Last game you finished

  • @Faaip I love Psychonauts! So glad they brought it back. It's one of those games that so weird it's amazing. But I can see how it takes a certain kind of person to appreciate it. Also, you were smart to hold off on Andromeda until after they patched it. Of course, they could only do so much, but from what I hear it does run a lot better now. I was one of the poor saps that got it Day 1. It was alright, but I expected more from a Mass Effect game. EA has decided to put the series on the back burner for now. With Bioware Edmonton moving on to Anthem, I think that's the smartest thing to do right now.

  • @Caleb_Aranda Yeah they really don't make them like that anymore! I may be wrong but I feel like you don't see that type of wacky game and writing style too much these days

    I saw a few bugs in Andromeda, but nothing like what was being posted after launch. It definitely made it easier to enjoy

  • Just finished off Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal last Friday night. As someone who wouldn't consider themselves to have a ton of CRPG experience, a lot of those late-game fights were tough as nails.

  • I have a pretty large backlog, and due to having two young kids, it takes a long while to get through a game, much longer than it use to. So, the most recent game I finished was The Evil Within.

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    I finished Dragon Quest Heroes 2 the other day. Fun story for a Muso game. Loads of Dragon Quest fan service my favorite is the use of the classic music and of course the classic monsters.

  • I finished Nier Automata this week. Without getting spoilery, I really enjoyed my time with it, about 30 hours. I didn't spend too much time on sidequests as I've learned that can really hamper my enjoyment of open world type games these days. I have no previous Nier/Drakengard experience so likely a lot of impact was lost on me but still enjoyable. Kinda anticlimactic and I'd prefer more enemy/boss variety but may be more due to my previous point.

    I was getting towards the tail end of DQ11 when I got a bit burnt out on it, so might go back to it, or finish up Stick of Truth/FBW, and then there is Mario...

  • Played through Steamworld Dig over the past weekend. That's a really fun game! I love the idea of exploring and finding new things (especially underground weirdly) so this game was pretty perfect for me.

  • Been awhile since I posted, so excuse the list:

    24/08/2017 - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4) - 9/10

    09/09/2017 - Yakuza Kiwami (PS4) - 8/10

    12/09/2017 - Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 1: Awake (PC) - 8/10

    26/09/2017 - Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (PS4) - 5/10

    09/10/2017 - Cuphead (PC) - 10/10

    22/10/2017 - The Evil Within 2 (PC) - 9/10

  • I finished up the campaign of Battlefield 1 not long ago. It was pretty meh overall. They could have done so much more with the action sequences. Very by-the-numbers.

    Unfortunately, the multiplayer aspect of the game lags like crazy here in Shanghai. I'm at a constant disadvantage with ping rates at around 300, so that's probably the last I'll play of the game until I relocate to Seoul.

    I'm very close to finishing The Evil Within 2. LOVE that game. I don't want it to end.

  • Just beat evil within 2

    Its a good game overall. i didnot liked the hub structure. its good when its linear.
    i didnot like how you have too much gun powder but very little ammo.

    its just one and done game. i dont think it has replay value.

    but overall i enjoyed my time with it.

  • @Swordfish00830 I'm wodering how is the dungeons in this game is it any good

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    @Xliskin They are fun and can be done solo or co-op. It's much easier if you co-op them since the AI can maybe not be as helpful as a real player.

  • South Park: The Fracture But Whole

    It is an ok game if you like the actual cartoon, nothing special, i played it with the latinamerican audio and it has some serious issues with the video sync, on the last part of the game the audio came first than the video itself so it was very anoying that. One of the final battles i was about to die but the game didn't want to kill me, so for me, the game wanted that i win, that sucks because i wanted more challenge on that part, The Stick of Truth was a lot harder for sure.

    One thing that i loved is the soundtrack of the game, specially the battle theme for the raising girls and the strippers.

    My final thought is that this game is a huge South Park Episode, even how it ends, not that the game is bad, but the story could be better.

    I'm not going to platinum becasue of the difficulty Trophy, play the game all over again, i don't think so, so i will be short for that trophy.

  • Ys: The Oath in Felghana (PSP) - One of the weaker Ys games but still pretty fun, the soundtrack is fantastic.

    System Shock (Enhanced Edition) - One of the best FPS games I've ever played.

    Puyo Puyo Tetris (Switch) - Finished the story mode which is nothing to write home about but it's still an awesome game.

  • @Axel said in Last game you finished:

    Also finished Metroid: Samus Returns over the weekend, 100%, 14 hours. I'm surprised it was such a long game! Excellent remake, but it doesn't feel like a step forward for the series, it merely brings the gameplay up to modern standards. I didn't have huge expectations for it so I'm satisfied, it was an

    I also finished Rayman Legends on Switch, I had never played it before so I finally get what the fuss was about, it's definitely up there with the very best 2D platformers. Very creative levels and gameplay, sometimes a bit too much for its own good, some levels are very confusing at first, and some of the harder optional challenges are downright insane. I 100% all the Legends content and I'm now going through the Origins ones. Are all the levels from Origins in there or just a selection? It sure looks like they're all there, there's a lot!


  • @Sheria What's wrong with that? :D

  • Banned

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    The game was great and incredibly over the top, which had me laughing at several points of the game. It ended abruptly and was rather unsatisfying though.

  • Steins Gate

    Just got the true and final ending after about 32 hours, it's tough to score this, the first 10 hours were ok, but they were instrumental in making the latter part of the story great, and there not being much that can be called gameplay made it tiring for sure.

    I also have to wonder how this compares to watching the anime, and while I'm curious I don't think I have it in me to go over Steins Gate Zero anytime soon.

    With that done I can jump into Danganronpa 3, which I'm hoping is a nice contrast to Steins Gate.

  • PES, though technically you can't finish it

  • I played through Mega Man X on the SNES Mini last night. I've beaten it many times before and it remains an amazing game.