Last game you finished

  • B3: Game Expo for Bees

    Feels good (even if it took me like thirty minutes and giving up and skimming through Kyle's old DGM stream of it to find the last four pieces of bling I needed to progress.)

  • i can put a mark on:

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Such an amazing game, very short, but is all well build.

  • @Black-Cell said in Last game you finished:

    Also sher, you must choose female morgan right? I choose male morgan because he is cool.

    I did indeed. It was nice to have the option, and it obviously changes January's voice as well. I did notice one loading screen tip refer to Morgan as "he" though, not that it really matters.

    Personally I really liked the graphics of Prey and thought the combat was pretty much spot on too in all honesty. I suppose I might have liked them to have played around with some kind of accuracy/hit stat/ability a bit more, or maybe just character stats in general, but that's about it. The only real let down for me was the load times, on the PS4 that is anyway.

  • @Sheria said in Last game you finished:

    @Black-Cell said in Last game you finished:

    Also sher, you must choose female morgan right? I choose male morgan because he is cool.

    I did indeed. It was nice to have the option, and it obviously changes January's voice as well. I did notice one loading screen tip refer to Morgan as "he" though, not that it really matters.

    Personally I really liked the graphics of Prey and thought the combat was pretty much spot on too in all honesty. I suppose I might have liked them to have played around with some kind of accuracy/hit stat/ability a bit more, or maybe just character stats in general, but that's about it. The only real let down for me was the load times, on the PS4 that is anyway.

    its because male morgan is canon. he is the one advertise in trailer. outside of january voice there is not impact on either so its useless to bring option here. morgan is silent and and seen in video taping.

  • Like I said I would, I finished Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment this morning, between Microsoft's and Bethesda's conferences.

    It was as fun as expected, and Specter Knight's moveset is probably my favourite of the three. But I've got to say, after this I'm feeling pretty burned-out, and don't know how much I will enjoy yet another run through similar levels as King Knight. Yacht Club can be trusted to make the game feel new again, but at this point I'm more looking forward to their next game, whatever it's going to be.

  • @Axel I just finished it up tonight as well. Super fun!

  • I've been away for a while due to life being chaotic for me recently and it has impacted my gaming time quite a bit :(
    Here's the stuff I got up to while I've been quiet...

    Stuff in bold is new.


    • Here They Lie [PS4]
    • Diablo III: The Darkening of Tristram [PS4]
    • Titanfall 2 [PS4]


    • Pokemon Sun [3DS]


    • Life got busy so no time for games :(


    • Wheels of Aurelia [PS4]
    • Late Shift [PS4]


    • Busy month and I am playing like 5 huge games at once!


    • I am determined to finish something this month!!!!

    Wheels of Aurelia
    Wheels of Aurelia
    Genre: Narrative Driving Game
    Developer: Santa Ragione
    Publisher: Indie
    Playtime: 4 hours
    Did I "Finish" it? : Yes-ish, played through multiple times and I've seen about half of the endings

    The Really Good Stuff

    • Strong characters, like really strong. Especially the protagonist, Lella.
    • Cultural and time period context through wiki unlocks is really cool.
    • Dialogue system is well done and easy to use while controlling the car.
    • You are encouraged to play the game multiple times not only to see the different branches but also learn the backstory that informs much of the wider narrative.
    • I really dig the art style in particular the character art.

    Possible Improvements

    • Better hit detection needed on the larger & smaller vehicles, bouncing off nothing is never fun.
    • A better in-game way of tracking your route & previous playthroughs would be nice.
    • The story always feels like it ends abruptly. It bangs on about needing to drive to France yet you never get out of Italy.
    • The pit-stop intermissions lack the perceived agency of the rest of the game.
    • Epilogues are perhaps too wide in their final outcomes. In one ending Lella can achieve her goals and live a happy life in another she is suddenly an undercover cop which is so out of character for her regardless of the paths taken through the story.

    What is the core of the game?

    • Tell a rich character driven story that reveals more of itself on multiple playthroughs.
    • Use "simple" visuals & gameplay to tell a complex tale.
      *Have a strong sense of time & place.
    • Have a functioning dialogue system that can be used when the player is performing other action, in this case driving a car.

    What did the game mean to me?

    • A lesson in Modern Italian & European history and politics. I learnt so much cool stuff from playing this game!
    • Exploring a slice of Italy with an interesting cast of characters was very rewarding.
    • Breaking the mould when it comes to "strong female protagonists" with Lella who is very flawed but deeply likeable once you get to know her and her circumstances.
    • Having interesting conversations that aren't all expositionary in nature is a freeing feeling and reinforces the idea that not every character interaction needs to be an info dump.

    Key Takeaway
    Elegant writing presented in a simple manner can be just as compelling as big budget narrative driven games.

    4 out of 5

    Late Shift
    alt text
    Genre: FMV
    Developer: CtrlMovie
    Publisher: Wales Interactive
    Playtime: 2 hours
    Did I "Finish" it? : Yes-ish, one complete playthrough and some dabbling to experiment with the branching

    The Really Good Stuff

    • The impact of the choices you make feels immediate and powerful in terms of shaping the story.
    • It is an interesting take on FMV games, it doesn't re-invent the wheel but it shows that there is untapped potential in the concept.
    • Seeing how my decisions affected my path through the story even to the point of blocking off large chunks of it was cool.
    • UI is simple and unobtrusive and you can make choices quickly without interrupting the action on screen.
    • The acting from the protagonist (played by Joe Sowerbutts - YES THAT IS HIS NAME!) and a couple of the secondary characters is great and really holds the whole thing together.

    Possible Improvements

    • SOUND LEVELS! Seriously they are all over the place. I had to put subtitles on a few times because the music and background audio completely drowned out the dialogue. There is also a shocking amount of noticeable ADR dialogue.
    • The UI is clean and simple but doesn't quite match the production quality of the rest of the game
    • Due to the branching story and different paths through the game some significant (but very avoidable with better writing) plot holes can be introduced.
    • The branching narrative can also make characters motivations and personalities very inconsistent at times.

    What is the core of the game?

    • Make a modern FMV game with the production quality of a film or high budget TV show.
    • Have player choice and branching but do not let them interrupt the story or pacing of the game.
    • Encourage repeat playthroughs to see missed & alternative scenes along with the game's multiple endings.

    What did the game mean to me?

    • An interesting attempt at doing something new with FMV style games.
    • Poor audio decisions and treating it as an afterthought can ruin a game.
    • Slick production on the filmed footage is really impressive at times and makes the game what it is.
    • Ultimately the story is an entertaining but very shallow ride that is elevated to a higher level by the choices and branching that make up the game.

    Key Takeaway
    An interesting experiment in a presumed dead genre.

    3 out of 5

  • I just finished Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It did have some improvements and things I liked more than the previous games on the 3DS but I wasn't a huge fan of it honestly. The dungeons were fun and shook stuff up in the beginning but by the end of the game, when the novelty wore off, they were just kinda boring to get through. With most FE games I feel like I can play for hours and chapters and not even notice how long it's been. Echoes on the other hand, I felt every second, it really became dull and monotonous.

    A positive note, I think it had some of the best characters in recent FE games and I actually wanted to destroy the antagonists. I liked what they did with mages and archers as well

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    I finished the story mode in Tekken 7 last night. Not sure if this counts as actually finishing the game as there are still so much to do! This served as a really good introduction though I would say. As I have played previous parts in the series this was quite fun for me. However, there still isn't much story and its almost as each cutscene was an excuse for bringing on the next fight.

    The next thing I was thinking was how uneven the fights was, some I could do super easy, some took a few tries. However, this might be down to the actually diverseness of the characters and having to play some which I never have touched before. The only thing that really annoyed me was the last fight. Trying to stay away from spoilers as much as I can here, but lets just say I found it to start really easy to then by the end almost become impossible. I really had one of those moments of pure frustration where I went "grrrr!!!" super loud.

    I do however love the fighting in the game (which is the base after all). It feels super solid, each character adds something to the game and you can do as deep as you want. This game works perfectly for just some quick evening fun alone or with friends button mashing your way though it all. Or you can really go deep and learn combos, hit frames and counters. I think this will be a game (just as with Titanfall 2) that I keep coming back to for the fun of it and feel myself improving.

    Rating: 4 of 5!

  • Just finished Oxenfree which I got for free from my Amazon/Twitch Prime membership (and fuels my EZA sub). Nice little game I would have never bought on my own but was a fun distraction for a few hours. :)

  • I just finished The Evil Within. I started playing this game when it launched, dropped it for some reason about half way through. I saw in Bethesda conference The Evil Within 2 trailer and though that maybe I go and finish this game. I liked the game and I'm hyped for the sequel.
    Haven't decided yet if I'm going to buy DLC for this game, although I have heard that those DLC were quite good.

  • 16/06/2017 - ARMS (Switch) - 9/10

  • Just finished up Life is Strange.

    I was skeptical at first but I ended up really enjoying it. The story got a lot stronger as the game went on in my opinion and I think it represented the alternate timeline stuff really well too. I'm glad I got the chance to try it out.. if it weren't for PS Plus I probably wouldn't have gotten around to it.

  • Rayman (PS1) : I liked it but the difficulty was way too high, graphics still looked great so many years later.

    Dark Souls III: I loved it, it has some of the best level design of any Souls game.

  • Shovel Knight: Specter or Torment - probably my favorite character to play in that game. The movement and zipping around felt really great and was just a jolly time.

    Yooka-Laylee - I had decided I had played enough and it was time to beat the final boss. I realized I was 5 pagies short so I went back and found exactly 5 pagies as quickly as possible, beat the boss after a couple attempts and will probably never go back. It was fun to play for the most part, I just have no desire to really scour those worlds anymore to find what I missed (clearly a lot). I could rattle off a bunch of minor annoyances but I'll just leave it at that.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I took my time with this one, and it was worth every single minute.

    Easily one of the grandest adventures I've ever lived in a videogame. A true masterpiece in every single aspect, be it game design, visual style, audio or storytelling.

    If Metroid Prime 4 is made with similar ambition, the universe will implode.

    And now I can finally watch all those Zelda Talk spoiler episodes!

  • Fez - 7/10

    Solid puzzle platformer. I liked the music, its solid mechanics, its concentration on exploration and sometimes obtuse puzzle solving. No doubt there are many more secrets to find that I wouldn't without either a lot of time (that I'm not willing to give), or some kind of outside help.

    I found it a bit conceited though. A bit too reverential of its own inspirations and a little too proud of its own cutesy minimalism (the ending was a big miss for me). I wish it got weirder, but perhaps that would have made it longer, which is something the game doesn't need (you could probably cut 2 worlds and the game wouldn't suffer).

    I liked it.

  • 23/06/2017 - ABZÛ (PC) - 7/10

    24/06/2017 - Stories Untold (PC) - 9/10

  • Horizon Zero Dawn

    I think it should be considered for RPG of the year. Although it becomes less of a RPG as the game progresses. And a GOTY contender.

    Gameplay was great from the beginning. Story was pretty amazing and well thought out. Numerous emotional moments. The main story lore was nice too. But the non essential lore was meh. The side missions was a hit or miss. Much had skippable dialogue. This is also a game given its vast draw distances. That's really meant to be played on the PS4 Pro. Overall very happy that Guerilla had it in them to chuck out this gem.

  • Meant to post about Horizon here but did it in the playing topic.

    Horizon Zero Dawn thoughts

    Oxenfree - A game I'd liked the look of for a while and I was really intrigued by how dialogue worked. Have to say I was happy on both counts there. The art is really cool. How dialogue works is really impressive. After playing Horizon and being really annoyed with people talking over eachother and logs etc, having people talk pretty naturally was really good here. Sometimes it pressured you a bit too quickly to say something but overall I think it's something other developers should look at. The story is very twilight zone and in general the characters feel pretty authentic, especially once you get to know them better. Recommended.