Last game you finished

  • Finished Tokyo Xanadu Ex. Took me 50 hours. Its weeb as you can get. I loved every minute. The games probably a 7 but I'd give it a 9. If your the kind of person who thinks they'd like this
    kind of game you will.

  • Well it seems like I've beaten Bayonetta 2, I thought I wasn't close to the ending yet so it came as quite a surprise, I guess that can happen when the whole story is nonsense, and I'm not really following it that closely.

    Overall I don't think it was as good as the first, and the ending was quite unspectacular considering how the first ended, also I found it incredibly easy in comparison to the first which I won't say is a negative but the difference is huge from my experience, I'm glad I play it and all but hearing some of the commentary of the game overall I gotta say I'm somewhat disappointed.


  • @FutureCorpse I'm very interested in the game, I've heard Tokyo Xanadu Ex is similar to the Persona games, is it true?

  • @Hidz Its very similar to Persona with the setting & social elements, but the combat is action based. Its a good time.

  • Replayed Doom on Switch during my down time at work.

  • Just beat night in the woods and God damn did it hit me in so many ways, probably my favorite game of 2017 by a loooooong mile.

  • SteamWorld Dig 2

    A great improvement over the original, those HD graphics are gorgeous. Fun and meaningful power-ups that really change the way you play, unlike Metroid: Samus Returns where most new unlocks only felt like keys to previously locked doors.

    I went for 100% completion and those final challenges were tough!

    The Champions' Ballad

    It got a bit better after the awful first trials, but overall I'm still pretty disappointed in this DLC, I expected much more from it. The final dungeon was probably the weakest out of all the Divine Beasts. The most fun I had with the DLC was actually hunting down those new armors; that reminded me why I loved the game in the first place. If anyone is still on the fence about the expansion, I'd say steer clear, it's not worth it.

  • I have seen credits of Pokemon Silver. My last 2017 game. Awesome game, but i'm half way the actual game.

  • Yakuza Kiwami
    38 hours 55% completion

  • Global Moderator

    Just finished Persona 5

  • Roundabout

    It's silly, it's goofy, you take drugs and drive around a skeleton. Without the FMVs, this game really wouldn't have had a lot going for it, but I gotta say, I came out really happy. It sure was one wild ride, even if it kept spinning in circles.

  • Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity

    This is actually a great little hack & slash game, combined with a little Touhou style bullet hell. It's story can be overlooked, but the characters are all here and give some nice comedy.

    God of War: Ghost if Sparta

    Forgettable series, but a good as ever entry. It does do a good job of showing how an old handheld game can be just as good as any attempt on modern hardware can be though, and how little technology has a play in creating a quality game. This game is as good as GOW3

  • Finished another play though of Rule of Rose. Such a great game.

  • @Sheria Brown is a real good boy.

  • Shovel Knight

    Those pseudo 8-bit feels man, fantastic game I can see how some may say it is a bit on the easy side if compared to classic 2D platformers, but I would say it is simply on the modern (and right) side of things.


  • Beat South Park: The Fractured but Whole this morning (around 5am) still collecting my thoughts on it
    Youtube Video

  • Trails in the Sky SC and I have mixed feelings about it

    The final boss really put me off, I had whittled him down to about 30k HP (from 99k) and it's going pretty good, I've stocked up on EP items and it was paying off as I was riding Earthwall hard, he then does a target Art, I see it charging, but I keep with my strategy, put up Earthwall, then it fires and all my players disappear and I get a game over. Total bullshit move, at worst Loewe did that thing where one character would leave, but would eventually come back, I was so pissed, and seems like a cheap move

    I hate how I can't move and act, if I could move a smaller area and then perform an act, that would be nice. It feels like a waste to only move a character, at least give us a defend option

    I despise fake tension, I knew there was no way they would kill off Joshua and Estelle, so I was wondering what deus ex machina would come along, and in this case it was a dragon. Either kill them or don't put them in fake danger, it was still a touching scene where they held each other, but don't drag that fake danger out that long

    Other than Loewe, the other enforcers just felt so cheesy and out of place and I get why Estelle was often spared, but there were times where they could have just easily have killed the rest of my party, why not do that, why let them live?

    I also didn't really like how the overall plot went, I really liked the more political drama in FC and wish it would have stayed more with Weissman and the grandmaster trying to control every country instead of trying to evolve humanity to some perfect idea

    I still love the two games, SC is better paced, but I like how FC ended, though the last scene in SC between Joshua and Estelle was great. She and Olivier are two of my favorite characters in games. Also that scene between Kevin and Weissman was pretty bad ass, makes me wish we got more Kevin (I did see we get to play him in 3rd Chapter, though not sure I want to play another 40+hrs after 100+hrs with this battle system)

  • @ACardAttack i also liked FC better as for the 3rd it mixes things up enough and keeps everything changing and its only like 30 hours
    and if u like Olivier have you played Cold steel yet?

  • @FF7Cloud

    I have not, this was my first jump into the series, which I also heard it was best to start here, not sure how I want to go about cold steel

    I have a ps3, but I like importing my save, so it would make sense to go PC, but PC has been getting these so much later than ps3/ps4 (granted I think ToCS 3 is ps4, so I couldn't really import my ps3 save )

  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    Hell of a game, too short in comparisson with Uncharted 4, but it's full of action and a funny ending.

    Clearing the backlog.