Last game you finished

  • I finally finished (well on my terms at least) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild earlier this month!
    It's been a while since I've done one but here's my concise analysis.

    alt text

    Key Facts

    • Platform – Nintendo Switch
    • Genre – Open World RPG
    • Playtime – 70+ Hours
    • “Beaten?” – Enough for me (Main quest and lots of side quests completed)
    • Date Beaten – 10th October 2017
    • Platinum Trophy Unlock – N/A

    The really good stuff

    • Takes the Zelda formula and reinvents it for modern open world gaming and also manages to reinvent open world gaming in the process.
    • Has a truly open world, apart from at the very extremes of the world map everything you can see can be accessed in some way.
    • Great ways to travel around the world that all work together. Being able to climb on almost all surfaces is very freeing.
    • Weapon breaking means you are constantly cycling your inventory having to change your tactics accordingly.
    • The world design is spot on there is so many great things to see and do. The game is full of surprises. Lots of strong visual landmarks guide the player through the environment and lead them off the critical path.
    • The story is what the player makes of it. The main thread is presented in a simple manner but the player’s personal journey adds to and enhances it.
    • The different environment types have their unique challenges to overcome and memorable characters. Each area of the map has its own feel and all of them lived in vibe.
    • This is a game that manages to keep throwing surprises at you. You’ll have a an idea to try reaching somewhere on the map or try combining a weird combination of systems and the game rewards you accordingly.

    Possible improvements

    • Enemy variety becomes an issue around the halfway mark. There are a lot of enemies but most are just recoloured tougher versions of monsters you’ve already encountered, many, many, times.
    • Felt like there could have been more giant monsters especially ones tied to areas like the sand whale/shark things in the desert. Tying these into some sort of hunting system across the game would incentivise seeking them out a bit more too.
    • There is a weird inverse difficulty curve to the game. At first it is an almost Dark Souls/Bloodborne cycle of learning through death but by the end game when you have fully equipped yourself most encounters are a cakewalk.
    • Tutorials and tips feel like they always come too late or after the player has figured out a system during the course of play. Many are also missable, learning to cook properly was a google job for me because I hadn’t come across the right book in the right shack to learn how to do it in game.
    • The dungeons are tightly designed puzzles but they felt empty and lacking in character especially when compared to ones in previous Zelda games.
    • While the shrines are a welcome distraction that make up for the more streamlined dungeons the do get a tad repetitive after a while. Especially the combat trial ones….

    What is the core of the game?

    • Redefining the Zelda experience for a new era.
    • Have a strong set of systems that are interconnected and work with/against each other based on the players actions and responses.
    • Leave the player to set their own goals within the framework of the game and encourage them to deviate from the path and really explore the game world.

    What did the game mean to me?

    • This was a beautiful game to have the pleasure of enjoying. It does so much right that it totally outweighs any shortcomings the game has for me. It is hard to put into words how invested I got in this game’s world, story and characters.

    Key Takeaway

    • Sometimes throwing away an established formula and building a new one from the core tenants of a franchise can really pay off.
    • Also if something looks slightly out of place there is probably a Korok hiding under it.

    5 out of 5

  • Destiny 2

    I've beaten the story 3 times, one per character (Titan, Hunter, Warlock). And platinum the game. Beaten the Raid 7 times. Although I cheesed 2 of those boss completions. One just for the hell of it. And the other for a few reasons.

    Still trying to figure out just how many hours have I poured into this game a little more than a month after release. Its certainly well over 100 hours by now. Gotten almost all of the good guns to use. Just need to finish getting exotic armors, purple mods. And start focusing on creating multiple organized builds for my 3 characters. Now that they all have maxed out at 305 power.

  • As of 30 min ago or so, I beat Demon's Souls. First Souls game I've beat.

  • @Sazime Starting with the original.. nice! Think you'll play more?

    I finished Psychonauts and Mass Effect Andromeda recently and had a lot of fun with both. Its a shame what happened with ME:A, its really a pretty solid game in my opinion (granted I played after all the patches). If it were handled a bit better and had a little more time for polish I think it could have been a really great game.

  • Finished A Hat in Time to 100% completion and all achievements. Great game. Hat girl is super cute and moustache girl too, kinda… . I have to admit during the ending I got a little emotional. I am interested to see if developer is going to add more levels. In the manual it says 60 hourglasses that you collect instead of 40. But with (hopefully) a good modding community we might get more levels anyway.

  • I recently finished Evil Within 2 in Nightmare difficulty.

  • @Faaip Yes! Right now, I'm fighting with DSfix to get Dark Souls to run on my PC properly, or at all.

    I agree with you on ME:A. I enjoyed it a lot, but at the same time, I was looking for more Mass Effect in my life, and I got it. :)

  • 100% Rayman Legends. Great fun, wouldn't be against a third game in the series!

    Also just finished the campaign of Splatoon 2, it had some awesome boss fights and one of the best end credits sequence ever.

  • Played through Super Mario Sunshine for the first time, and it wasn't so good. Structurally Mario 64 is so much stronger; Sunshine's mission-based setup should lend itself to more experimental design, but it instead feels limiting, there aren't any surprises, any reason to seriously explore the stages. And the stages themselves are pretty haphazard too. Lots of height, which makes platforming mostly backflip/wall-jumping and hovering around. Speaking of movement, it feels less diverse than 64, despite having similar controls and adding an entirely new factor in FLUDD. Camera problems from that game still persist in this one, however.

    I like the theme, though. The tropical setting is really pleasant and Delfino Plaza is nice to run around in. I like it when a platformer doesn't feel compelled to just do a grab-bag of familiar worlds and tries to elaborate on something more coherent. The locals were a miss, though. I just didn't like their design and they rarely had anything interesting or useful to say.

    I can't say I'm that crazy about the first-party efforts on the Gamecube. Melee's incredible and Double Dash is fun, but the rest that I've played just don't work for me.

  • I've been trying to get through some of my backlog of bite sized games and last weekend I managed to knock 4 off the list!

    Dear Esther - I know... but it gives me instant motion sickness so I kept putting it down every time I tried. Finally powered through it, with the help of some Dramamine, and enjoyed it a lot!

    What Remains of Edith Finch - Loved it. So much charm and the variety of different scenarios you play through made it a lot of fun.

    One Night Stand - An interesting little visual novel, with a semi-animated style, about navigating the morning after a drunken one night stand. 9 different outcomes based on the choices you make, the objects you examine, and if you bother to put some clothes back on, but the overall scenario is pretty linear. When you finish a playthrough, about 20 minutes, the game shows you which endings you're missing and gives a hint on how to unlock each, so I had fun replaying with specific objectives in mind.

    A Normal Lost Phone - Compact point and click game where the goal is to crack the secrets of a found phone by reading the owner's texts, figuring out a wi-fi password, snooping in their emails, and figuring out some of their passwords. Quick, semi-challenging, and pretty basic but there was a good emotional narrative and I thought it was worth the 1-2 hours it took to complete.

    And then I decided to put some time into Sunless Sea and that has been eating up every little bit of my free time.

  • West of Loathing. An adventure and light rpg game set in the "old west" filled with stick figures, demon cows, skeletons, goblins, and all sorts of nonsense. Fantastic game! The RPG elements are really simplistic and easy but the writing and puzzles more than make up for it. It also has the distinction of being the first game I've beaten this year that's from this year. That's neat.

  • alt text
    Advance Wars 2
    Great game! Although, just like the first game, some of the missions can get very frustrating, especially the longer ones.

    I wanna play the DS games at some point, too, but I think I'll wait for Wargroove before continuing with this series. Don't wanna get genre fatigue.

  • Last game i finished was Persona 5. It was also my first Persona game ever. Love love LOVED it.

    Game took me 96 hours to complete and i jumped on thanks to Ben Moore but really enjoyed.

    There were a few aspect i hated and the game IMO dragged on a fair bit especially towards the end. But it didnt take away from the rest if the game.

  • Samus Returns, Samus Returns and (soon)... Samus Returns.

    A normal 100%-completion run, a Fusion run, and a normal "fast as I can" run (still not very fast).

    I really enjoy this game.

  • Finished the Story of Tales of Berseria last night

    Story: Thank god this was better then Zesteria. the plot, the characters was better. Set in the same world as Zesteria about a 1000 years in the past. You play as a young woman who lives in a small village with her deceased sister's husband and her sickly brother she lives a peaceful life until her brother in law sacrifices her brother to basically become a Jedi. He then opens a pseudo religious military force (very similar to the jedi order) while Velvet (the main Character) is turned into a demon and locked away. Three years later her Brother in laws Malak (people with magic ability that can link with humans that can sense and see them) escapes him and free's her . she then goes on a quest for revenge that becomes much bigger. The story has its moments but never does anything to reach the next gear just when you think somethings gonna happen to make this game memorable it misses its opportunity. Also it has to much filler and i think they were obligated to reach a 40 hour play time and about 5 hours could have been cut from the quest and nothing would have changed. the 6 playable characters where all good with Eizen and Rokourou being stand outs and each characters motivations are very convincing and all their Arc are complete by the Climax. Except Velvets and Laphicets their Arcs are completed when the game ends and i didnt like theirs as much.

    Gameplay: They tried something different this time and it was refreshing each face button does a different attack and you can link these together as long as you have Soul points which can be gained by doing a special finisher. defeating a enemy or stunning one. Each character also has a special trait activated the the right trigger that burns a whole souls point but does more damage. Outside of battle the game plays the same as the last few tales games nothing has really changed. there are hunts to do and character specific sidequests to do to develop the characters more but the rewards are not really worth it.

    Presentation: The game while looking alright its easy to tell that its built on last gen technology there is nothing in this game that couldn't be done on ps3/xbox360 except for maybe that it runs at 60fps. the next Tales game has to be made with a new engine and tech or people are gonna lose interest. The voice acting for the most part is very good except for Laphicet (who is a Malak with the Appearance of the 12 year old) while his character is not the token child character his voice actor played him that way. the music while acceptable is nothing you'll remember after you turn the game off.

    Final Score 7/10

    As Ben Moore would say this game is swimming in 7's, but if Your a Tales fan or a fan of action RPG's in the vain of star ocean you could do way worse.

  • Just finished Golf Story a few minutes ago. That last course was killer!

  • Just finished Cuphead on PC. I don't think I have ever been so frustrated and pleased with a game in my entire life. I think the charm of the presentation of it kept me pushing through to the end. I swear, I didn't even have this much trouble with the Souls series. I mean, platformers were my jam when I was younger. I honestly thought it wasn't going to be as hard as it was for me. It looked beautiful, it sounded amazing, and it was really fun to play. But after an hour with it my thumbs were sore and I was sweating excessively. I don't ever think I can look at 1930s animation the same way again. I'm glad I didn't give up but I'm also glad that it's finally over. I think I need to take a break for a while and go back to something less strenuous. Owlboy has been on my to-do list for quite some time, maybe I'll give that a go next.

  • @Faaip I love Psychonauts! So glad they brought it back. It's one of those games that so weird it's amazing. But I can see how it takes a certain kind of person to appreciate it. Also, you were smart to hold off on Andromeda until after they patched it. Of course, they could only do so much, but from what I hear it does run a lot better now. I was one of the poor saps that got it Day 1. It was alright, but I expected more from a Mass Effect game. EA has decided to put the series on the back burner for now. With Bioware Edmonton moving on to Anthem, I think that's the smartest thing to do right now.

  • @Caleb_Aranda Yeah they really don't make them like that anymore! I may be wrong but I feel like you don't see that type of wacky game and writing style too much these days

    I saw a few bugs in Andromeda, but nothing like what was being posted after launch. It definitely made it easier to enjoy

  • Just finished off Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal last Friday night. As someone who wouldn't consider themselves to have a ton of CRPG experience, a lot of those late-game fights were tough as nails.