Last game you finished

  • @sonmi Is that worth playing? I've been considering grabbing it for awhile.

    Just did my first play through of Journey.. looking forward to my second.

  • I finished Project I.G.I.-2 on PC and Contrast on the PS3.

  • Weirdly enough Mega Man 2 on the Legacy Collection. I've played the old Mega Man games but never dove in properly. The NES wasn't as hugely popular in the UK due to the focus on micro computers so it wasn't really embedded in my gaming history. I'm glad it is now!

  • @Sheria said in Last game you finished:

    I finished Project I.G.I.-2 on PC and Contrast on the PS3.

    Did you finished new Doom sheria? how much you like it? you consider it masterpiece?

    its ony game in last few years that i beat 3 times in row constantly. its that amazing. i dont think anything can surpass it in long time. ID software did it.

  • I love it, but I haven't finished it quite yet. I'm playing it on the hardest difficulty possible from the start and I have to admit I burnt out on this one section of it :P I'll be going back to it soon.

  • @Sheria said in Last game you finished:

    I love it, but I haven't finished it quite yet. I'm playing it on the hardest difficulty possible from the start and I have to admit I burnt out on this one section of it :P I'll be going back to it soon.

    hell parts? thats the weekest part of game.

    game is very hard on nightmare actually. i bet you will lower it into ultravoilence. wish it has quick saves because checkpoint system annoy me.

  • I finished Alien Rage on PS3. Generic as hell, but alright I guess.

  • The past week I've finished Gears of War: Judgement, Tearaway and Lords of the Fallen. It has not been a busy week..

  • Just finished Lords of the Fallen as well.. powered through that over the weekend and had a lot of fun. I felt like it had a big difficulty spike right at the end and got pretty frustrated haha

  • I tend to drop a lot of games these days, as time is my main limiting factor and if I think I could be playing something better I'll drop whatever I'm on even if I'm near the end (ex - dropped I Am Setsuna at the end dungeon).

    So, the last game I saw the credits roll for was REmake on PS4. Oh. My. God. That game is just....perfection. I hate horror. I don't like jump scares, I don't like excessive body gore, etc, which is why despite hundreds of video games logged I've never played a Resident Evil game before.

    But RE1 isn't really a horror game. It's just as much about exploration solving as it is about horror, and the horror isn't the kind of horror I hate, but rather the good 1979 Alien kind where its just absolutely dripping in constant tension. The Mansion is so distinct that after I played through the game for the first time I could still probably sketch out a rough map of the mansion from memory. And the puzzles. Man, I am a SUCKER for games that toss puzzles in. I didn't expect to get puzzles in REmake, but I had a blast trying to piece together where this item from one part of the mansion went.

    It's a 10, and I don't say that lightly. If you've never played it because you, like me, don't like horror, DO IT. REmake transcends genres. Immersive sim.

  • The original Legend of Zelda on 3DS Virtual Console without a guide or savestates (except to maintain progress between play sessions)

    Got it for free from Club Nintendo ages ago. Was very turned off from the game initially. It's really rough, especially at the start. I've watched Damiani beat it twice now though, and even though my memory kind of sucks I managed to remember enough from watching him to get through the parts where the game really doesn't help you find your way to the next dungeon at all. Because I'm not as familiar with it, I think I took less direct routes than Damiani and gathered more optional items though. I prefer 100% smell the roses to speedrunning anyways. Once I got the blue ring and the second sword I felt way more comfortable with the game, but damn did I get tired of always grinding for bombs or rupees to buy bombs. Damiani complains about grinding for health in Metroid, but if you don't know what you're doing the bomb grind in Zelda is just as bad, especially since you can't use the sword knock on walls tone trick to tell which ones are bombable in this entry. For it's time it's a great game and certain things like the sound effects are extremely pleasing and hold up well, but I still wouldn't put it in my top 5 Zelda games. Wish I had a copy of it growing up, but I didn't. My first Zelda was Link's Awakening though, so I'm at least grateful that I grew up with 2D Zelda even if it wasn't the original. Sometimes it's better that way anyways. I grew up with Kirby's Adventure, not Kirby's Dreamland, and the quality difference between those games is absolutely stunningly massive.

  • Just beat Journey for the first time. It was neat. It had its moments, but overall it was just ok for me.

  • I wish I could say the last game I finished was a new game I've never experienced before. Having literally hundreds of games that I have never played in my back catalog to pick and choose. I somehow have ended up replaying Uncharted 1+2 all over again via the PS4 collection and hit platinum on both again. After finishing Uncharted 4, I had an urge to replay them and shoot for platinum again. I still have Uncharted 3 to go through but with a busy schedule, I have it on hold, along with the rest of my games... Life :( :cry:

  • Federation force

    great game IMO, but the final boss is real shitty. its like they just tried to shoehorn blastball at the end.

  • @PixelRadio the third one was short and sweet though. Even though I beat all of those uncharted games, I picked up the remastered collection for cheap at Redbox and started playing the first one. The good thing about replaying a game is that you don't really have to pay attention anymore and you can just leave it and come back to it at anytime. No pressure for me to keep pushing through.

    @Bigdude1 That's a surprising statement. Not that I don't believe you. So how would you rate it as a game? And how would you rate it as a Metroid game? I'm curious about it. I enjoyed Metroid Prime Hunters more than most other people. I felt it was one of the best feeling FPS games for DS.

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I absolutely loved it. It's easily my GOTY so far, and I doubt anything will replace it in my heart this year. I could gush about it for hours, I'll try to share my thoughts when I have time in the Deus Ex topic.

  • @Axel I'm really interested in trying that one.. is it worth picking up if I haven't played any of the previous games?

  • @matt I agree, did a lot of skipping through. played both in crushing, then revisited chapters for the trophies. Still all 3 games have great stories but I got other games to play.

  • @Faaip Chronologically, Mankind Divided takes place before the original Deus Ex, and after Human Revolution. So you'll get more out of it if you play Human Revolution first, but you don't need to have played the original (there are of course references to the original too, but they won't impact your enjoyment of the story).

    And there's a handy recap video of the events of Human Revolution in the Extras menu. But either way, Manking Divided's story still works really well on its own. You only risk loving it and going back to play the other games ;)

  • @Axel Cool thanks man! I'll add them both to my list and maybe try to play the original at some point as well.