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    How weird is it that 343 not only managed to make something out of the apparent disaster that was Infinite but they also ended up releasing a goty contender while elevating Halo's gameplay to best ever in the series?

    i wouldn't say its the best ever in the series. but halo infinite is defintely the best Halo game 343 has ever put out. i still prefer halo 2 and 3

    A for effort though

  • Star Wars Episode I Battle for Naboo (N64)

    It's basically Rogue Squadron but based on The Phantom Menace. It's just as good as the Rogue Squadron game.
    There are some annoying missions though that are insanely difficult but overal I enjoyed this game a lot.

    I also really liked the N64 version of the The Phantom Menace soundtrack.

  • The Gunk

    OKest game of the year.

    You vacuum gunk on an alien planet as a way to unlock your progression. That's the game.

    Runs smoothly, looks fine. Everything else is just the most average game I can think of and it is so in a way that feels almost intentional.

    Disappointing, I was hoping for something better, a good sci-fi adventure with a chill mood. Music is cool but goes nowhere, same with level design, characters, story and gameplay loop. Again it not bad in anyway, just a flat line.


  • Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

    Before conquering Eidos Montreal's version of Guardians of the Galaxy I decided to scythe my way through Telltale's five-part series and found it to be very pleasing if it was mechanically the same sort of Telltale series we've seen many times previously.

    Now that I've completed 2021's action adventure take on Guardians of the Galaxy, I'm left feeling satisfied but blimey it's exhausting. I love the cinematic flare, the comedy, the character banter, the epic story, the homely nostalgic nods, the raucous 80s tunes and the exciting moments.

    Unfortunately this powerhouse leviathan has been left addled by a bolt-like rock to the forehead thanks to the overbearing amount of resistance the game throws at you time after time.

    I understand that to truly feel like a guardian of the galaxy you need to be met with an armada of evil-doers so you can truly feel the power and the ass-kicking magic of Quill's quintet, but often times it becomes way too much to ignore.

    The diversity of enemy attacks I take issue with also, they seem to possess the same tactics over and over and they feel like rank and file to such an extent fighting them feels meaningless and the game's rhythm is constantly bombarded with needless battles it's hard to take.

    Anyway to sum up here are the likes and gripes:
    +Fantastic cinematic presentation
    +Brilliant banter and comedy from the cast
    +The entwining powers of the Guardians is pretty sweet to see in action

    -Overbearing onslaught of enemies,
    -Light-puzzles are forgettable and dull,
    -Pacing gets muddled towards the end.


  • Halo infinite

    Its ok playing part but level design is dull, boring and empty open world and gameplay still didnot evolved.

    it suffer from variety and having underwelmingly story. Halo 1 and 3 aboslutely destroy it and im not even Halo fan.

    its 6/10.

  • Grand Theft Auto III Definitive Edition (PS4)

    I only heard bad things about it but I actually think it is quite good. Though I know they updated it a lot since launch.
    The graphics are nothing to write home about, it looks like a PS2 game in HD. I really enjoyed all of the quality of life changes, that really makes the game for me.

    About GTA3 itself. It feels very different from all the games that came after it and I really like it. It feels similar to the 2D GTA games in its mission design, meaning there is a big focus on driving and missions are less scripted. The map design is still the best in the series. Also this is more made for driving. Feels more like a map for Burnout Paradise than a modern day GTA. With a lot of shortcuts and ramps.

  • Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.

    I wrote a longer review here. TLDR: this game's pretty fucking great. Holds up amazingly despite later games in the series being better at many aspects. It's an easy game to enjoy immediately since the design here is pretty simple and straightforward. (8.5/10)

  • Stardew Valley

    Kinda forced by my GF to play this. She has hundreds of hours on her phone so with it coming to GP we had to play co-op.

    It's a near perfect game where we dropped 30 something hours without noticing. Although I don't think I'll play much more but it's a really chill game that came with perfect timing to compensate our disappointment with It Takes Two. (nothing really wrong with itt, mostly my gf didn't adapt well to the gameplay and we weren't enjoying the writing and characters)

    Taking care of crops and going through the mines are my favourite things to do. I don't care much about offering stuff to the villagers mostly because I don't like how you have to navigate menus constantly to see who's who and what they want. A lot of minor quality of life adjustments needed.


    Mass Effect Le

    My favourite ME kinda hurts with the update. It surely looks and plays better but it also exposes how dull and dated the level design is. Still my favourite. I love the writing, how it deals with sci-fi and mystery. And how well it establishes characters and universe for the series.

    My first hot take of 22. I really love the Makko. Clunky as fuck but... Being able to visit desolate exoplanets never fails to move me. Specially because although very simple stuff, the writing in the descriptions is great and ignites my imagination as an astronomy nerd.


  • Lake

    Tried the "E3" demo last summer and it seemed like an interesting game that needed some polish before being released. Disappointingly nothing really changed and it should have stayed more time in the oven.

    It's basically a mail delivery simulator. It does a good job at telling a story that flows organically without the need of gimmicks but it's a shame that it's kinda of ugly and towards the end the quality of the writing drops. To the point that right at the end I made two choices that should be incompatible and the game just ignored it.

    Really disliked the music. If there was more variety it would be tolerable but I ended up switching off the radio most of the time.

    No doubt a developer I want to see grow. Would be interesting to see them working with a bigger budget.


  • TOEM

    I spent the entire morning (British time) playing through Toem and I love just how breezy and invitingly simple it is. Taking photographs of all the creatures and sights is relaxing and good for the soul. I did encounter a strange bug at one point where a conversation was triggered and the camera decided tilt upwards until I was met with a blank screen forcing a restart of the game, and there was a quest that required me to take a photo wherein the objective wasn't entirely clear-but besides these hang-ups Toem is a short and sweet black and white photographic tour.


  • TOEM

    I spent the entire morning (British time) playing through Toem and I love just how breezy and invitingly simple it is. Taking photographs of all the creatures and sights is relaxing and good for the soul. I did encounter a strange bug at one point where a conversation was triggered and the camera decided tilt upwards until I was met with a blank screen forcing a restart of the game, and there was a quest that required me to take a photo wherein the objective wasn't entirely clear-but besides these hang-ups Toem is a short and sweet black and white photographic tour.


  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City The Definitive Edition (PS4)

    This version is pretty ugly. I think it's the worst of the 3 remasters. I do like the quality of life improvements and no loading when travelling between Islands is really nice here because you need to go back and forward a lot between the islands in Vice City.

    Vice City is still an incredible game. I think it has the best selection of main missions of any GTA game. The characters are all very memorable. The soundtrack and atmosphere are also amazing. I like how non-linear the storyline is.
    The only thing I don't like is the city. The layout is kinda bad and the downtown area feels very rushed and looks awful.

  • Lost Judgment

    After completing Judgment in late September, I decided to start and finish Lost Judgment's story in the space of a few days. I certainly think Lost Judgment is superior to the original and I really found more zest and overall satisfaction in the story being told and the side activities are great. It's still fundamentally the same Judgment for better and sometimes for worse but it's a solid improvement. Here are the likes and gripes:

    -Still kicks a lot of ass,
    -Compelling story and characters,
    -Cool new side activities, cases and gadgets.

    -Retains the same gameplay quirks from Judgment without any significant changes,
    -Chase and snooping sequences still feel lightweight,
    -Random fight encounters are annoyingly relentless.


  • Mass Effect 2

    First of all, Shadow Broker dlc is incredible. So much better than every thing else on ME2.

    Not as good as ME1. The crew is stretched too thin, way too many characters and not enough development. The writing is awkward at times.


  • Gorogoa

    My first time playing it. What a creative puzzle game!

    Puzzle games can at times drag too much if the puzzles are too obtuse. I feel like Gorogoa strikes the perfect balance, never letting the player get overwhelmed while keeping some challenge. It's on Game Pass and it takes about 2h to beat. Very unique experience.


  • @axel said in Last game you finished:

    @Caleb_Aranda You and me both! Secret of Mana is one of my favorite games ever (spoiler for the Top 100 Videogames Ever list!).

    Its real-time, action-oriented combat was very original at the time for an RPG, the graphics were colorful, the sprites detailed, everything was leagues above Link to the Past for example. The soundtrack still gives me chills, ranging from jolly to dark to epic to emotional.

    I'm so bummed that Square Enix never went back to this series with a proper successor (none of the GBA/DS games had the same charm and quality), and now like you said, it's getting even worse with shitty mobile games.

    I recently read a very thorough article on Seiken Densetsu 3 (which would have been Secret of Mana 2 had it ever released in the West), and it made me so nostalgic for it. I'd take a Virtual Console release of that game over Mother 3 any day!

  • Hitman 3

    This game packs so much content that kinda hurts the general package. To the point that I accidentally started Hitman 1 because silly me assumed Hitman 3 had Hitman 3 front and center of the package.

    I really don't like how everything outside the game itself work. Too much stuff going on in the menus and the last thing I want from a game once I finish a story level that so successfully drawn me in, Is to be reminded I'm in a game and have unlocked x, y, j, I and can pick mode w, c, f.

    But outside the old man complaints this is a pretty stellar game. I knew it was good but even then it blew my expectations in pretty much every aspect. Just dial down the immersion breaking stuff please. Maybe unlock everything after beating the game?

    Hitman games always appealed more to me theoretically than when hands on, but this one made me want to finish 1 and 2.


  • @phbz

    I haven't played Hitman 3 yet (but I have it downloaded, and it's on my list to play next), but I also strongly disliked the menu's in this new trilogy. In Blood Money, there was a more contextual pre-mission gun selection through an ICA web interface. It was simple and elegant.

    These new menu's are a bit guided. It's almost like they are telling me how I should have fun: "Hey, I see you just beat that mission. Now do it again in a clown costume with a sniper rifle and start in the middle of the level!" It's heavy handed and gamey for sure. Also just a bit confusing and overwhelming. The levels can take 1-2 hours to complete then the second you finish it, you're bombarded with XP and Level XP and all sorts of overwhelming unlocks.

  • Dragon Age: Origins

    It's a role playing game and sort of my all time favorites. I have been playing it since almost 9 years and expecting to play more. It's a wonderful game with complex character choices, and plot weaving.

  • Donkey Kong 64 (N64)

    I played a bit of it back in the day and didn't think much of it. Since then I've only heard bad things about it, so I was never that interested in playing it again.

    Now I've finally decided to play it and I love it. I think it's probably one of the best 3D platformers ever. Switching between characters is really not as bad as it first seems. Also to amount of collectables isn't as overwhelming once you get into it.

    The game looks very good for the N64 and even controls great. It has great level design and great bosses. Some of the mini games are bad though and the finale boss is real garbage. It's an extremely long fight without checkpoints, with a time limit and filled with unskippable cutscenes and animations. Dying at the end of it is such a pain.