Last game you finished

  • Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (SMS)

    I'm not a fan of Alex Kidd but this one is really good. It's basically a cute version of Shinobi. Very fun platformer, eventhough it is extremely short.

    Doom (32X)

    It's not the best looking Doom version obviously and it is missing some levels but it actually plays surprisingly well. It's much better than the SNES version, overal an impressive game for the 32X.

    Mega Man X2 (PS4)

    It's sadly not as good as I remember. I always thought this was a better game than the original but I changed my mind. While it has some improvements over the original, most notable the upgrades, especially the air dash, it is overal not as well designed as the original. It is just too punishing and unfair. The original was difficult but it always felt fair. The bosses also take way too long to defeat even with using their weakness.
    The weapons are really great, the ost is excellent and it's a very good looking SNES game with some cool 3D effects.

  • 9/10. I wrote a short review here!

  • Finally got 100% in Metroid Dread.
    and Fuck You Speed Booster puzzles!!!

  • @yoshi I don't know why people are saying these are hard. I did them all first try with the joycons in the off hands. Seriously though, if I miss the down input to charge shinespark on the last part of one of these again...I will probably yell "why can't I use the D-pad to move?!" again.

  • Forza Horizon 5

    Pretty much the same strengths and weaknesses as 4. Just incredible world design and a driving model that's a joy. Jaw dropping in quality mode but honestly after an hour or so I changed it to 60 fps and never considered going back. I'll say what I said regarding 4, it's a 10/10 until you have to deal with all the stuff that wraps it. But aside from all the wheelspins and the cool hip young people trying too hard is another masterpiece of car porn.


  • Mortal Shell

    Overall a good experience. Challenging but very accessible, in the way as you absolutely can't button mash and small mistakes become deadly quickly but as long as you are present you'll probably beat every boss at the first try or so once you get familiar with the combat. Combat might become repetitive once you master it but I like that Dark Souls style dormancy of getting comfortable with your typical moves.

    The world is great but the central area is a bit too dull and could do a better job differentiating its visual references but I love how its designed and the progression from being a labyrinth to becoming familiar is kinda brilliant.

    You can notice that's not a AAA but I'll say they definitely put the money in the right places. A very well balanced vision/execution.

    Biggest defect is being to close to Dark Souls but that's also its biggest quality. Particularly with some small improvements FS core ideas. For example, items play an important role regarding lore and here the more you use an item the more familiar you become with it and you'll get more info about it.

    Very pleasant surprise, usually I give up pretty quickly on soulslike game that are not from FS. This one after a couple of hours grabbed me and I just couldn't put it down.


  • Exo One

    In this game you are a sphere that glides through exoplanets. On a artistic level I do recommend it, vey trippy mood with visuals and music/sound design that elevate the whole thing.

    The game it self for the most part is fine, a few good levels and a couple of stinkers. But it's a shame that's just ok, because the mechanics are solid enough but the level design is inconsistent.

    I'll say this, when things align it's a truly superb and memorable experience. It's very short and it's on Gamepass, give it a try.


  • Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD (Switch)

    It's the first mainline SMT game I played and I love it. Great Boss fights, great dungeons, great music, great world building and atmosphere.

  • Rage

    Oh lord, what an interesting game. I've never seen such a terrible texture work, same with the sound design. Atrocious stuff.

    Overall it feels like a collection of interesting ideas and every single one of them underdeveloped. It could have been an awesome streamlined Fallout game but in the end is but a draft of that. I did enjoy it, more as a curiosity than for its own merits.


  • Finished MGS2: Sons of Liberty. I can't exactly say that it's better than MGS1 in every way, but I certainly like this way more, which says a lot about this game already. It's a great game, and above all, a spectacular sequel. The last few hours of this game will stick with me forever. Wrote a longer review here. (9.5/10)

    Right now this is my favorite MGS game. Excited to try out MGS3 next!

  • @bam541 I feel many MGS fans are too hard on MGS2 because of Raiden but I think it's an extraordinary game, so damn hilarious at parts whilst managing to be immensely deep and interesting.

  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5)

    I thought it was a really fun game. A bit Zelda like, a bit Souls like and a bit like a collect-a-thon platformer. Some good level design, puzzles and bosses. Tha graphics are fantastic. I enjoyed it all the way through.

  • Halo Infinite

    How weird is it that 343 not only managed to make something out of the apparent disaster that was Infinite but they also ended up releasing a goty contender while elevating Halo's gameplay to best ever in the series?

    There's definitely some rough edges here but outside from the stuttering on the cinematics most of them require a cynical eye to be a real concern, I say this because usually I was just too busy with the brilliant emergent combat and completely drawn in the moment to moment elegance of Infinite. From the bigger battles to the smaller encounters, the amount of memorable unique moments that emerge from the systems in place is just a thing of beauty.

    Sound design and music are superb. The dialogue lines from the Grunts are honestly one of the most brilliant things I've seen in a game. Such diversity and wonderful comedic writing.

    As negative. Towards the end as you abandon the open world it falls in the same trap of more repetitive locations and fights the series always had since its inception. Characters are not great, particularly the Banished are straight up Saturday morning cartoon trash.

    Story is OK, some parts are good others not at all. It generally works. It doesn't gets close to Reach but it's kind of on par with the rest of the series (from CE to 4).


    Hard to give it a score, but gameplay being so great makes me inclined towards a 9, although an 8.5 would be more correct.

  • @phbz said in Last game you finished:

    How weird is it that 343 not only managed to make something out of the apparent disaster that was Infinite but they also ended up releasing a goty contender while elevating Halo's gameplay to best ever in the series?

    i wouldn't say its the best ever in the series. but halo infinite is defintely the best Halo game 343 has ever put out. i still prefer halo 2 and 3

    A for effort though

  • Star Wars Episode I Battle for Naboo (N64)

    It's basically Rogue Squadron but based on The Phantom Menace. It's just as good as the Rogue Squadron game.
    There are some annoying missions though that are insanely difficult but overal I enjoyed this game a lot.

    I also really liked the N64 version of the The Phantom Menace soundtrack.

  • The Gunk

    OKest game of the year.

    You vacuum gunk on an alien planet as a way to unlock your progression. That's the game.

    Runs smoothly, looks fine. Everything else is just the most average game I can think of and it is so in a way that feels almost intentional.

    Disappointing, I was hoping for something better, a good sci-fi adventure with a chill mood. Music is cool but goes nowhere, same with level design, characters, story and gameplay loop. Again it not bad in anyway, just a flat line.


  • Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

    Before conquering Eidos Montreal's version of Guardians of the Galaxy I decided to scythe my way through Telltale's five-part series and found it to be very pleasing if it was mechanically the same sort of Telltale series we've seen many times previously.

    Now that I've completed 2021's action adventure take on Guardians of the Galaxy, I'm left feeling satisfied but blimey it's exhausting. I love the cinematic flare, the comedy, the character banter, the epic story, the homely nostalgic nods, the raucous 80s tunes and the exciting moments.

    Unfortunately this powerhouse leviathan has been left addled by a bolt-like rock to the forehead thanks to the overbearing amount of resistance the game throws at you time after time.

    I understand that to truly feel like a guardian of the galaxy you need to be met with an armada of evil-doers so you can truly feel the power and the ass-kicking magic of Quill's quintet, but often times it becomes way too much to ignore.

    The diversity of enemy attacks I take issue with also, they seem to possess the same tactics over and over and they feel like rank and file to such an extent fighting them feels meaningless and the game's rhythm is constantly bombarded with needless battles it's hard to take.

    Anyway to sum up here are the likes and gripes:
    +Fantastic cinematic presentation
    +Brilliant banter and comedy from the cast
    +The entwining powers of the Guardians is pretty sweet to see in action

    -Overbearing onslaught of enemies,
    -Light-puzzles are forgettable and dull,
    -Pacing gets muddled towards the end.


  • Halo infinite

    Its ok playing part but level design is dull, boring and empty open world and gameplay still didnot evolved.

    it suffer from variety and having underwelmingly story. Halo 1 and 3 aboslutely destroy it and im not even Halo fan.

    its 6/10.

  • Grand Theft Auto III Definitive Edition (PS4)

    I only heard bad things about it but I actually think it is quite good. Though I know they updated it a lot since launch.
    The graphics are nothing to write home about, it looks like a PS2 game in HD. I really enjoyed all of the quality of life changes, that really makes the game for me.

    About GTA3 itself. It feels very different from all the games that came after it and I really like it. It feels similar to the 2D GTA games in its mission design, meaning there is a big focus on driving and missions are less scripted. The map design is still the best in the series. Also this is more made for driving. Feels more like a map for Burnout Paradise than a modern day GTA. With a lot of shortcuts and ramps.

  • Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.

    I wrote a longer review here. TLDR: this game's pretty fucking great. Holds up amazingly despite later games in the series being better at many aspects. It's an easy game to enjoy immediately since the design here is pretty simple and straightforward. (8.5/10)