point a negative on the visuals. Interesting world and characters.

    Generally I like games that dare not to use a map but here I feel like it needs one. The levels are so interconnected and packed with stuff to unlock that I feel a map could help a lot to keep things in check.

    But my biggest nitpick is with the sound/music which surprised me since I've heard several people praising it. I get that, the music is fine I guess but the game has music playing non stop and this is the kind of game that I much rather have an atmospheric approach than musical. This really prevented me from enjoying the game more as it disconnects me from the world.

    Still a great game that we might see getting some shoutouts coming goty season.