Last game you finished

  • Batman Arkham City 9/10 First time playing the Catwoman story stuff and Harley Quinn's revenge. Was a perfect 10/10 with it's great story that rewards the hardcore fans, fantastic gameplay and passion that bleeds from every aspect, especially the optional things. The ending thought as important as it is... it could of been better executed. Worse still is seconds after the final cutscene ends the last bit of Catwoman's story happens sapping away any emotion or lack there of. Harley's revenge didn't deliver either but playing as robin was fun but not much closure on Batman or Harley.

    Jotun 7/10 Norse Mythology action game where you fight giant hand drawn bosses. Great music and some decent levels (2 before each boss) with optional magic and health boost that can make the fights easy (never died for than 5 time on each). Main problems is the game feel. Attacks are simple and lack impact and movement feels off with the environment. Recommended if you like boss rush games and hand drawn graphics.

    Also gave up on Valkyria Chronicles which made me sad. 4 hours in, chapter 6, story doesn't grab me and strategy rpg's always stress me out. Story is king for me and i gotta play others like Chrono Trigger, Witcher, Pillars of Eternity, Nier.

  • I started Inside yesterday and... it's alright so far. Its reached the status where everyone has hyped it up so much that it couldn't possibly live up to expectations. I was in the minority that didn't really enjoy Limbo all that much (great art style though) and while I like this effort much better, a lot of what I'm doing in the game doesn't register for me. The animation is fantastic and towards the beginning, I certainly had a few moments where I was genuinely running for my life but then... tons of water puzzles killed the pace. I do love the atmosphere, that's something this game nails handily and I do plan on finishing it (especially since it's apparently short) but unless something drastically changes, I will never understand why it was considered as anyone's GOTY.

    I realize that puzzle games may in fact be the most divisive games for me personally. I love Portal 1 & 2 but couldn't get into The Witness. The Talos Principal is close to flawless, yet the Playdead games don't seem to get me excited. The only beat I can get on myself is that The Witness and Playdead games just drop you into a world without any real guidance or story - although you do eventually obtain bits of understanding through context around you. Talos Principal and Portal have more traditional story structure, which apparently is the carrot on the stick I need.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh no, I done goofed and posted this as a game I completed!... Welp, sorry folks.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Last game you finished:

    unless something drastically changes


  • Just finished Trails in the Sky great game, took me 38 hours to finish.

    Story: While not as epic and sweeping as Cold Steel and has a smaller cast the story of Trails in the Sky is still great. Since this game has a smaller cast it Focus on the two main leads, and boy does it do a good job. the ending is just so satisfying. It does however start even slower then cold steel and it doesn't really get going until the end of chapter 3, and when there only 4 chapters thats a bit of a problem. It does however set up its sequel.

    Graphics: While it doesn't look amazing it does the job and the character Portraits and their animation are some of the best i've ever seen. The in game character models however leave something to be desired, they look kinda like a mini forms in world of final fantasy.

    Music Its Falcom so its ranges from great to amazing

    Gameplay Not as deep as cold steel, so there is less to have to worry about. The quartz system is better in this game ,the more of one element the better spells of the element you receive. Exploration is what you expect, and with the bracer notebook you always know what you have to do. having the quest list be relevant in the gameworld is refreshing.

    9/10 great entry point into the trails series and is also not as much of a commitment. being less in 40 hours maybe as less as 25 if you don't want to do the optional content .

  • So now I can make an addendum to Water Puzzles: The Game Inside now that I've completed it.

    My last feeling once the credits started to roll was... meh.

    So let's start with the good. The atmosphere this game builds is incredible, it's extremely dark and foreboding. Tension exists in some encounters, although once you learn the "rules", this tension does dissipate. The animation is absolutely stellar and expressive, without the need for dialogue and exposition. Also -

    I did enjoy the part while being inside The Huddle. It was just creepy enough to be effective, but still included enough new physics/puzzles to make the ending bit the most memorable.

    The bad... Water puzzle, water puzzle, water puzzle, unique sound puzzle, water puzzle, water puzzle, water puzzle.... WHY IS THERE SO MUCH WATER? I thought I was playing Abzu for a bit. I remember Huber mentioning that when a puzzle game has a laser in it, he checks out. I'm the same way with water/displacement puzzles and somehow, this had even more than Limbo. Personally, I didn't really have any "AHA!" moments, which is that small feeling of satisfaction these games are known for. Although the ending/meaning of the game is mostly ambiguous, I just didn't see much of a reason to care - this includes going to the internet to view the secret ending and reading fan theories about what it all means.

    If I had to give it an honest score, it'd be a 5/10, potentially a 6/10 thanks to the tone it creates. I wouldn't call it a bad game by any means but it just feels much too simplistic to garner all the praise it has received. I really wanted to like this game but in the end, I just couldn't stop cursing all the water I was in. I'll chalk this up as another Journey situation - a critically acclaimed game that everyone loves, yet I can't enjoy it because I'm a broken human being. C'est la vie.

  • 04/02/2017 - Resident Evil VII Biohazard (PC) - 8/10

  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 7/10. Walking sims might be known as being a story genre but walking will always be it's crutch. You explore an island solving a good murder mystery with simple observational puzzles. Graphics and music are good but most of your time will be spent running to key locations for secrets and story beats you missed. Better than Firewatch but lesser than Oxenfree.

    Grim Fandango Remastered 8/10 (7/10 objective). The premise is SO good. You play a death travel salesman (guy who sends you to heaven or hell) as you explore the underworld solving a mystery. Characters and story are great but there's no denying the flaws. Puzzles are obtuse, environments don't hold up especially given premise, dated graphics and some glitchyness. Story is truly the savior and achievements are tied to the best stuff so have a guide handy.

  • Finished up Rise of the Tomb Raider and its DLC today.. I thought it was really good! I'm looking forward to a sequel, though I hope I don't need to wait a year for the Playstation release again

  • Finished Dark Souls a few days ago for the first time. I'm on NG+ now and just got past Ornstein and Smough. Kind of surprised it took me this long to really give the series a try but I'm loving it so far.

  • I went though G-Police on the PS1 as I never actually completed it before.

  • I played through Final Fantasy X for the first time (PS4 version).


    • Battle system is fantastic
    • I like how every character (except for maybe Kimahri) is very useful in battle
    • It's one of the few Final Fantasy games in which I liked summons
    • Boss fights are great
    • The soundtrack is great


    • Tidus
    • Sphere Grid is pointless busy work, what's wrong with just leveling up through XP? The Sphere Grid does allows you to customize your characters and multiclass but other FF games have done that in much more interesting ways than this.
    • Linear level design
    • Tidus
    • You only get an airship when the game is pretty much finished
    • Even without doing sidequests and without any extra grinding you can get really overpowered near the end of the game, mostly because of the customizable weapons
    • Tidus

  • I've just finished Mafia 3 on PS4. Loved the story. And the Pro enhancements were gorgeous. Roll on the DLC!

  • @NeoCweeny I'm playing through it for the first time as well! I agree on most all of your points (especially Tidus).

  • A Link Between Worlds

    It's been a while since I completed a new game as I've been focused on Darkest Dungeon and after getting burnt out a bit, I went back to an old favourite (Shovel Knight) to platinum that. In that time, Nintendo finally decided to have a Zelda sale so I was able to pick this up. (Unfortunately I couldn't get MM as it wasn't on sale on the Oz store)

    Anyway this was weirdly refreshing to play. Since I completed A Link to the Past for the first time last year, so I was already so familiar with the world and it really does feel like ALTTP so I really enjoyed the game. Sure it has the same issues of other zelda games where nothing really makes any sense why this is this way but as usual the dungeons are great, exploring and finding things in the world is great and the new mechanic of merging with the wall is a lot of fun and really gets you thinking.

    The one thing I really didn't like was the rental system. I didn't really affect me too much but early on I was worried about what I should bring and then if you die, you have to go back to buy everything again which was just a bit of hassle. I don't particularly want to see it return.

    Overall, fantastic game and I'm still really looking forward to getting Majora's Mask some day.

  • Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

    SO much better than Birthright, especially in terms of level design! There are many great maps in this one, a lot of them offer a unique gimmick which forces you to rethink your approach, split up your team, etc. The Dragon Vein mechanic takes center stage. Even the story is more nuanced, although still nothing mind-blowing.

    The final chapter was so epic and intense!! I got very close to losing a few units, particularly Shura, two turns in a row, who miraculously dodged a 82% chance hit that would have killed him. I only lost one unit in the entire game, Charlotte, victim of a 5% chance critical hit against a boss, and whom I did not love enough to restart the entire chapter for...

    I'm looking forward to Revelation now, I'm curious how they shake up the story again and which characters I'll be able to recruit!

  • @Axel I played through Conquest before Birthright, and I agree that it is the superior entry. Although it's more difficult, I think the forced-march between missions without the ability to grind is much more satisfying, well-paced, and rewarding. You'll have to let me know how you feel about Revelations. I didn't want to hop straight into a third game so soon, so I haven't bought it yet. Hopefully it answers the questions left blatantly open in the other versions.

  • @Billy Not being able to grind scared me, I was afraid I'd somehow end up under-leveled at one point and get stuck. So I always used the same group of characters to optimize their leveling, leaving some forever unused (the way it should be done, I suppose). And thanks to that, my characters ended up with a higher level than my Birthright team.

    I'm also going to take a break though, I only started up Revelation last night to see what the first mission is like and it looks very intriguing, but I feel like I'll get burned out if I continue. On the other hand I'd like to be done with it before Shadows of Valentia comes out.

    Enough Fire Emblem, Nintendo! :(

  • @NeoCweeny also playing through this for the first time, and you're pretty much spot on, especially when it comes to Tidus.

  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    I think after all those years Resident Evil has finally found the most ideal formula, i was never a fan of RE1-2-3 because of the perspective. Resident Evil 4 is an incredible game but it has more of an emphasis on action than scare, i think this formula was perfected by Dead Space but Capcom was not able to recapture the magic of RE4. RE7 manages to be scary and good survival horror.