Last game you finished

  • @Billy Not being able to grind scared me, I was afraid I'd somehow end up under-leveled at one point and get stuck. So I always used the same group of characters to optimize their leveling, leaving some forever unused (the way it should be done, I suppose). And thanks to that, my characters ended up with a higher level than my Birthright team.

    I'm also going to take a break though, I only started up Revelation last night to see what the first mission is like and it looks very intriguing, but I feel like I'll get burned out if I continue. On the other hand I'd like to be done with it before Shadows of Valentia comes out.

    Enough Fire Emblem, Nintendo! :(

  • @NeoCweeny also playing through this for the first time, and you're pretty much spot on, especially when it comes to Tidus.

  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    I think after all those years Resident Evil has finally found the most ideal formula, i was never a fan of RE1-2-3 because of the perspective. Resident Evil 4 is an incredible game but it has more of an emphasis on action than scare, i think this formula was perfected by Dead Space but Capcom was not able to recapture the magic of RE4. RE7 manages to be scary and good survival horror.


  • So while I didn't actually play it I did just finish watching the EZA full playthrough stream of Resident Evil VII Biohazard. I do not watch scary movies or play scary games but I was interested in experiencing the game in some capacity since it was so well received. The stream, especially with Kyle there, was the perfect scenario for me. I really enjoyed what I saw. That prologue was one of the most intense openings in any game in recent memory and if I did somehow muster the courage to play it I probably would have stopped right there. The game looked great, the mouths didn't always match up to the dialog which bothered me immensely because everything else was so great. I did enjoy the characters, story and context of the game a lot.

  • Crash Bandicoot

    A strange case where I hadn't played the first game in the series. One of my least favorite things about the two sequels (and just about every 3D platformer) is the use of portals to move between drastically different themed worlds. I always thought that conceit was lazy---effectively cutting out the spacial context in a game that relies solely upon its more immediate spacial context to function.

    The first Crash doesn't have the little teleporter wings, but rather a DK Country style world map depicting a chain of islands. This also means the game sticks to its distinct jungle atmosphere more strictly which I also really like. It's also a good deal harder than its sequels; there are almost no mini-game levels (there is one in which you ride a hog in the same style as the polar bear in 2 and the tiger in 3), the game relies far more on precision platforming which I think it does well, even if it seems to run out of ideas by the end.

    Overall I'd put it on the same level as the other two. It isn't as wild as its sequels, but its rigor and commitment to its design are really respectable in my eyes.

  • Over the weekend I finished Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

    I really enjoyed Dream Drop Distance but I do have some complaints. The battle system was a blast and the lore added was great (in KH terms). I liked how you could use different dream eaters which had different abilities when you linked to them, and I liked how linking was different between Sora and Riku. On the the negatives. Flowmotion is broken and ruins exploring the levels. You don't need to actually traverse the level they way they designed because you can just get anywhere by dashing and jumping. Also the frame traps were REAL. Until I was able to get leaf bracer I died all of the time because enemies could just keep hitting me until I did without any chance to dodge, block or heal. Even having leaf bracer, last chance, and once more(?) doesn't necessarily solve this. Another complaint, which I can't really knock it for since it was a handheld game, is the lack of NPCs and just other being inhabiting these worlds. The worst was going around Paris and never seeing another soul. You go to the gypsy hideout and no one if there besides Esmeralda. I really hope KH3 built on the latest and greatest can include some NPCs.

    0.2 A Fragmentary Passage was fantastic. That game was beautiful and played great. Some of the other battle mechanics in other KH games are all good in their own way but it felt so good to return to a mainline battle system. I enjoyed what the story did and playing through that made me so excited for KH3. I mean seeing Destiny Island on a PS4 was a highlight since I haven't really seen it since the PS2. So hyped for 3 after this!

    The Back Cover movie was decent. It didn't really provide much important story details but it was a fun movie to watch regardless. Master of Masters was an amazing character, I want more of him!

    Although I didn't beat it or anything I did stop playing Fire Emblem Heroes. I got a 3 star Robin, who i really wanted and started training him up to get him to 5 stars. As soon as I leveled him up to 4 star I immediately asked myself why I was playing the game and promptly closed it to never look back. It did get me really wanting to play a real Fire Emblem game, so maybe one day I'll own a Switch and get to play a new one.

  • Pokemon Moon.

    starting Earthbound though and going to try and finish that.

  • 13/02/2017 - Yakuza 0 (PS4) - 10/10

  • @DisturbedSwan
    I believe you mean 100/10

  • Dark Souls - solid 6/10

    A goofier, lighter game than Demon's Souls that recycles far too many of that previous game's ideas. The interconnected world doesn't really strike my fancy that much. It seemed contrived; friendly. Like a world whose being seems to exist in spite of the player, but whose design seems to be in support of them.

    There are things I liked quite a bit. Capping the amount of healing items per life is really nice, and I like that all characters come and go in passing. I probably would have thought more of the game if that last third or so wasn't so joyless.

  • @Ringedwithtile yea the last part of the game especially lost izalith was really rushed

  • A short while ago I've finished The Legend of Heroes: Trais of Cold Steel II on PS3 (also available on Vita, cross save possible).
    Fantastic JRPG and together with the 1st one I consider them modern classics. Imo it is mandatory though to play the 1st game since 2 is a direct sequel. 2 gives you a summary of what happens in 1 but really 1 is also just a fantastic game, also similar to Mass Effect you can transfer you save. All that's missing for nearly perfection is dual audio, the english VA's make a great job but I'm a weeb.
    My GotY 2016

    I wish they would release a double pack eventually for PS4 and release them on Steam (like the TiTS series) as well so more people can play them.

  • @Musou-Tensei i liked everyone's voice except alisa's her voice is grading

  • Killzone Shadow Fall, of all things. Felt like a game determined to get less interesting and make less sense the longer it went on, but still a respectable FPS romp when at its worst.

    Next up: A Link Between Worlds.

  • @J_K_Day said in Last game you finished:

    Killzone Shadow Fall, of all things. Felt like a game determined to get less interesting and make less sense the longer it went on, but still a respectable FPS romp when at its worst.

    Next up: A Link Between Worlds.

    I was a tester on Shadow Fall! It was my first job in the games industry so I have a weird love for the game :)

  • @FF7Cloud Didn't mind anyone's voice really, still can't wait to replay them in japanese.

  • @thenerdtheword Ha, excellent. A totally glitch-free experience, by the way. You must be a QA master.

  • @J_K_Day it was a great QA team to be a part of and it gave me a lot of experience that has all worked towards getting me to where I am now :)

  • Finished Grandia 2 a week ago.
    Ordered FFXV so that looks to be the next on my list of completed

  • @Musou-Tensei said in Last game you finished:

    I wish they would release a double pack eventually for PS4 and release them on Steam (like the TiTS series) as well so more people can play them.

    I take that back.