Last game you finished

  • just finished star ocean 5 .... just very average for me in a series that hasnt had a standout game since til thr end of time

  • I just finished Final Fantasy X the other day. Finally. I played it so many years ago, got stuck and hard quit. But now I'm finally done. And it was great. The story is actually really cool. It's just a shame it's undercut by the terrible voice acting and janky animations.

    That's only the third Final Fantasy game I've finished though. And I've played 16 of them.

    I've only finished Final Fantasy XIII, Crisis Core, and Final Fantasy X. I tend to get stuck somewhere near or at the very end, and then I just never finish them. So I'm currently trying to always have at least one Final Fantasy game in my rotation, and gradually beat, perhaps not all, but at least the major ones.

    Definitely VI, VII, IX, X-2, and Type-0.
    Probably IV, VIII, XII, XIV and Tactics.
    Possibly V, XIII-2, and XIII-3.

    Also I am well aware that I listed an MMO as game to "beat". What I mean is just to get through the story arc. I like that world, and I've heard it's pretty good.

  • Heavy Rain.

    Just don't what I thought about the game


  • The last game I beat was Sorcery Saga: Curse of The Great Curry God on vita. At first, I was lukewarm on the game, but upon completing it and doing the 256 floor post game dungeon, I've grown quite fond of it.

    I'm going for the platinum now and it's quite a time sink, but man is it such a relaxing rogue-like to play with its cutesy character/enemy designs and the music. It is something I can play for 10 minutes here and there on the go or sit down and really digest the beast for 2+ hours in one sitting.

  • @David-Restrepo I've never even heard of this but between it being a rogue-like, on the Vita, and a game you warmed up to, I'll have to give it a shot!

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    It is pretty good. It's on the easy side, but has enough going for it and you know what. Every single rogue-like doesn't necessarily have to be this punishingly difficult game. Sometimes it's nice to have an easier game in the genre with its own style and aesthetic.

    I actually wrote a review of it on a personal site/blog of mine if you're interested in reading that or just looking up other reviews or videos of it.

  • @David-Restrepo Link it up!

  • @David-Restrepo After reading through that review, I'm getting some serious Azure Dreams vibes, which is a good thing. Nice work!

  • @Jords did you press X to Jason?

  • The last game I beat was X-Blades. I have also recently beaten: Thief; Alien Isolation; Castlevania: Symphony of the Night; Blood Oman: Legacy of Kain and Anna (Extended Edition)

  • The last game I beat was Firewatch! I'm terrible at finishing games, but luckily it was short enough I got through it in a few days before I got bored and went to something else.

  • Completed Wario Land II on GBC
    Good game but some flaws that pissed me off:
    Since you can't die and only lose money when you get hit, they gave most bosses the ability to kick you out of the arena, which is pretty much a one hit kill after that you have to walk back to the boss room and start the fight all over again.

    The same 2 minigames, reqeuired to get 100%, over and over again, and the find the picture one even on easy is too fast for me.

    You can't exit or restart a stage (like when you don't have enough money anymore for the in stage minigame) and have to reset the game.

    The level you unlock by collecting every tile is utter garbage, I absolutely hated it, worst stage in the game, not worth the effort, fuck it.

    It was nice to play through it once but I don't think I will ever play it again, unlike Super Mario Land 1-3 which I can replay again and again.

  • Just finished Inside. Probably the worst game I got to play this year.

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    @Nillend That first sentence made my choke on my lunch... xD

    I just finished Olli Olli 2 to Vita. At first I didn't like it due to its complex controller, but the more I played it the more I got addicted and tried to improve my score and combos, with the instant restart button its soo easy to think "just 5 minutes" and then you still play 30 minutes later.

  • Infamous Second Son. I enjoyed it, it was pretty good, but nothing special. But I also had no expectations when I went into the game.

  • I just finished The Silent Age a couple days ago and just before that I finished Witcher 3 a second time.

    Silent Age was interesting, and lasted just long enough to not overstay it's welcome. Witcher 3 really is one of the most amazing games ever.

  • Just got the last ending I needed to never have to play Papers Please ever again.

    It was fun while it lasted.

  • @sonmi Is that worth playing? I've been considering grabbing it for awhile.

    Just did my first play through of Journey.. looking forward to my second.

  • I finished Project I.G.I.-2 on PC and Contrast on the PS3.