Last game you finished

  • @ozymandsss I'm not speaking for @Scotty but I have similar feeling to him as you can read above if you care to. If not, then here are my bugbears-again if you want to read them.

    My issues with Stray came to light after I completed it. I realized it was more predictably mainstream than it appears on the surface. There are some good cat mannerisms but not many that are quirky and delightful, the game is too dank and dreary-it's a cat game it should be cheerier than it is, and I find that much of the gameplay involves either clambering or running away from threats. I don't really think the A.I friendlies are a good substitute for other cats-and what on earth happened to those cats you meet at the beginning?

    I do like Stray and understand why some people love it, heck initially I really enjoyed what I played, but upon reflection it was more Triple A than I examined whilst playing it.

  • From the Castlevania Anniversary Collection (Switch):

    It's a fun and short sidescroller. I played this game many times and it just never gets old for me. I like how short it is. It's good to waste 30 minutes of your time. The music is still fantastic.

    Castlevania III Dracula's Curse
    This is one of the best sidescrollers ever made imo. The level design is excellent, great bosses, well balanced characters and weapons, one of the best 8-bit soundtracks and the graphics still have a lot of charm.
    I love that they included the Japanese version here which is by far the better version. The difficulty in the western versions is unfair and unbalanced. The Japanese version is still very difficult but feels fair and is not annoying. Especially the final stage of the game is complete mess in the western versions.
    Plus the soundtrack in better in the Japanese version and it is uncensored.

    I also played some Castlevania 2. I really like the game, I think it doesn't reserve the hate it gets. The problem I have is that it is impossible to play without a guide. I played the part that I still have memorized from my previous playthrough but have no mood right now to play through the whole again despite liking it a lot.

  • @ozymandsss

    I was expecting more than ''take this, give that'' kind of goals. Also I was expecting more fun platforming. Finally, I was expecting to have more fun all around.

    I literally pushed myself to finish it after a while. And playing as a cat lost its charm so quickly to me.

    And I can't help myself about despising these kind of ''arty'' things if you can call that. Most of the time they are just borefest that trying to look/feel artsy just to get away from criticism.

    Sorry for the late answer, I'm just seeeing that.

  • The Darkness 2

    Another 360 game I always wanted to play but never did. I don't remember much of the original other than really enjoying it.

    2 was a good surprise and regardless of being 10 years old, and gameplay being far from being top tier, it feels somewhat refreshing. Being very violent and explicit, if feels fresh to play it now in a time everybody is afraid to take risks. It also does really well something I love in videogames, you never know what to expect from it, where exactly is going to take you next. I dig that.

    For a game with no visual enhancements, other than HDR, it holds in surprisingly well. As I've said, gameplay isn't anything special, but the combat dynamics, between guns, powers, enemy types and environmental hazards keeps it interesting enough.


  • Super Castlevania IV (Switch)

    I played the Japanese version on the Anniversary Collection. Castlevania IV is an enjoyable game. It's very simplistic compared to most other classic Castlevania games. I don't think it's nearly as good as Castlevania III, Rondo of Blood and Bloodlines. Those games just have more variety, different characters and a non-linear progression.
    Castlevania IV is more straight forward but my biggest issue with it is it's difficulty. The game really isn't made for the more flexible movement here and it is way too easy for a Castlevania game.
    The high point of Castlevania IV though is its atmosphere. It is still unmatched in the franchise. The atmospheric soundtrack is just a masterpiece.

  • Sinking City

    I've been wanting to play this game even before it was released. A lovecraftian mystery from the same studio that makes the Sherlock Holmes games, and what seemed to be their most ambitious project to date, it's a no-brainer, right? Right?

    Coincidentally, a couple of days ago YouTube recommend me a Jimquisition video named "Sinking City - the worst game I've ever liked" and that was pretty much what I've been thinking to myself for the near 30 hours it took me to finish it.

    Sinking City seems like a too ambitious project for the available resources. At every second it simultaneously shows how great it could have been and how far from that it actually is. It's like we're playing an early build meant only to show investors how well things are going, followed by a promising road map for the next couple of years.

    It's difficult to be too critical of the team because, at least this next gen version, feels like they did what they could with an obviously badly thought out project and in some aspects still delivered what's arguably the most fateful lovecraftian videogame, which is also a tragedy that such an influential universe can't get the funding it disserves. Who knows maybe one day Rockstar might gives us that like they did with RDR, but for now this is what we get. Ironically fateful to the source material Sinking City is a feverish dream you agonizingly can't pull yourself from, it draws you in and drains you out.


  • Immortality

    The credits have rolled but to be honest I'm not yet done with it, which is very atypical of me. I do want to jump to the next game but, for the last two days, every time I turn my Xbox on I think to myself "I'll just go on more time through some more footage and see if I can find more stuff" and invariably I'll find scenes and secret content I previously haven't found.

    In immortality you'll scan footage of a trilogy of unreleased movies that go from the late 60's to the late 90's, trying to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the main start. You'll start with one clip and from there you unlock more by clicking on elements present on screen, for example a cross present on a scene will lead you to a cross in another scene. The clips consist of raw footage, rehearsals, tv interviews, home videos, behind the scenes stuff and so on and, as you play and learn the language of the game, you'll start to uncover a more eerie and bizarre sub-plot that will give you the "true" answer.

    It's really well executed, with video formats corresponding to the time portrayed, excellent photography, writing and acting.

    My only complaint is that interaction could have been more nuanced, you basically just rewind and forward video when more variety of interactions, like tracking and zooming, could bring extra depth to the "puzzle". But I can see how keeping it simple makes it a more fluid experience for the average user.

    Just a wonderful multi layered mystery where you'll want to reconstruct the plot of the 3 movies, get to know more about the off-screen life of the people involved and, more importantly, you will be drawn to the secret plot. An endless pit of mysteries.


  • Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (3DS)

    I really enjoyed this game. It is very stylish. The gameplay, the story, the characters, the dungeons,... All is great. The difficulty level is perfect and it has a good lenght (about 25 hours) I don't think a JRPG should be longer than that. Plus the whole game is just "cool as fuck", I mean it's SMT mixed with cyberpunk.

    I while dive into Soul Hackers 2 soon.

  • @neocweeny I’ve started Soul Hackers more times than I’d care to say but never finished it. I really like it but somehow always get sidetracked. I 100% agree on the vibes, they are incredible. It feels vintage but the themes are timeless, which good sci-fi most often is.

    I’m jumping back in as soon as I have my house next week. Thanks!

  • Finished The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

    It was good and fun mostly until the 3rd act but after there it become ridiculous with the dungeons. I got really frustrated. It would be one of the beloved games for me if it wasn't that but in the end I am still glad to play this. And if people want these dungeons instead of BotW's shrines; then I want shrines all day to this annoying dungeons.

    Also, story was interesting; while soundtrack is beatiful. Also art design is gorgeous!

  • Finished Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation. I'm only half joking when I say that this is my GOTY so far. I love this game so much! haven't felt so much childlike joy in a while. Wrote a longer review here.

  • Deathloop

    The best compliment I can make is that it's the worst Arkane game.

    Still pretty excellent but it does start to feel like we should move past Dishonored by now. That or just really push the production levels to new heights, which it doesn't do neither. It does seem to be the other way around. A super clever, well designed and written game, that tries to do more with less and not surprisingly it pulls it off in glowing colours. I love this studio!

    I was not very positive about this game, and even less about Red Fall, but this one being so good makes me more comfortable with this studio nailing it down again.


  • Scorn

    I LOVE IT! Effing hell!

    I hope this game finds it's audience because it certainly deserves. It's complicated because with most gaming media being very much deep into nerd culture I feel like this game's release is similar to dropping a black metal album on a K-pop event. Nothing wrong with any of the sides, just two audiences who don't overlap that much. So I do hope with time among gamers this finds its place because I believe gamers are a by far more diverse group than the media.

    Scorn It's nightmarish not just for the horror component but also for its oniric feel. It truly feels like a dream where while motives and logic are not necessarily coherent, there's this pull towards action that just makes sense.

    It lacks a death mechanic IMO. There's certain imbalances in combat that would be easily circumvented if death was integrated into the mechanics. You quickly learn that you should avoid combat and make sure you get your shots right, I personally had no major issues with that, it's just that it feels odd in such a cohesive experience to die and just reload from the last autosave. But once you get the game you'll rarely die too. But I like the tension that your vulnerability bring, it fits perfectly.


  • A Plague Tale: Requiem

    Seeing as A Plague Tale: Requiem has just been released I'll keep this short. I love Requiem's scenery and imagery, it can be outright stunning and utterly beautiful at times. Unfortunately, the deluge of rats and some terrible UI issues get in the way. The story doesn't grip you at the start like Innocence did, but my gosh there are some powerful moments in here. Anyway, nuff said.

  • A Plague Tale: Requiem

    Surprised by this, they really stepped up with this sequel. Superb texture work and great variety of assets. Gorgeous stuff! Soundtrack just as the first title is excellent too.

    Great story with a bonkers background of a sharknado but with rats. I personally enjoyed the over the top action. It was fun. The tone was a bit too corny for my taste, to the point where it made me numb to the truly impactful moments. But the game does pace itself quite masterfully, juggling moments of utter beauty with a world of death and decay.

    Great cast of characters with Sofia being a good counterpoint to the general miserablistic vibes.

    Biggest problem, and imo the only serious one, is that not being a AAA title while showing ambitious to compete in that space it shows its limitations in many of the combat scenarios and escape sequences. It's obvious that some refinement was needed design wise. Nothing disastrous but no doubt annoying, the visible imperfections and unbalances that certain areas show. Some extra time refining it would push it to the next level.

    Overall pretty great. It won't be my goty but it made them the studio I'm more eager to see what they'll be doing next.


  • Ridge Racer Type 4. This game is so sick! I love the aesthetics and soundtrack especially, and the controls holds up quite well. The grand prix mode is a bit more impactful than I would have thought, I love the light short stories with each featured team. Wrote a longer review here.

  • Mario+ Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

    Both as a turn base game or a Mario game it isn't great but just as the original this unexpected mix works well and M+R makes sure to expand on the Mario side of things while also trying to play around with some turn-base ideas.

    Visually it isn't great, it can look great on occasion but overall looks worse than the first game imo. Some small bugs and crashes. Level design is somewhat more convoluted that it should, but the introduction of more traditional Mario exploration works great.


  • Signalis

    Very simple survival horror game with graphics reminiscent of the PSOne era. You got the typical limited ammo and inventory space, with some cool extras.

    The story is a bit too abstract, but at the same time it keeps you wanting to explore and know more but it's kinda just there imo.

    What really sets this game apart is the visuals and sound/music and how strong the director's vision comes through. Really impressive and cohesive work.

    Old school survival horror fans who are ok with experimentation go for it!


  • Banned

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  • Just beat Scorn last night. Thinking about replaying again later tonight. Before that I beat the 'Shadows of Rose' DLC for RE8. Uploaded a full playthrough of that to my YouTube. (Check my profile for a link to my channel.)