Last game you finished

  • Finished Shadow of Mordor. Wished being able to brand/control enemies was a gameplay mechanic that could have been unlocked no later than halfway through the game. Gameplay was very fun and well designed. Although it did get boring killing captains after I unlocked the perk tiers.

    Would like a sequel at some point. It can be something special as well. Now that it can be focused on current gen hardware.

  • @Sazime I really like that version of Persona. I grew up playing the original version on PS1 and while it's okay, there's some definite problems - like an entire sidequest/ending cut from the game, the weird name translations, and how they completely made Mark a different character. The PSP version is beautiful though.

  • Finished up LA Noire last night.. Overall I though it was a really great game. It dragged a bit in the middle for me, but picked back up near the end. I thought it handled some pretty mature themes well and covered things you don't see in a lot of games. I'd love to see a sequel that's a bit more refined

    @Jak I've been thinking about trying that too if it goes on sale or something. Would you recommend it?

  • @Faaip If you like Lord of the Rings, SoM should appeal to you. I got the GOTY edition for 10 dollars on PSN. And it can't be more than 20 now. So its a low risk investment. And tons of fun to be had with excellent combat mechanics killing orcs largely.

    I say give it a go. Its cheap, and rederoin has also gotten hooked to SoM. As you might have seen in the Escapist chat group.

  • @-Jak- Cool man thanks! I might have to give that a try.. I'm a huge LoTR fan and loved the old film-based games

  • Banned

    Just finished Starbounds story mode, was a fun experience overall. The bosses were kinda easy though, what to do now...

    Been playing it for 25 hours since it came out 6 days ago.

  • Uncharted 4.

    I have a terrible tendency to not finish games. This especially happens with long RPGs, so with that in mind I played this on casual. I was in it only for the story, so I wasn't worried about difficulty.

    Now I just need to finish Witcher 3, and MGSV.

  • @Inustar I'm really upset with myself for not finishing MGSV but I kinda stopped at a point where it was really good (mid act 2 I think? not sure) and I started hearing it didn't end well etc and I could already start seeing the warning signs of that in game so I just left it... almost out of love for it you know? I dunno. part of me wants to finish it but another part of me just wants to leave it because I've loved what I've played so far and somehow that's good enough. Its like saying "see you later" to someone you know you'll never see again but couldn't bring yourself to say goodbye to.

  • Finished Furi.. that game was tough, feels like an accomplishment getting through it.

    Also finished Grim Fandango.. I'm really glad they did a rerelease of that one, I've been wanting to play it for awhile. It really is a great game. The characters, art style, dialogue, etc are all fantastic. Its even more impressive to think it came out in 1999. It holds up better than some more recent games

  • I completed Abzu last night. Like Journey it can be finished in one sitting and it's well worth it. Turn the lights off, throw the headset on and get immersed.

  • Doom (2016)

    It's been a while since I got so much joy out of a FPS.

  • @NeoCweeny I still need to finish it, but I keep going back for collectibles. I still can't quite believe how much fun it is.

  • Just finished i am setsuna the ending wasn't that great, and theirs a lot of unanswered questions in the story however the games a solid 7/10 from me

  • Inside I .. just.... yeah. It's great.

    Currently working on I am Setsuna and Zero Time Dilemma = D

    @FF7Cloud said in Last game you finished:

    Just finished i am setsuna the ending wasn't that great, and theirs a lot of unanswered questions in the story however the games a solid 7/10 from me

    Sucks to hear, but honestly, I'm not too surprised. Still, I'm liking the battle system and the characters enough to see it all the way through. Did you find you had to grind a lot in the end game? I haven't been doing too much, maybe run through a dungeon a few more times before moving on.

  • @darthprince4 not really i beat the game at level 40

  • @FF7Cloud that's great to know actually. Will keep that number in mind = ) Thanks!

  • Finished Bloodborne and got the 3rd ending. The most difficult one to get and probably the best most informative one.

    Loved the gameplay and setting. Haven't been able to kill any invaders unfortunately, although I've gotten close a few times. But they were only a problem on the last levels with the sinister bells. Bummed out that I missed out on so much despite believing that I went to every corner of the map. So I got no Oath Memories and did no quests. Game isn't that long surprisingly, as its beatable in 25 hours. And I would love another Bloodborne game.

    Its also the most polished, least buggiest Souls based game I've played. Perhaps being on more powerful hardware allowed From Software to fulfill the vision they had for their Souls based games. Also like how the selection of weapons was fairly small, but quality stuff for a selection of builds. And that any excessive items went straight into storage.

  • Spec Ops: The Line. I had the story spoiled at some point years ago but forgot the details. I just went in and really enjoyed the tale it told. Gameplay was dated as hell though. Rage quit a few times. Definitely worth a fiver if its still on sale.

    Oh and I also finish Dragon Age: Inquisition a few weeks ago, after buying the game close to launch. That may well be the last time I play a Dragon Age game. Too much of a slog. I loved Origins, but I don't see any of that game's enjoyment left anymore.

  • I "finished" NBA 2k16 basicly, though you can't really finish a sports game :3

  • Finally at the end of Yakuza Ishin, going to spend some time grinding money and gear parts for new swords and guns, also going to look into some guides to finish up all the training missions to max out the styles