Last game you finished

  • @Nillend @thenerdtheword @Faaip It's not so much the ending, because indeed it's realistic and open-ended.

    Firewatch spoilers:

    It's the "reveal", I expected to discover some conspiracy, maybe a betrayal by Delilah, something bigger than just the previous guy having gone a bit cuckoo. Not gonna lie, I did feel something for the kid, but I guess I fell in the same paranoia trap as the characters did, and thought the payoff would be grander.

    I just feel like this whole thing could have made a much greater movie. I didn't feel rewarded as a gamer, but I liked it as a viewer.

    Some games are all about gameplay (Mario); some are all about storytelling (Life Is Strange); some manage to have both (The Witcher 3).

    So if you want to focus on story, then I expect that story to be interactive, offer choices and consequences, etc. I need to feel engaged, I need to be the one driving the story. In Firewatch I'm only moving Henry around, that's all I'm good for. So what's the point of using the videogame format?

    Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it, but I don't feel like it moves the genre forward at all, that's why I'm confused it got so much praise.

    7/10 ;)

  • @Axel Ohh yeah I totally forgot about that. Yeah I could agree that the resolution of that story line wasn't quite what I was expecting. I suppose they were going for more realism though. The buildup was great though.. parts of that mystery gave me chills.

    I also agree that there wasn't really much to do (my biggest complaint being that it was too short). I don't think that adding some gamey elements would detract from what they were doing.. and it would have solved both of our issues. Honestly I would have been ok with just a bit more exploration and interaction if they didn't want to break the world with puzzles and stuff

  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West 9/10. Holds up! Animations, story and graphics all deliver. That color scheme of green/blue/brown and art design has allowed it to age gracefully like a cell shaded game would. Incredible motion capture by the best in the biz Andy Serkis and well written by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Dredd and upcoming Halo movie?). Ending is polarizing but i appreciate it much more now than before. Best executions i've seen in a long time, you can snap a gun turrets neck and it's great. Pigsy's Perfect 10 is also decent dlc with good length and new environments to see. But gameplay is less fun and story starts incredibly weak but luckily it comes around to good in the end.

    Lumini 7/10 Small pc title about little wisp-like creatures going through very crystal heavy environments in 2d with light exploration and encounters. Comparable to Journey in feel and pace but not as involving. It's more of a relaxing title not demanding too much which makes it great for small sessions. Soundtrack was the highlight.

  • @pinecone I never finished enslaved because I had so much trouble with the controls. I thought they felt pretty loose and I had trouble with the camera. That was a while ago, though, and you've definitely made me want to go back and revisit it.

  • @pinecone @naltmank I had similar problems with controls. Also I just didn't get hooked, not sure why. Couldn't bring myself to feel anything for characters.

  • @Paper-Lion I'm so gutted, after your post I've been keeping an eye out for deals and the PSN accidentally had FFXV for sale for £9.99 yesterday morning!!! But I missed it and now it's back up to £29.99! Never mind, I guess it wasn't meant to be.

  • Either Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition or Sunset Overdrive
    Both incredible games in their own right. Highly recommend these titles to any fan of the third-person action adventure genre. If you enjoy gritty realism, or vibrant stylisation, these are easy buys. They're both a few years old, so you can pick them up at a discount almost guaranteed.

  • @Pitcher-T said in Last game you finished:

    @Paper-Lion I'm so gutted, after your post I've been keeping an eye out for deals and the PSN accidentally had FFXV for sale for £9.99 yesterday morning!!! But I missed it and now it's back up to £29.99! Never mind, I guess it wasn't meant to be.

    Don't worry, it'll go on sale again. Although £30 doesn't sound so steep in the first place tbh.

    EDIT: Also forgot. I finished The Banner Saga yesterday. Part 1 out of 3 done. I'M DOING THIS FOR YOU, BLOOD! Seriously though, fantastic game. I love how you can play it with one hand, just relaxing, hanging back, doing viking shit whilst an Austin Wintory score plays in the background. It's so cool, guys, give it a go.

  • Nier: Automata

    I got endings A, B, C, D, E and G. I loved the game, though I must say that I did prefer the original Nier slightly. I had originally meant to complete all the quests and such, but at 32 hours, I felt it was time for the game to come to its conclusion for me. That said, I didn't really get the quests sometimes as I didn't understand the logic behind how they cropped up and disappeared, especially after obtaining the chapter select.

    The ending was nice and quite impactful, though I feel that unlike the original game, the final choice, while clever, was not as meaningful, or crucial for that matter which is why chose against ..... well, spoilers I guess.

  • Bioshock Infinite.

    that ending left me thinking for a good while. connecting all the dots made my brain hurt, in a good way.

  • Finally finished Yakuza 0

    Awesome experience, now can't wait for Persona 5 just around the corner!

  • Just Finished Trails in the Sky SC

    Story: the Highlight of the game by far while a better more epic story and having a few emotional moments. It just couldn't live up to the perfect ending the first game had. The game also got a little formulaic this is my 4th game in the series and they all have the same narrative structure i hope next time the change it up.

    Gameplaydoest change much from the first just the ability to chain crafts which i didnt use much.

    Presentation Music is once again great especially the main theme "whereabouts of light" again uses same graphics as the first. great 2d animation i dont quite care for the 3d character models.


  • Finished Shantae: Half-Genie Hero last night.

    Somehow I enjoyed it less than the previous games in the series. The HD sprites are gorgeous, the game feels great to play, but after all is said and done, it's pretty forgettable.

    The level design and secrets are too straightforward to ever be challenging. The story/writing is too scatterbrained and never pulled me in. Pirate's Curse's story was simple but focused and raised the stakes. Here, there's not even a main antagonist until the very end, and you barely know why you're doing what you're doing.

    I appreciate that WayForward have built a world with recognizable characters and locations, but they are using them in the exact same way in every game. They never evolve or grow, so what should be a happy reunion with familiar characters ends up feeling repetitive.

    It was a fun little adventure, but in the end it adds nothing to the series as a whole, which is disappointing since it was the biggest budget they had for a Shantae game as far as I know. If they ever make a new Shantae, I hope they shake things up.


  • @Axel in the books and movies I enjoy, the plot is simple and straightforward, assuming what it wants to be and not adding unnecessary elements. I still disliked some things about Firewatch, because it did have unnecessary elements. I think the search for the conspiracy prevented the story to take another route, one in which it would come from the relationship between the characters and from the main character's inner conflict. However, as videogames go, I think it was more mature than the usual.

  • @Axel i hope they go more into the metriodvania side of things next time

  • well I just finished Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight and got both endings. what a great game

  • Just finished Episode Gladio nice little hack and slash while it dosnt add much to Gladio it sure gives you more backstory on Cor.

    also the remix of battle on big bridge is great.

  • Valley 9/10 (8/10 if objective) 1st person platformer with emphasis on speed and jumping with some light shooting. Light but enjoyable story and some nice progression that does wonders for the pacing of this short title. But by far it's biggest strength is a few sections that go all out on the speed and momentum making for some of the best and most fun sections i've ever played. Especially if you partake in a newly legalized substance or you've dreamed of playing a 1st person Sonic game.

    Super Mario World 9/10 Holds up! Makes me realize how much is still missing in Mario Maker. Having never finished a shortcut as a kid also made me experience a new level for the first time as an adult which was a joy especially since it has an incredible name (Soda Lake) and it has the underwater boxes where a Mickey Mouse hand comes out and throws a missile. Some elements are recycled like Reznor and the auto-scroll falling dirt pile which holds it back from perfection.

  • Alright, this one is going to be lengthy to justify my score. Strap yourself in, kiddos!

    Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

    It's a Fire Emblem game, so it's gotta be great, right?

    Let's get the positives out of the way first. It IS a Fire Emblem game, so the core mechanics are solid. I won't go into great detail here because it has been talked about to death but it generally doesn't stray far (in combat) from previous entries.

    That's the only good thing I have to say about the game. Diving into the bad....

    The series is known for memorable/likable characters. I would say characters hardly "grow" outside of stats but this entry feels like the worst offender. Effie really likes food, Mozu is a farmer, Felicia is clumsy. They don't have any traits outside of these so nearly everyone comes off as flat. I disliked or didn't care for most of the cast (excluding Niles, Peri, and Keaton).

    Conquest is supposed to be the harder option of the Fates trilogy but I honestly can't say this challenge comes from solid design. Most maps spawn reinforcements aplenty with no rhyme or reason - they just come from all corners of the map because they can. A personal anecdote that could just be chalked up to bad luck - I witnessed (in one turn) the enemy make 6 successful attacks in a row, with less than a 30% chance to hit. Immediately after, I had 3 of my characters miss with at least a 90% chance to hit. I understand Fire Emblem has a history of showing players the wrong percentage, but here it feels particularly egregious.

    These problems aside, I would have still had a decent time with the game but one element is dragging it so far down, that I can honestly say I severely dislike the game because of it. Story is the most important aspect of a game to me and not only does the story here suffer from tropes, it is insultingly bad in its execution.

    Minor story spoilers:

    So in Conquest, you decide to pick the "evil" side with the intention of taking them down from the inside. There are so many points in the story where the game tries to justify the killing of innocents as part of the greater good. Instead of stopping the injustice you witness, the main character and co. whine and complain that they must see innocent people die. Instead of forming a plan to take care of things internally, you form a war party and take on an entire nation, killing innocents along the way, to have the king sit on a throne to show his true form. WHY? Nearly every character you encounter, whether they are friend or foe, are against the king's rule. Everyone realizes he is an evil warlord but it's only okay to kill him once he's shown as a demon - who cares if hundreds of civilians die in the process? I honestly felt like a Nazi soldier following orders blindly - I hated what my character was doing in the game, his overall lack of inaction.

    Combine that with a late game death of a character you've only seen once and a poor script in general, and you just have a mess of a story. Without hyperbole, I can say this is one of the worst stories I have witnessed in any form of media. Less than an hour after beating this, I quickly traded away my copy. This is one fate I hope no one else ever suffers.


  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan, and I did enjoy Fates. That being said, I didn't find it nearly as good as many of the other entries. Certain aspects about the story just baffle me, and make me wonder if even the same people are doing the writing. I also feel that after the success of Awakening, they decided to double down on certain aspects like children and such, leading to a feeling of shoehorning in certain elements. Still, I love the core mechanics and tenants of the series, and will happily jump into future installments.