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    Also finished Metroid: Samus Returns over the weekend, 100%, 14 hours. I'm surprised it was such a long game! Excellent remake, but it doesn't feel like a step forward for the series, it merely brings the gameplay up to modern standards. I didn't have huge expectations for it so I'm satisfied, it was an

    I also finished Rayman Legends on Switch, I had never played it before so I finally get what the fuss was about, it's definitely up there with the very best 2D platformers. Very creative levels and gameplay, sometimes a bit too much for its own good, some levels are very confusing at first, and some of the harder optional challenges are downright insane. I 100% all the Legends content and I'm now going through the Origins ones. Are all the levels from Origins in there or just a selection? It sure looks like they're all there, there's a lot!


  • @Sheria What's wrong with that? :D

  • Banned

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    The game was great and incredibly over the top, which had me laughing at several points of the game. It ended abruptly and was rather unsatisfying though.

  • Steins Gate

    Just got the true and final ending after about 32 hours, it's tough to score this, the first 10 hours were ok, but they were instrumental in making the latter part of the story great, and there not being much that can be called gameplay made it tiring for sure.

    I also have to wonder how this compares to watching the anime, and while I'm curious I don't think I have it in me to go over Steins Gate Zero anytime soon.

    With that done I can jump into Danganronpa 3, which I'm hoping is a nice contrast to Steins Gate.

  • PES, though technically you can't finish it

  • I played through Mega Man X on the SNES Mini last night. I've beaten it many times before and it remains an amazing game.

  • It only took two years but I finally finished Witcher 3!
    I had gotten distracted, but it turns out I was only 3 hours from the end, so this was an easy fix. I adored it before, and I loved the ending I got. Only finished the story stuff, so I still have a ton of other things to do but now on to Hearts of Stone.

    Witcher 3 is a 10 out of 10 for me, easily.

  • Just finished Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It was great fun from beginning to end, nicely polished, you'd think it was an actual Nintendo game. I'm definitely going to shoot for 100% now. I hear the endgame extra challenges are tough as nails so I'm curious to try them out.

  • I don't like how South Park: The Fractured But Whole just kinda stops, and I don't like how obviously it feels like some stuff was cut for the sake of selling it separately down the road in the season pass (seriously Mysterion may as well not be in the base game), and overall I would say it's not as good as Stick of Truth, but despite that I still had a damn good time and I'd put it in my top 10 for 2017.

  • Super Mario Odyssey
    Woooo! That was a fantastic game. Everything you heard about it is true. Some of the controls are a little loose at times on certain levels. Nostalgia was certainly in mind with Nintendo created this game. If you have a Switch, buy this game. If you don’t, buy a Switch and then buy this game. It is pure jolly.

  • Finished Super Mario Odyssey last night.


  • Like many others, I reached the credits of Super Mario Odyssey. I still plan on returning to it from time to time, but those two days spent roaming those kingdoms were sheer gaming bliss. Very much worth the wait, and I'm glad to see the positive reaction to it.

    Otherwise, I just completed Metroid: Samus Returns. I love me some Metroid, and this was an enjoyable entry. Still, while I applaud them for remaining faithful to the general concepts of an older game, it definitely shows its age. Repetitious bosses, environments, and objectives coupled with "gaminess" (this block is yellow, and you need the yellow power-up to deal with it) keep it from being high on my list of favorite entries. Still was fun to return to Metroid after so long, and makes me excited for Prime 4.

  • Continuing the Witcher 3 journey, I finished the Hearts of Stone dlc.

    I wanted to say that it was really short... but then I realized I played it for like 10 hours in the span of two days. I just really had fun with it, and the Dead Man's Party quest was amazing! I loved the story in this one.

  • Just finished Death of the outsider. Amazing game the new powers & weapons totally change the way you play the game & its significantly harder than the other games. Played the whole series this year its defiantly one of my favourite series. Can't wait to get stuck into Prey.

  • Finished in a sense that i'm nearly burnt out, but I've just about gathered everything in Enter The Gungeon. It's one of the most rewarding games i've played; it starts out slow, but once you start to unlock a small out of guns, the fun factor of the game sky rockets. There are so many gun+bullet combos and items that each run feels fresh, and some items so powerful, it more than makes up for the difficulty. I've put in about 173 hours on Steam, granted that it's the only game out of a few that i've been playing since the Summer. I'm ready for the update that's due this Fall!

  • Finished replaying Stick of Truth last night. When I first played it I used Butters almost exclusively but this time I tried to mix and match a lot (I think the only kid I didn't use more than once was Cartman) and I gotta say Kyle is stupid OP in this game. Great time, that final boss is still insanely funny.

  • Finished From Dust, which I kinda liked. It's pretty clear what doesn't work; the humans, though the goal of the game, have dubious pathfinding and don't actually do very much. Simple things like seeing them interact or kill time or something like that would have been endearing; they come off as hapless in the end. The storytelling in general is really weak, as the game is mostly just a succession of maps.

    But man, creating dykes then draining out the water to create land, combating lava flows, using the wacky powerups to just break nature. It feels good, and more importantly massive---the scale of the game is really well established. It's a game I wish did more to make me care about what was happening, but shaping the Earth was its own simple pleasure that made it worth playing for me.

  • Done with the main endings of Nier Automata, also read about what's the deal with


    The game didn't have the impact I was hoping for, but that may well have been because may expectations were astronomical, that said I don't hold the game over the first Nier, even if it is more polished and more fun, this one had many great moments, and I'm definitively glad it is exists and that I played it, but the original changed how I think about games, so yeah didn't quite do that for me.

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    Finished (and platinumed) Horizon Zero Dawn. Funny how I played it for about 10 hours after release, then it didnt really feel like it was for me. Put it down for a few months before I then picked it up again. I guess it had given me some perspective or something but all of a sudden I loved it! The story kicked off and the world opened up.

    I really recommend this game now! Even if it starts a little slow its worth playing through and the story takes many twists and turns which I really enjoyed!

  • Finished Cuphead and even tho I died/restarted 275 times, it wasn't nearly as hard of a game as people say it is. Couple of bosses took me like 30 tries to complete, but that was mostly due my 'tunnel vision' and lack of pattern recognition rather than pure difficulty. Progression meter after failing is a great visual feedback of progress and a great motivator.

    Cupheaed also has one of the best soundtracks of the year. Combined with the 30's animation aesthetic it makes one awesome looking, sounding and paying game. 9/10.