Last game you finished

  • Ridge Racer Type 4. This game is so sick! I love the aesthetics and soundtrack especially, and the controls holds up quite well. The grand prix mode is a bit more impactful than I would have thought, I love the light short stories with each featured team. Wrote a longer review here.

  • Mario+ Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

    Both as a turn base game or a Mario game it isn't great but just as the original this unexpected mix works well and M+R makes sure to expand on the Mario side of things while also trying to play around with some turn-base ideas.

    Visually it isn't great, it can look great on occasion but overall looks worse than the first game imo. Some small bugs and crashes. Level design is somewhat more convoluted that it should, but the introduction of more traditional Mario exploration works great.


  • Signalis

    Very simple survival horror game with graphics reminiscent of the PSOne era. You got the typical limited ammo and inventory space, with some cool extras.

    The story is a bit too abstract, but at the same time it keeps you wanting to explore and know more but it's kinda just there imo.

    What really sets this game apart is the visuals and sound/music and how strong the director's vision comes through. Really impressive and cohesive work.

    Old school survival horror fans who are ok with experimentation go for it!


  • I played the resident evil village DLC, not too bad, I expected more from a resident evil. It's not totally bad, but it's not totally good either. It's an in-between, a game to play when you have time and without any pretension.

  • Just beat Scorn last night. Thinking about replaying again later tonight. Before that I beat the 'Shadows of Rose' DLC for RE8. Uploaded a full playthrough of that to my YouTube. (Check my profile for a link to my channel.)

  • Bayonetta 3

    Definitely the worst Bayo imo. When you're controling Bayo the combat is as good as ever while introducing some cool gameplay mechanics. Viola on the other hand... Honestly when playing with her, this is a B tier P* game, pretty mediocre.

    Then we have the game going for being the most outrageous and spectacular in the series. It often fails spectacularly while trying but at times it absolutely nails it.

    Level design goes from OK to really really bad. Visuals are about the same, some stuff looks actually good but there's some abyssal texture work along with horrible geometry.

    I'm happy this game exists but I'm disappointed with the uneven level of execution and mediocre implementation across the board.


    Edit: It's cool to see that Scallebound could actually work. I was always very skeptical of it, but I was wrong. On the other hand Viola seems like a character coming from that game and it's as bad as I expected. Without going into spoilers, at the end of the game they hint at something for the next one that I seriously hope they reconsider.

  • God of War: Ragnarok

    I've reached the end of God of War: Ragnarok and whilst I think it is a very impressive juggernaut of game, there are a handful of things that irk me about it. None of it is the game's fault mind, I'll just have to explain my issues in a blog post. I do think it's GOTY worthy, but I think that's more of a testament to its triple A brunt more than anything else. Yes, it's epic and yes, it's fantastic in places-but I find that Ragnarok goes through the motions a lot despite how impressive it is.

    I can't settle on a score just yet, but I will say it's a 9.? I reiterate again, most of the issues I have regarding the game's habits as well as its existence, storytelling and characters-are my own quibbles, but the game itself is exemplary.

  • Return to Monkey Island

    On one hand this is the best new classic adventure game when it comes to pacing, accessibility and presentation. Really, I think it's the perfect way to bring the genre to present times without comprising what made the genre great and there's a ton of design choices that should be a standard to anyone thinking of doing something in the genre.

    On the other hand, it's quite an unremarkable adventure in itself. It works more as a nostalgia tour for series veterans but that to me is not enough as the journey is unremarkable.


  • Somerville

    Interesting game to try to "review".

    This is from some developers from Limbo and Inside, so for the better or worse you know what to expect. I personally love the genre.

    On paper is a pretty great surrealist sci-fi adventure. While in Limbo/Inside failing is part of the fun, this is much more cinematic and focused on trying to build fluid experience with less trial and error.

    Here start the issues...

    First, I'm willing to bet this game was tested by a small team, probably in-house. Some design flaws appear to come from being tested by people over familiar with the game.

    Second, there's a myriad of small technical issues. Screen tearing, characters clipping through objects and other characters, player character having trouble navigating the geometry, buggy animations and a weird lack of depth awareness (something with the art style I can't identify). It's not a broken game but the small issues pile up.

    Really don't get how a game with such strong foundations is released in such an unpolished state. Specially because for the most part it's stuff that could be solved relatively easy.

    Still for anyone who enjoyed Limbo/Inside it's worth to give this game a chance. As awesome as frustrating.


  • Killzone 2 (PS3)

    I really enjoyed this one. It still looks amazing despite being a PS3 game. I don't like how you can hold only one weapons and they removed the secondary fire modes from the first game. The gameplay is really enjoyable though some mission overstay their welcome.

  • Pentiment

    Incredible game. Wonderful writing on so many levels. The rich historical and religious context, the depth of every single character, the several intrigues that develop during the 25 years the story covers, there's much to love here.

    3rd act does drag a bit, although that's optional if you really want to know all there is to know but how could you not? Everything is so thought provoking!

    Some narrative bugs (I got 3) on secondary stuff, where the game failed to acknowledge a decision I made.

    One of the best games of the year but at the same time it's difficult to recommend. If you don't mind reading it's a superb title.