Last game you finished

  • Life is Strange

    Does some things really well. The visual direction (use of camera, UI, etc.) is really strong---a lot better than its competition, and paired with some good lead performances and confident use of music, the emotional core of the game is maintained most of the time (despite the stiff, anemic looking character models).

    Writing is shaky, a bit derivative overall, and inconsistent in its plot and dialogue. But again, when it works, it works. I like the central three episodes the best (minus a noteworthy deviation at the end of ep.3 and into ep.4), as they're more focused on character interaction and feel the most confident overall.

    Overall, I enjoyed my time with it. I'm looking forward to Dontnod's future projects.

  • Mega Man 1 in the legacy collection. Pretty cool game, has a lot of frustrating gameplay decisions that's indicative of it's era, but it's still fun.

  • Halo 3 ODST. Another one off my 360 backlog. Finished it in one sitting (about 6 hours) holds up reasonably well for a 10 year old game.

  • Shove Knight Plague of Shadows

    Really liked it, even though I do prefer the mechanics of Shovel Knight, the use of different types of bombs was fun to tinker with if I did tend to resort to a few options for most of the game.

  • Knack II

  • Just finished Mario + Rabbids, I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I won't mind going over challenges and playing it from time to time again, it's pretty solid overall and it had some moments I really liked, and overall I'm hoping Nintendo is willing to look and more different options like this with some of their other franchises.


  • So I just got credits on Oxenfree so I guess that counts, even though I'm not done with it, love the concept and I think the execution was very good, things definitively have me intrigued enough to play it again and better understand the story, very much worth the 5 bucks I paid for it. Also gotta say that this is one of the reasons why I'm loving the switch this one has had me intrigued for a while but I don't know if I would have actually gotten around to play it if it weren't on it.

    8.5/10 for now, another playthrough might change things.

  • Finished Cuphead.. had a really hard time with it, but managed all A's in the end

  • Finished season 1 of Batman: The Telltale Series. Kudos to the writers of this game for bringing some new twists to familiar characters but all the engine issues... woof. Episode 5 was probably the roughest one, the whole first half of the episode had tons of framerate issues and the game crashed on me twice. If PS Plus offers the second season for free (or severely discounted) later on down the road, then I'll continue the series... otherwise, eh. Easy platinum though!

  • Horizon Zero Dawn


    • Ranged combat is fun as hell
    • Enemies react when you shoot at them
    • Decent variety of different weapons
    • Surprisingly unique and interesting story, (when it gets going) despite being post apocalyptic
    • Extremely fluid controls for a 30fps game
    • Interesting world over all
    • 'Forced' exploration -> collecting medicinal herbs


    • Hold triangle to loot, loot and loot some more, loot doesn't translate to meaningful gear
    • Sidequests are trash, Witcher sense/detective vision is getting old (although well contextualized)
    • Melee combat is so basic it's basically non existent
    • No different melee weapons
    • Compared to the amount of actual activities, the map clutter is insane (can be turned off, thankfully)
    • Caves filled with literally 15-20 pieces of expositional holograms/data logs/audio logs
    • Climbing only allowed at very strict spots
    • Invisible walls
    • Couple of crashes

    In conclusion, I liked it a lot but the RPG elements were clearly an afterthought. Fun game to play, fun world to explore, can't really ask much more.

  • Finished Tales of Berseria after being on my radar for a while and is probably one of my hidden gems of 2017. Amazing story and amazing characters, I loved the setting overall and the concept of being "anti-heroes" , it's pretty appreciated, as you don't see many games these days who's doing that. I'll probably play it through again in the future in english ( I played it in japanese).

  • @Hidz The English voice acting is one of the best in a JRPG ever. The whole cast is great.

  • @FutureCorpse Aah, thats good to hear! Will definitely play it again in english then.

  • So uh.... Filthy casual here but I just finished Peggle 2. I'll keep impressions short since I mean... it's Peggle with new masters but it did remind me that EA owns PopCap, a fact that slipped my memory apparently. It becomes very obvious once the title screen highlights the store first... and you aren't given all the masters without paying extra. Sigh. Still an okay way to pass the time when I don't feel like diving into a big game. I might keep it on the hard drive to tackle some of the optional, more difficult challenges.

  • Just did a playthrough of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. A great single session game. It was much more melancholy than I was expecting and gave me some Lord of the Rings vibes haha. I found controlling the characters to be tricky and a little tough to get used too, but...

    When the older brother dies and its taken away, it gives a really interesting perspective on his death. After getting so used to using two controls and relying on both characters to move through the game it feels strange when you no longer have it..

  • I've put RAGE to bed. I must admit, it was actually quite a game once you get into it. Id have definitely put out better games, but I do think this deserved more attention, the AI and shooting mechanics are on point, and they don't overdo their open world mechanics.

    I do have to note that this game does abruptly end, and were given next to no closure on the whole thing. I actually thought I spent a long time on this game, so I was shocked to see the playtime at only 10:30 hours.

  • Finished Metroid: Samus Returns. It's a pretty solid Metroid game with some cool ideas, it controls great but its falls short in terms of level design which is something it carries from the source material. The fan remake is better i'd say but this is definitely worth playing and should support it if you wanna see something similar on the Switch maybe. Now i'm just getting that 100% which is easier to do with the abilities you get.

  • What Remains of Edith Finch

    I liked it a lot, it is very well made, and I think its execution is pretty darn good, not everything resonated with me in the same way but it's pretty good all around, had I played it before it would have been one of my honorable mentions for the year.


  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Good jRPG, not great.I liked the combat system although it could feel slow at times. I prefered the pace of XC1 battles. The story was decent, but filled with anime tropes and eye-rolling moments. I would cut chapter 4 entirely and streamline the Blades affinity chart. So much times wasted searching for specific mobs just trying to fill my main blades charts. I also didn't like that we couldn't decide what kind of blade we could get and who would be bonded with it. It felt unnecessarily tedious and time consuming.

    All in all, I had a good time playing the game. It does a decent job providing a jRPG on the Switch, but the game had too many systems :

    -Blades rarity
    -Blades element
    -Blades Arts
    -Blades Affinity Charts
    -Blade Auxiliary Cores
    -Drivers Affinity Charts
    -Driver Arts exp
    -Driver Accessories
    -Food buffs
    -Driver food preference
    -Blade food preference

    There is so much customization in the game that it feels like each element doesn't matter that much. I think the game would be better if some of the fat was trimmed. And don't me started on Poppi's minigame. The game itself isn't so bad, but it requires way too much time and I just stopped using Poppi as soon as I could. I finished the game in about 135 hours.

  • Ys 8 Lacrimosa of Dana

    Overall I really like, the latter parts of the game and the twists the story takes I think are fine but it does lose the elements that I felt set the game apart and made me like it a lot in the beginning.

    Also it must be mentioned yes the localization is bad, at times very bad, I don't understand how the hell a voiced japanese line was skipped, luckily the patch comes in a couple of days and hopefully it will bring things up to standard, I was able to enjoy it nonetheless but there were too many clear moments were I could just see a rushed translation.

    The combat and how the game plays I just loved, it was what I liked from the demo and it didn't disappoint.

    I'm not gonna back to previous Ys games, I mean if I haven't done it with Trails then certainly not with Ys, but it has made me much more of fan of Falcom, even if I do feel they have similar weak points, the areas where they excel compensate those weaknesses, so yeah pretty much looking forward to whatever else they make in the future.