Last game you finished

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I took my time with this one, and it was worth every single minute.

    Easily one of the grandest adventures I've ever lived in a videogame. A true masterpiece in every single aspect, be it game design, visual style, audio or storytelling.

    If Metroid Prime 4 is made with similar ambition, the universe will implode.

    And now I can finally watch all those Zelda Talk spoiler episodes!

  • Fez - 7/10

    Solid puzzle platformer. I liked the music, its solid mechanics, its concentration on exploration and sometimes obtuse puzzle solving. No doubt there are many more secrets to find that I wouldn't without either a lot of time (that I'm not willing to give), or some kind of outside help.

    I found it a bit conceited though. A bit too reverential of its own inspirations and a little too proud of its own cutesy minimalism (the ending was a big miss for me). I wish it got weirder, but perhaps that would have made it longer, which is something the game doesn't need (you could probably cut 2 worlds and the game wouldn't suffer).

    I liked it.

  • 23/06/2017 - ABZÛ (PC) - 7/10

    24/06/2017 - Stories Untold (PC) - 9/10

  • Horizon Zero Dawn

    I think it should be considered for RPG of the year. Although it becomes less of a RPG as the game progresses. And a GOTY contender.

    Gameplay was great from the beginning. Story was pretty amazing and well thought out. Numerous emotional moments. The main story lore was nice too. But the non essential lore was meh. The side missions was a hit or miss. Much had skippable dialogue. This is also a game given its vast draw distances. That's really meant to be played on the PS4 Pro. Overall very happy that Guerilla had it in them to chuck out this gem.

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    Meant to post about Horizon here but did it in the playing topic.

    Horizon Zero Dawn thoughts

    Oxenfree - A game I'd liked the look of for a while and I was really intrigued by how dialogue worked. Have to say I was happy on both counts there. The art is really cool. How dialogue works is really impressive. After playing Horizon and being really annoyed with people talking over eachother and logs etc, having people talk pretty naturally was really good here. Sometimes it pressured you a bit too quickly to say something but overall I think it's something other developers should look at. The story is very twilight zone and in general the characters feel pretty authentic, especially once you get to know them better. Recommended.

  • Steins;Gate 0 - 10/10, would cry again.

  • The wolf among us

  • @Ringedwithtile The whole obtuse puzzle solving part of Fez is the entire point of Fez. :p
    Also, arguably, the game probably gets it's most weird in NG+

    I understand how people who find Fez late can be underwhelmed, but to be in it at launch. The only other thing I can think of that did anything like that was PT.

  • @TokyoSlim Oh, it's obtuseness is one of the things I enjoyed the most about it. It's just that I don't really have the time to stick with it to 100%.

    Ended up around 75%. Also I wasn't underwhelmed at all; more pleasantly surprised than anything.

  • Just finished Firewatch after waiting (patiently) for a sale to bring it near the £5 mark. The moment it appeared in the Double Discount sale I snatched it up straight away.

    It's a really good "one and done" game and the ending (whilst controversial) I thought was thought provoking and refreshingly grounded, especially in this era of super powered characters.

    I'm now moving back to Zelda BotW to slowly continue working my way through that.

  • 26/06/2017 - Ducktales Remastered (PC) - 6/10

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    Yesterday I finished the main story quest of Final Fantasy XIV:Stormblood if that counts

  • Little Nightmares

    Disappointed. It's similar to Inside in many ways, but inferior to it in every way.

    The controls feel loose and unresponsive, the 3D perspective makes it very hard to judge certain jumps and I stupidly fell to my death way more than I should have.

    Checkpointing is irregular and will more often than not make you replay certain sections you have already cleared.

    Interaction with objects and the environment is extremely inconsistent, you never know whether something can moved, pulled or pushed until you try.

    When you do try to interact with some objects, there's a big chance it won't register because you were a millimeter off.

    All of this makes some puzzles way harder than they should be. You might try something, fail because of the flaky controls, and assume there's another way, wasting time on other solutions when you actually had it right the first time.

    Compared to Inside where everything - even dying - felt intuitive and satisfying, this game rubbed me the wrong way from beginning to end.

    Also just like Inside, it's got an obscure/mysterious plot, but it rarely raises as many questions and provides even less answers. The hunger "mechanic" isn't one as it only occurs at key moments and comes out of nowhere. It's supposed to be shocking but is so inelegantly tacked on that the way it evolves doesn't feel earned.

    It's a shame because it's got an amazing art style and some cool puzzle ideas, but the execution is sorely lacking. It feels unpolished and untested.

    Lowlight of 2017 for me so far.

  • Just finished replaying the Metroid:Zero mission I had forgotten how short that game could be I only clocked in a little over three hours(not a speedrunner lol). It was a short but sweet ride, still holds up.

    I'm about to dive into Wolfenstein: the new order for the first time in preparation for The new Colossus. I've heard great things about it cant wait to experience it for the first time. Also to those who have played The Old Blood how integral is it to the story? Is it worth playing or completely skip-able?

  • I beat Mother 3, followed by the Last Guardian the next day.

    I absolutely loved Mother 3 and really like Last Guardian, but man am I emotionally drained after that.

    Time for a jolly change of pace in the Evil Within!

  • I finished Dreamfall: Chapters the other day.

    It was a bittersweet experience. This was a game I had waited for over 10 years to play, and while you could feel the kickstarter in the game, it wrapped up the story of Zoë Castillo and April Ryan quite nicely.

    There were two or three points when I had to go look up the solution to a puzzle online, because the moon logic just wasn't coming through on a clear channel, but otherwise it wasn't much of an issue. I do wish the puzzles would have been more elaborate and involved some actually puzzle solving, rather than what mostly came down to find item, use item.

    The story had some pacing issues, and you spent the first part of the game running around playing politics which ultimately amounted to fuck all, and it all wraps up very quickly in the end, but what was there I liked. I just want more of it, and more fleshed out. But I suppose that's another weakness of kickstarted games.

    On its own I think this game is fairly weak, but as the conclusion to the trilogy, it's really cool. I just wished it tied up more loose ends, re-introduced old characters, and generally just had a larger scope. Still though, going back to Stark and Arcadia after 10 years was something else.

  • After playing nothing but Persona 5 for 2 months & 100 hours in with 2 palaces to go I finally hit the rpg wall I needed to take a break so I thought I work on my backlog. I Finished Dead Island had more fun than I thought I would but that game has a lot of Jank & some bizarre design choices I give it a 6/10.

    I also played through Super Mario 3D World in 1 day. It was decent if not a bit too easy I felt that most of the deaths was a result of mis-judged jumps because of the problems with isometric platforming. Sonic 3D Blast anyone. 8/10

  • @FutureCorpse You beat the whole game in a day?? Do I really suck at games that bad?
    Also, I agree that the odd camera angle leads to some super obnoxious deaths, but I think 3D world still has some genius level design. That one purple star house where you just have to find different ways to use the baseball is one of my favorite levels ever. It's just so fun!

  • @naltmank Well I only beat the main game didn't get all 250 stars or do the post game stuff (think I got around 190). I agree with the level design & general game mechanics Nintendo are second to none when it comes to that.

  • Persona 5 103 hours and 19 min total.