Last game you finished

  • I beat Mother 3, followed by the Last Guardian the next day.

    I absolutely loved Mother 3 and really like Last Guardian, but man am I emotionally drained after that.

    Time for a jolly change of pace in the Evil Within!

  • I finished Dreamfall: Chapters the other day.

    It was a bittersweet experience. This was a game I had waited for over 10 years to play, and while you could feel the kickstarter in the game, it wrapped up the story of Zoë Castillo and April Ryan quite nicely.

    There were two or three points when I had to go look up the solution to a puzzle online, because the moon logic just wasn't coming through on a clear channel, but otherwise it wasn't much of an issue. I do wish the puzzles would have been more elaborate and involved some actually puzzle solving, rather than what mostly came down to find item, use item.

    The story had some pacing issues, and you spent the first part of the game running around playing politics which ultimately amounted to fuck all, and it all wraps up very quickly in the end, but what was there I liked. I just want more of it, and more fleshed out. But I suppose that's another weakness of kickstarted games.

    On its own I think this game is fairly weak, but as the conclusion to the trilogy, it's really cool. I just wished it tied up more loose ends, re-introduced old characters, and generally just had a larger scope. Still though, going back to Stark and Arcadia after 10 years was something else.

  • After playing nothing but Persona 5 for 2 months & 100 hours in with 2 palaces to go I finally hit the rpg wall I needed to take a break so I thought I work on my backlog. I Finished Dead Island had more fun than I thought I would but that game has a lot of Jank & some bizarre design choices I give it a 6/10.

    I also played through Super Mario 3D World in 1 day. It was decent if not a bit too easy I felt that most of the deaths was a result of mis-judged jumps because of the problems with isometric platforming. Sonic 3D Blast anyone. 8/10

  • @FutureCorpse You beat the whole game in a day?? Do I really suck at games that bad?
    Also, I agree that the odd camera angle leads to some super obnoxious deaths, but I think 3D world still has some genius level design. That one purple star house where you just have to find different ways to use the baseball is one of my favorite levels ever. It's just so fun!

  • @naltmank Well I only beat the main game didn't get all 250 stars or do the post game stuff (think I got around 190). I agree with the level design & general game mechanics Nintendo are second to none when it comes to that.

  • Persona 5 103 hours and 19 min total.

  • Platinum'd Darksiders Warmastered Edition (again, did it on PS3 as well). This is a cool metroidvania game, and I really like how it looks with that Madureira's style. The story itself speaks to me too, as I've always liked these biblical myths of angels and demons and the Horsemen themselves. (Propably why I still keep watching Supernatural, too, heh.)

    I bought at the same time Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition as well, but I'm not gonna jump into it right now after this one. I need a little break. Have a platinum for that as well on PS3 already, gonna try and get one now on PS4, too.

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    @Sentinel-Beach Yes! those games are great! I recently platinumed it as well! I would say it was slightly better on PS4 as it was 60 fps and some minor fixes which made the experience more pleasant.

    I have just finished Life is Strange as it was free on PS+. At first I wasn't so keen on it, just assumed I would give it a shot as it was free and a friend of mine kept telling me to play it. It didn't take long for this game to fully grab my attention. The music, characters and the decision mechanic had me hooked. I dont want to spoil too much, but this game are such an emotional rollercoaster. I actually cried at some points in the story, which is something that haven't happened to me since I played The Last of Us for the first time. It is 5 short episodes and after each one you just want more. It is also one of those games that will stay with me a long time after I finished it.

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    The following is a list of games I finished

    • Life is Strange
    • Assassin's Creed: Unity
    • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

  • I completed NOVA Legecy last night. Like Journey it can be finished in one sitting and it's well worth it. Turn the lights off, throw the headset on and get immersed.

  • I just got the Platinum (finally) for Prey. I also beat recently: Outlast:Whistleblowerl; Bayonetta 1 (Wii U); Bayonetta 2; Yoshi's Wooly World; Dizzy: Price of the Yolk Folk; Robopon 2: Ring & Robopon: Cross Version.

    I'm now in the middle of completing Get Even.

  • I just beat Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for the first time this weekend and good grief did I love it. I loved the pace, changing things up from combat to exploration to slight puzzling and repeat. The rope added a lot more to the exploration and combat which was great. Great insane action sequences. Awesome writing. Also I really like how 4 doesn't have any weird supernatural element in the tail end of the game and was just about people (+brother drama). I am definitely pumped on Lost Legacy now, might have to pick it up earlier than a year later.

  • Finished Titan Souls last night.

    Kinda got what I was going for: a snack-like souls-y experience
    Game was more annoying than hard

    Dont have time to dive into Dark Souls 3 right now so this one was serviceable

  • Well, I... I finished, erm... Metroid Prime: Federation Force last night.

    And I didn't hate it, in fact I was getting quite addicted as I went on. It's a serviceable, solid 7 (ok, maybe 6). It does nothing great but nothing bad either, it's entirely forgettable but I didn't have a bad time.

    It's probably a lot more fun in coop and I'm still down to try out a few missions with y'all, provided we manage to overcome time difference hurdles.

  • Tactics Ogre (PSP remake)
    Uncharted 4
    Crash Bandicoot 1 (PS4 remake)

    All are great games.

    They did really fuck up the controls and physics of Crash 1 making some of the more difficult levels almost impossible to play but besides that the remake fared better than I expected.

  • Perfect Dark and Castlevania IV; both replays.

  • Dishonored 2 - All my thoughts are in the topic

    Downwell - I guess you can't really complete this but I did get the platinum trophy so I'm counting it like that. Absolutely incredibly well made arcade game. You're going down a well with gun boots and it's super addictive. Generally only about 2 bucks also.

  • Trails of Cold Steel 2, bottomline Dissapointing!!!

    this game has taken me on a wild ride today, started playing at around 7 am, close to what I thought was the final boss, thinking that the game was a let down even though I liked the story, but then the final portion of the story was pretty good, making me think the game was better that what I thought early in the morning (or at least the ending), that was at about 3 pm.

    Then after the longest epilogue ever at about 8 pm this game decides that we need another dungeon before actually finishing, and not an optional one, a mandatory one, I seriously want to know who the hell thought that was a good idea. They pretty much decided to ruin a perfectly fine ending, for who know what dumb reason.

    In general in other aspects, the presentation is about as good as I expected, with the music from decent to good, but I feel the game suffers a lot from typical JRPG problems with large scope things, which I feel the first game did much better by being smarter about what to show. The combat is fine, but I can't really say I've had a lot of fun with it aside from a few boss battles, and the Knight battles uuuggh, those are just a drag, the open world also added very little to the experience, and I feel is ultimately pointless (and it hurts the world building).

    And as I mentioned before I feel this game does a lot to harm the excellent world building the previous game (and parts of this one) did.

    Also how many times do we need to fight enemies and then have them go "This isn't even my final form" only to have someone come and save the day, man was that overused.

    I like the game, I wish I loved it, it makes me wonder if ToCS was really that good, but I think the problems I have with this one were not as present with the first, still glad I played it (please let me finish this game quick I want to play Nier), I'll be there day one for ToCS3, but these has made me way more reluctant about checking out other Falcom stuff, and before this I was much more willing to do so.

  • @bard91 Yeah, I'm in a bit of a weird situation with the first Trails of Cold Steel. When I first popped it in, I was in love - the game gives characters time to breathe and it definitely has a bit of light Persona elements in getting to choose who you spend time with. Yet the more time I spent with the game, the more I realized... nothing was happening. When you're 40 hours into a game and you still have zero clue about the main plot or antagonists, yeah, that's a bit of a problem.

    Pace is such a tricky thing to handle in games because we all like different speeds of course, but Trails really pushes the limits of what is acceptable. I've had friends pass on Persona 4/5 because the openings were too long for them - I certainly can understand where they're coming from but at least those games set up a central conflict within those first few hours. Every time I think about going back to finish up the first Cold Steel game, I lose my motivation thinking about how much "filler" I'm going to have to crawl through before I get to the good bits. It's a shame too as I think the combat is excellent and (most) of the characters are likable, besides the most boring man alive, Gaius.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I can see how that could be an issue with the first one, I think that to me it wasn't issue because the world building was so good and the glances at the inner conflicts of the world were enough of a hook for me.

    With the second all of that is already established, and to me the worst part is that one of the main character motivations is completely unrelateable, and that the things that take place are actually hurting the previously established lore of the world.

    I see such a strong core here, and clearly there are important budgetary constraints with this games which resulted in shortcomings in both games, but ToCS2 has additional problems that simply come from the design. To put it in a way it felt like with ToCS they really identified the limits and built around their strengths, in ToCS2 they simply did whatever seemed cool and hoped for the best.

    Also have to agree with Gaius, the fact that he is almost as useless as Jusis in battle doesn't help.