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    @Sheria Is it? I've never played Origins, but I was playing a few of the stages they've included from Origins, and those seemed easier. Maybe it was just the ones that selected that felt easier? I only played a few as well so maybe they ramp up in difficulty.

    The Origin levels in Legends are not representative of the proper levels. There are far more checkpoints

  • I honestly don't remember Origins being any more difficult than Legends. I guess chasing after the chests was more difficult but the music levels in Legends are so damn good.

  • Life is Strange - Before the Storm EP1

    I loved it. I'm going to hold off for a little while before going into detail, simply because it's so new. It definitely holds up to the quality of the original though.

  • Luigi's Mansion

    I find old tech demos kind of neat, but this isn't even really that. The scope, the amount of things you do, the amount that it asks of the player is so small. It's a mediocre pop-up book, asking to be leafed through. Pull this tab, turn this page.

    I appreciate the doll's-house aesthetic, but the rooms are samey, and not just in their looks, but in their conclusions. Even the elemental powers meant to spice up the gameplay are underused and functionally identical. There's little way to transform or interact with this environment apart for sucking up dolla dolla bills y'all. It ain't scary or funny or surprising; I don't see the point of it.

  • Hellblade


    I love what the game does, and I really liked the story, there were a few moments were the design was a bit frustrating, and I think it could have done with a little more variety in certain areas, but very solid overall, definitively recommend, keep making more like this.

  • Watch Dogs 2
    I enjoyed the game but it didn't have as big of an impact as I remember the first one having. It could have been that it was new and this was just more of the same, but I felt like there was less things to hack when driving to escape pursuers and most of the missions were so-so. One a side note I can not wait for games to be at a point where a Burning Man equivalent will have more than 10 NPCs in the whole area. I completely checked out at that point because they didn't even try.

    Dark Cloud 2
    Not a great game but I had fun for the first 80% of it due to the nostalgia. It has some cool ideas and such but the writing is terrible and it gets real repetitive. I would still love to see what a PS4 sequel would look like. I had to finish the fight though so rewatching Game of Thrones while playing that last 20% helped a lot.

  • Myst - 8/10

    It's great! This was one I missed back in the day, and it was a lot of fun to play through and write stuff down and all that. I really like the way the game looks, I like it's surreal puzzle logic, I like how pleasant and slightly off-putting the atmosphere is. The story is simple, but it smartly starts as baffling and develops into something straightforward and understandable.

    I have a couple of minor gripes (screen direction is wonky at times, Selenitic Age isn't anywhere near as good as the others), but I suppose my biggest complaint is that the game's areas are much more interesting unsolved. Being dropped into a new area, being completely perplexed how everything works and slowly putting things together is great, it just doesn't lead to anything very transformative or satisfying once you've figured it out, in my opinion. You just get spat out and maybe run back to grab a page for the other colored book. Myst Island itself is so cool, and I don't think any of the ages match its mystery and elasticity.

    But yeah, hey, it's real good.

  • I beat Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (General Topic) the other day.

    The short of it is that it's a fantastic Uncharted game. I would say the early parts are a bit more experimental with the bigger open area and then after that it's pure traditional Uncharted (in a good way). They've really put everything they've learned into making a great mini blockbuster.

    Makes me so excited on what we'll see with TLoU2

  • Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader - 5/10

    It's alright. It's technically very impressive, and puts a lot of its attention into making it feel like you're a part of the films. The sound design, the integration of footage, all the Star Wars iconography---it's all very faithful.

    It's just short and weirdly underwhelming. Every mission is ten minutes or less long and shooting down TIE fighters feels like picking gnats off a fruit salad. The Battle of Hoth: shoot these walkers, trip these walkers, shoot a couple of bombers; nice, you're done in 7 minutes. None of these missions feel like ordeals, just tasks that you're expected to re-do, optimize in order to unlock more fan service. The closest the game gets to greatness is the battle of Endor, which looks fantastic, has the greatest amount of ships, and feels kinda like a battle; there's struggle and urgency.

    I've heard the third game isn't as good as the first two, so I'm just going to bypass it entirely.

  • Mine’s Titanfall 2 right now.

  • @Ringedwithtile The third game had the entirety of Rogue Leader playable as a splitscreen co-op mode, which was a very cool addition. For the main game, there was a lot of experimental mission design in addition to aerial combat, such as AT-ST levels, Speeder Bike sequences, and on-foot missions. Although these missions weren't all that great objectively, I really enjoyed it back when. However, if you're lukewarm on Rogue Leader, I doubt you'd enjoy Rebel Strike all that much.

  • Finally Finished Splatoon 2(Campaign mode) This thread reminded me of how big my backlog is.

    currently trying to finish SMTIV, Wolfenstein the old blood, Nier Automata, and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Anyway, back to Splatoon 2. Really great level designs with a lot of variety. Final boss could have been a full level like in the first game though. I found it pretty difficult though.

  • I had a lot of spare time this last week, so I have three games I just finished.

    Mirror's Edge
    I didn't enjoy it much, but at least it was short. For a game that's all about freerunning, it seemed very linear and restrictive. It was also annoying when the context-sensitive controls were being not-all-that-context-sensitive.

    Shadow of the Colossus
    I would neither recommend it nor dissuade someone from playing it, which I suppose makes it the perfect 5/10 for me. The actual colossus fights were really fun, but everything else in the game bogs it down: the camera, the empty world, the "#deep" ending, and the dang horse, especially when the story tries to utilize the player's attachment to the horse, when there's no reason for the player to have that attachment in the first place. I could rant in detail, but I'll just leave it at this.

    SteamWorld Dig
    My favorite of the bunch. The gameplay is rewarding and the shops/economy are well designed. There's just something about mining in games that scratches an itch for me. Even though it's short, it's the only one of the three that I felt had replayability. Shoutout to the person in chat during the Knack 2 stream that said SteamWorld Dig was free on Origin.

  • The Sexy Brutale
    I wrote a little bit about it in the What have you been playing thread. Platinumed it over the weekend and I have to say I'd a really good time with the game. It's basically a puzzle game where you're stuck in this mansion in a time loop. You repeat the same day constantly trying to figure out how to save the guests from being murdered.

    The game opens up as you save another guest as you get their mask and therefore a new skill like being able to hear key words, lockpick doors etc. I think it's a very well designed game. I was never extremely frustrated and found it really satisfying to figure out the solution to saving someone. So a nice 6-8 hour puzzle/adventure type game.

    Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel & The Ringed City
    Finally the season pass went on sale the other week so I picked it up. I think my character was on NG+++ and all over the place spec wise as I haven't touched the game since a month after launch. I had luck at 65 for platinum reasons! :)

    Anyway, I think I found the first dlc a little frustrating from a mix of me being rusty and some really tight areas which led to several falls and awkward cameras. I found the second dlc to be a lot more interesting in terms of design and enviroments. I think Friede took me the most time to beat and overall I really liked all the bosses. Seemed like there might have been more of a focus on co op but still, most fights ended with attacking a solo boss. I can see from a lore pov why people might be disappointed as nothing really happens after the last fight but I can't say that really bothered me. Definitely enjoyed it. Oh, The soundtrack was absolutely fantastic too.

  • @tokeeffe9 I picked up the DS3 season pass on the sale as well, and that final boss from Ashes on NG+++ is ridiculous! I only attempted it once so far...

    I expected to fight Ariandel after Friede, but was shocked when both jumped in. I used the last of my Estus, barely beat them, was jumping for joy, and then she resurrects... it's so frustrating and wonderful. I try to beat the content solo for the first playthrough, but with their upgraded stats on this NG+++ cycle, it's gonna be tough!

    All in all, it feels incredibly rewarding to return to Dark Souls after over a year away. It's reminding me why it's my favorite franchise.

  • @Billy I play souls the exact same way. Love to complete it solo first. You're in for a treat with the rest of the dlc too. It's tough but really good.

  • Last I finished was Wolfenstien the New Order and DOO(2016) back to back. I went through and got every achiement I could without playing multiplayer on the hardest difficulty I could. Overall I LOVED Doom the most. It was just a joy to play at every moment. Only bad part was some of the achievements/challenges not saving at first, and one or two crash issues that I found workarounds for on PC.

    iD software games are so good. (we do not talk about Doom 3).

  • I finished White Day last night. The game is perfect for me both in size and length, it still had me ending at 18 hours though as it genuinely made me want to backtrack and explore every area fully.

    This play through got me all of the ghost stories and I now have access to the best difficulty: Hell. Death on this difficulty will delete your whole save if you have no pens left.

    I still have seven more endings to get, the truth of the story to uncover and also a good deal more of the hidden ghosts to find. I'm going to be with this game a good deal more yet as this stuff seems actually worth it.

  • Well, I finished NieR:Automata last night (all main endings). I'm not far from the Platinum trophy but what's left to do is very grindy so I'm debating with myself whether to do it or not.

  • @Axel said in Last game you finished:

    Well, I finished NieR:Automata last night (all main endings). I'm not far from the Platinum trophy but what's left to do is very grindy so I'm debating with myself whether to do it or not.

    Jut buy the last few lol