Last game you finished

  • @FF7Cloud Yeah the lukewarm reception to 2 (plus having not finished the first) is why I held off on getting it. I'll probably just skip to 3 and come back to it later on

  • Finished Red Dead Redemption!

    It is one of the only open world where I am not pissed when I am asked to cross the entire map between two missions. I really loved the world R* crafted. It is coming from someone who is kinda sick of open world games.

    I really liked the missions even though at some point I feel it was a bit "more of the same" plus some variations but hey! Using a gatling will never get old. On a less positive note, I did not felt attached to the main character and its quest (I don't even remember his family name rn). But I still liked the ending.

    Now I'm curious: Red Dead Revolver is worth a try?

  • PlayStation All-Stars.

  • I have beaten Dragon Quest Builders on PS4.
    Great game, i was surprised on how long it is.
    I did all challenges except the Beat Chapter # in ## Days ones, these ones I will not do, therefore I will not get the Platinum for this game, got all other trophies though.

  • Beat Spec Ops: The Line over the weekend. I'd give it a 7/10. The story's the best part of the game, but I think I knew too much going in that it was just ok for me.

    Even though I didn't hear any direct spoilers, just knowing to expect a twist or surprise was already too much. Something I hear a lot regarding this game is that it's meant to be seen as cliche generic cover shooter. I understand what people mean, but I disagree. I think that's a lazy excuse for mediocre gameplay. I think they could have improved game mechanics and level design while still delivering the same message.

  • Gears 4. I'm dissapointed. The game design feels dated. It's your tipical corridor shooter with eventual combat arenas. Those are well done and the most enjoyable gameplay is found there but the time between is lame, you basically have your room with 8/10 enemies and 6-8 covers (which feel artificial for the most part). The sections to ease the pace are bad, basically walking simulation with some chat in the back.

    I've grown tired of the kind of design where you need to move in an area, clear the enemies and progress to find another similar area, like if the enemies decided to let you rest. Quantum break did that well, encounter were contextualized and didn't feel artificial.

    I appreciate that the campaign has a clear progression, opposite to that all around the world design. In that regard feels grounded and I like it. Also, it is beautifully complemented by the art design. This is the most beautiful Gears game ever, and not because of the technical achievement, but because of the art behind.

    In the other hand, the world building is weak, as I said, many areas feel artificial, it doesn't look like it were places where people lived, mostly feel like gaming combat arenas. Areas like Marcus' farm and most large arenas did it right but the areas between did feel artificial. The colectibles are lazy, you pick a collectible and it only gives you a picture with a brief explanation. Games like Tomb Raider make a full 3D model and Lara gives you details about what you find. Documents in Inquisition have it proper documentary redaction.

    The story is narrative is ok. Simple story wich is fine for the kind of game and well defined characters. The writting is good and delivers properly the characters' personality. Overall the cast is a more balanced group opposed to the "hell/fuck yeah" delta squad but having Marcus in the team always steals you a smile because of how his personality opposes to the new cast.

    Overall I enjoyed it but I'm still dissapointed by its design because feels dated. The Coalition nailed the characters but it need to step up their world building and gameplay design.

    My Gears order is 2>1>4>3

    Horde 3 is a ton of fun. The multuplayer is flawless enjoyment but that's another story.

  • Firewatch which was alright. Didn't leave a mark. The appeal of a mature and somewhat realistic story is there but just doesn't feel like it came together in the end. 6/10
    Five finger death punch. Pure gameplay with just left/right click (or other options) quick, fun and perfect challenge. Campaign too long but for what it is, it's incredible. 9/10

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    Finished Titanfall 2 campaign last night. Must say that it was one of the most solid FPS campaigns I have played in a while. It felt a little short but it were too well paced between action and platforming, its almost as it knew when to let you take in the area and when to throw action at you. I played it on Hard, yet all bosses except for the second to last one were very quickly and easy killed. The AI isn't brilliant though, but the solid level design really weights it up and it almost encourage you to explore the areas!

  • Dragon Warrior 2 for GBC, now moving to the opposite franchise, Final Fantasy 1 to 6 before the end of the year

  • Owlboy. 10/10 GOTY. As with most classics it's the little unique things that leave the biggest impression. Music is MVP.

  • @pinecone wow, first I've heard of this. Hope it comes to PS4 and/or Vita.

  • Just platinumed Persona 5 and its an easy GOTY for me

  • @Yaz Trust me when I say that I mean this in the best possible way.

    I realllly hate you right now.

  • Deponia 4/10 - My first point and click game since i was a kid and i ended up disappointed. Bad story/characters , boring environments and plain unfunny which was a selling point. Thankfully there's plenty other games in the genre beckoning me to play them like Broken Age and the Lucasarts remasters.

    Inside 6/10 (7 if objective) - While an incredible study in game feel it lacks impact and resonance. Story is barely there with it having to be cobbled together from minuscule hints and background elements. Both endings leave you hollow even if you love it and think abut them afterwards. I didn't like Limbo either but at least that game had the Spider, Inside is unmemorable in most aspects except game feel.

  • @pinecone Whew, glad I wasn't the only one that didn't care for Deponia. All the reviews I saw were basically glowing but I couldn't stomach the game. The main character was ridiculously unlikable.

  • @Yaz said in Last game you finished:

    Just platinumed Persona 5 and its an easy GOTY for me

    This combined with the delay of the Western version earns you -5 wear hogs.

    It's tearing me inside out, I really want it but playing Japanese version of ffv15 platinum disk I hate not knowing what's going on. Thanks again for this post.

  • @bard91 haha im sorry! I really do feel bad for you guys but you get dual audio which is 👌👌👌

  • @robert7lee I'll gladly take those wearhogs 😁

    Learning jap has made it so worth, but when ya'll do get it, prepare for loooong nights

  • @Yaz I'm currently learning, but I know I'm not at a point where I can tackle a game like P5

  • Just beat Uncharted 3, and there;s a very unpopular opinion coming ahead.

    The only thing that impresses me about this game, is how it somehow manages to dissapoint given my incredibly low expectations, I feel as this is not only a step back from 2 (which I think is decent) but I may even put it below the first game (which was barely decent in my book).

    I felt this game was mediocre in so many ways, I have a hard time understanding how it is so beloved.