Last game you finished

  • just finished trails of cold steel 2 10/10 great game took me 61 hours

  • I finished The Banner Saga this past weekend and really enjoyed it. I was unaware of how the game is essentially episodes so I originally thought the ending was terrible. Now that I am aware it hurts a little but less but still stings. They could have done a better job wrapping up the first one than that. Aside from that I really like it, the tactical combat and Oregon Trail decisions and protecting a caravan was great. They really made me change the way I approached scenarios from previous events and my supplies available.

    I also powered through Shadow of the Colossus for the first time. I had watched someone play it back in the day but never played it myself and finally decided to play it myself. I really enjoyed it despite hating that horse more than any other animal in any game. The camera also drove me absolutely crazy a couple of times but all in all its great.

  • Since the start of January I have finished:

    The Last Guardian
    Final Fantasy XV
    Fallout 4
    Anima: Gate of Memories

    I enjoyed them all to be honest. Fallout 4 was a bit "meh" though, although I only had interest in following the main questline.

  • Last night I finally sat down and finished Star Fox Zero. And that's all I will say about that.

  • @Axel it would be a great game if not for the gyro controls

  • I just finished today Metroid Zero Mission. My second game of the series after Super Metroid and I have enjoyed it very much. Metroid has something that makes it stand out from the other metroidvanias I have played. Love the twist on gameplay at the "end"!

  • now that ive had time for it to sink in im going leave my impressions of cold steel 2

    Graphics: again you can tell this is a vita game ported to ps3 but it does look better then the first cleaner lines maybe a resolution bump and better textures id compare the graphics to something like dragon quest 8 on ps2.

    Story: picks up about 5 weeks after the first game your character wakes up and has to figure how long hes been passed out and what has happened in that time continues the story of he first game and data carries over from the first dosnt really hold up if it was played as a stand alone game however. has lots of great moments and is one of those games that every npc seems to have a story to tell and its revealed over the course of the game.

    Gameplay: pretty much a extension of the first but does bring something new in the overdrive system which allows you to use one of 2 charges to heal 1/3rd of your hp give you some cp (for use in special attacks) and allows each character involved to have 3 straight turns .

    Music: the sountrack is great but its nothing that will stay with you after you finished with the game.

    10/10 if you played and enjoyed the first game however if you havent played the first while you may get some enjoyment out of i just couldn't recommend it to you.

  • 25/01/2017 - Gravity Rush 2 (PS4) - 8/10

  • Resident Evil 7 next up is Tales of Berseria Thursday or Friday.

  • Steins;Gate 0. It has its flaws, but it's still a superb game. The amount of work put into explaining technical aspects, and the immense depth of the narrative is staggering.

  • @I_Make_Big_Boom I've been interested in looking into Steins Gate, so it is good to hear this, my main concern is that the game may be too slow, because i've had those issues with the Danganronpa and Virtue Last Reward games.

  • Stuff in bold is new and dates are in UK format (DD/MM/YY)


    • Here They Lie [PS4]
    • Diablo III: The Darkening of Tristram [PS4]
    • Titanfall 2 [PS4]

    I sat down an finished this yesterday afternoon. Overall Titantfall 2 is a good game but I don't think it is as amazing as everyone says it is. The multiplayer is great but somehow feels lesser than the original's. The campaign is a welcome addition but has many problems. Mainly a lackluster story and an annoying habit of introducing something cool in one level only to have it removed from your arsenal in the next. The end result being this cool series of Portal-but-with-guns style levels with bog standard shoot-all-the-guys mission padding things out inbetween them. There is also not a lot of sections where you are having to switch between on foot or in the Titan gameplay. It is usually just one or the other and they only truly meet in a couple of arena areas.

    Yes there are some truly great standout moments but the campaign on the whole is a bit...."meh"

  • @Sheria said in Last game you finished:

    Since the start of January I have finished:

    The Last Guardian
    Final Fantasy XV
    Fallout 4
    Anima: Gate of Memories

    I enjoyed them all to be honest. Fallout 4 was a bit "meh" though, although I only had interest in following the main questline.

    I have been waiting for Fallout 4 GOTY or Complete edition. I'm hoping they announce it soon.

  • Just finished Persona 4 for the 2nd time in my life, although this time it was the Golden version. I've already made a formal apology to the game on this very forum as I now regard it as one of the best JRPGs ever made. There's obvious flaws (the beginning and ending are way too drawn out, pacing issues abound, and sometimes the characters are a bit clueless) but the sum of the whole makes all of those issues seem small. One thing to note though, I only managed to get the normal ending. I did make it to the boss for the true ending but considering I'm playing on Very Hard, I would need at least 5 more hours of grinding to be a competent level/to raise the Persona that needs the almost necessary skill for the fight. A bit of a shame as there was only 2 points in the game where I had to grind at all but the 40% experience you receive for this difficulty setting really sets you back towards the end. I may tackle it sometime in the future but for now, I don't feel like spending that time on the grind. I'll miss you Inaba!

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Last game you finished:

    I'll miss you Inaba!

    Same exact thought I had all 9 times I played through the game.

  • Batman the Telltale series 8/10. My second favorite telltale title and if you're a Batman fan, it's a must play. It's universe is unique and the game is a Year One of sorts for this take on the character.They nailed all the known characters like Harvey Dent, Gordon, Alfred, Selina Kyle and Oswald Cobblepot. Where they falter is with the new character they try to create which is simply under-developed. Maybe best Bruce Wayne story ever.

    The Stanley Parable 9/10. Truly incredible game that deconstructs game design and storytelling in such marvelous ways. Over 10 endings all of which are deeper than expected. Best achievement and narrator in the biz.

  • @pinecone I love The Stanley Parable so much! Its a great game to keep going back to every few months to try out a different path or two through it.

  • I actually haven't finish a game for a long time. None in particular has my special attention and the ones I pick up I get bored really quickly. Haven't finished a game since Titanfall 2

  • Pony Island 8/10. Meta game that has a fun satanic story. Gameplay is weakest part with it being a mix of puzzle and alright endless runner. Luckily the secrets, production value and surprises make it worthwhile. Best secret ending in a while, worth working for it in-game given short length.

    Small Radios Big Televisions 8/10 (7/10 if objective). Great puzzler with a mix of exploration, puzzles and hidden object gameplay. Big selling points are the unique soundtrack which deals heavily in tones and the trippynest of it all. You find cassette tapes which teleport you to surreal and trippy environments which morph in distorted and glitchy version of themselves.

  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition