Last game you finished

  • From one great game to another in the span of a day-I've just completed The Artful Escape and just like Life is Strange: True Colours it took my breath away. A truly whimsical and delightfully majestic experience with music and light-platforming at its center. Here are the pros and cons:

    +Amazingly colourful and whimsical experience,
    +Totally spellbinding,
    +Pleasantly easygoing and empowering.

    -A brief game,
    -Levels can drag,
    -Characters aren't as mighty as the game's all-encompassing presentation.


  • @jdincinerator Got space cake just to play that game. It's been on my radar since it was announced and I can't wait!

  • @phbz That reminds me True Colours introduced me to funnel cakes.

  • @jdincinerator First time I've heard about Funnel cakes, doesn't seem like you can get high on them but they do look delicious.

    Halo 2 Anniversary

    Only my second time playing it, I did enjoy the visual upgrade here more than in CE. Music also an improvement imo. The cut scenes are great, would watch a Netflix season of this.

    Compared with CE I didn't quite recalled how much of a better game it is, fantastic really (although the opening hours of the original are still absolute top tier.) The flood keeps being shit but it's dealt way better, more sparsely, feels less like filler. Same for level design, practically no filler, more varied and complex.

    If story in CE is more my type of sci-fi, more centred around "place", here is more about politics and I think it's great. The 2 characters could be better explored (specially in a post TLoU2 world) but it works well.

    Cortana starts her descent into being an annoying character.

    Overall the game gives me the weird feeling that mission structure needed a last refinement, still good but somewhat "unfinished".


  • Do they not have funnel cakes (we call them beaver tails here) in Europe? Every fall fair seems to have them. Corn mazes, biggest turkey contests, demolition derby, ferris wheels, candy apples and funnel cake. Love me a fall fair.

  • @dipset I think we have with a different shape. That's similar to a churro right?

  • @phbz

    It’s similar to churro batter but churros use a different sugar topping. Funnel cakes have a powder sugar.

    Churros are super popular in the US but here in Canada we have waaaaay more funnel cake spots.

    Fun fact - the company “Beaver Tails” has the most food poisoning and health violations than any other company in Canada. Eat at your own risk when you visit lol

  • @dipset We have churros and a bigger version called farturas.

    Then during Christmas we have a variety of deep fried doughs seasoned with sugar and cinnamon which I love and am glad we just don't have them outside December. Sonhos ("Dreams" normal dough and pumpkin dough, very light dough mostly air), Filhos (similar to Sonhos but thicker, also with a pumpkin variety, I think similar to your beaver tails) and Fatias Douradas ("Golden Slices" slice of old bread soaked in milk and then deep fried).

  • Just beat No More Heroes 3

    Absolutely incredible. Everything I wanted from a No More Heroes game and more. It's Suda at his most batshit crazy, but with actually competent game design. 95% of the bosses are great, and for the first time in the series the stuff you do in between them is actually fun too.

    It's oozing with style, more so than any other Suda game, no small feat. It moves a mile a minute but somehow never becomes grating, frequently making me laugh my ass off at the sheer ridiculousness.

    The combat is solid, perhaps a bit basic but the mechanics feel good. If I were to have one criticism it would be that some of the boss fights are too easy on bitter, but frankly I think it says a lot about their quality that I want them to last longer.

    It's been like 10 years since the last numbered title, but damn was the wait worth it. Current GOTY.

  • The Artful Escape

    Been waiting on this one for a while. Left me with mixed feelings. Stunning art style and colour palette, reminiscent of 70's psychedelica. The writing and voice acting were a pleasant surprise, same for the cast of characters.

    I find funny how odd the central theme is, considering we're in 2021, having a game centered in the musical cultural change from 60s to 70s it's kind of out of place. Although of course the real focus is around being your own person and the legacy from those who came before you and that's timeless.

    Costumization is cool, not only visual, and feeds the writing and world building, that's cool.

    What left me disappointed was small things, like performance drops, bad limp sync and above all weird choices in game design. Specifically, I wished the musical parts depended more on musicality than just pressing a button to play, or simply repeat button patterns. The only a few sections that let you freely play chords and follow the rythmic backdrop were the ones I enjoyed more. Left me with the impression that they couldn't quite nail what they had in mind and went with a simpler approach. I don't want to write too much but I can think of better solution to gamify music interactions in better ways and still remain simple.

    Cool audiovisual experience, at 4/5hours I highly recommend. Could have been much better though.


  • Halo 3

    In some ways my least favourite of the trilogy. Yes, movement speed is greatly improved, same as weapons from firing to reloading. Driving vehicles is improved too, pace is close to perfect yet it feels to me somewhat vulgar, closer to being a military shooter than the previous games. Not much atmosphere to soak in, no suspense, no real character development contrarily to the promising beginning. But it does feel fantastic to play.

    Kudos for the horrible final driving section that manages to be as trash as in the original, but in different ways.

    Would be cool to have an anniversary edition too, 4 looks considerably better.


  • Superliminal

    Puzzle game that centers around perspective and optical illusions, it does a great job in keeping things flowing. It's quite simple, not heavy on obtuse logic yet entertaining in how it keeps messing with you.

    What keeps it from being great is the writing, it really needed to be Stanley Parable/Portal level of quality for it really shine, unfortunately it's just OK, even if the subtext is interesting.

    It's on Game Pass, so anyone in for a short, out of the left field game, go for it. Just don't expect a masterpiece.