Last game you finished

  • Snake Pass. Finally. And despite what Kyle says, jumping is actually required to beat the game.
    I actually wanted it to be a bit shorter, and rather have a fully functioning camera, but it is a good game, all in all, and it's different from other things, so worth a try.

  • Finally beat Zelda: Breath of the Wild! It felt disingenuous to fight the final boss not in the green tunic, and I don't have any amiibo, do I finished all the shrines, fully upgraded the gear, and then went for castle. Totally worth it!

  • 22/05/3017 - Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) - 8/10

  • Finished up Demon's Souls tonight.. I'm glad I finally got around to playing it!

    I really enjoyed it. I still think Dark Souls is the superior game, though I really like that Demon's gives you access to all the worlds immediately. I also think its length was better, I feel like Dark Souls starts to drag a bit later on and could have been trimmed a tad.

    I'm torn between the estus/bonfire system of Dark Souls and the health system in Demon's. Around mid game I felt like I was needing to farm a lot for grass but toward the end I had more than I needed.. I think I prefer the estus out of convenience and deciding whether or not to kindle adds an extra layer of strategy and difficulty in my opinion.

    Finally, I thought Demon's was pretty easy but I'm sure that's only because its the last of the series I played. I probably would have had a really tough time if I played it when it first came out. A couple areas were problematic for me and really only the Maneater boss took a good several tries.. nothing like some of the Bloodborne bosses or Fume Knight or something though.

  • Finally finished Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation, the last one of the "trilogy". It had some fun maps and a better story than Birthright and Conquest, but only because it felt like the true ending; as a standalone it's as generic and predictable as the other two.

    Gameplay-wise, I still love this series, but I hope the next game will have a more mature, gritty and engaging story.

    And by the next game I mean Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia which I should receive this week...

  • I finally finished Persona 5. Its my new favorite game and I'm sad I'm done. I'm not going to new game + it or trophy hunt because I would rather end on a good note then try to immediately jump back into a game I spent 2 months playing and end up getting sick of it.

  • Got around to Metroid Prime finally! I figured there's a decent chance of Metroid showing up at E3, so I wanted to study up a little bit before that happened.

    Really enjoyed it, and it wasn't as daunting of a task as I thought it might be. I'm usually the completionist type, and Metroid games always scared me because I knew(at least with the older ones) that it would be near impossible to 100% without a guide to help me out, but I almost got there on my own with Metroid Prime. By the end I was at around 90% and I decided I should just go ahead and beat it.

    Probably gonna take a couple days before getting into Prime 2, but I'm excited for it!

  • Finished a playthrough of CK2 as the King of Khotan... tried to see if I could survive an entire playthrough without expending, even with the Mongol invasions.

    Turns out I couldn't deal with Genghis Khan's arrival on the scene, and had to swear fealty to his horde, until all of his event troops dissipated which led to make declaring independence and finishing the game where I began it.

    The addition of Tibet in the next big patch/expansion has me motivated to play more recently.

  • 29/05/2017 - NieR Automata - Routes A, B, C, D & E + All Achievements (PC) - 7/10

  • I actually went back and played my old save file of Final Fantasy XIII. I was about 25 hours in when I stopped playing years ago. I just decided to hop back in randomly one day and I actually finished it. I enjoyed it for the most part. Didn't get anything out of the story, but I sure do love that battle system. I might check out XIII-2 one day, never played that one since I never took the time to finish XIII.

  • @Jamicov I always get giddy whenever I see someone playing through any Metroid game for the first time and having a blast! Don't rush it if you feel like you need a longer break in between those games. I did the same as you and felt a bit burned-out halfway through Prime 2.

  • Banned

    @RiceEater22 said in Last game you finished:

    Didn't get anything out of the story, but I sure do love that battle system.

    I had the opposite reaction.

    Looking back I feel like XII did a much better job at advancing the combat system and laying down a much better foundation for future titles.

    Unfortunately that never happened. Now with each new entry we get something radically different because Square can't make up their minds.

  • I beat Evoland 2 and had a pretty good time. I enjoyed shifting around the different eras and playing through the different mechanics that would change with it. There were some fun puzzles in the game and I enjoyed most of the different genres that were thrown in the change up the game. Some were most definitely weaker than others but it was still a nice change of pace. I did not care for the story and a couple of the characters but enjoyed the experience well enough.

  • @Art Yea I get you. I'm going to take the time to finish the XIII trilogy because from what I hear they definitely have improvements over the battle system. Lightning returns is also always mentioned for having an interesting battle system. I haven't really played XII so I'm excited for Zodiac Age this summer so I can finally experience it.

  • Since I have so many games on my plate currently, I decided to not play any of them and get Injustice 2. Although a fighting game is never truly finished, I cleared the story mode and that immediately dove back in to finish the remaining fights and choose the alternate path. Although the story is usual comic book fanfare, I can see why it's receiving such praise - no other fighting game has had such a fleshed out cast of characters and world to play with. It can sometimes be a bit repetitive (how many times am I going to kick Bane's ass?) but I felt like the length was just right. I wish they would have expanded on their idea from the first Injustice though. In between certain fights with that game, you'd have QTEs to avoid damage or hurt your attacker. While I don't think they were implemented particularly well in the first Injustice, I was hoping they'd move away from QTEs and put some sort of mini-game in there. Instead, you're bashing heads the entire way through, which I can't complain about, since well, it is a fighting game. The multiverse stuff is perfect for someone like myself that is intimidated and not good enough to play online.

    Also. Scarecrow. You can play as the best Batman villain. That's all that really matters.


  • The Order 1886. Solid meh

  • 05/06/2017 - Prey (PC) - 9/10

  • The Last of Us - Wow, what a game. I had never played it before, since I never had a PS3, but played the remaster so I could be geared up for a potential Part II appearance at E3. I was NOT prepared for that emotional rollercoaster. I thought that story they told was so good, and I really liked the gameplay too, especially trying to stealth my way through infected and Fireflies. Sometimes I went in guns blazing, but it was a lot more satisfying when I took my time. Also finished Left Behind, and now I'm super stoked to see if the sequel pops up again next week.

    Final Fantasy XV - While I liked the way this game played and being able to run around doing sidequests and hunts and stuff, the story just frustrated me. The way and order in which it was told seemed all over the place and mind-boggling to me. It seemed like the video game equivalent of Suicide Squad with the way it was put together. Even more, I thought the ending was really cool and would've made me want to play the game alone if I had just seen that, but the rest of the story didn't really support it in terms of togetherness and intensity. I don't know what the general consensus was on that, and I still liked the game, but that was just frustrating to me.

    That's actually the first Final Fantasy game I've beaten, which is surprising to me cause it feels like I know the series more than that, but that might be the Kingdom Hearts in me talking. I want to finish FF7 before the remake and I think I'll pick up 12 when that comes out. Definitely looking forward to getting more into the series.

  • I Finished Prey last, and I have to say that it now fights RE7 for the best game this year. I can't believe how good it actually turned out. While still not quite as good, it actually stands close to both System Shock and the original Deus Ex. It certainly trumps recent attempts at the genre like Bioshock and the newer Deux Ex games.

  • @Sheria said in Last game you finished:

    t certainly trumps recent attempts at the genre like Bioshock and the newer Deux Ex games

    Good to see you like it. Prey is my GOTY too. however theres things that i dont like in game.

    its enemy design is bad, its shooting suck, and its graphics are bad, arkanes have bad graphics always but there games have great level design.

    Its better than bioshock obviously and Deus Ex MD but its not better than Deus Ex HR. not in any shape or form.

    Also sher, you must choose female morgan right? I choose male morgan because he is cool.