Last game you finished

  • @MSBi Heheh.. yeah like I said I just totally missed it somehow. Though to be honest, I'm kind of glad I didn't know about it when I was still in high school.. way too addicting

  • Beat Titan Souls. It was fun and challenging to play for a while. I don't have much of a desire to go back though.

  • Night in the Woods 9/10. Incredible story based indie game in the vein of Oxenfree, Undertale and Owlboy. Diverse and solid soundtrack and gameplay make that pacing so smooth. Mini-games and surprises galore and best of all is the replay value which has at least 1/5 of the game that you can't access because of branching decisions. If you love the Persona social links or any story game, this is a must as it's truly a second home with friends and happenings that you will remember.

    Hand of Fate 7/10. Perfect example of a game being good because of the sum of it's parts. When taken alone every element has flaws. The combat (Arkham) has some jank and enemy variety is lacking, cards and story is plentiful but never special or memorable, rogue-like elements are constant but never truly game changing. But put them all together and it's incredibly addictive and hard to put down. The sequel could end up being truly great so wait till then unless you're curious in which case you probably won't be disappointed.

  • @pinecone I really loved Hand of Fate (although I fully agree with everything you said) up until the point of being one hit away from killing the final boss, having the game crash, and realizing I would have to start that mission all the way from the beginning. The jank was too much! Never did get around to trying any of the DLC though.

  • @pinecone I really want to get Night in the Woods! It looks different and really interesting.

  • I played Flower today as part of a course I'm taking on ecocritical perspectives in various media. I really didn't think I'd like it as much as I did. The controls really drew me into the "role" and I enjoyed the way the narrative was subtly woven in, becoming more apparent with each level. It looks great, as well, but I figured it would since it was made by thatgamecompany.

  • Just finished the campaign of For Honor over lunch.

    Meh, it really does feel like a long tutorial. It's fun because the gameplay is fun, but the story leads nowhere, the main baddie has very dubious motivations, and the whole thing feels extremely impersonal. Really doesn't compare well to something like Yakuza 0 which I'm playing at the same time.

    I probably won't dabble much in the multiplayer because it's not my thing. So this one is highly unlikely to make my Top 5 by the end of the year.

  • Nioh

    Really enjoyed it overall, the enemy variety can be lacking about half-way through but then new Yokai are introduced in every region which keeps things feeling fresh enough, still could of done with some more varied attack patterns to keep you on your toes, once you've learnt what a Yokai is going to do you repeat it every time after throughout the game, would've been nice to get some massively migrated variants to make you shit your pants every once in a while.

    Level design was mostly excellent, around Region 3 there were a little too many Shrines/Temple locations for my liking and I was starting to get a little bored of some levels, some lack polish and detail too, particularly the boring grey cave environs, but for the most part the levels were memorable enough without reaching the heights of something like Dark Souls. Also thought that they needlessly put too many Shrines in some levels, the Ice level was the worst offender of this, you seemingly go round a corner and you're like 'another Shrine already, really?', luckily this doesn't happen often and the maze-like maps with myriad number of floors, shortcuts and pitfalls are some of my favourites in the game.

    Can't talk highly enough about the combat, it is just incredible. An absolutely absurd amount of depth, fighting-game style combo's and options in regards to moves lists and weapon stance that you can switch between in combat if you're good enough, punctuated by a Skill-based levelling system that lets you invest in new moves along the way in addition to your standard stats.

    Can't recommend it enough really, particularly if you're into games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls, I actually think it's better than Bloodborne but doesn't quite hit the heights of Dark Souls 2 & 3 for me. Nioh is different enough in its own right from that series though, loved the co-op aspect and being able to go back and help anyone through any previous mission in the game. The level-select as opposed to one huge interconnected open world lends itself to loot hunting and co-op fun much more than Bloodborne or Dark Souls too in my view.


  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - 7/10

    Manages to capture the globetrotting intrigue---the essence of the franchise which I think is really admirable for its time. For a while it's one of the most compelling, nicely paced works in its genre. It's one of the few point and click games where I went most of the game without getting stuck, and part of that reason might be because there are multiple, and as far as I can see, drastically different paths through the meat of the game that open themselves up depending on your play style. It's a handsome game too: great environment art and animation as always from Lucasarts, but also some fun voice-work that really elevates it.

    Unfortunately the three paths you can take all converge on Atlantis, a drab locale with the sort of walking about, obscure puzzles, weird item logic, and mazes you'd expect from the genre. Just not very fun. Overall, pretty solid though.

  • Just finished Horizon Zero Dawn on Friday! Loved it. The narrative is awesome, Aloy is an incredible protagonist and I had a blast playing it. As far as open-world action RPGs go, Horizon might just be my favorite. Whereas Witcher 3 felt too dense and a little clunky in the gameplay department, Horizon had a perfect balance of solid narrative and fun gameplay. It has a few technical and presentational issues, but overall, the positives heavily outweigh the negatives.


  • Wario World - 5/10

    Punching, jumping, even the wrestling moves feel good; integral to the game's point. Treasure's focus on boss battles is always welcome, with lots of weird designs and a few real fun fights. I've seen this game called too short, but I think it clocks in just right. In order to justify a greater length there needed to be bigger steps taken in its design.

    Which is the real problem: play one level, you've played them all---it's a thin concept. Reskinned enemies and the same collectibles in the same manner, only there to give you Warioware minigames that you can't even play on the Gamecube. Though each level is themed differently, these themes rarely transform the level into anything unique (apart from the mirror level, maybe?).

    Mostly though, I didn't feel the greed. The Wario Land games turn currency, otherwise weightless game pick-ups into something worth obsessing over, a means of accumulating things or gambling it away. In 'World' we're told Wario is getting back his fortune. We never see it. The money gathered is usable for regaining life and continuing: health care. It seems too responsible for Wario.

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions

    7.5/10, not the greatest but I'm for sure glad I got to play it.

    Characters are a joy, and I laughed out loud more than once.
    Combat is fun, but can get a bit too repetitive.
    Setting is charming and different enough to keep me invested.

    The story is beyond forgettable and kinda lost me, the last part really is "JRPG the ending"
    Side Missions are pretty bad.
    Weapon/skill system lost its appeal too soon

    Also as a casual fan of SMT (aside from Persona), with a few of the games in the series under my belt, I can say without any problem that there're no traces of an SMT game in here, and while I was kinda expecting that, I was hoping there would be a bit more. For the FE side, idk I still have to go trhough awakening as my first FE.

    Now that I'm done with this I only have to finish up Zero Time Dilemma before April and all will be ready for P5s release :).

  • Played through Until Dawn: Rush of Blood the other week. A buddy and I made a night of switching levels. Good times for sure! I'm noticing a lot of scores above.. I'd give the game a 7.5 probably.

  • Just finished Horizon ZD. It's been a while since a game has gripped my imagination like that. At every little revelation I was trying to guess how the world had come to be where it was and where the story was going. They kept me on my toes throughout the whole game. I really loved it. What a cool world and story!

    The little story arc in the vantage points was also amazing. Such a small little thing but told so well imo. You can tell they really flushed out the world and its inhabitants really well. I also liked how characters behaved true to their identities that they had established or set up in an earlier part of the game. It just helped maintain the immersion for me and get me really into the world of this game

    I really dug this game.

  • Finished the last expansion for SWTOR. Great ending, I really enjoyed.

  • Last game I finished, was the Witness (I only bought it about a month ago haha, it didn't take me a year).

    Such an amazing game and one that I've been pushing onto others and have given Mr Blow a few extra sales. (I'm still waiting for my commission bonus in the post).

  • Alright, I'm officially putting Dark Souls 2 on the shelf. Holy shit.. those DLC bosses were tough. That's what I get for complaining that the main ones were too easy

  • @Faaip palate swap demon is a pain in the ass to kill.

  • @FF7Cloud Yeah all those Iron King bosses were a real pain... even though I like Fume and Alonne. I wasn't happy to see the new Smelter Demon since that was the hardest main game boss for me as well

  • I just finished Final Fantasy XV. Cried. It's not a perfect game, but I love it. It's a 10 despite it's flaws.

    Also finished Jotun the other day, really great game. The hand drawn animations are beautiful.