Last game you finished

  • Finally at the end of Yakuza Ishin, going to spend some time grinding money and gear parts for new swords and guns, also going to look into some guides to finish up all the training missions to max out the styles

  • Resident Evil: Revelations on Xbox 360

    Was alright.

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    Uncharted 2. I enjoyed it!

    you can read about my thoughts HERE

  • Just finished Just Cause 3 yesterday for full platinum. Much more enjoyable compared to JC2. It didn't feel as repetitive this time around. A lot more variety to taking down bases etc

  • I have beaten 2 games today.

    1st one was The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel after 136 hours, absolutely fantastic JRPG, it sucked me absolutely into it, loved the characters, loved the story, loved the music. So far my GotY, but man the ending

    is a cliffhanger, it's clear that this was planned as a 2 parter right away,

    of course I have 2 already on pre-order and can't wait for it to come to europe in november, sure I could import a US version in september but I'd like to play another JRPG between those 2 so I stick with the PAL release.

    2nd one is Another Metroid 2 Remake which I just beat after around 8 hours with 100% (had to use a map for around 4 upgrades I couldn't find), great remake Nintendo should have done a long time ago, definitely the best way to play Metroid 2.

  • Finished Blood and Wine last night.. loved it. I'm really sad there won't be anymore Witcher

  • The lastest game i finished is Pokemon Red, before that, GTA V on PS4 and Uncharted 4.

    does it count if i replay my old saved game from FFVII at the final battle on my PSP?

  • I completed and platinumed Severed last night.

    It's the vita game (think it may be on 3DS and WiiU now too) by Drinkbox studio, the guys who made Guacamelee and Mutant Space blobs.

    It's kind of like a metroidvania except all the combat is done through the touchscreen! I actually really like it and the touchscreen is very accurate so you don't have to worry about any swipes going wrong.

    It's definitely got a much heavier tone than their other games too which I like. Took about 8 hours to complete everything.

    My two main criticisms are that some of the fights are essentially on a timer so and it's a bit frustrating having to repeat it. The other is I wish there had been a quick way to go to the beginning of a zone but that one is a bit more minor.

    Definitely recommend if you want something unique to play.

  • Finally best Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. Not how I thought things were gonna turn out.

  • Need for Speed

  • It's been one Pokemon game or another that has seen completion by me, though it's the oddest thing. You know how the games have some pretty consistent, if thorough, post-game content? I am constantly in the grips of the feeling, "but I haven't completed it yet." There's always one tiny side/fetch quest, or a tiny event, or some new item, that is discovered, and creates this pleasant if nagging feeling that it's not truly completed. Such is the case of, say, Pokemon Black/Black 2. Especially with all those interactive elements, such as Unova Link and what have you.

  • @Dice_for_Death_ Same things happening to me with The Witcher.. I still have a dozen or so side quests, treasure hunts, etc. and a fair number of undiscovered locations that I feel like I need to check off before I can feel "finished' with the game

  • @Faaip Yeah, glad to hear I'm not alone in that feeling, strange as it may seem. This always happens every time I beat any Elite 4 in any region, whenever the credits have finished rolling. I'm in the habit of consulting FAQs and walkthroughs, just to ensure 100% has been achieved. On that very note, I would love if there was an indicator available to reference total completion, like they do with the PokeDex.

  • @Dice_for_Death_ Its a tough feeling to ignore.. I also don't like playing a bunch of games at once so I want to see all I can before I move on. I need to just be able to revisit a game to complete it if I want while moving on to a new primary game.

  • I just finished ABZU. I really enjoyed the art and the overall vibes (the soundtrack is stellar), but the comparisons to Journey are just too strong for me. Journey disappeared and I got absorbed into the experience. ABZU had a little too many game-y elements and the structure was too much of a copy of Journey. Great experience, just not my favorite "art" game.

  • Continuing on my Vita games, I completed Titan Souls today, a game I'd been pretty interested in due to the obvious Dark Souls and SOTC vibes.

    Overall I enjoyed the game. The boss variety is pretty cool, the art is really nice, the soundtrack does the job.

    The issue is that there is a seriously fine line between good and frustrating. It takes a little time to load (a few seconds) but this is a big deal when you just keep dying so quickly as like the bosses, you are 1 hit away from death. You just wish it'd be more like Super meat boy where you'd instantly go back to the checkpoint.

  • Completed (and got the platinum) Hitman Go on Vita. Have to say this was a tonne of fun to play through and for the people who love trophies, they are fun and relatively easy to get.

    It's basically a turn based puzzle game. The aestheic is very cool, it looks like a board game and you move around the board to get to your objectie. Each level has a few goals too to get all the stars.

    Sweet short levels that makes you think how to avoid killing people, fewest turns to the objective etc. Highly recommend for a quick game on the go.

  • Finished up Rayman Origins and Beyond Good and Evil HD today.. both got pretty tough toward the end

  • just finished star ocean 5 .... just very average for me in a series that hasnt had a standout game since til thr end of time

  • I just finished Final Fantasy X the other day. Finally. I played it so many years ago, got stuck and hard quit. But now I'm finally done. And it was great. The story is actually really cool. It's just a shame it's undercut by the terrible voice acting and janky animations.

    That's only the third Final Fantasy game I've finished though. And I've played 16 of them.

    I've only finished Final Fantasy XIII, Crisis Core, and Final Fantasy X. I tend to get stuck somewhere near or at the very end, and then I just never finish them. So I'm currently trying to always have at least one Final Fantasy game in my rotation, and gradually beat, perhaps not all, but at least the major ones.

    Definitely VI, VII, IX, X-2, and Type-0.
    Probably IV, VIII, XII, XIV and Tactics.
    Possibly V, XIII-2, and XIII-3.

    Also I am well aware that I listed an MMO as game to "beat". What I mean is just to get through the story arc. I like that world, and I've heard it's pretty good.