Last game you finished

  • Sagebrush

    I've been spending quite a bit of time watching YouTube lately, PC horror game playthroughs mostly and I've really enjoyed some of the indie titles that have opted for a very "PS1" looking style of graphics. I had a quick peek to see what was available for PS4 and came across this little game.
    It's definitely a walking sim/exploration game but I was really caught up in the little story it told about the pieces left following the formation of a radical, religious cult. (The story of Jonestown always fascinated me)
    It's very short, but it was only about £2 i think so I more than got my moneys worth out of this.

  • Echo Generation

    A JRPG type game with minimum amounts of randomly generated combat? Sign me in! Plus add to that the Stranger Things vibes and the influences of 90s Lucas Arts adventures and I just can't say no. Lovely art style and music too.

    On the negative side... It's not a well balanced game, combat deserved more because easily you'll be doing the same actions over and over since there's a lot of redundancy. I still rather deal with this issue than with hundreds of filler rnd encounters.


  • The Forgotten City

    Plays kind of like Skyrim but limited to a city. Don't want to say much, similarly to Outer Wilds it's a game that's worth to know as little as possible and experience it for yourself.

    Very well written mystery! Comparing it with Outer Wilds I'll say it's less elegant in structure, as the mechanics are not completely incorporated within the narrative (ie you can die and load) but it's less cryptic and more accessible, progression is very intuitive.

    Although limited in scope and budget, it still looks good and it is executed close to perfection within its limitations. Will most probably feature in my top for 2021.


  • Alan Wake: American Nightmare

    I love Alan Wake and Remedy but this is rough. Clearly a cool idea someone had in a drawer that was rushed to make a quick buck. Still fun at certain points and the general mood is cool but... meh disappointing.


  • Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 (Switch)

    I quite liked the original, it was a nice throwback to Castlevania III but the sequel is so much better. The characters are more diverse and are very unique. The level design is also a lot better. There are also some great references to other Konami classics.

    This game is extremely difficult though. Way more than the original. Maybe even more so than Castlevania III which is already one of the hardest side scrolling action games ever made. There is one stage that took me 2 hours to beat. You need to master every character to beat the game and I found the challenging gameplay very satisfying.

  • Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (SMS)

    I'm not a fan of Alex Kidd but this one is really good. It's basically a cute version of Shinobi. Very fun platformer, eventhough it is extremely short.

    Doom (32X)

    It's not the best looking Doom version obviously and it is missing some levels but it actually plays surprisingly well. It's much better than the SNES version, overal an impressive game for the 32X.

    Mega Man X2 (PS4)

    It's sadly not as good as I remember. I always thought this was a better game than the original but I changed my mind. While it has some improvements over the original, most notable the upgrades, especially the air dash, it is overal not as well designed as the original. It is just too punishing and unfair. The original was difficult but it always felt fair. The bosses also take way too long to defeat even with using their weakness.
    The weapons are really great, the ost is excellent and it's a very good looking SNES game with some cool 3D effects.

  • 9/10. I wrote a short review here!

  • Finally got 100% in Metroid Dread.
    and Fuck You Speed Booster puzzles!!!

  • @yoshi I don't know why people are saying these are hard. I did them all first try with the joycons in the off hands. Seriously though, if I miss the down input to charge shinespark on the last part of one of these again...I will probably yell "why can't I use the D-pad to move?!" again.

  • Forza Horizon 5

    Pretty much the same strengths and weaknesses as 4. Just incredible world design and a driving model that's a joy. Jaw dropping in quality mode but honestly after an hour or so I changed it to 60 fps and never considered going back. I'll say what I said regarding 4, it's a 10/10 until you have to deal with all the stuff that wraps it. But aside from all the wheelspins and the cool hip young people trying too hard is another masterpiece of car porn.


  • Mortal Shell

    Overall a good experience. Challenging but very accessible, in the way as you absolutely can't button mash and small mistakes become deadly quickly but as long as you are present you'll probably beat every boss at the first try or so once you get familiar with the combat. Combat might become repetitive once you master it but I like that Dark Souls style dormancy of getting comfortable with your typical moves.

    The world is great but the central area is a bit too dull and could do a better job differentiating its visual references but I love how its designed and the progression from being a labyrinth to becoming familiar is kinda brilliant.

    You can notice that's not a AAA but I'll say they definitely put the money in the right places. A very well balanced vision/execution.

    Biggest defect is being to close to Dark Souls but that's also its biggest quality. Particularly with some small improvements FS core ideas. For example, items play an important role regarding lore and here the more you use an item the more familiar you become with it and you'll get more info about it.

    Very pleasant surprise, usually I give up pretty quickly on soulslike game that are not from FS. This one after a couple of hours grabbed me and I just couldn't put it down.


  • Exo One

    In this game you are a sphere that glides through exoplanets. On a artistic level I do recommend it, vey trippy mood with visuals and music/sound design that elevate the whole thing.

    The game it self for the most part is fine, a few good levels and a couple of stinkers. But it's a shame that's just ok, because the mechanics are solid enough but the level design is inconsistent.

    I'll say this, when things align it's a truly superb and memorable experience. It's very short and it's on Gamepass, give it a try.