Last game you finished

  • Finished Metroid: Samus Returns. It's a pretty solid Metroid game with some cool ideas, it controls great but its falls short in terms of level design which is something it carries from the source material. The fan remake is better i'd say but this is definitely worth playing and should support it if you wanna see something similar on the Switch maybe. Now i'm just getting that 100% which is easier to do with the abilities you get.

  • What Remains of Edith Finch

    I liked it a lot, it is very well made, and I think its execution is pretty darn good, not everything resonated with me in the same way but it's pretty good all around, had I played it before it would have been one of my honorable mentions for the year.


  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Good jRPG, not great.I liked the combat system although it could feel slow at times. I prefered the pace of XC1 battles. The story was decent, but filled with anime tropes and eye-rolling moments. I would cut chapter 4 entirely and streamline the Blades affinity chart. So much times wasted searching for specific mobs just trying to fill my main blades charts. I also didn't like that we couldn't decide what kind of blade we could get and who would be bonded with it. It felt unnecessarily tedious and time consuming.

    All in all, I had a good time playing the game. It does a decent job providing a jRPG on the Switch, but the game had too many systems :

    -Blades rarity
    -Blades element
    -Blades Arts
    -Blades Affinity Charts
    -Blade Auxiliary Cores
    -Drivers Affinity Charts
    -Driver Arts exp
    -Driver Accessories
    -Food buffs
    -Driver food preference
    -Blade food preference

    There is so much customization in the game that it feels like each element doesn't matter that much. I think the game would be better if some of the fat was trimmed. And don't me started on Poppi's minigame. The game itself isn't so bad, but it requires way too much time and I just stopped using Poppi as soon as I could. I finished the game in about 135 hours.

  • Ys 8 Lacrimosa of Dana

    Overall I really like, the latter parts of the game and the twists the story takes I think are fine but it does lose the elements that I felt set the game apart and made me like it a lot in the beginning.

    Also it must be mentioned yes the localization is bad, at times very bad, I don't understand how the hell a voiced japanese line was skipped, luckily the patch comes in a couple of days and hopefully it will bring things up to standard, I was able to enjoy it nonetheless but there were too many clear moments were I could just see a rushed translation.

    The combat and how the game plays I just loved, it was what I liked from the demo and it didn't disappoint.

    I'm not gonna back to previous Ys games, I mean if I haven't done it with Trails then certainly not with Ys, but it has made me much more of fan of Falcom, even if I do feel they have similar weak points, the areas where they excel compensate those weaknesses, so yeah pretty much looking forward to whatever else they make in the future.


  • i recommend the first 2 ys games you can finish both in a afternoon and are just a great experience

  • @FF7Cloud seriously? you mean the remakes? I wouldn't have imagined they were so short.

  • @bard91 yea book 1 is like 2 or 3 hours and book 2 maybe 5 at the most

  • Alpha Protocol

    I picked this game up twice when it launched, on PC and on PS3. I finished it twice before, but I've been itching to play it again for quite some time. I romanced all four women in this run and went for the one ending I hadn't done before.

    It's a fantastic game, one that actually made it very high on my Goty list back in 2010. It was also a very welcome surprise after Mass Effect 2's hugely disappointing changes that id witness earlier that year. I don't think Obsidian have ever let me down, and thIs game was no exception.

    Great story, excellent gameplay, and some very compelling characters make AP one of the better games of last gen, it was quite a shame that so many reviewers went in expecting a standard third person shooter and, in a lot of cases, misunderstood how the combat in the game works. I seem to recall GT's comment as one of the worst though, as I'm pretty sure the essentially said "We see what the game's going for, but because I looks like a standard shooter, it should play like one".

  • @Sheria Alpha Protocol is awesome, I've actually been thinking of giving it another go since I've only played it once when it came out, but I remember I enjoyed it quite a lot and wouldn't mind taking a compleltely different approach.

  • SteamWorld Dig on PC. I picked this up as a freebie on Origin a while back and enjoyed it. Short and sweet. Has me tempted to go after SteamWorld Dig 2 on Switch!

  • I Am Setsuna PS4

    very short and very linear, until you got the classic airship, but still it's pretty short if you want a game to finish in a weekor just a few days.

    it's good, but to be the first game of Tokyo RPG Factory, it was very good effort.

    i found a gringing spot by accident and it was easy after that, leveling up with that spot it's very easy, 15 levels in just 2 hours, so yea, final boss, piece of cake.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2:

    Gameplay: The battle system is the best in the series by far. The element chains and the driver combos give you alot of options and if u know how to use them right the game becomes a cake walk, the overworld and quest structure is very much the same as the first game. a down side is that there are too many systems and alot of them get glossed over.

    Presentation: The graphics of the game are fine. some of the Character designs i just didn't care for . the music was awsome.

    Story: The story was good had some good moments the main cast was all good except i didn't care much for Rex. i liked the ways it referenced into the first game. A weak point of the game is the villians as aside of one member of the evil group whos not even the big bad the villians are weak .

    its the 3rd best game on the switch


  • After watching a theory on youtube about it, I decided to give that Doki Doki Literature Club a go as it definitely looked up my alley. I really enjoyed it, a lot actually for what it was. I probably never would have tried it if it hadn't been for that theory I watched though, I don't have a lot of faith in the quality of things that release for free. I'm definitely keen to see more from this developer.

  • I finished The Last Station. It was a bit of a blind pick actually, but was surprised by just how much I enjoyed it. It ended a tad abrupt, but little fault outside of that.

  • Global Moderator

    Just finished Nier: Automata for the third and final time (yes with D&E) and I love love love this game! So glad that I standed to go through path B.

  • Super Mario Odyssey 7/10

    Probably my least favorite game from the Mario games that I've played, far below Galaxy and 64 to me, I don't come to Mario expecting more than having fun platforming around and I didn't get anywhere near enough of that. No I haven't gotten the 800 moons, nor will I since I've never 100% one of these before and I've never felt that I needed to really enjoy the game. In addition, I really don't think the design of most things are levels are interesting in many ways.

  • Doki Doki Literature Club.

    I'm soooo happy I played this game. Not enough games like to spin player sensibilities and expectations and it has become one of the more memorable trends of recent years and I want more games to do it.

    • Metal Gear Solid V does this between the character creation and your development of mother base.
    • Neir Automata does this in many many ways. It contextualizes everything within the game including menu's. It has multiple endings that iterate upon one another. It has narrative twists and turns a player would never expect.
    • Doki Doki Literature Club is now another game that completely spins player expectations upside down. It is a great example of narrative within a digital age. The use of its media beyond pressing play on Steam really impressed me. 10/10

  • @DIPSET Not to be a raging fanboy, but if you love that subversion of expectation that you're describing, I can't recommend Undertale enough if you haven't already given it a try. It does some immensely interesting things with its narrative, it's relatively short, and has a charm that can't be described properly.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    Adding it to the list. I'm telling you, this has become my favourite thing as of late. I may ask the Allies about it one week for Frame Trap or something.

  • I actually can't think of any other games that do what DDLC did to subvert my expectations. Not just narratively, either.

    Endgame spoilers:

    The game has you go into the directory and "delete" characters from the game file to progress through various endings. That's prettttttty bold.